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My lashes are stick straight. Once I curl them I use Chanel Inimitable waterproof mascara. Its the best thing ever and ive tried most high end and drug store brands . This is the best hands down.

That’s exactly what I was gonna say, lol. My lashes are straight and turning slightly downward, and this mascara holds my curl all day!

I have stick straight, sparse lashes and my favorite mascara has been Shiseido’s Lasting Lift, which is DISCONTINUED NOW. efiljasdgkljhl;kdfhh I was only able to use one tube before it got the ax, and I don’t want to fork over $50+ for one on Evil Bay. Anyway I loved it because it held a curl all day long, did not smudge or flake, and thickened my lashes, but not in a spidery obnoxious way.

Sighs………..I can’t find a proper replacement. If anyone knows of a dupe, please let me know? Thanks.

This was my favorite mascara that actually held a curl. I am not willing to over pay on Ebay for an old mascara either. Lasting Lift Mascara by Shiseido did the job well. Now, I am enjoying Mally Instant Impact Mascara. But, I think that I would still rather have the Shiseido Mascara. By the way, my lashes curl under into my eyes and I have to use a curling tool before I put on any mascara.

Boo Hoo!!! Shiseido Lasting Lift was my favorite!!!! I am praying that they will bring it back. In the meantime, Trish McAvoy has a good curling mascara.

I am dying to see other comments! i have the straightest, shortest wimpiest lashes. I found Maybelline the Mega Plush (blue and pink bottle) Waterproof to be the best, as I prefer lengthening and curl-holding. I top with Anastasia Lash Genius to prevent smudging and it is my HG and lasts all day and night!

My favorite combination is Lancome eyelash primer, Givenchy phenomen’eyes and then a top coat of Lancome hypnose. It’s somewhat tedious but it helps beef up my eyelashes as well as hold a curl!

I have straight lashes too. I use Benefit’s They’re Real and honestly can say its the best mascara! It doesn’t give an over the top curl just enough to make lashes look amazing!

maybelline full n soft waterproof
wet n wild megaplump waterproof(the red one) one coat does not make a difference. Apply two more and you will see a good result: individual hair never clumps together. curls are held in place. no fall-outs. But it’s more like a natural looking. But volumizing mascaras are always too wet.

I have long and straight lashes. I just find that dry formula works better on straight lashes. Of course they need a good curl before applying mascara. Wet formula tends to stick lashes together and makes curled lashes droop down.

One of my friend recommends Helena Rubinstein. It’s just too pricy for me.
maybelline falsie is relatively wet. After applying 3-5 coats, it has black fall-outs when it is dried.

I heard that Japanese brand KissMe is good. Perhaps give it a try next time.

I have very long but stick-straight (almost downward-pointing) lashes. Once I get them to curl, most mascaras just uncurl them, so I’ve tried a lot of affordable mascaras (high end ones are too expensive for me to take a chance on). The only thing I’ve found that will actually hold a curl is Maybelline Falsies in waterproof. It’s not a perfect mascara, but curl staying power is more important for me than anything else.

Things that DON’T work that I can think of off the top of my head: CoverGirl Clump Crusher, Maybelline Define-A-Lash, Maybelline Great Lash, Lancome Hypnose, Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!, Rimmel Sexy Curves, e.l.f. double-ended mascara (don’t remember what it’s called).

i find maybelline waterproof mascaras (almost every mascara from maybelline, just make sure it’s waterproof) do the job as holding the curl all day! the drier it turns, the better! i dont often go for high end mascara, but if i do, make up forever’s waterproof one is great!

Totally agree with this. I have stick straight, short, down-facing, stubby asian lashes. Curl them once, then use Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof, they stay curled all day! Not hard to remove either with some oil / makeup remover. Def my HG.

I’ve tried many drugstore and high end mascaras, but the best one so far to keep my straight lashes curled all day was Lancome Doll Lashes. I know many people are not too keen on this one, but then again, I think many hyped mascaras are awful (Maybelline The Falsies, I’m looking at you).

