Have you tried any beauty box subscriptions?

Have you tried any beauty box subscriptions? Share your experiences!

I haven’t subscribed to any myself. Long ago, I was a panelist for BeautyFix, which was not quite the same as subscribing.

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Once, in the 1970’s, I talked my mom into joining a beauty box-type club. We got neat samples, but the company was poorly run so it didn’t last. I got to try the products and to use them to make up my mom. That’s a happy memory :-).

I’ve heard good things about Birch Box, but not every YT guru is as forthright as Christine about free products so I’m leary.

I’m kind of looking forward to following this topic to see everyone’s opinion!

No, and I’m not particularly interested. I don’t necessarily feel that companies would send out their top-sellers or trendiest items, more likely the slow performers as the whole set goes for such a bargain price. In addition, while you may find a gem or two each month, you are likely to find other products that you feel lukewarm about, so in my opinion that $20 is better spend on buying something you know you will like. I think the packaging is adorable on the sets I have seen, but also very wasteful. Overall I think beauty box subscriptions are a great idea for people who want to try products that they would have never before considered, but maybe I’m getting on in my age as I prefer to read reviews and feel confident about purchasing a product before I try something new.

Just Julep’s Maven program. The polishes were nice, but the program itself was terrible- very badly managed. They sent me the same box twice and their website wouldn’t let me cancel my subscription despite telling me that it had. I had to call them TWICE before it finally cancelled. Well, at least I hope it is.

I tried Birchbox and new beauty testtube
Service: hands down birch box!!!
products: birch box has good and bad months but always 1 new thing that I really love and testtube has larger samples but mostly lotions, sprays, anti aging
Birch box is more for peoplpe who like beauty: makeup, face, hand, perfumes, things
Testtube is more facial high end products,plastic surgery geared, etc,
I’m now a subscriber again to birch box since I enjoy their samples and they are geared towards what I like. PLUS they have excellent customer service unlike testtube who doesn’t return phone calls has had a bad rep for customer service and delivering their products in a timely manner.

Birchbox… mostly because I’m new to using makeup and skincare products so I want to try out some products without putting down a lot of money on one product. Has been a hit and miss for me so far, some boxes made me so happy and some were disappointing (bc I got mostly smaller samples or stuff I wasn’t likely to use at all normally). I got a full sized blush once, that was awesome.

I subscribe to Birchbox and I really like it. Of course there are a few misses here and there, but I’ve been happy with most of the items I received 🙂

I’m trying out Birchbox and GoGoGirlfriends but I wasn’t that enthused with my first Birchbox so I’m giving them one more month before I fork that money over elsewhere.

I’m from the UK and tried Glossybox.
What a HORRIBLE company to deal with,

they lie
(the boxes are supposed to be tailored, but they’re all exactly the same, or slightly different with no care for who would want want, last month some girls who put they are blonde, got an eyebrow palette for brunettes, or got bath products when they said they wouldn’t be interested in bath products.

They are not interested in keeping your details safe (several times did I get email for me, with other peoples email addressed in the ‘to’ bar of the email, I wonder how many people they gave my email to like this? I also heard of a girl who had someone else’s address on her box as well as her address!

They state they are a company providing high end samples, when they gave away a mini bottle of drugstore dry shampoo (Which costs around £1).

And when you go to cancel your account, you’re given an e-mail address to send your details too, they don’t even specify which details they’d like! do they want your full name? address? card details? your account number? All of that?

After having to deal with a company like glossybox, I don’t think I’ll ever use a beauty box subscription again, they’ve really put me off.

So glad I unsubscribed and got my money back. Latest In Beauty is nice, you get to choose what you want and it’s only £1 paid by mobile 🙂 Don’t think I’d ever pay £10-12 for those boxes, I know I’d end up disappointed and I don’t have that much money to throw away on stuff I don’t like/want.

Those beauty boxes are ridiculous, full of those free sample sachets you get in magazines and a full size thing that costs a couple of quid, all for £10-12 plus delivery! Disgusting.

