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Indeed… my Naked 1 palette’s dark glittery shades do make a lot of fall out 🙁

Also MUFE’s diamond eyeshadow in 306 (glittery golden/coppery shade) is the worst I’ve ever had fall out wise.

You are so right. I want to love UD, but the fallout is insane. It’s sad when you can only use particular eyeshadows if you use Too Faced Glitter Glue as a base! Want to love, but alas, I cannot.

Brand or specific shade? I think Too Faced shadows tend to have a lot of fallout, but I find that it depends on color. For me the worst shades (in terms of fallout):

– Urban Decay MCRA (or pretty much all of the midnight shades)
– Urban Decay Mowie Wowie
– The dark brown shade in the Tarte eye and cheek palette (if I apply it with my 217 instead of my 239).
– Half the shades in my Too Faced Natural at Night palette. Night Light is the worst offender.
– Too Faced Honeymoon (from the Romantic eye palette)

I do wear shades with fallout. I just put a tissue under my eye before applying.

I so agree with you about TF Night Light. Looking at it, you wouldn’t think it would be as dreadful as it is, but it IS DREADFUL (so is Nude Beach from the regular Natural palette). I haven’t had any problems with Honeymoon, though, which is good since I bought the Romantic Eye palette for that one colour!

Urban decay jagged from the vice palette. I was so happy to have created an eye look for going out and as soon as I applied jagged it fell all over my cheek and undereye area, the clean up ruined my whole look for the night. My 2nd one is anything that has midnight in the name from UD as well. Bummer cuz the colors are real nice.

Your daughter has good colour taste 🙂 The fallout is positively comical. OMG I still remember the day and I’m laughing as I type this. I was out and about and in an upscale department store when I glanced in a mirror–how can you avoid with freaking 360 degree surroundvision mirrors on every surface–and I had glitter chunks and colour EVERYWHERE. Hahahahaha. It was sooo bad, it was downright funny. People weren’t looking at me because I looked good, let’s just put it that way.

I wasn’t expecting greatness, but, Hello Kitty, are you kidding me?
It was worse than the blue eyeshadow I had as a child. For the price they put on their palettes, $43(for CDN), it’s ridiculous. I mean, not even the novelty is worth that much. I had bought this on sale for $17, but, that was still a huge rip off.

My first ever product from NARS was this glitterbomb of a falloutfest called “night sun”. It was too bad because it turned me off to the brand big time and I never buy their eyeshadows. I do have some of their blushes but it’s pretty ordinary to me. It’s really true what they say about how first impression really lasts.

Hands down Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. Glitter. Glitterglitterglitterglitter all over my face. Any primer. Doesn’t matter. Glitter glitter glitter. DAYS later. Still finding glittery spots on my face.

UD Sidecar. Horrible. UD Revolver, which I apply wet to minimize glitter fallout. I tried a Makeup Store shadow that left me covered in gold micro-glitter and Art Deco shade which basically disintegrated on application, over primer and everything.

Some Make Up Store eyeshadows are TERRIBLE!!
But some of them are great.
The quality vary a lot.
The good ones feels are smooth like butter
and there´s no fallout at all in them.

Maui Wowie’s bad which is a real shame because it’s a gorgeous colour and I’ve never found an exact dupe for it; some of the Too Faced shadows in their 9-pan palettes are bad but the worst of all has to be UD’s Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. It’s a shame because, like Maui Wowie, it’s a beautiful colour otherwise but the glitter (not just when you apply it but all through the day) renders it virtually unwearable and that’s made even worse by UD’s inclusion of it in so many of their palettes.

I love Urban Decay..but I do have some issues with a couple.

Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy!
I did it for a show and I had to use so many wipes to get the glitter off my cheeks! Then I had to re-apply my foundation and blush! When you finally get it to work for you, it’s a lovely shade.

Urban Decay’s Perversion
It’s a great matte black, but leaves lovely black smears and streaks under your eyes. 🙁 Horrible looking…

Just as everyone else seems to have mentioned, Sidecar from UD’s Naked Palette. Although I love the shade in the pan, I just can’t wear because I hate being a glittery mess.
Also Too Faced, Nude Beach from the Natural Eye Palette, same deal, love the shade, hate the glitter.