After I curl them I use Ulta’s Amped Lashes! It is used to volumize and define lashes. My lashes look curled and like I’m wearing Falsies

My eyelashes are long and thick but completely straight – I call them ‘elephant eyelashes’ haha. I’ve learnt that mascara curls my eyelashes for a while and they look amazing but after literally ten minutes they fall flat. The best way to hold the curl is simply to use an eyelash curler (shu uemera is the best I’ve ever tried) and no mascara as nothing weighs my eyelashes down. This may only be satisfactory for me as my lashes are naturally dark and long, as I said, so obviously if yours aren’t this may not give you the result you want.
Also, one of the main causes of straight eyelashes is sleeping on your stomach as they are pushed into the pillow/mattress. I can’t sleep any other way but if you can sleep on your back your lashes may not be pushed flat as much

I have straight, short eyelashes and before applying mascara I always curl them with my Shiseido eyelash curler. I really like Clinique’s “High Impact” mascara, it’s so lengthening and makes lashes voluminous at the same time. Also, Clinique’s “High Impact Extreme Volume” mascara is so good too, for the same reasons.
I tried a sample sized version of Georgio Armani’s “Eyes to Kill” mascara for the last month that I liked too, but I found it smudged pretty easily on my oily eyelids, even with an eye primer (I use Urban Decay in Eden), and shadow on. Still a nice option though.
A drugstore brand I’ve really liked is L’Oreal’s “Voluminous” mascara. Really lengthening and gives lots of volume. I think Almay has really good mascaras too for straight lashes, but I like to switch it up a lot so I haven’t used them in a while.
One mascara I really don’t like for my straight, short lashes is the Benefit “They’re Real!” mascara. This product was so hyped, but it does not work well for me at all. There was no volume, just stringy looking lashes. I kept using it for about a month to see if it got any better, before I got tired of having no lashes. I’m sure it’s nice if you have naturally full, long lashes – it just didn’t work for me.

Benefit They’re Real mascara didn’t work for me either! It just clumped my lashes together when i desperately tried a second coat…or third b/c it didnt curl my lashes at all!

I’m in the same boat as both of you! I HATE that mascara with a passion. My lashes are fairly long, just a bit straight and They’re REAL wasn’t “false lash” but “hot mess”.

Benefit looked terrible! Very clumped together and spider leg looking. Yuck! I get a lot of samples from time to time by purchasing from sephora. Currently I am loving VSL Shocking and of course curl the lashes first.

My lashes are stick straight, sparse, and short (lucky me!). I love Too Faced Lashgasm mascara. It separates, lengthens, and defines my lashes. You do have to be careful not to stab yourself in the eye with the brush because it is very spiky. My HG was L’Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition, but I guess they stopped making it because I can’t find it anymore.

I have stick-straight lashes, and have always had to use an eyelash curler. Many mascaras will take the curl out shortly after I apply them.

For years (from the time I was 15 until I was around 35), I used Cover Girl’s Marathon mascara. It was really difficult to remove (I used baby oil), but the curl stayed perfectly until I took it off. When they discontinued it, I found some on eBay, but eventually the hunt was on to find a cheaper (and more available) alternative.

I’ve found that almost any waterproof mascara will hold the curl to a greater or lesser degree. I’ve used Rimmel’s Lash Stiletto for a time, then switched to Maybelline’s Falsies. Now, I’m using L’Oreal’s Voluminous waterproof formula.

None of them hold the curl as good as CG’s Marathon mascara did, but L’Oreal’s Voluminous does a decent job.

My eyelashes aren´t too straight but they aren´t curly either and personally I love Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza for my lashes since it gives them such a nice curl, doesn´t clump them and maintains the curl for the entire day. I don´t even need an eyelash curler with this 🙂

Hands down Lancome Definicils waterproof. That stuff makes my ridiculous half-Asian lashes look like falsies and lasts through everything: the beach, my ridiculously watery eyes and probably the apocalypse. It’s well worth the relatively hefty price tag, but Maybelline makes some really great waterproof mascaras that hold curl

I have inherited short straight wimpy eyelashes that do not stay curled when I use washable mascara (thanks a lot mom)! I have tried lengthening mascaras before but the best one I’ve found at my drugstore is Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto in waterproof (straight brush-not the curved one). It is a decent mascara, it really lengthens my lashes after i curl them and they do not weigh down my lashes like washable mascaras. It really helps lengthen my baby lashes but it is a thin formula so i usually double coat or add a volumizing mascara for fuller looking lashes. I have quite a few smaples of Urban Decay’s supercurl mascara that I use as a third coat to thicken my lashes without clumping them. Hope this helps!

