Herbal Essences - Long Term Relationship Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo & Conditioner (each $2.99 for 12 oz.) is part of Herbal Essences line of new products devoted to protecting and caring for long hair. Me? Yes, totally long hair, and I have always been a fan of the Herbal Essences line (really, I think from the beginning nearly!). I switch shampoo/conditioner often, but it was good to try their newest release.

I love the scent, which is red raspberries, because I am a raspberry addict. You know what’s great? I use these products, and I find myself compelled to match with philosophy’s raspberry sorbet shower gel! I digress… the scent is subtle, not overwhelming, and I found my hair was soft smelling throughout the day. It isn’t an overly sweet or cloying scent, so I think most people will enjoy it.

While my hair is far from fussy, I did notice that I could go longer between washes before my hair would seem oily (3 days versus usual 2). And these products do not do anything for drying time, I swear my hair dried faster since starting to use these (10 minutes versus 15, with a regular, aging blow dryer). I even asked the PR rep about the drying time, and she said it doesn’t–but it did for me!


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Christine Avatar

I’ve used Herbal Essences on and off for years, and I’ve been using these two products in particular for nearly a month. My hair was in the past, and is currently, incredibly healthy and great-looking.

I will look into it, so thanks for sharing!

Christine Avatar

Hi Cody! After doing some research, silicones (the “wax”) often are added to create a barrier and give “shine.” Some people may experience problems because of silicones, but not everyone. In fact, many people use products like Pantene and Herbal Essences on a regular basis. Silicones may build up on the hair shaft, but using a clarifying treatment/shampoo every couple of weeks is all one would need to do.

I looked at the ingredient list, and it doesn’t seem any more Greek than other shampoos I’ve tried in the past. It’s definitely not an organic or natural solution, but I don’t think it is advertising itself as something along those lines. It is a drugstore shampoo, so I imagine that it uses cheaper ingredients than perhaps a $30 shampoo would (at least, I would hope). Like a lot of things, if you have more sensitive hair or fussy hair, you may find that you can’t get away with using these kind of products.

Lorraine Avatar

Herbal Essences and Pantene are owned by the same people so that might be why you don’t see the difference between the two. Even their ingredient listings are similar, especially when compared to other product lines.

Gabrielle Avatar

The only thing good about these products is the smell. However the sticky oily residue they leave on your hair after a few weeks of use is definatly NOT worth the smell. I think these products need to be reviewed.

Word of Warning ladies… Don’t waste your money !

G xo

Jessica Avatar

Hey Christine,
Your hair didn’t get oily with this shampoo? When I was using the Break’s over shampoo from the Herbal Essences line my hair stayed really oily. And I love the smell of this shampoo so maybe I will try it out. So far I have been using Bed Head’s Superstar and while it works great it is a bit pricey. So I have been looking for a good cheaper shampoo.

Christine Avatar

Hey Jessica, definitely not! My hair is generally normal, with maybe just a touch of oiliness. My hair is pretty much normal with no more touch of oiliness. Actually, I went three days without washing my hair, and I didn’t even have that much oil build-up (normally it gets pretty bad if I go more than 2 days without washing). I had to test the product all around!

kat Avatar

May need to check it out! I remember when I was younger I tried Herbal Essences, and it seemed terrible for my hair! It left it greasy and waxy so I swore off it. Then just last fall I was staying at a friends house and that’s all that she had so I used it and it seemed great for my hair! Now I wonder if my hair has changed or if the actual product changed with the packaging/marketing redesign?

I like shampoo that smells like fruit šŸ™‚ such a selling point for me!

kat Avatar

Though I will mention that I usually use fructis and I could easilly go 3-4 days without washing (not that I would, but I could have) but with the HS brand I can really only go 2 MAYBE 3… But it’s so weird with shampoo because everyones hair behaves differently!

Tiffany Avatar

The product may have worked well on your hair at your friends house because it was something your hair hadn’t had in a while. My first time use is usually the best quality use. It usually takes a month for your hair to get used to a product. By that time it has a chance to build up. But like someone else mentioned, a good detox once a week is great. I use the Neutrogena one in the square bottle. Gets all that gunk off so you can start fresh. Good Luck.

