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I actually have a tube of RevitaLash in my stash, although I haven’t used it yet. I’m planning to start the treatment in a few months, though, when I’d have less worries about overnight flights. :/

No; I have absolutely no desire to try *any* of those products. When I read/her the side effects of those lash-growth serums, it freaks me out a bit (can cause permanant darkening of the iris). Antything that can have adverse side effects is not going anywhere near my eyes.

As for lash extensions, again if I’m not 100% sure about a product, it stays s far from my eyes as possible. Besides, I don’t like anyone anywhere near my eyes unless absolutely necessary.

No thank you! My lashes are pretty thick and long as is, so I don’t need them, and I’m not in favor of taking any kind of medication for cosmetic reasons. (Exception for acne products; I have used Differin and a different topical for acne issues.)

I have not tried either but am considering Latisse. I’ve spoken with three friends who have had good results and no adverse reactions.

I was told that lash extensions can cause some lash fallout if you leave them in for too long. I ha e very sparse lashes to begin with so until I hear more, that is what’s keeping me away from them (and the upkeep both daily cleansing and having to go get them redone every 4-6 weeks).

No and I’ll probably never try either. Lash extensions scare me because I’ve read that they can cause your lashes to fall out. That’s not surprising since most people I know of who use lash extensions have puny lashes to begin with (which is the point of extensions really) and using those lashes to support extensions that are bigger and heavier… Not much math needed there. They can also look awful when they’re at the end of their lifespan and coming apart.

And here’s the weird thing: my eyelashes grow when I put normal mascara on them. It’s not abnormal growth or anything and it stops at a certain level but my eyelashes weren’t always so long. They’re also curly naturally so I never have to curl them but this is not always the best thing because when I put mascara on the lashes near the inner corner of my eye, those lashes grow and start poking me in the eye. I didn’t realise what was happening until I looked into a magnified mirror one day and saw these small, pale hairs growing. Needless to say, I was horrified and stopped putting mascara on for a while. So no, no lash growth products either. I’m happy with the lashes that I have. They’re not terribly long or lush but they suit my eyes and look pretty good with mascara on. πŸ™‚

One of my favs is the shu uemura lash builder
It’s not so much a lash serum; I like to call it a lash conditioner xD
It doesn’t provide huge results, but the result that you get is pretty good anyway. Not only do they grow longer, but they grow stronger! I had hardly any lash loss when I used it <3 I find that other lash serums dont really make your lashes stronger or fuller, just longer D:

I had the most horrendous experience with lash extensions. Clearly the woman doing them had cheap ones and didnt really know what she was doing. It was a salon and they weren’t cheap so I assumed, wrongly, that it was a proper professional service. Instead of using individual lashes she used ones that were several lashes together, the kind you can buy yourself, and the glue ended up being really clumped and actually quite painful if I screwed my eyes up. The lashes were really too heavy for my natural lashes so they drooped downwards and I could see them in my vision all the time which was annoying, and she used ones that were far too long for me too, they looked terrible.

I went back for her to remove them but whatever she was using didnt work, the glue would simply not dissolve. I ended up softening the glue myself with lots of oily eyemakeup remover and then pulled them off, which ended up taking my natural lashes with them until my eyes were basically bald. I had no lashes or little stumpy bits, it was hideous.

So I bought a lash serum to encourage new growth. The one I used was called RapidLash and it was really good. My new lashes grew fairly quickly and quite long which was great as my natural lashes have always been quite short. Obviously when you stop using the serum you stop getting any benefit but I stopped using it when my lashes were all back but I keep thinking I should use it again, my lashes looked so great.

I try a lash growth product, perhaps not the right on? At the beginning i thougt it works, but now, after a few weeks i canΒ΄t see a difference. I have friends they swear it works, but somehow not on me.

I was a licensed Optician/Contact Lens Technician with ABO & NCLE certs for 13 years, so yes, I do. As we get older, our eyebrows often get thinner… the lashes? Mine were just very blond, but rather long and thick already. I tried Bimatoprost (Latisse) a few years ago as an experiment, and it was a great experiment! My eyebrows grew back in with full color, and my lashes became incredible.