My upper lashes are a bit straight (they don’t curl or do anything particularly, just a bit long) and I don’t bother curling them but I LOVE my FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen mascara. Sadly, Sephora no longer carries it so I’ll have to get it from Amazon or find the other Japan-exclusive mascaras from FAIRYDROPS. Scandal Queen makes my lashes look great :3 It lifts nicely and the fibers add more length.

the whole reason i’m looking at this post is for a replacement since I cant get Fairydrops Scandal queen anymore, I have never found a mascara I like even half as much as I love that one.

Might I recommend one of FAIRYDROPS’ other mascaras? They have several, all fiber mascaras. I think the Japanese one that matches their American-exclusive (which is what the gold Scandal Queen is/was) is in a magenta/fuchsia/purpley tube with cyan decoration on the tube; the same designs as on Scandal Queen. I intend to get that version after I finish off Scandal Queen. I think the review of them is on the FrmHeadtoToe blog.

I have tried just about every mascara and curler under the sun so I’m not going to recommend one. The best tip for lashes that has changed my life is:


The metal kind. After putting on mascara, comb through your lashes! It helps curl them and takes some of the weight away.

L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. When I used it I wouldn’t even have to curl my lashes since the mascara would kind of do it on its own. I stopped using it because I wasn’t a fan of the smell.

Pretty much anything waterproof will help keep my super straight lashes curled, but I’m always on the lookout for a non-waterproof formula that holds curl. The best I have found is Fairy Drops mascara from Sephora, it holds a pretty natural looking curl !

Maxi Lash by Guerlain is fantastic… it really does curl your lashes. I got my makeup done for my cousin’s wedding and I was getting fake lashes put on. I insisted on having the artist use my mascara. She did that first and my lashes curled so much that we couldn’t get the false lashes on.

I have asian sparse short, downward pointing stick straight lashes. My weapon of choice is a heated eyelash curler. Lasts longer and looks more natural than just using an regular crimp style eyelash curler. Since my lashes need extra help I have to use this process:
1. Regular Eyelash Curler
2. Mascara
3. Heated Eyelash Curler
4. Mascara

As for mascaras,
Natural Look:Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. Really great for natural volume and holding a curl.
Spiky Lengthening: Fairy Drops is my all time favorite.
Dramatic Lengthening and Volume: I really like Maybelline Falsies Flared in Waterproof and Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof.

LOL, I’m glad to hear someone else has a whole process! I have to use a corner lash curler on the outer corners before I can even use the regular eye lash curler! I also have a heated one but haven’t really used that much, I should work with it and get the hang of it.

I thought I was the only one who did a whole routine! I’m surprised how similar our routine/favorites are. I also have stick straight sparse Asian eyelashes.

1. Heated Eyelash Curler (Diorshow Heat Curl)
2. Regular Eyelash Curler (Shiseido)
3. Mascara

My favorite is also Maybelline Falsies Flared in Waterproof. I also like Covergirl LashBlast waterproof, and most of the other Maybelline waterproof mascaras work really well for holding a curl for me. But Falsies Flared gives me the best volume/length/curl holding power.

the only mascara that holds a curl, literally for 24 hrs or more on me, is urban decay cannonball. its an “ultra waterproof” mascara that is somewhat difficult to take off (neutrogena wipes don’t work, neither does clinique take off the day, but philosophy purity does).

Chanel Inimitable is really nice at holding a curl…but EXPENSIVE! Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes holds a curl too, and has good volume

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara! I’ve tried all the branded ones that claim to make my lashes curl, and i’ve tried all the techniques makeup artists have shown me, but nothing works. Givenchy’s funny ball-spiked mascara somehow does it magically! The design allows me to work on individual sections of my lashes at a time, small upward strokes, and voila! curled lashes that are not so thick and clumpy!

I have Asian lashes, meaning short, sparse, and stick straight. Tried tons of mascara, but Benefit They’re Real seems to be the only one that gives a good curl, volume and length. Even fiber mascaras don’t do anything on them, using primers don’t do anything to my lashes. Just two coats of They’re Real, and I’m good.

Hi all! I use Diorshow maximizer as primer and Diorshow Iconic. It’s the only mascara that I can wear ’cause I got very sensitive eyes 🙂

I have thin straight -as- a-pin lashes–I use the Rocket mascara in waterproof,works well but –My favorite mascara hands down was Maybelline Stylist mascara,it had a “v” shaped comb instead of a brush,it was the blackest black waterproof one,made my lashes look awesome. I was so bummed when I went to repurchase and found it was discontinued,so Maybelline if you see this. Please,please BRING it back ! 🙂 or at least make another comb mascara to replace it.

