Hermes Rouge Lipsticks | A Brief Preview

Hermes Rouge Lipsticks | A Brief Preview
Hermes Rouge Lipsticks | A Brief Preview

Launching on March 4th, Hermes debuts lipstick with 24 shades in matte and satin finishes, plus seasonal, limited edition releases (three shades). There is also lip balm, universal shade of lip pencil, lip brush, and Poppy Lip Shine. The tubes are refillable with the pricing on refills coming at $47 and the pricing on core shades at $67 (including packaging). The seasonal shades seem to have a special price of $72 based on my receipt at least. Bergdorf Goodman had a few shades up for sale last week, which I bought to try, so I have five swatches to share ahead of the launch.

From what I’ve noted, the seasonal shades will come in special, seasonal packaging, whereas the core range features the same packaging across all of the shades. The packaging is described as sustainable and contains no plastic.


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Seraphine Avatar

I adore a good high-end lipstick, but no lipstick is worth THIS much money, in my opinion. No matter how good these lipsticks are, I am sure there are others just as good and just as pretty for under $40. Sorry if that seemed harsh; just my personal opinion.

Gilad Avatar

Doesn’t seem harsh to me at all. I feel exactly the same way. Not only wouldn’t I consider buying it, but it turns me off the brand in general (and I have a fondness for their perfumes, so there’s actually a practical consequence here.)

Carol Avatar

Just what we need: another fashion house dipping their toe into the cosmetic pool. The market is completely over saturated as is and at these price points, this is utterly ludicrous in my opinion…

Renu Avatar

Thank you so much for the swatches! I’ve been searching for details of the shades for some weeks now, and look forward to seeing if there’s anything dusty mauve, and berry among the shades on March 4. The mattes LOOK fine, but I hope they’re comfortable? Will you be swatching more of these?

kjh Avatar

It’s funny how you make your choices. I might spring for an iconic Birkin or Kelly Caleche bag, or a dog print silk scarf…especially if they were resales on Real Real. Those say Classic Hermes to me. I just have a few scents, mostly men’s. The lipsticks, uhh…no. There is no way that they can be worth the price per ounce. And how many excellent CPs can we get for the price of one Hermes?Once Gucci and Loubou did it, it was only a matter of time until Hermes produced lip products. Interesting that they decided to enter an oversaturated market with an ultra high end product. I doubt these will have sufficient interest to warrant Christine scoring more.

Valerie Avatar

Tough to tell by photo but they look super luxe. Probably because the shape is slightly unusual and the finish looks like a silly matte. Poppy looks sheer and maybe the brand describes it that way, but the other 4 look like lovely mattes. I’d be curious how drying they are. I bet it’s a nourishing matte formula, kind of like Lisa Eldridge. But at double the cost. I might pick up a nude – because 300 beige-pink lipsticks isn’t enough?

Alice Avatar

I think the swatches look amazing. Very pigment but not too dense. Matte, but with a little bit of shine and looks very comfortable to wear. I dont’ think I will pay so much for a lipstick, but if it the best out there in a shade that I wear everyday, I might bite the bullet.

Denise S. Avatar

The Rose, Coral and Orange lip sticks look pretty. I’m game for a pretty reusable lip stick holder. Love my House of Sillage bow lip stick cases and my Bond No9 lip stick case! Wish the refills were cheaper but I’d buy them during a 20% off sale. Lip stick is one of my favorite beauty items and a good luxury formula calls to me. Looking forward to how they review.

Rachel Avatar

Stick with me here….there is a great book called ‘Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster’ by Dana Thomas. After reading it I had a MUCH higher appreciation for Hermes. Why? They are one of the few haute couture fashion houses that make ALL their leather products, etc… still in France. All those wallets are handmade by people who train for years to work the leather for Hermes. Same with the scarves, all done by hand, in France. Other companies send their raw materials out to places like Guanzhou, China for cheap labor, have them shipped back to France or Italy, and get to slap the ‘made in France’ or ‘made in Italy’ label on last minute because apparently it’s the final assembly that counts, not the part where everything else was farmed out to sweatshop labor in China or other locations (cough cough Louis Vuitton).

Hermes does NOT farm out the steps or parts of their products and hence why the price tag is much higher. You are paying money for a product that was made by people who make a living wage assembling or creating that product and that is something we should be applauding. The same cannot be said for other cosmetic companies. We relish the cheaper cost and don’t want to know how it’s made or that someone probably gets less than $1 a day to assemble part of it.

Because of this, I don’t mind paying the higher price point from companies like Hermes where I know they don’t exploit cheap labor.

All that being stated, I look forward to trying these out and seeing further swatches.