I’m not a fan of the price tag, though. I buy my Rx Bimatoprost off-label from an Indian Pharmacy–the product is called Careprost. I have naturally blue eyes, and have experienced no color change and no major side effects after approximately 2 years of use. I don’t put it on every night anymore, either. The worst side effect has been dry eyes in the morning, but otherwise, it’s great stuff! Not bad at all for $10 a bottle.

Incidentally, Latisse is just Allergan’s way of extending exclusivity on an old product called Lumigan. This was what we used to use for Glaucoma patients, and they often experienced longer, darker lashes. The risk of color change is very rare in those who use it for lashes–that comes from placing drops directly in the eyes twice a day. The color change can only occur in those who have specks of brown in their eyes already, too.

Love Bimatoprost; glad I’m not an Optician anymore, though! πŸ˜‰

I love Latisse too and had considered off label brimatopost too as it is much cheaper. I do order my Latisse for about $80.00 from a dr ofc in PA. Much better price than the $120.00 they charge around my home.

If you do select the off-label brand, I can tell you from experience that the ingredients are identical. That, and get a pre-paid Visa since the website that sells it the cheapest is known for leaking CC numbers and credit card fraud is common. It even happened to my mother and myself. I have 1 pre-paid Visa that does not have any monthly fees, and I use this solely for ordering this product.

Good luck with your decision! I am very happy, and many of my friends are, too, but it’s still a choice. I totally understand that $80 to $120 is insanely expensive! Bimatoprost products really work with most people, and have fabulous results. πŸ™‚

I was given some lash enhancer as a gift, but I noticed on the box it had a warning that it can permanently change your eye colour! A little research revealed that the active ingredient in this particular lash enhancer is the same thing used in glaucoma medication, and that is indeed a side effect. Particularly, it can turn blue or green eyes brown! Now, I actually really like brown eyes but my eyes are green and I’m very fond of them, so I’ve been way too paranoid to try it out. Longer lashes are not worth permanently changing my eye colour!

I’ve used Mavala lash serum for a dew months. It did make my lashes long but not any thicker. But when I stopped using it, my lashes went back to the normal length. Also, it didn’t make my lashes any stronger, one or two would fall out like they usually do.. Waste of time..,

I have only tried Talika Lipocils. It’s not the most effective out there, but I can definitely see a difference in my lashes. Most importantly it doesn’t contain any ingredient that is meant for treating glaucoma, so it won’t harm your eyes or make them change color. It basically just conditions your lashes to make them grow as long and healthy as they can get. I also see some new growth with it (more, longer and thicker lashes), but it’s not as hardcore as most of those other lash growth serums out there.

I don’t really like lash extensions because once they fall off some of my lashes fall off with them!

I’ve tried at least 5 different types of lash growing treatments and I think the one that has worked best on me is neulash. Rapidlash irritated my eyelids and gave me eczema!

I have used Mavala Double Lash only for a few days . I dont want to use products with parabens and this product had ..so finally i threw it away…for the little i have used it , it seemed to have results ,yet not significant .
We have to know that every three months eyelashes fall in order new ones to come out . Also ,genetics play a very important role here .

I used Latisse off and on for two years….but I never grew past the side affects (my eyes were bloodshot often and the skin around on my lids stayed red and itchy no matter how much I tried to power through it!). That said, it really does work and I loved how my lashes looked! In the end, comfort won over looks πŸ™‚

I started using Revitalash because waterproof mascara made my lashes break off. I’ve never had extensions. They are too expensive. My friend got extensions for a wedding. They ended up breaking her natural lashes.

I tried the one from Wet n Wild. I wasn’t expecting much, and that’s what I got, not much. It’s a two part system – a serum and a mascara. In the morning you put on both, in the evening, just the serum. The mascara actually isn’t bad. I asked my ophthalmologist about it. He said there was a drug, I think for glaucoma, that people found made hair grow around where it touched. That ingredient required a prescription. He thought the cosmetic stuff would be “good for you” things like vitamins, etc. Anyway, I noticed absolutely no difference in my lashes after using several weeks.

I tried lash extensions prior to my wedding to see if I wanted to use them, and they were supposed to last a few weeks but only lasted two! I think my lashes must just grow too fast. Plus, they were a little unrealistic – like some people I see using Latisse.

