Have you used a BB Cream?

Have you used a BB Cream? Have you found them to produce long-lasting results? Reader Vivian wants to know!

I haven’t used any long enough to tell you; I’ve only used MAC’s, which isn’t properly a BB Cream given what I’ve heard about ones from overseas, but it was far too light so it wasn’t something I could wear out of the house.

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The BB Cream WORKS. It’s something I can wear when I have break outs and not worry about getting more break outs. Instead, it actually helps it. I just hate how the color selection is supposedly “1 fits all.” This is bad for us deeper skin toned ladies. Also, the finish is not so hot. I wish they would make a BB Cream that’s a kind of ACTUAL clear cream you can put before your foundation.

No not at all. I’ve seen too many YT videos and it looks unimpressive on all of them. Then they have to go in and put a load of other stuff to make it look good. Why bother with that when it doesn’t look good to begin with.

I’ve used 2-3 sample BB Creams from Hanskin and Lotree and my experience with them were all pretty bad. The formula is very heavy and so it feels very heavy on your skin and it can sometimes look cakey. I think it’s great for people who want maximum coverage and whiter looking skin but, I personally don’t want to look any paler than I am plus I like natural looking skin. Hope that helps!

I’ve used BB Cream a little bit before and my sister uses it on a regular basis now. It’s definitely better paired with a person with a lighter skin tone or a person who wants their skin lighten a bit. Being half Korean I get my BB Cream from the Korean market and let me tell you they are WAAAAY better and more legit than what the “luxury” brands put out! The brand we use is Skin79 (its a Korean brand). Hope this helps! 🙂

YES They are fantastic! Totally changed my routine. I would recommend the skin 79 one but if you’re darker than NW 25, I would recommend the Bobbi Brown one which come in shades. And DO NOT try the Estee Lauder one unless you are an NW 15 or below. I unfortunately did not know that and its in my shelf, dust collecting on an almost full tube

I was dying to try some and got some samples of Boscia B.B. cream at Sephora. I then used it on my birthday weekend before going out one night. It didn’t look that pale under my dorm room lighting so I went out with it. The next day I was looking at pictures and I looked like I had painted my face white with the camera flash. Never wore it again!

As an Asian myself, I personally feel that BB creams have a huge flaw in them-only one to three shades(mostly one). I totally understand the idea of ‘one shade suits all’ but all of us (even amongst Asians!) have different undertones. BB creams always either end up: 1. too ashy 2. too yellow 3. too pinkish. Let’s not discredit the skincare benefits that come along with it, but if BB creams came with a color spectrum, it would have been better. =)

Thumbs up! Actually, a while ago, I was left speechless seeing my friend’s face suddenly became too yellow and then next days, too ashy and tired. I was worried about my friend had any crisis but it turned out she started using BB cream. For a long time, I know my friend is an avid fan of skincare and possesses such an envious porcelain skin herself. So I guessed she was just enjoying the rumored benefits of BB cream. I couldn’t bring up myself to say it looked horrible on her but after a week she neglected using it so it really saves me some awkward conversation. I strongly recommend not to use BB cream as foundation and go for ones as clear as possible.

I am using Dr Jart Black Label BB cream for quite a while now. I really like BB creams because unlike liquid foundations, they do not powder up when dry, and thus holds the moisture in my skin instead of drying my skin.

I use it more like a primer, and then set it with loose powder. This way, I skip primer, foundation and compact powder.

I even use this BB cream for concealing dark eye circles, pimples, and evening out skin tone.

So BB cream is really the all-in-one solution as opposed to the one remedy for each method that is traditionally used.

And yet, it is very effective in doing everything. BB Cream is amazing.

I love BB Cream. Being Asian, my skin tone is a little more suited for them and what I like best about BB cream is their ability to whiten your skin. People who complain that it’s too white for them, one of BB Cream’s purpose is to whiten your skin/make your skin whiter than it normally is.