I find it rather ironic that the eyeshadows with the worst fall out are from “natural” eye palettes…

Tarte tops my list because not only is there massive fall out but I just don’t care for their eyeshadows. I also have big fall out issues with Urban Decay but it’s so worth it because their eyeshadows are gorgeous for the most part. I saw a MUA placing a tissue underneath a model’s eye on Urban Decay’s website to catch the fall out. Voila…problem solved. Sometimes I even use an applicator to apply color to my lids with eyeshadows that tend to fall out. The applicator greatly reduces the amount of fall out but I only use it on my lids because applicators do not blend well.

The one company that I rarely have fall out issues with is MAC. I always use my brushes and unless it’s a lustre, I do not get any fall out.

Urban Decays Sidecar from the Naked palette. I couldn’t figure out which color was glitter-central on my face because I mix so many colors, but jeez! I had to wipe my face make-up a million times and the glitter was still there!! Never again.

NARS Night Star. It’s a really pretty color but the gold flecks in it are horrible. I applied it on my eye and found some in my hair…above my forehead!

I actually though about that this morning. Shu Uemura ME Brown 850 has a crazy amount of fallout. It’s probably my favorite taupe, but requires some serious clean-up. I don’t know what it is but it just won’t stick properly to the brush, and I end up with more product under my eye than on the lid. I haven’t had any problems with any of my other Shu shadows, though.

Worst overall is probably NYX. All of their shadows (the ones I’ve tried at least) have really bad fallout.

Also, most of the glittery shades from Urban Decay! Glitter all over the face, even a couple of days after wearing it!

I actually feel a bit sad saying this, but the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense (don’t remember the numbers, but two of the ones from the latest launch) have bad glittery fallout on me. Seems like I’m the only one struggling with these.

An honorable mention to Too Faced Nude Beach (from the Natural Eye palette). That shadow is just bad, bad, BAD! And now I have glitter all over my hands from just opening the palette to check the name. Gah!

UD Sidecar. I don’t have a lot of glittery eyeshadows, so I don’t have much to compare but ugh. Sidecar is really a pain, it throws me off. Now that I’ve used it a few time, you can tell it’s a mess just by looking at it in the pan.

2 of my worst are both unfortunately MAC.
– eyeshadow in honey lust (the gold flakes just go everywhere)
– crushed metallic pigment (strawberry patch)
regret buying both of theseroducts even though i use them still, i have to protect the cheeks first. annoying!

Honestly, the worst fallout I’ve ever gotten has been Dior, again & again. I’m not worried about fallout during application, but something about the super-creamy formula means that I end up with tons of glitter all over my cheeks by midday!

I think I have a heavy hand (hence eyes are always applied before foundation) but I seem to have the most problems with Urban Decay glittery pressed shadows. Matter of fact these are the only glittery pressed shadows I have. Loose glitter I expect it and prepare for it using a better brush and working carefully. But the UD’s I forget about the glitter and end up with a blush.

Chanel’s illusion d’ombre eyeshadows, particularly in fantasme. This range is one of the most uniformly awful collections I’ve ever tried from a high end brand.

One of those weird quirks of eyelids I guess! I use them with a primer (my lids get oily during the day) and I have no issues at all, they stay exactly where I put them.

Yeah, admittedly I have oily eyelids and live in a humid climate to boot. But this is in comparison to every other brand and type of eyeshadow I’ve ever tried.

I’ve tried the d’ombres with primer, without primer, with different types of primer, with no primer but a layer of eyeshadow, with primer AND eyeshadow, ditto but replace eyeshadow with loose powder. I got it put on me by a Chanel salesperson. The list goes on. The sparkles just migrate everywhere. Even when there’s nothing but an oily sheen left on my eyelids, the sparkles just keep appearing in every-increasing amounts on my face.

Obviously you’re entitled to your opinion but since this is a question about bad fallout and you don’t have fallout issues with this eyeshadow formulation, your post seems a little out-of-place and passive-aggressive…

Another one for UD Sidecar. Also, the NARS Kuala Lumpur duo.
Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue helps, but they’re both messy. It seems like anything with gold flecks is the worst for me.