I love how all the asians respond first haha. I’m asian as well, and i gave up on mascaras for so many years because they didnt do anything for me. same with eyelash curlers, they never fit my eye shape.

however ive discovered maybelline volume express colossal cat-eyes. omg its so amazing. i also use an asian-branded eyelash curler, i think the brand is suki. anyway using the curler then colossal cat-eyes, it gives me the most amazing long separated lashes. cant recommend it enough

Listen ladies. I used to think that i had to live with downturned lashes all my life. Even the most expensive mascaras (Chanel, YSL etc etc) did nothing to lift me up. When i was in Japan on vacation i scoured the very popular makeup portal @cosme (a reviews site like MUA) and found this very cheap and easily available product to be No.1 on the charts – of course i had to try it! The brand is Canmake and the product name is “Quick Lash Curler” (black). It’s a comb-type primer, and it also can be used on its own as a mascara. It really lived up to its stellar reviews and acclaim – I layer it under any mascara, and the curl lasts till i take it off. Nothing else comes close!!!

I have stick-straight lashes and in general HATE waterproof mascaras (which do hold a curl very well, but are such a pain to remove), but I’ve found that regular CoverGirl Lash Blast in the orange tube does a great job of keeping my lashes curled all day after I curl them with my Shu lash curler.

My lashes are very long and very straight with the outer ones pointing down. No mascara on its own can curl my lashes but many can undo a curl.
My favorite combo is Kevin Aucoin’s The Eyelash Curler, crimped 3-4 times from the tips to the base holding longest at the base. Then apply Maybelline Full n Soft Waterproof Mascara – it holds the curl all day.

Wow, reading all these responses, I’m suddenly very grateful for my eyelashes! xD Naturally curled, pretty long, and super dark. Hahaa, but I still have a process for mascara. Eyelash curler so it’s a more uniform curl, clear mascara, one coat of UD Skyscraper, and one coat of whatever mascara I’m trying to use up. =p I have a ton. It’s currently the vintage UD Big Fatty. But my HG is one coat of UD Skyscraper and one or two coats of the waterproof Covergirl Lashblast Volume (I think? It’s the orange tube) in Blackest Black. (:

I have stick straight light lashes and after much trial and error (read money), the only thing that holds a curl for me is a shu uemura curler and Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof mascara. Yea, it’s MK but it holds a curl like nothing else I’ve tried.

I use
shu curler
Lancome XL primer
Mary Kay Lash Love (then for a more dramatic look)
add Dior Iconic

My favorite is to use l’oreal voluminous waterproof after curling my lashes. It dries quickly and really holds the curl (while thickening!)…it’s a win-win!

I swear by the Apple Mascara that they sell in Mexico. I am Asian and have stick straight lashes. This is the ONLY mascara I have found to hold a curl.. Bonus that its super cheap! I order on Amazon!

I have nasty straight eyelashes and hate hate them! I struggled with finding the right mascara but finally found one and I agree with you.. I use the Mandy seed or avocado seed Mexican mascara. They are very affordable, you can find them in Mexican markets or small local pharmacies on their Mexico product section.

Max Factor Waterproof False Lash Effect Mascara is the best for me (it is apparently the same as Covergirl Lashblast for the US market, but have never used this one). I think Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara comes second. I have very straight lashes that won’t hold a curl, plus they are crooked at the roots in some places, so they don’t fan out but rather clump together in certain spots.

My new favorite is Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. It lengthens and keeps a curl – which I have not been able to find for my short, straight lashes. I love that I can get a second coat without clumping and the brush is perfect to catch my sparse little lashes.

I tried Benefit They’re Real, but the brush was WAAAY too big for my eyes.

For just lengthening, I also like L’oreal Telescopic Mascara. But it doesnt’ hold a curl nearly as well as the Tarte one.

It used to be my problem as I have straight lashes but I worked out that if I heat up my curler first with the use of hair dryer, the curl stays even if i put mascara on. If i curl my lashes without the heat, mascara would uncurl my lashes. Im using Maybelline at the moment for everyday/work use and Benefit They’re Real mascara for special occassions. Hope this helps!

ones that really hold curls are definitely Japanese mascaras (super waterproof). i like Heroine make Volume & Curl, Majolica Lash Expander Frame Plus and Maybelline hyper curl (Asia only). for N. American brands, I really like Maybelline waterproof mascaras (Falsie regular is my fav), L’oreal Volumnious, YSL Singulier and Stila Stay All day.

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