Kris Avatar

ooh i gotta try this! I had the hydrating one but i didn’t like it too much cept the smell so i’m gonna try this new long term relationship
thanks for the heads up šŸ˜€
yumm i love orgasm shampoo!

Leeanne Avatar

I have this particular shampoo and conditioner set in my bathroom along with the split-end protector. I absolutely love it. I have longer, curly hair that frizzes whenever it gets the chance, but since I’ve started using this shampoo (2 weeks ago) I’ve noticed a startling difference in how “well-behaved” my hair is now. I do have one question though does anyone know if the split-end protector is a heat protectant as well because I don’t want to be putting extra stuff in my hair that I don’t need.

Alissa Avatar

No I don’t think the split end protector is. I am not sure though. I am not fond of it I love the smell and what not but the cream stays on my hands and it seems to make my hair greasy but I still use it.

Rise Avatar

I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that Herbal Essences is made by Procter and Gamble, a company that tests on animals. I personally think it’s really cruel. Just wanted to raise awareness…


lori Avatar

Just curious.. but why is it cruel to wash or condition an animal,most people do give their pets baths? I agree drug testing and the such is very cruel but washing?

Clair Avatar

They don’t actually use the finished products when they test on animals. What tends to happen is that each individual ingredient is tested on an animal to see whether there is an allergic reaction etc.
I wish that they simply washed an animal, but that’s not the way it goes. šŸ™

Katie Avatar

It’s cause animals have a different skin pH compared to humans. ie. you wouldn’t want to use human shampoo on a cat- type of thing. It just causes skin irritation for the animals

Paloma Avatar

I’d rather find that a company tests hair product chemicals on an animal than a drug like LSD and all sorts of crazy other stuff. Or, look at the animals that get tortured to feed people at KFC? There are much worse scenarios, this is not on the top of my list of things to worry about. Sorry. :/

katie Avatar

This is wonderful. I have extremely thick, frizzy hair. Although it is shoulder length and not “long” It made my hair silky soft with tons of shine(not oily) My hair gets oily really quickly and this shampoo/conditioner has helped controll it.

Pros- Shine
yummy scent

cons- not really any

lilly Avatar

I was wondering how thick your hair was because I have super thick hair and I have been trying to find products that work. I also have frizzy hair if you could reply it would be greatly appreciated:)

kindra Avatar

has herbal esences made anyone else’s hair like fall out in large amounts? i don’t have bald spots or anything, its just when i used to use the hello hydration line my hair used to fall out a lot. i was wondering if this new product does the same.

paige Avatar

it does it to mine!! i thought that it was just something wrong with me.. but im glad to hear it’s happening to someone else. i’ve also noticed that my hair feels oily all the time recently and i just feel gross when my hair does. i’m going today to get a new shampoo and i dont care if it’s $30 a bottle. im in college so i was trying to buy the cheaper stuff, but no more.

Danielle Avatar

Hi everyone,
I started using LTR last year and I needed a haircut as it is but I was using it and my hair was falling out in HANDFULLS! So I went to my aunt who cuts hair and she fixed me up and I stopped using it. I recently bought it again and now I am losing hair in clumps… again!! My mom also tried it out and it does the same for her. Just a tip of advice for everyone. After I use the shampoo itself and lose a whole bunch of hair, I have nothing bad to say about the outcome of my hair but I’d rather not lose that much hair so… I agree, GO BIOLAGE!!!!!

brittnie Avatar

Hey! i have light white blonde long hair and it used to fall out a lot! kinda like you said and i started freaking out about it!! I started using this (bout a month ago) and it actually stopped way more than it used to! Plus the yummy smell =) love this gotta try it!

Gina Avatar

My hair was falling out all over the place with this new shampoo. I don’t have any bald spots but definitely some thinning. I switched shampoos and finally it stopped after a month.

Alissa Avatar

Oh yes the hello hydration was nasty on my hair. I love the smell but it made my hair fall out like I would brush it and strands would be out it was creepy. The LTR has not done that it makes my hair stronger. Try this stuff it is awesome!