Kayla Avatar

I own and have read that book as well. However, I do not find it very relevant to the world of high-end makeup. You may hear about fake makeup and the like coming from China but I doubt there are “sweatshop” makeup factories. Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, etc. are all luxury fashion houses that have beauty lines and they OEM their lines to manufacturers such as Estes Lauder and Coty.

Hermès expertise is in leather, not makeup. I can almost guarantee they did NOT setup their own factory just to manufacture makeup. It’s highly possible they are making the leather lipstick case themselves but definitely not the actual makeup. They would need to get a whole new set of certifications (such as European equivalent to the FDA) just for a small sideline in their product line. You cannot conflate the way Hermès makes their apparel and leather goods with a makeup brand. The supply chain is absolutely different and has no commonality. Believing they are manufacturing the makeup themselves is extremely naive.

As a final argument, they already released a lipstick several years ago. It was the only makeup product they have ever released before now. Do you really think they setup and ran their own factory just to make one lipstick (literally was one color and type)??

Rachel Avatar

Understandable….the article I wanted to quote is copyrighted, so you’ll have to visit the website:

Basically the metal lipstick cases are really made to last and sustainability was completely the center of the makeup line and Hermes feels it’s the right time to launch it.

However, I will counter argue stating that if you can’t conflate Hermes makeup with their apparel, they you cannot with Chanel, Tom Ford, and others too. For the record many of these luxe companies set up their own R&D departments to produce.

Calling me naive is completely uncalled for though, I’m well read and I research all makeup and brands to no end because I DO care where they are produced. I know the perfume is made by one of seven perfume companies out there but has the designer name. Same with makeup. And for the record many ‘American’ companies farm their makeup production out to China to make. The Beauty Box board on Reddit of late brought this to light stating that many of the products made for the beauty boxes were actually subcontracted out to China to produce. Basically the more expensive full size products were made in their regular locations but the samples for the beauty boxes (some, not all) were produced in China. Notable Coloured Raine Cosmetics and Faccia in the latest boxes and a few readers uncovered that many of these cosmetic companies had subcontract agreements with factories in China to product sample products and bulk for monthly beauty boxes.

So yes, it happens and right under you nose.

Alexandra Avatar

Even so, Colourpop’s products are all made in the US and you could get ten of those for the price of one Hermes lipstick. There’s no reason a lipstick should ever be 72 dollars, it’s purely done to create some false sense of “luxury”, not because they cost that much to make. It has nothing to do with Hermes somehow being an “ethical” brand.

Rachel Avatar

Forgot to add: 14 satin-finish and 10 matte-finish types to choose .
Rouge Hermès lipsticks will be available in 24 highly pigmented shades, from reds and pinks to oranges and a deep plum, that have been inspired from the brand’s archives of 900 leather swatches and 75,000 silk colours.
Each lipstick also boasts a subtle custom-blended scent of sandalwood, arnica and angelica, reminiscent of plants, developed by Hermès in-house perfumer Christine Nagel.

The lipstick cases are designed to be environmentally-friendly. In fact, they contain no plastic and are also refillable.

Kat Avatar

Oh, I want poppy, rose inouio (?) and the beige. Ugh, I guess they are on par with serge lutens lipsticks. I have had my eyes on a few but felt €70 was too much for a lipstick. I will buy the Hermès ones since I am a modest collector of their bags, shawls and leather jewellery ( and a few shoes or boots). Sorry ?

Helene Avatar

Don’t be sorry. We all put our money somewhere some of us on a smaller budget, some on a larger. If you like to collect Hermès, you should. I hope you’ll love the lipsticks you get.

Julie Avatar

Hi! Can you tell me what sites and what time these will be available? I had it locked on March 4, only to find out others were able to purchase some before. I just want to make sure I’m ready tomorrow. Thanks!

Christine Avatar

Hi Julie,

All I know is March 4th based on what I’ve seen other websites post – I don’t have any direct info from Hermes so a more specific time, I haven’t seen myself. Both Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus had the products up early (BG had it up over a week ago and they went in and out of stock; NM had everything up briefly yesterday), though.

Sydney Avatar

Ugh that orange is calling my name, not too dark but not too much white base either. Can’t wait to see dupes or if I need to treat myself, lol

Katherine Avatar

I personally cannot wear any lipstick except those made by Tom Ford or La Prairie. Any other brand on my lips causes an immediate chemical blister that is so painful on my skin (and believe me I’ve tried many different brands). So for me to find another brand – Hermes – that makes lipsticks that look good on me AND do not harm me is wonderful because then I have more color selection. I dislike the price point, too, but if I feel great wearing it I don’t sustain a skin burn, then it’s worth it for me.

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