L’Oreal HIP shadow pigment in in Intrepid. It’s one of my favorite colors – kind of red-brown with an iridescent deep green shimmer. But the fallout is so bad and it’s so hard to clean up that I hardly ever wear it.

Mac Club and pigment and Blue Brown are the same color, and the indie brands all make a similar color at the same price point as HIP as well if you are looking for a replacement!

The correct brush + a good primer/base = NO fallout.

Once I figured this out, I haven’t experienced issues with fallout. Since not all shadows are created the same, and neither are all brushes, it makes sense that a variety of brushes should be on hand. So many swear by the MAC 217, and use *only* that, but it doesn’t mean that it will work every time. Some shadows require a softer brush, some a dense brush, etc. I always swatch shadows on my hand with different brushes to see which type works best, *before* I try on my face. The same goes for blush or powder, and liquid foundation. If I try a shadow with one brush, and it doesn’t work, I try a different brush. I have a large arsenal of brushes, none more than $15 USD (I think my Sonia Kashuk are my most expensive), and I don’t see any of them as being “good” or “bad”, as they are all different, and I use different ones depending on what product I use.

Also, certain shades, if blended, are doomed to fallout, while if swept on gently, they go on very well.

I have to disagree. I have the highest end brushes on the market (although MAC’s 217 & 239 are perfection for me) and several different primer/bases. Some eyeshadows simply cannot be controlled, even when I use mixing medium to prepare the shadow (or pigment) by mushing it into the brush and doing a shake off test.

There are certainly ways to mitigate fallout, but a good brush and primer is not a categorical fix to this issue. If it were, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

You’re fortunate but, believe me, I (and others,I’m sure)know about things like using a good base, patting rather than brushing the shadow on, etc. I actually own the Sephora Glitter “Brush”, made specifically for applying glittery shadows. I’ve tried Too Faced Glitter Glue primer. If I’m willing to spend a lot of time and effort,I can make it work but who has that much time on a regular work day? Some some shadows just have dreadful fall-out, now matter how much care you take. I recall Christine even commenting (in one eye look she did) that she finds Maui Wowie virtually unusable and there aren’t many here more skilled than she at applying eye shadows.

I too, must disagree. I have brushes that range from Crown to Hakuhodo, and some shadows are just fall out bombs. I make sure NOT to include them in my client kits, to avoid issues.. But then again, I keep “post it” notes in my kit to use as fall out shields. Not every shadow takes kindly to being applied wet, resulting in streaky, splotch-fest. We can tap, shake and whatever else to reduce excess,but still end up with fallout.

I did not want to make a negative post, but I honestly feel it is only fair to show support of the ladies who are complaining that an appropriate brush + primer = zero fallout with e/s, particularly the UD shadows being spotlighted the most by those in this thread. I believe everyone is entitled to her/his opinion, and I was willing to give this OP the benefit of the doubt that perhaps the worst offenders of the fallout shadows may not be part of the OP’s collection, but as I read these rebuttals, I can’t help but notice that the suggestion that everyone has problems because they’re doing it wrong sort of reads as insulting. I do not believe the OP intended to be insulting, but tone and intention is hard to read in a forum. Let me just say that as a professional, I promise you that simply finding the perfect brush and primmer certainly will not eradicate fallout from an extremely crumbly, loose glittery, dusty e/s. Nobody is perfect, and very few products are perfect, either. Best wishes to the OP! I respect you and your opinion; I just do not agree.

I meant no offense, and I never said anyone is doing anything “wrong”. I have about 10 UD palettes, along with several singles, about 40 NARS duos & singles (another “offender”), and over 100 loose shadows & pigments, along with many various other brands from DS to mid-range to HE, and after much trial & error, I’ve found that I can’t use the same brush with every shadow. I was merely pointing out, from my own personal experience, I have found what works for me. I also have upwards of 5 different primers & mediums that I use to adhere shadows to my lids, and I haven’t had an issue with any fallout.

I’ve invested alot of money on my eyeshadow collection, and my eye looks are the most important part of my makeup routine, so I want to get the most optimal performance out of my products, and if that means also putting in time & effort into experimenting with different tools, techniques, & products, I’m going to do it. What I’ve found to be the most condusive brush to avoid fallout is actually a flat concealer brush, and gently gliding across the lid, and never using the “windshield-wiper” motion. It’s nothing fancy or complicated; just something that resulted from years of experience.