Lis Avatar

Well I just finished the bottles for the new “Break’s Over” line from Herbal Essence and I absolutely love it! My hair is medium length, kinda wavy (i can wear it straight or wavy) and I have blonde highlights. I find that shapmoos and conditioneers for color treated hair leave it nasty and dry, its weird. Using this line my hair stayed healthy and so soft and actually stronger, I definately noticed the difference!! I am planning to use the ‘Long Term Relationship” line now so it’s good to know others like it. I recommend “Breaks Over” to anyone who wants nice, soft delish smelling hair but Ill be honest, I’m one of the lucky ones who’s hair actually genereally behaves so it all depends on your hair!

steph Avatar

Long term relationship gives my hair a flawless look.
It is soooo soft and weightless.
No breakage or split ends!
great deal

Amanda Avatar

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about a month and a half, and my hair FALLS OUT IN HANDFULLS!!!! I have been trying to use up the bottle because I thought it would be good and I bought the big bottle, but I have only made it a little more than half way through and its gotta go, I already bought my old shampoo and conditioner and I have used it once. My hair is not oily, I could not wear it down with this stuff either because my hair was so oily and it made my hair looks like it has not been washed in days. THIS STUFF JUST SUCKS!!!!! WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN!

My old shampoo is Garnier Fructis Length & Strength and it is the best I have ever tried. My hair is always on its best behavior! And it NEVER falls out!

Karen Avatar

I honestly don’t think I will every buy this shampoo again, I really thought that it would help prevent my hair from breakage and let me grow my hair out better but it didn’t.
In my case my hair seems to get super tangled all the time. I’ve never had this problem before but it seems my hair is much more delicate now than it used to be before I started using this shampoo.

I’ve got another two bottles…but I’m giving them away!!
not worth the trouble of untangling your hair just to cause the appearance of more split ends.

Kate Avatar

Herbal Essences is one of the worst, no…THE worst shampoo line I’ve ever used. I don’t know what it is, maybe it doesn’t work right for my particular body chemistry, but it’s just awful. I’ve noticed it makes my hair a lot more fragile and dried out (this would be the “falling out in clumps” effect that other people have noticed because it then proceeds to break off in clumps). It leaves a greasy looking film in my hair. Normally I can go a bit longer than a 24 hour period without feeling the need to shampoo again… not with this stuff. It doesn’t really clean well.

I’ve heard it compared to the silicone’s in panteen, well I disagree. Panteen makes my hair look great. Overtime, yes, it does leave a build up, but a clarifying shampoo takes care of that easily. This stuff leaves a build up immediately and my hair looks dull.

I keep trying this stuff because I’ve got to say, the smell is something they have down to a science. It’s probably the best smelling shampoo line on the market and I LOVE anything raspberry scented. I was out of shampoo, and I decided to give them another try with this stuff. NEVER AGAIN! At least it was cheap enough so I don’t feel bad about throwing away the half used bottle.

Jen Avatar

I have extremely thick and very long hair. My hair also tends to be very dry. I have been a huge supporter of Aussie for years!!!!! Love their products however after many years of use I found that the product no longer worked effectively in my hair. I decided to try LTR to see if it helped with my split ends. I use a a pick to comb my hair and I am very careful with it. The LTR worked great for about a month! Then I got out of the shower one day only to find my hair was matted!!!! I went to my hair salon when I couldn’t get the knots out of my hair. They used a leave in hair tonic from Biolage which I now swear by. After my experience with Herbal Essences you couldn’t pay me to use the product again. I tell all my friends to switch to Biolage products, my hair has never been in better shape! While I agree that H.E. smells great, I would much rather use a product that makes my hair look and feel great!!!!!! GO BIOLAGE!!!!!!!

