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Lol… I wish I had enough makeup to the point where I might misplace something. Haha! But even then, I’m far too OCD to ever misplace makeup. I’d probably know where every piece and item is stashed. 🙂

I have a CO Bigelow Rose Salve that pops up in my life every several months, because every time I go up or down five feet in sea level, the tin becomes impossible to open and I throw it somewhere in a rage! It’s magic for my lips and cuticles and any dry skin spots, but it’s so frustrating to try to get open. I wish they’d just repackage it.
It’s actually about that time where I find it again, now that I think about it.

Not a make up product, but I once lost a credit card inside my wallet only to find it 6 months (and a lot of trouble) later. It was an old long wallet and it had entered one of the seams without me noticing.

My Chanel Rose Initiale blush…I was devastated. Looked everywhere then broke down and ordered a new one. Of course 2 days later I found it in my car. NO idea how it got there but I have two teenage daughters who love Chanel so……hmmm. Anyway, now I have 2 of the same blush but my daughters are NOT comlaining!!!

It happened fairly often before I got into the habit of putting everything back in its place immediately at the end of the day, but it has only happened once in over 10 years. I had a lipstick from The Body Shop that I bought a year-and-a-half ago, and I couldn’t find it later the same day I used it. I searched my purse thoroughly that evening, but I still couldn’t find it, and figured I dropped it somewhere. A couple of months ago, I happened to be searching through a few old bags for anything I may have missed, because I was planning to get rid of them, and that same lipstick turned up. I had actually all but forgotten about it until then, but it had spent over a year in my purse.

Not yet. But I hope so: I can’t find my Mac glamour daze l/s any more, but I love it so much. So hopefully it will appear soon.

I purchased a tube of a perfect evening lipstick (since discontinued) and went crazy when I first misplaced it. two years later, I finally had a home large enough to fit a china cabinet. When I finally opened the first box in storage labeled “china,” there was not a single piece of china in it. Instead, there were stuffed animals, odds & ends and my evening bag makeup stash. I suddenly remembered that every small thing that I had forgotten to pack during a prior move had been put in a box previously used to store some of my Mother’s china. I had reused the box and forgotten to change the label. The top layer was a little dry, but once I scraped that off, it worked good as new.

This always happens to me with lip balms and lipsticks, I usually find them in a handbag at the back of the closet! Once I lost an entire makeup bag filled with all my Mac Archie’s Girls collection products at my friend’s house, and I was devastated. It turned up a few months later under her couch cushions.

Unless you count the fact that the majority of my possession is locked in a self storage unit in a different continent, nope. I know where everything is.

All the time! I have tons of makeup (especially lip products) that get lost within my stash and only when I’m cleaning up would I find those hidden items. It always feels like Christmas whenever I found something that I had as then I would get obsessed with it all over again!

Two bottles of scent – Clarins Eau Dynamisante and Jessica McClintock. Turned out, hubby had packed them away in a box – I’ve no idea why – with a bunch of other random stuff and I found them a year or 2 later in the basement, while searching for something else. I think it might have been when we were having some painting done but it was just those 2 bottles, which was so strange. Of course, he had no recollection of having done this!

Guerlain Grenade lipstick. Its my fave ‘going out’ lippie and it was missing for about 3 months so I thought I’d lost it on as night out and I bought a new one only to find my original about 3 weeks later in the pocket of a blazer that I don’t remember wearing for about a year :/ I was glad I found it but as bit annoyed coz Guerlain lippies aren’t exactly cheap and I’d bought a new one.

I lost my Tweezerman tweezer, purchased another one and found the original a week later. I gave the new one to my sister. I lost it again, purchased a new one and found the original a month later.

I lost an eyeliner — one of the mini Benefit BADgal liners they were selling last year. I actually saw where it fell, it just fell into the space behind my bed where there’s piles of various assorted things I don’t have a place for. I decided not to look for it, and then my mom was getting something back there and found it.

I well and truly thought my Too Faced Juicy Melons lipstick was lost, to the point that I went and bought a new one. A couple of months later, my husband cleaned the car thoroughly and found it under one of the seats, so now I have two. The top surface had gotten a bit hard and dried out but after wiping that away the rest of the lipstick was totally fine!

Not really a product but a brush. I thought I lost my MAC 217 brush and I was so sad, but I couldn’t live without it so I just bought another one. Then when I was moving I found it! Oh well, you can never have enough 217’s 🙂

I started carrying a smaller handbag and had to downsize the makeup I carried. When I went back to a big bag I put my makeup bag back in and found my Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer that I was mourning the loss of and could not find in stock anywhere.