I’d forgotten about Sidecar. When I bought the Naked1 palette, it was my favourite colour…til I went to use it. Another one of UD’s that’s a shame because it is so beautiful.

The ones where I’ve noticed and it annoyed me (as opposed to being either oblivious or unworried by it) were Urban Decay loose pigment in Protest (bummer because I liked the colour) and UD Midnight Rodeo (in both cases or wasn’t just the glitter which I could put up with, but spots of pigment too). I always wear primer and that helps, but I’m not a huge glitter fan and this is another reason why.

Any of the UD glitter eyeshadows. The glitter gets everywhere and takes forever to take off. Also a lot of my Stila shadows have so much fallout. Made me start to avoid that brand.

As a lot of people has said already, UD’s glittery eyeshadows. Which is a shame because they’re awfully pretty. If the fall out was only while you applied them I wouldn’t mind it that much but fall out hours after you’ve done your make up? No, thanks.

I LOVE my Too Faced Glamour Revolution palette, but the shadow London Calling has soooooo much glitter fallout that I just can’t wear it. Such a shame because it would be such a useable go-to colour if it wasn’t for all of the chunky glitter.

Any of the Urban Decay shades with glitter (Maui Wowie, Sidecar, YDK, Chopper, several colors in the Vice palette). I do my foundation and concealer last to minimize the problem. I get little glitter bits throughout the day on my cheeks, but I put up with it because I just love the look on my eyes. There are several colors in the Sonia Kashuk line that are so glittery they look wet, but I had so much fallout that even washing my face and using a cleaning wipe didn’t get it all. They were the most messy eyeshadows I’ve ever tried, which is a shame because for a night look they’re impressive.

I’ve been thinking of getting the All Nighter spray on my brush, and then to top off my shadow when I use glittery colors so I get less fallout. I saw a tutorial where it was used to make glittery shadow stick and it seemed to work well, so I’ll be getting that soon.

All Nighter spray: price it out against Skindinavia since they are the same thing. Urban Decay pays Skindinavia to re-label their product to sell as an UD brand. I personally don’t care which I have, so long as my setting spray is of that formula, because it’s a great formula! I confess though, I have tried to set UD glitterbang e/s with the setting spray to prevent fallout and it failed. It totally may have been my fault for being too conservative in spraying since I’ve noticed the spray take the shine out of my cheek highlighter, so I’m worried it’ll dull my eye makeup, too. HTH

LORAC Private Affair palette. APPALLING fallout. I had to re-do my entire face, including moisturizer, it was so bad.

As popular as they are, I’ve never had good luck with Urban Decay regardless of how meticulously I work with products that help e/s to adhere. I’ve pretty much given up on UD.

The last Chanel palette I purchased was also a huge disappointment. Will never spend $50+ for a quad that has that much fallout when I get excellent results from MAC, MUFE, Illamasqua and Guerlain.

It is very strange that everyone is saying the Urban Decay shadows. I have several palettes from UD and while I do get fallout, it’s very minimal. Some are saying that throughout the day the shadows are still getting on the cheeks and nose and I also find that strange as well since once I stop patting the eyeshadows on they stay were the are. I am wondering what everyone’s techniques are. Anyway, with that said I have the most issues with Wet n Wild shadows. Not all the colors will have fallout, but there are a few shades that I have problems with but it’s nothing a quick swipe with a makeup wipe can’t fix.

UD is kind of a pain, but I can work with it. The worst I have is the Smashbox Smurf palette a friend gave me…the two glittery shades are SUCH a mess, I ended up with glitter on my forehead, cheeks, chin, and the actual color of the shadow hardly showed up. UD Uzi is similarly awful.

Any of the Urban Decay glitter eyeshadows. The fall out is ridiculous. I always end up with glitter all over my face when I wear them. I didn’t mind so much when I was younger but it really puts me off using them now.

I hate the Too Faced Natural at night palette, such a dissapointment… when I use it I get either fading or fall out (the glitters on those shadows are sooo uncomfortable!) it’s such a shame because I love the colors

I have some fall out with Urban Decay glitter shadows. BUT I always use their primer potion and once applied after the little fall out during application I have no more fall out at all. I absolutely love Urban Decay shadows and most of their products in general. The little bit of fall out doesn’t stop me from wearing their shadows daily and I get compliments all the time. YDK is my everyday color, you learn to apply it how you get the least fall out and use the primer to keep the shadow exactly where you applied it.