Stephanie Avatar

WOW! My daughter and I were just oohing and ahhhing at the look of my hair when I took it out of the clip it has been in for about a week.. gross right? I was sick and couldn’t get out of bed..right about the time I tried the shampoo and curled my hair.. with hot rollers.. something that usually doesn’t last very long for me (like 15 minutes) okay lol it’s long and heavy! about 2.5 feet long and get’s dry on the ends greasy on top.. well i tell you what.. i was just getting ready to go use it again when i noticed that my hair.. one week later.. is still just as sproingy curly and CLEAN as it was a week ago!? WOAH! I know that just isn’t right LMAO!!! I started combing through it so I could wash it again.. and wow.. pang ping pong! these curls wouldn’t come out but hmm they’re out and my hair is greasy at scalp.. ew and so dry on the ends.. and i have a handful in my comb! šŸ˜€ so maybe if you need your hair to stay curled all night lol or for a couple of days.. use it for that occasion! I am throwing this away šŸ˜€ Try to imagine hot rollers holding curls in 2.5 ft. long hair šŸ˜€ ahaha!

Tracey Avatar

Started using the ~Long Term Relationship~ I have nothing, but positive experience from this. So much I went and purchased the Split End leave-in-conditioner, and to be honest it leaves my hair soft and managable. I continue to get compliments on how shiny and healthy looking my hair looks :-)… I also would like to add the day I purchased the leave-in at my local store I actualy had a woman approch me and asked how I felt about this product and she too purchased it as well……

Alissa Avatar

me to a girl about my age asked me what I would recommend I said this stuff and I saw her in school later and she thanked me immensly. I must say though has anyone else had trouble with the color one? I got my hair hi lited last summer I used the pink bottle for color treated and a week later my hi lites were gone…Idk if it was the shampoo or the hairstylist I was mad

Tawnya Avatar

terrible stuff! Left my hair looking dull and it had a greasy film that it left behind. I have never had this happen with any shampoo and conditioner I have used I will never but Herbal Essences again.!!! YUK!

Sarah Avatar

i thought this shampoo was absolutely terrible! ever since i first used it my hair has been dull, boring, filmy, and limp..normally its healthy, shiny and a bit wavy…it looks absolutely hideous and my mom even asked me whats up with my hair..havent gone out to get clarifying shampoo yet, but gonna asap. i cant stand another day of this! i’ve been trying to use it up cuz i just hate to waste it but i just couldnt stand it any longer! i ended up putting it in a handwash bottle but it makes my hands feel gross and filmy šŸ™

Laurie Avatar

I have been using LTR for about 2 1/2 weeks. I loved it to begin with. My hair was looking better than ever. And the smell…awesome ! But four days ago I started having this greasy spot in my hair. At first I thought I didn’t get the conditioner out so I kept using the shampoo. The next day no conditioner, still oily. Two days after changing shampoo- no change. I still have a huge oily spot ! Sorry to say….I won’t be buying LTR again.

Sadie Avatar

It’s really too bad that everyone’s hair type is different. ): I wish I could just go out and buy whatever shampoo I wanted and know it was going to work well and be cruelty-free! But that’s life. I’ve always used salon brands and/or Tresemme, but I just bought this (for the smell, hehe) so hopefully it works! Didn’t have luck with the Hello Hydration, that’s for sure.. S:

Mad Mel Avatar

That’s not “me”…I agree with those ladies that have hair loss. It’s a good shampoo, for about a month or so then the real horror begins. You don’t notice it until you have the ends cut off thinking that it’s simply the tug of the brush breaking the hair. Not the case. First, use a detangler to brush with – use a shampoo (if not conditioner alone) with lighter ingredients. Second, all hair is different. Am I right ladies? For middle aged women with hair colored to hide the gray I would suggest something else, seriously – but only if you start seeing the hair fall out with some attached to follicles. The only think I like about Herbal Essence is the cool color red and the name that just flows off your tongue.

Amanda Avatar

I love Herbal Essences and have been using it for years. LTR has been great for me (my hair is over 2 ft long and curly), and I love the scent! (The only HE scent I’ve liked more is the Blackberry Avocado Mango they used to make – delish!). One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that the fabric on my towel and pillowcase seems to be getting bleached out. The LTR shampoo/conditioner is the only stuff I put in my hair, so I can’t think what else would cause this, but I don’t know why the HE stuff would do it, either. Any ideas?

dannielle M Avatar

this product is by far the best one I have used out of others Ive used I love the LTR shampoo conditioner and the split end protector it works great on my hair because it makes my hair smoother shiny and Its amazing