The thing about BB Cream is that, in my opinion, only Korean brands know how to make them correctly. So before buying a BB Cream, I’d suggest checking out reviews and knowing what exactly BB Cream does for you. Also, BB Cream was perfected by Koreans, who really prioritize having whiter skin. Whiter skin means beauty. So sorry if you don’t like the extreme whiteness, but that’s what it’s supposed to do.

I have Misscha’s in 21, its a bit gray and I am not quite happy with it.. i am looking a BB cream with a rosey Hue, instead of the greyish they usually have..any recommendations girls?

I use Missha Perfect Cover in no 21 (I am NC20) lightly on my cheeks, nose and forehead to cover my pores before applying my foundation every day. It definitely has a primer effect on my skin but may not work as effectively at creating a long-wearing foundation as a proper face primer. This BB cream is very thick with high coverage and is great at evening out my skin tone and reducing the appearance of pores. If my skin is a bit drier I will skip the Missha Perfect Cover and use the Skin 79 (hot pink one) – the color match is not so great but this is slightly lighter in consistency, or the Missha Gold (suited for normal to dry skin).

There are also some great pearlised BB creams on the market if you want to add a slight shimmer/pearly effect to your foundation. You can either apply this on your face before foundation or mix it together and apply. I haven’t tried the Garnier, MAC or Estee Lauder BB creams as they don’t get good reviews and they are considerable more expensive than the Korean ones.

I’ve tried several BB creams. Missha perfect cover broke me out but Missha Signature Real Complete (#13) was good for the summer. It’s thinner than most BBs. Then I tried Holika Holika Orange Essential and it covers really well but is a bit dark for me. Now I’m using Skin79 Dear Rose and it is amazing. The best foundation I’ve ever used. It does feel heavy at first and to be honest it’s a little too pink for my yellow skin, but I just can’t get over how natural the finish is. I’m glad BB cream works for me but I agree with all the complaints that there isn’t enough shade range and I would add that many of them are so strongly scented that that alone could turn people off.

currently i’m using skin79 diamon perfect (?) bb cream, which gives nice sun protection however the coverage isnt what i’m looking for- great for a quick look though it takes a little while to match!

the best bb i’ve found is the face shop’s purple one. the name escapes me but the coverage and colour is great for me. almost all bbs i’ve tried need to be set with a finishing powder though as they’re quite oily looking! i think they’re all going for dewy, but failing.

Yes, I used Missha and Skin79 (liked it more). It’s pretty much like foundation… but supposed to have more benefits for the skin…
However BB creams by Clinique, dr. Jart, Boscia, e.t.c.. all US brands are not realy BB creams (from what I know…)

Nope, because I have read countless reviews and heard from friends who tried it that the bleaching.whitening ingredients cause uneven discoloration patches on the skin and clogs pores badly because it is very hard to remove completely at night. I am already super pale and I always try to look darker or tanner so NO THANK YOU I refuse to try anything that’s going to make me lighter than I already am.

I wasn’t that impressed with BB Cream. I bought the Missha Perfect Cover one with SPF. Its halfway between a foundation and tinted moisturizer. But I don’t like tinted moisturizer or BB cream, because it lacks enough coverage. I don’t have acne scars or anything, but I expect better coverage of blemishes and evening the skin tone.

I have the Mamonde one, and found that it is very very pale. It is supposed to oxidize to match your skin tone, and I’ve found that it does look better after an hour or so, but that’s a long time to wait for me. I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin in terms of clearing blemishes/breakouts, and I found that the BB cream is a lot more difficult to apply than foundation because it is very heavy and thick.

I used Mamonde one but you should try Missha M Perfect Cover or the gold one from the same brand (forgot the name of it :P). It has lighter coverage but it’s not as heavy or thick as Mamonde’s.