Well, my answer came slow because I was curious to read all the other responses, and me and my big mouth had to pipe in an opinion (generally of agreement) on several other posters. Much as what looks like more than 50% of those who posted, URBAN DECAY GLITTER SHADOWS! are the worst offenders I’ve ever worked with. I have to use Glitter Glue and a careful hand to apply, and I have tried spraying Skindinavia (the EXACT same product in UD’s setting spray bottles) to set my shadows after carefully applied, and I have still ended up with a face full of glitter, be it immediately or 2 hours later. I find Vice’s JAGGED and PROVOCATEUR to be the absolute worst, but YDK and many others are close runners-up to the wicked mess Jagged makes. I use glittery loose pigments like Sugaprill Chromolusts all the time, and never, ever, EVER, have half the problems I’ve had with these UD colors! Several other Vice and N1/N2 color have given me a lot of trouble, too, which makes me sad since the palettes are so pretty.

I’ve experienced massive fallout from Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy until I started pressing the shadow onto my eyes very gently. It eliminated most if not all of the fallout problems.

Wet n Wild makes some of the best and some of the worst products I’ve ever tried. In their swoon-worthy eyeshadow palettes there’s always one, one gorgeous, shimmery color that just doesn’t want to stick together. Maybe it’s the glitter they use? I don’t know, but whatever the matrix is that is supposed to hold it together, doesn’t. Take the Petal Pushers palette. The deep coppery plum color is TDF….in the pan. Try to get it to stick to a brush let alone your eyelid, and it is a whole ‘nother story. Won’t be happenin.

Covergirl was the first eyeshadow I tried when my brother’s girlfriend tried to get me to try makeup. Back then Covergirl also had a customizable eyeshadow quad palette. The eyeshadows ended up on my face. Was not impressed. I keep the quad and tossed out the shadows. It fits my MAC and urban decay eyeshadows that was depotted.

I would say Wet n Wild for sure has the worst fallout, and I don’t get the hype because they swatch nice, but always look so muddy and are difficult to blend on me. Everyone is always talking about the fallout with UD shadows, I just gently pat on my eyes and haven’t had any problems. If it is a “glitter” shadow, that you are experiencing problems with, you may want to try using a glitter glue with them. I bet that would help a lot but maybe it annoys people because its an extra step. But you’d have to do that anyway with a lose glitter for sure. Does any brand make a pressed glitter shadow that doesn’t have any fallout? The only UD one I’ve had any trouble with is Midnight Cowboy Rides Again,but its worth it to me because its soo pretty. Does anyone else get a lot of glitter fallout with MAC mythology? I wonder if I have a flukey one.
P.S. Can anyone recommend a decently priced glitter glue you like?

I don’t have Mythology, but I have some of the other shades in that Formula, and I think it is just the nature of all the Lustre texture to be sort of flaky and fall out. As for glitter glue, have you tried LA Splash’s? It can be found at Ulta! I think Sally Beauty Supply has one that is fairly inexpensive, too. There’s the Too Faced Glitter Glue, but that is a bit more expensive. There’s also MAC PRO Mixing Medium Matte, but it’s $20; it’s just a wax based mixing medium, and it makes a great sticky base for glitter (especially finer glitter).


I second the Pixy Epoxy. It’s definitey priced nicely, and you can even order a sample size to try out. Plus you only need to use the smallest amount, it will last for ages. It really helps to intensify multiple colours in glittery shadows too.

Well I’m in the small minority where fall out just doesn’t bother me and I’m no yougin! 🙂 I used to work retail and when xmas came in, we’d check in the inventory, tag it etc and before packing it up in the shipping box I’d take the box and shake all the loose glitter over my head falling everywhere, haha. BE has quite a few uber sparkly glittery shadows, one in particular is Brave a golden yellow based micro & mini multicolored sparkles. It’s my every day lash to brow shadow. Fall out everywhere the way I brush it on. I hope when I’m 80 yrs old there’s still glittery sparkles on my cheeks. 😉

This is very true. I which I could wear their gliterry colors more often, but I’m usually in a hurry and knowing I’ll have to deal with annoying fallout after turns me off.