Paola Avatar

I’ve used Herbal Essences (body envy) I saw no major difference! I was thinking of buying the Long Term Relationship Line (I have long hair) BUT now that I hear they’re owned by same company as Pantene NEVERMIND!!! Pantene makes my hair fall out… It gave me a bald spot in the front. My hair was falling out by the hand fulls!!! I am now trying to recover & find a perfect shampoo & conditioner that won’t make it fall out again or more…. any suggestions. How about Aveeno Hair line and what about Infusium 23?? anybody??

samm Avatar

ive been using the long term relationship conditioner and shampoo for about a month now. and everyone seems to be having problems with it. like all this wax n oily problems. but when i began using it myself and even now after the first month my hair is soft and doesnt get oily fast at all. i think its great personally. i hav short-mid length hair at the moment and have begun using it to grow my hair longer, to stop split ends. ive had my hair bleached about 4 times and dyed alot.. in the last 6 months. and i had it cut once about 4 months ago and i have no split ends what so ever. i think it really helps with sealing them or whatever its suppose to be doing šŸ˜€ id recommend this product :]

samm Avatar

also.. i didnt know pantene was made by the same people that made herbal essence shampoo… i dont think people should not try this because… its nothing like pantene. pantene makes my hair fall out as well. i used a pantene hair dye.. i lost more than half of my hair and had to go to a specialist. they couldnt determine what the exact cause of my rapid hair lost was. i was 15 by the way when this happened. and it happened a week after using the dye. thats when it began falling oout in chunks. coincidence? i think not. its horrid stuff, but herbal essences.. its hard to believe its made by pantene? if it is. bt either way they are defiantly made with different ingredients and all that. dont not give it a chance because of pantene -.-

athen Avatar

I do have to agree its the worst product ive ever gotten. it smells greant and lathers great but after three months I got a bald spot. I thought it was related to stress but it may very well be due to the shampoo. volumizing shampoo doesn’t do that at all and never has and never will. I think I will do research on which hair product I need to use. thanks!

C.J. Avatar

I myself have really long hair, probably around 2.5ft and growing. I have been using the LTR since it came out. It works wonders for my hair that loves to frizz. I also use the leave-in conditioner for added hydration. My hair care routine is very lax as I only wash my hair once a week and doesn’t look terrible at all during that time. And for long hair it is suggested to only shampoo the top of your head and let the suds roll down and take care of the rest. I won’t stray from this as the last time I did, my hair was terrible and dry.

I’d say do what is best for your hair, no matter the brand. I recommend it simply because the few other brands I tried didn’t work for me.

As a side note: From reading a long hair care forum where silicones or “wax” isn’t recommended in a shampoo/conditioner as some have problems regarding them but others are not affected at all. Maybe it also has something to do with the softness or hardness of the water used? I have hard water and suffer no ill effect from silicones.

StephanieMarie Avatar

I absolutely adore the line of Herbal Essences. Though Long Term Relationship is my all time favorite. My hair is usually dry, course, oily, “tangley”, and rough. When I first used this product, my hair was amazing. I no longer had to worry about brushing my hair 3 times a day. I didn’t have to worry about it drying out so fast. It kept it smooth all day long. The leave-in conditioner just made it that much better.

I left this shampoo and conditioner at my grandmothers so I wasn’t able to use it for over a month. I used Pantene until I could get my other products back. My hair felt just like it used to before Long Term Relationship. Then as soon as I washed my hair with this product again, it felt smooth again! I love it!

I highly suggest this product if your hair feels dry, course, rough, “tangley”, oily, or dehydrated. Don’t forget to buy the leave-in conditioner too! (:

StephanieMarie Avatar

*Forgot to add.

My hair is curly, and frizzy also. Very hard to tame(: And since this product–its been managable to not have to style it.

Split-end protector/leave-in conditioner–some products similar to this particular one leave your hair a bit greasy/oily, some make it frizz, some don’t do much to your hair. If you put this in when your hair has been in a towel about 10 minutes. While its still damp, depending how thick your hair is. Add about a dime/nickel size amount to your palm. Put your head down, rub the product throughout your hand and apply.