I’m so glad you said all that! I’ve used Latisse for two years with fantastic results. When I initially asked my dermatologist about the side effects, she said exactly what you did. I have pale blue eyes and naturally pale eyelashes. With Latisse my lashes look thick, dark, and wonderfully long. I recommend it to everyone!

I have been contemplating them for a while now. Every time I see a woman with them I am blown away by how natural and beautiful they look.

Years ago I had individual lashes with semi permanent glue, before the modern lash extension were widely available, but I was not happy with the damage those did to your natural lashes.

I also tried “Lash dip” which is supposed to be a semi permanent mascara that lasts 2 weeks, and I did not like that at all! They were so thick and lumpy and unnatural looking. Think the worst tarantula mascara you’ve ever seen, stuck on for 2 weeks…yikes.

Actual ash extensions are a bit expensive for my budget at the moment though, and while there are often great deals for the initial application on groupon and living social, I know once I have them I will want them all the time! So Because of that, I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but I definitely want to.

I’ve had my lashes dyed, which is like your lash dip, but instead of being lumpy it was like dying your hair. I’m blonde, so it made my lashes nice and dark and much better looking than with any mascara. It lasts about two weeks too, since your lashes shed. I totally loved it, so it’s interesting how different our experiences were.

The lash extensions I find them kind of interesting but don’t think I would try them. I agree with lash growth serums that are all over the market. I find them a bit scary. On the other hand I swear by castor oil for lash growth. It is 100% natural and it really makes a difference. Very good for hair too.

I have used lash growth products, I used Dabalash or something like that. It worked really nice, my eyelashes were HUGE. But as soon as I stopped using it, my eyelashes returned to normal -_- sad sad thing.

I have used Latisse and I won’t be without it. After losing many lashes and even ending up with a bald spot on my left eyelid (panic! You can’t even use false lashes when you have that), I tried Latisse and it’s miraculous. My eyelashes filled in and are super long. I haven’t had any adverse side effects, either.

I’ve used RapidLash for a long time now, it works well for me, but only if I keep using it, otherwise my lashes go back to their stumpy old selves. I have also tried Cargo Lash Activator mascara which I really liked too. Wouldn’t bother with extensions though.

No my lashes are long enough, I don’t need lash extensions or lash growth products. I use Benefit Bad Gal or They’re Real, it’s really pretty that way but indian blood in my veins, well it helps I guess !

I’ve been getting lash extensions for about 6 months now and I LOVE them. my lashes are naturally quite long, but blonde – so I used to wear diorshow mascara to make them look thicker and darker.

I find lash extensions are a great time saver for me, because I can just wake up, wash my face, throw on a bit of tinted moisturiser and I’m ready, out the door. plus I think it’s great not to have to be washing mascara off at the end of each day, cause we all know that you shouldn’t be playing around with your eye area too much!!

i would recommend them to anyone who was interested – in fact a few of my colleagues have started getting them done now. the biggest piece of advice I would give is to do your research and get them done somewhere professional. I think this is the type of service where you really get what you pay for, and if you go for a cheaper option you’ll probably regret it.

the salon where I go costs me $60 for a refill, which I need to get done every 2 weeks. you naturally lose 3-5 lashes from each eye every day, and so long as you don’t pull them out or play with them, and you have a size that is not too heavy for your natural lash, then you shouldn’t be losing any more than this.

I would definitely try latisse if it were available where I live (Australia)

I’m scared of anything too extreme near my eyes. I’ve had lots of vision trouble in my life and I know how precious sight is. I suppose it helps that I was blessed with some great lashes, but I don’t want anything to do with any products other than mascara and a lash curler.

I have been using L’Oreal lash serum for the last month and have noticed a big difference in the condition of my lashes. I don’t know that they are thicker, but they are definitely longer and softer. Not bad for $8!

I have used both the liquid liner type and the brush on lashes. Both have worked noticeably to others but I think I expect …WOW!!! I think the idea of any type is that it’feeds’ or conditions your lashes thus keeping more and they don’t fall out as much.

I use Latisse with really good results. I even use it on bare spots on my eyebrows that came from over plucking. After the first 6 weeks or so, you can maintain buy using it about 3 times a week. Talked to my opthamologist about it during a recent eye exam. He said it was a great product and it had not changed my eyes at all. It’s a very old medication originally used as eye drops for ppl with glaucoma so side effects and adverse reactions are well studies. Latisse is applied with a small brush (included) one drop directly above the lash line at night- like eyeliner.