Ooh, I’ve had my eyes on the Missha one or the Skinfood one, but I feel so bad buying yet another foundation product when nothing I have has come remotely close to being finished :X

i have! but i’m currently not using it anymore. i use(d) missha’s perfect cover BB cream in shade no.27 and it suits me very well. my skin is NC 35-ish, and it really matches nicely! they used to have a darker color (no. 42?) but they sadly discontinued it before i could get my hands on it. i believe an NC 42-er reviewed it and said it matched her perfectly. you should really give that one a try! missha often gives 20% codes to new purchasers : )

It is a blemish balm (BB) of which gives a dewy finish (although Missha and other brands came up with a matte version) and most commonly claims to give whitening/brightening and anti-aging effect. Many Asians use it instead of foundation and some brands came up with lighter and darker shades that are suitable for non-asians so you should check it out 🙂 i may have missed one or two things so google it for more info!

FYI Girls, Jen Frmhead2toe has done an excellent 2-part youtube vid and blog post with swatches of a lot of the Korean brand BB creams for people who want to try and select a color or see how much some of them oxidise. She uses herself and a friend as a benchmark (NC35/30ish and NC15).

I have tried several bb creams from korean brands like etude house and holika holika and both broke me out really badly and looked like a mask! They also did not oxidise to fit my skin perfectly. Some people say korean bb creams are better but I think the American brands that put out bb cream in 3 shades are doing it correctly. At least there is a bigger variety of shades. And I think some korean bb creams have fragrance that irritates my skin.

I just recently tried a BB cream for the first time – the SKIN79 hot pink triple functions BB cream. I have dry skin, no acne or blemishes, and hyperpigmentation issues. The BB cream really helped even out my skintone. It didn’t make my skin any lighter though (I have NC15 skin).

I love the BB Garnier Roll on, it comes in two shades and I use natural shade, works amazingly alone or with my eye concealer. I feel the texture and the color works well with my olive skin, and for the price $20 it was great value.

yes i bought 17 bb cream from boots. only came in two shades light and medium, medium was far too light for me even though im not dark. i dont think im going to follow this hype/trend anymore

I LOVE skin79s Hot Pink BBCream. It is absolutely amazing. Gives me such a flawless finish, and if I set with powder it is even more gorgeous, I believe. I really want to try Clinique’s as soon as it comes out ^^<3

I’ve only tried the Garnier one and it made my skin look really greasy (my skin is combination-dry and I don’t tend to suffer badly with oiliness)and it consistently broke me out. The ‘light’ tone was also too dark for my NC15 skintone. Not a great first impression of BB creams but I’d definitely be interested in trying some of the original ones.

I tried several, and got the same results, invariably: it breaks me out like crazy, and my pores get clogged very very quickly.
It seems BB creams have a lot of silicones in it, and my skin can’t tolerate it one bit. I’m envious of those for whom it works, but the last one I tried (kept it on my face for a whole day) gave me zits and bumps that took about 2 months to disappear. Never again.

I liken using a BB cream with concealer and a small amount of foundation mixed in if I’m staying in or going out hiking. My skin isn’t good enough to just wear it alone.
My Dad is going to S. Korea next year so I’m definitely going to ask him to bring me as many creams back as possible!

Yes! I live in Asia so BB Cream is readily available for my to try and I find that it is a very good substitute for foundation. I love wearing it every day however, just as you mentioned, it’s pretty tricky in finding the perfect match to your skin as most BB Creams have greyish undertones or pink undertones. For me, I still prefer my trusted tinted moisturizer. 🙂

I actually have and I would use it all the time if not for the fact that its always too pale for me and too pink. I love the coverage and the effects of it though

yes, I’ve been using BB cream from Korean brand. BB cream is claimed as foundation and skincare. that’s why I prefer to choose BB cream than foundation because its light weight and you don’t feel like wearing a mask on 🙂