I agree- definitely UD! I was so excited for their 25thshots anniversary palette that I stalked all of the sites for days until I found one in stock. But, when I tried it the fall out on some of the shadows was so bad that I returned it. I love both of my Naked palettes, but the 25th Anniversary one was just too much for me-which was ashame because it was so pretty!

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy. I got it as a free gift with purchase and when I tried it I had so much glitter on my face I had to redo my makeup 🙁

urban decay half baked… such a stunning colour, so terrible quality!
i ended up with that much glitter on my face i had to redo everything. and still the makeup remover couldnt get rid of everything.
i was stuck with stupid gold glitter on my face -.-

I have a similar problem with half baked. I don’t know why that shade causes me such issues. I have gold under my eye after application and it doesn’t last on my lid even with primer.

As much as we all love them, it does seem Urban Decay are coming out on top here 🙁 Personally, I thought their ‘Stardust’ range was the worst, though Naked 2 had a few stiff yet fall out happy misfires. Still more hits then misses though! Great question Christine!
(I can’t call you ‘Mielke’ anymore!…Or can I??)

Certain Urban Decay shades, obviously! It’s really annoying, especially when it’s a great colour. Example: I wore Maui Wowie the other day. I picked up the eyeshadow on a flat brush, tapped off the excess, spritzed it with Fix+ and gently patted it on my eye over a paint pot. Then I cleaned up my face and THEN did my foundation etc. Still ended up with glitter everywhere!

MAC glittery mineralize eyeshadows (Young Punk, Cinderfella etc.) are really bad too.

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy is pretty good at limiting fallout, I just always forget to use it!

Wow Urban Decay is certainly copping it! Makes me think twice about purchasing the much anticipated Naked palettes on my big Australia to New York trip!! Does this fall out (you can tell I wear a lot of shimmer/glitter lol) just happen when you put it on, or is it constant throughout the day?

There are very wearable shadows in both of the Naked palettes. The only one I’ve had trouble with is Sidecar (from the first Naked palette) but as troublesome as it is, I have been able to use it. I know some have problems with YDK or a few of the others but I’ve been lucky in that only Sidecar has been a problem. Both palettes really do contain some very wearable shadows and some of the more glittery ones are still manageable.

Anything UD that has glitter! At least I’m “lucky” enought to be allergic to all their products, so I don’t worry about the fallout. I have a few Loreal HIP shadows that have a glitter undertone that without proper primer will fallout as well. Never had an issue with MAC, so I’ll just keep repurchasing. 🙂

I love Urban Decay but have to agree with everyone here
The vintage formula of Maui Wowie was unbelievable in terms of fall out. You couldn’t even use it! I do like the too faced glitter glue and a wet sponge applicator to jusp pat some glittery shadow on the lid but honestly I’m getting a little too old for true glitter anyway and I don’t tend to have fallout with most matte shades I use

There are three eyeshadows that come to mind, unfortunately all UD. Sidecar, Uzi and Snatch are beautiful colors but annoying to apply because of the fallout. It’s sad because I love the brand.

I recently bought my first Too Faced palette: Return of Sexy. It contains15 shades, almost all very glittery, but it is impossible to wear because of the fall out. I regret buying this palette.

I honestly dont have a problem with UD..even sidecar, Midnight Cowgirl and the gang of UD shadows…Sidecar is my favorite in the Naked. Maybe it is the shadow brush which I use…I have this cheap Loew Cornell artist brush 1/2 in which I bought from the paint store, which is made out of goat hair…and the 1/4 size is like MAC 239…the cost is under 5 bucks which was recommended by Koren (enKore)
I even apply eye creme and foundation before using the shadow application. Minimal, if any fallout during the day…And I never use any eye primer. If I use the loose shadows, then I use Pixie Epoxy.

I’m relieved to see a lot of people mentioned UD. The new formula is better, but some shades still have a ton of fallout. And, yes, I realize some people don’t have those problems – it’s usually because they have oily lids, and the shadow sticks to the oil. For those of us without that, you need a sticky primer and a lot of TLC to make them work.

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