I tried lash extensions once, and didn’t think that they were worth it for the price. I’m also quite lazy when it comes to taking off my makeup and washing my face at night, and felt like I had to be too gentle when I had those. So many rules about what to use to remove makeup, and they didn’t want me using oil-based face washes/makeup removers (which are my preferred night face washes – I also like them b/c they’re not as irritating as many face washes and remove all of my makeup). While I did like that I felt I didn’t use as much makeup, I didn’t think that they were worth it. While it may have been the technician I used, I also felt that they were a bit more harsh on my lashes than I’d like.

I haven’t used any lash serum and don’t think I will (but who knows). For one, I’m already on a number of medications and even though they’re topical, I worry that they may interact. My eyes are already pretty sensitive, and i’ve dealt w/ bad reactions to eye creams (one from Dior caused me to end up with an oral steroid and a prescription eye salve – YUCK). I’d rather keep my lashes how they are than risk a bad reaction. Also while I have dark eyes, the side effect of darkening one’s eye color kind of freaks me out. Yeah, i’m on meds that have the potential for worse side effects but I take those b/c they make my life much easier not for pretty lashes. I guess I’d risk it if I had no lashes due to a health issue or something

I use generic Latisse, called Careprost and its really made a difference in my lashes for a quarter of the cost of latisse. I recommend reading reviews on MakeupAlley for it since that’s where I found out all the info.

That’s actually where I learned of Careprost, too! I recommend it often–it is an excellent product, and side effects are VERY rare.

For those who are too timid to try Latisse or Careprost, I suggest looking up Castor Oil on Makeup Alley, too! Dilute a little CO in Almond Oil or Avacado Oil, and swab that on your lashes at night. I have seen results that look the same as Latisse. CRAZY!

I am using Lilash for 1 year (same bottle! long duration) and I am very happy with the results. After 4 months, I use the product only 3 days x week and my lashes keep long and pretty. I recommend to use it on mornings, before makeup to avoid irritation of the eyes.

Oh and for anyone wondering, my eyes are really sensitive and Latisse doesn’t irritate them at all. It’s actually a medicine that was made FOR your eyes, so it’s very gentle. Eeeek I love it! : )

“[M]ade for the eyes…” Thank you for pointing this out. πŸ˜‰ Perhaps this is why the fear of it baffles me so much.

I’ve used UD Lush Lash System, and it does work. It does, however, burn my eyes if I put on too much of the white mask stuff. But it does work. (:

I’ve been using Smartlash for the last several months, and my lashes seem to have gotten thicker and perhaps slightly longer, but nothing dramatic. I experience some slight stinging when the serum gets in my eyes, but nothing too bad.

i have never felt the need to try them, but more now, I stay away from any sort of lash growth/serum stuff. Especially since a lot of them have become discontinued because of dangerous ingredients!

I have pretty nice eyelashes to begin with but when ever I would wear mascara I would lose a few lashes or when removing eye make-up they would fall out through the evening. No, I was not harsh on my eyes.

I use RapidLash currently. I’ve been using it for around 2 years. I usually buy it on HauteLook when they have the 2 pack. It has made SUCH a differeance to my lashes. Defo they are MUCH stronger, I might lose 1 or 2 lashes a month. They have made them a bit longer and thicker but just the strength is the only reason I use it. It does not burn my eyes and unlike Latisse it does not have the side effect of turning your eyeclour brown.

I have thought about lash extensions but someone else poking around my eye area kinda nerves me.

I’ve been using the off brand latisse/careprost from an indian site for almost 2 years now with no side effects. I have pale green blue eyes no darkening although I admit to watching carefully at first. My lashes are definitely thicker and at about 60-80$ a year (I don’t use a full tube a month) it’s pretty unbeatable. My mom has also been using for the same amount of time her lashes were very thin and now are darker and thicker + longer.
I will be trying lash extensions tomorrow for a vacation I just think they look amazing so we will see how I like them on and how they hold up. I’m ok with a bit more of a fake look in this case but am curious about wearing eyeliner.

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