I have been using Skin79 Hot Pink since October this year, and the difference in my skin is unreal. Before using it, I had a LOT of acne scars, and was beginning to develop crow’s feet and laugh lines (guess I smile too much, heh!). After using it this long, I can safely say that nearly all of those things are gone. Before, I didn’t dare go anywhere without a coat of liquid foundation and a setting powder. But now, my complexion has improved so much that I can leave the house with just a powder and feel fine! It does initially start a little dark for my skintone, but it oxidizes and vanishes. I don’t use it like a foundation, I use it like a skincare cream.

tl;dr: I LOVE Skin79 BB cream! It has changed my complexion drastically! 🙂

BB Creams are part of my makeup routine now since I started trying them two years ago. Primer > BB cream > Spot concealer > loose powder then Im ready. It really gives that smooth flawless look. My HG one would be Lioele’s Triple the Solution BB Cream which I buy online from http://www.prettyandcute.com

Ive tried Missha M Perfect Cover in #21 & #23, Skin79 Pink, Boscia, and Dr. Jart Gold Label

I have only tried one, and I hate it. I have the Missha perfect cover in #13. I am super pale, so I was glad they made one pale enough for me, but it is very grey on me (and I am cool-toned so I can only imagine how horrible it would look on anyone with a bit of yellow in their skin tone).

I expected it to be sort of like a tinted moisturizer with more coverage, but it is basically a medium to full coverage cream foundation. I can get the coverage I want if I only use the tiniest dab, but then I won’t get the suncreen and “skincare” benefits!

To make matters worse, it feels tight and dry on my skin, even if I have a good moisturizer underneath! It also left my complexion looking kind of flat, while I was expecting a luminous or at least natural finish.

The only good thing I have to say about it is that it does last a long time on the skin, but honestly when I put it on I can’t wait to get it off!

Sorry for the long message, I just wanted to share my experience. I won’t be buying another BB Cream, it seems like it will be a waste of money for me to try a bunch out to find one that may work, considering the Missha is considered on of the best!

I have been trying out a few, but being a darker-skinned asian, it’s definitely more difficult to find one that works. I have been happy with the japanese ones I’ve tried – Nanoce bb cream has a “healthy beige” color that suits nc30 skin tone, and this is the best bb cream I have tried yet! I just recently got the Hada Labo bb cream and bb emulsion (also in the darker shade, which also suits nc30-nc35 skintone), and it’s decent, not as yellow as the Nanoce, but doesn’t seem to control oil as well. Out of the two I prefer the emulsion, even though I have dry skin.

I just recently bought a bioessence one – they make 3 different ones, and the aqua was the only one that matched my skin tone the best. It made me look like a grease ball in humid weather, so it’s got awful oil control. The multi-effect looks pretty good, with good coverage, but probably suits n20-nc25, as it’s a little too light on me.

I also own missha perfect cover in 31 (too dark for me now) but this irritated my skin and caused red bumps on my cheeks. Missha signature bb cream did not irritate my skin, and I use this from time to time.

I have tried boscia and clinique from sephora, and neither one compares to the japanese/korean ones I’ve tried.

Nope, not at all! This is probably very weird considering I’m from Taiwan (BB cream started in Korea if I’m not mistaken)! But I didn’t get into base makeup till very recently, so I’ve never tried. I might want to purchase one when I go home next summer just to see how it works, but it has been in the news that some BB creams contain ingredients that they really aren’t supposed to contain, so I am a bit hesitant.

I love BB creams! I really envoy using the Erborian one, it blends easilly in the skin and it is a perfect alternative to foundation or tinted moisturizers. I have to buy BB cream on asian or european websites since it is rarely sold in North America (each time I ask a retailer they think I’m crazy and show me baby creams…)

I’ve used a couple different ones from Missha, and think that the Missha cho bo yang bb cream is good (much better than their Perfect Cover bb cream). I’ve been using Dr Jart+ anti aging bb cream and love it as much as I love boscia (but Dr Jart+ original bb cream is crap).