I subscribed to Birchbox for about 5 months. Just cancelled my subscription. I was impressed with about 20% of the products, so this was not worth the price for small samples. I am thinking of getting the NewBeauty Test Tube from QVC. You can get a subscription from their website, but the sample products are different.

I agree. I did it for about 3-4 months. I also think the samples got smaller, plus I got things that didn’t go with the profile I made, so I think that was a bust.

I am hesitant because when I watch reveals on youtube, it’s also a bunch of face stuff I have no interest in. Occassionally there is an eyeshadow or nailpolish, but it doesn’t seem worth it.

I’ve tried Birchbox but cancelled a month ago. The samples were always the same every month. Another face wash, another mask, another lip balm. It was getting boring. I never really got any make up products but I know that other people did.

I am subscribing to GLYMM Box, which is Canadian run and currently only within Canada and I think it’s wonderful. It’s only about $11 total a month and they have decent and unique samples as well as the option to purchase the full size products on their website. They have an active facebook fanpage where they are constantly responding to comments so it is obvious customer service and satisfaction is important to them! I’m not affiliated in any way! Just happy with my experience so far.

I absolutely LOVE birch box…compared to spending $100 for a measly sephora sample, I have gotten a full sized stila eyeshadow, full size laura gellar bronzer, a full package incoco nail art strips that are absolutely adorable, and much more…I have been subscribed since about june and think it is a great idea, especially to try new products, and for $10 a month, you’re really not at a loss…it is a way better program than most others for samples and every month have recieved something that is much more in value than the cost of a box… I highly recommend this to try out, or to gift if you have someone who is a beauty enthusiast!

I’ve just subscribed to birchbox and will be getting my first box this month. $10 a month for deluxe samples is totally worth it to help one decide if they like a product or not, before wasting money on the full size. Plus every now and then, they include a full size product in their boxes which I think is a wonderful bonus. I kind of wonder how they manage to do that for only $10 a month but I’m definitely not complaining!

And it seems to me that the reason most people complain and eventually cancel is because they are getting products they’ve never heard of instead of getting NARS and other popular products every month. I’ve watched youtube videos galore on birchbox and there’s only been maybe 2-3 products that I’ve thought wasn’t a good choice, and that’s it. Everything else I was either excited about because it was a known brand, or full size, or because it was something I could have tried that was new to me.

I am subscribed to Birchbox, Eco-Emi, and Julep Maven.

I didn’t notice any other comments about subscribing to Eco-Emi. I personally, love Eco-Emi the most out of the three I subscribe to. I am never disappointed with my boxes like I have been with the last few Birchboxes..

I’ve been a BEAUTYFIX member for awhile. Someone in comments said that the beauty box thing is a ridiculous. The one thing i LOVE about BeautyFix is mostly EVERYTHING is FULL SIZE.. with a few “try it” I’ve gotten FULL SIZE Jonathon Product hair products, full size eye liners, blushers, lets see, tooth whitening kit, skin cleansers, toners, you name it.. Its pricey at 50$ per box, but I like what i get!

I get Beautyfix too, I just got a box the other day – I think they’ve made some recent improvements that will keep me enrolled. You get to select from a list of products, many of which are full size, and retail for much more than what you pay. I’ve discovered a few gems that I rebuy now. You also can get a $25 off $50 purchase from dermstore each quarter for reviewing a few items. Just a few letdowns – some products are repeated, also have the same makeup bags each time, but overall I’m happy.

I thought I subscribed to Beauty Tube but only got it once – need to check on that.

I subscribed to Birch Box but did not continue after about 3 months – even though it was relatively inexpensive, the samples were small and very rarely anything I liked.

I have gotten the same bags every box as well.. But i used them as gift bags! I shove a card inside with a gift card or a small palette and put that in a box and wrap it. Not only does the recipient get a nice gift but a cool cosmetic bag. I liked the black “cases” they used to send, but even after 3 of those, it was like, ok, enough! I could do without the bags in EVERY box..