If you do not like this product or it doesn’t manage with your hair, I’m very sorry. But I sure do love it(:

–Surprisingly coming from a very young lady.

Sammi Avatar

Hello. I used Herbal Essences everyday for a LONG time. I was getting my haircut just days ago when my hair dresser asked about the shampoo I am using. He said it left wax right on my hair. He scrapped my hair with scissors and a lot of wax came right off my hair !! What should I do to get rid of this wax ? Scrap it all off ? Either way i’m buying salon shampoo from now on.

Sammi Avatar

Hello. I used Herbal Essences everyday for a LONG time. I was getting my haircut just days ago when my hair dresser asked about the shampoo I am using. He said it left wax right on my hair. He scrapped my hair with scissors and a lot of wax came right off my hair !! What should I do to get rid of this wax ? Scrap it all off ? Either way iā€™m buying salon shampoo from now on.

-JJ- Avatar

Yes it helps soooooo much with split ends!!! I had dry/medium length hair and after I used it it was very shiny but it was sortave greasy I recommend not using it every day….but I DEFINITLY reccommend it!!!!!good luck

-JJ- Avatar

*BTW I was wondering if any of yall have tryed length and strenght by garnier fructis;because I want to experiment to see if they both work the same;anybody???

Alissa Avatar

I love Herbal Essesnce LTR it really helps my hair. I am not a big fan of the leave in protector it seems to make my hair greasy and my hands gross. I still use it cuz it helps. I wouldnt use anything else. i used fructis not to bash it or those of you who like it I didn’t like it as much as this stuff. I would highly recommend it and I am definately going to keep using it. Great Product

-JJ- Avatar

Thanks!It took a long time for anyone to reply so I decided to try garnier fructis length and strength it made my scalp itchy and dry maybe I have a sensitive scalp but I’m not using it again I’m going back to LTR a.s.a.p.

amber Avatar

so far i love herbal essences. ive only been using it for maybe almost a year, but its been working well on my hair. and christine your replies to some of these are so fake.

nin Avatar

Not sure if this site is still in use, but just wanted to say I’ve been using Herbal Essance’s Volumising shampoo and conditioner for about 5 months every other day and didn’t notice how my hair had thinning until I stopped using it as the volumising effect covered the thinning. As my hair is long it’s been easy enough to cover up and I am now just trying not to think about it and waiting for it to grow back. My partner however, who used the shampoo every single day for 5 months (he just uses whatever I pick up), has been told he is thinning on top and is so anxious about it as we’re not sure if it’s his genes or the shampoo. Wish I never went near the stuff.

Christine Avatar

I’ve used Herbal Essences (Long Term Relationship) for about 1 month, and I’ve noticed CONSIDERABLE HAIR LOSS.

Buyer beware. There are chemicals in this produce (silicon included) that make your hair fall out. I’ve also heard countless stories of how my friends experienced the same thing! Use at your own risk!!!

binky Avatar

My hair is falling out because of this shampoo….but i guess the only good side to this is that it smells good while it falls out. great!

Heather Avatar

i just had this shampoo for day. my mom got it last night.the shampoo made my hair silky smooth. i would recamend this productuct to everyone even if you have short hair. i am trying to grow my hair longer so i can donate it to make wigs for people who had cancer, exellent product. best shampoo and conditioner i ever got

brie Avatar

my bestfriend starting using this shampoo and conditioner at the beginning of summer, and it hasnt even been a month yet and her hair has grown 4 inches, and she has nothing bad to say about it, so i think its time that i try it out too.

Kristin Avatar

4 inches in a month? That’s not possible. It’s not supposed to make your hair grow faster, it’s just supposed to treat it differently.

Melissa Avatar

Herbal Essence is not a friend to my hair. I buy it occasionally if it’s on sale, but I can’t stand it. My hair always feels matty and stringy when I get out of the shower. It makes sense that Pantene and Herbal Essence are basically the same though, as both leave my hair not feeling right after being washed. I think I’ll stick with Dove.

Paula Avatar

– hey guys,

ive been using this shampoo and conditioner for the last week and every wash it leaves and sticky oily texture on my scalp, definetley not worth the aroma.. Treseme has to be the best one ive used!


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