I love my Missha Perfect Cover (in shade 23) that much that Im never ever again going to buy a foundation. I have a very weird super sensitive combination-oily skin and honestly I never found a foundation that was perfect or anything close to perfect on me. MPC controls my oily skin, gives medium-full coverage, and it adapts well to my skintone (NC20-NC35 in the summer). And to top all this it heals my skin too, sometimes I get this red spots in the morning and in the evening when I wash off my BBcream the red spots are gone!
But I feel like the Korean brands do it the right way and the European and American brands are just faken it.

I’ve been using Missha Perfect Cover BB cream for daily wear for awhile now. It comes in different shades so I can blend them to match. I break out less with BB Creams than my usual MAC foundation. Unfortunately, the BB Cream don’t have as much coverage as I like and setting powder is non-negotiable.

I’ve tried two pretty good bb creams by skin79. Above are my thoughts and reviews on two of skin79’s bb cream. They are like foundation except with ingredients that are supposedly good for your skin which has spf, wrinkle free ingredients and others in them. 🙂

I just bought Missha Perfect Cover #13 and Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea from Korea – the first one is really fair, the second one is very dewy and a tad darker than my skintone (but still natural, makes me look healthier). Love both, want more 😀

I am addicted to BB creams-foundation makes me break out and it’s overkill for my skin
I have tried many, my favorites are Missha Perfect Cover, Missha Signature Real Complete, Skin 79 Hot pink for a natural but slightly matte look
The Face Shop Face It Aqua for a dewy fresh faced look
And Skin79 Diamond Luminous Pearl as a highlighter is amazing-it has a brush dispenser that’s awesome

The bb creams released in the Western market are terrible (more like tinted moisturizers) compared to Asian bb creams, especially Koreans, which for me are hands down the best foundation I’ve ever used. I’ve been wearing Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream for 2 years now and I couldn’t be happier! The coverage is medium but buildable, which works as spot concealer for me too, and very easy to apply, not even need for a brush.

I’m a NC40 and Missha #31 works the best for me, all the other ones have been too light and I think as of right now Missha is the only one that sells darker shades and it’s only avliable on the US website. I heard that Lioele is planning on releasing ones for darker skin tones (: The one have really did help lighten my acne scars and now it’s barely there. I only wish there were more aimed towards those with darker skin tones, but I guess we’ll find out in 2012.

I have not tried any of the Westernized BB creams, but I have tried Missha Perfect Cover and actually wear it often, because it’s easy to apply with a sponge and it has surprisingly good coverage as well as sun protection. I have the lightest color and it IS very white, but that matches my skin 😛 They have more colors, too. I don’t think it has done miracles for my skin but I do like it enough to wear it almost every day!

I pretty much use BB creams on a daily basis now. Skin79’s Oriental (purple jar) for the winter time cause it’s more moisturizing and is good for nc20-25 skin. Then Missha’s Signature Real Complete in no.23 during summer, which is a bit more coverage and is good for nc25-30. Other good ones are Lioele’s Triple the Solution(~nc25) and Skin79 Hot Pink Super BB Cream(nc20-25). If anyone is nc30 or darker, Hanksin makes good ones :). The whole idea of whitening through makeup is very slight, but it does the job, after a while lol.

Whatever it does….the name just doesnt sound appealing to me….I would like to read the ingredients on the label…but wouldnt be able to understand it anyway if it is in Korean….I am going to stick to my face creams from Sisley, La Mer and Santa Maria Novella…the likes to give me that dewy skin.

I use a BB cream from the Skin79 brand, and it works very well so far. I have very dry skin and need to moisture well before applying it, its also rather greyish and light at first, but it adjust to my skintone within a few minutes. I can only recommend trying it!

i have been used Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, omg its just not work on my sensitive and acne prone. only 4 hours since i wear it my skin became oily and darker. it was nightmare. cant help my acne at all but good coverage though

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