I have tried Luxebox since May and I can tell you, it is worth it. The subscription i signed up for is (i think?) $15, and it far exceeds my expetations. Last month I got a sample of a skincare item that reatils for over $120. On a per ounce basis, the products in my box usually retail for about $50 so it’s a great deal.

PLUS I cannot say enough incredible things about their Customer Service! Canada Post decided to not deliver my box one month and return it to sender for no reason (CP told me they didnt know why it was returned), and Luxebox kept me updated the whle time on what they were doing to fix it, and were going to send me a box for free if it didnt arrive.

Bottom line, the customer service and products in the box are AMAZING!

Agree with Elaine.. I’ve really liked my 3 months with Luxe box. Its definitely a gamble if you like the products or not, but you have to decide whether its worth the money you’re spending on it or not. The 3 months I’ve been with Luxe Box, I thought it was worth it.

Totally agree on their customer service! They keep their client’s informed, email you back very quickly(and when you ask a question.. they answer it, and then ask you if you’re satisfied with everything else, so they are really looking for feedback).

Really great company, great service, no complaints. People on here have to realize that its impossible to please everyone with everything(sample wise, not customer service wise). You just have to decide whether its worth it for your lifestyle or not. personally, I’d rather get a “surprise” with a bunch of things I’ve never tried than spend my 12 bucks on 2 coffees..

I use Birchbox and i thinks it’s great. there has been a couple items I’ve actually bought that i normally wouldn’t have because i wasn’t sure if i wanted to spend the money on a product that i wasn’t sure about. the beauty boxes let you try beauty products first! and introduce you to more! I’ve also received DailyBeauty’s box once in the past but their monthly subscription is $20 and Birchbox is only $10!

ECO-EMI as of this morning!! I am so excited they opened up again. I hear lots of complains about Birchbox, and raves about Eco-Emi, so I have been waiting for them to open again. I look at YouTube at the boxes every month from various subscriptions and Eco-Emi definitely looks the best. I did one BeautyFix box and I REALLY loved it, but $50 (4 times a year) is a bit $$$

I have a few friends who subscribe to Birch Box and while they seem happy with it, I don’t think it’s for me. I have a lot of beauty products and a wish list about a mile long. I’d rather spend my money on what I know I want rather than try a bunch of new stuff and hope that I like some of it. It seems like it might be a good idea for someone who’s just starting to get into make-up, rather than someone who’s been into it a long time.

I am a subscriber to birchbox. The first box was AWESOME. The others have been pretty good. This past one, not so much. But October’s box will be here soon, and I hope it’s better than the last.

Just received my New Beauty test tube… Totally worth it. They did sent me some skin care high end products which I always wanted to try. The samples are very generous. My most expensive product was the lash food worth 120.00.

I’m with Birchbox & I love it. It’s introduced me to quite a few new products I may not have found myself, and the little sizes are perfect for traveling! That way if I really like a product, I buy the full-size to use at home, and keep the little ones for going away. Now I have some awesome new things AND plenty of great little high-end travel items too!

I’m from Canada so I can’t receive the Birch Box. However, when I looked online, I was very happy to learn that we have Glymm Box and Luxe Box available in Canada.
I haven’t received mine yet since I just subscribed last month, but I am very very excited to start receiving them. From what I’ve seen on youtube so far, I would say that boxes seem pretty good.
It is unfortunate that some girls don’t like the product and think that it is a waste of money. I think that it is a fantastic service since it makes me feel like it’s my birthday every month (I’m born on the 13th so the timing is around there)
That said, I can understand the disappointment the box brings if you don’t like what you get. It would feel like getting a gift that you don’t like but there is no gift receipt attached so that you can return the product.

I think I’m perfectly happy watching other ladies open their beauty boxes on YouTube, and if something really cool seems to be in there I can just spend the $15 buying a full-size item for myself 🙂

Canceled Eco-emi after first box arrived. Would not use 1 sample sent. Also canceled Birchbox. Have remained with Testtube beauty for a few years.

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