Yes, all the time! Most recently it was my Chantecaille lip gloss that I found in a pair of rain boots (so random!) in my closet! I was quite happy that it rained last week so that I found it!

Right now I cannot find an Anastasia eyebrow pencil which seems to have vapourized.. grrr… I store everything I own in bins categorized by product and I still manage to misplace the odd thing. Sometimes it will be a lipstick. I have a fairy large purse collection and change purses frequently. They are guilty of swallowing up all sorts of things.

A couple years ago I thought I lost my MAC Caqui lipglass from the Bloggers Obsession collection. I was on vacation so when I got home I called a few restaurants that I went to, the time share office, etc. I ransacked my car. Turns out…I never even brought the damn thing with me!!!!!!!!! It was in my makeup drawer the whole time! I brought a similar color and thought it was Caqui. I felt like such a dunderhead! I mean, really!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lost MAC Pollen eyeshadow for years,found it in my trunk under
the thick trunk carpet lining…
Sadly most things disappear never to be seen agAin
including a 60.00 Chanel pearl palette,that had these
cool firm/cream consistency pearl shaped eyeshadows,

I bought Tipsy by Tarte, took it home, swatched it and got super excited to use it the next day. Well come the next morning and it was nowhere to be found! I looked for hours, tore my house apart, but I could not for the life or me find it. About 4 months later, I was vacuuming, lifted my cat’s bed up and what do I find? Of course that perfect blush! It was still in mint condition, and it’s now my favourite!

I lost my very favorite nail polish (OPI “The World Is Not Enough”) and I was so upset at myself because I went through so much trouble to get it (boils down to bad customer service on Amazon). The other day I complimented my mom on her nail polish and her response was “Oh it’s that one you left in my car when I dropped you off at the airport. I’ve been wearing it for weeks!”. Hey, at least it turned up!

Yes!! My Orange corrector from mac. I loved this and tried to go without, but couldnt and ended up buying another one, only to find it the day i had first used my new corrector under the bed! GRRR

I never really lost a makeup product, but it happens an odd thing: I buy makeup and I forget to have it!
The result is that I buy another! It always happens with thing that I don’t use everyday : the reason is that I feel guilty to waste all the money with makeup but I want to buy another. I “forget” I’ve already bought just to have the right excuse to buy! This is the reason why I found five black eyeliners the last week! 😉

I had a Two Faced lipstick, in the *perfect* red for me, that has since been discontinued. Lost it for at least a year, until I cleaned out the trunk of my car. Unfortunately it had been subject to extreme heat and freezing temps, but I tried to use it with a lip brush. Didn’t work – the temp changes caused the formulation to become extremely sticky. So sad, I’ve never found a red I’ve liked as much. It was very scarlet/blue toned.

Wow, you chose a great topic, Christine! I loved reading all the comments, it’s so funny! We always seem to find the lost product after having purchased another one… I always “lose” my chapsticks. I just end up finding them in other purses/bags… xD

Pointed crease brushes. First, I lost my fave (target up and up) that I thought got discontinued. I bought a Sigma E45 to replace it, lost that, bought another, found both the original and the Sigma, then found the up target one in the store and bought a back up.

Absolutely! I try not to let it happen and I’ve gotten so much better at keeping track that I notice almost immediately when something is out of place. Still I change bags frequently and it can easily happen when going to a smaller bag.

Pretty much every favorite lip product I own has gone missing at some point. Most, I find. The only one I never lost was my Fresh Sugar Plum lip balm. It’s my fave of all time, but now I’m out of it. Trying to make-do on two Baby Lips tubes, and I lost and round one of those last week. Ha!

was convinced I lost my bobbi brown concealer brush for months. found it under the seat of my car… probably ditto for several lipglosses.

Thought I lost my MAC Disney the witch from Snow White blush (forget name) but I found it in an old purse I don’t remember using.

I have a bad problem with that actually! I lost mufe aqua brow which cost me an arm and leg since I was overseas at the time. I couldn’t find it so. I bought another one in a different shade since mine was sold out. Then I found it in a tiny pocket of a suitcase, months later, as i was packing to leave- idiot! Before that, I lost a limited edition sleek blush so I bought another one, only to find it three months later in a pocket of a makeup bag I usually only put brushes in.

Not make up, but I consider it a beauty product: antiperspirant. I seem to constantly loose them. Sometimes they re-surface sometimes they don’t. Once, one must have felt in an half open drawer of my dresser cause that’s wherre I found it, under my clothes.

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