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I’ve tried to go a little blonder when I lightened my hair, just with pencil and powder, not permanently. Also I once put clear reflective glitter on them.

Never. My brows are *always* in line with my hair. In the past, however, when I had the luxury of having an “unnatural” hair color (ie, purple, crimson, etc.), I would coordinate my brows to those colors. Unfortunately, my station in life has vastly changed over the years, and employers tend to frown upon those hair colors (well, at least in my line of work, and where I live).

Oh yes! Blue, green, purple, pink & purple with a pink underline right under the brows. It’s turning into something I do regularly when I have no time for eye shadow.

i was never interested but one night at home, i tried teal eyebrows using deep end from urban decay and i loved it!

Yep, I bleach my brows regularly. At first it was to match my peroxide blonde hair, but even after I dyed my hair much darker (but still lighter than my natural brown-black hair), I find that I like my features better with softer brows.

No but I’ve always thought to for fun! Like pink or blue to go with my blue/grey eyes! Although I haven’t the slightest how to how/where to buy something that will help me do that. I have dark brown eyebrows…

When I was blonde I had silver glitter, gold glitter, hot pink, teal and then more normal brown and black. Now I’m a redhead I might try teal again for funsies

My eyebrows naturally are a dark ashy brown. I recently started dyeing my hair copper red and with the ashy brows = not a good look! So one day I sat down and bleached them (they turned orange-blonde but I’m ok with that). I usually wear stuff on my brows so it’s no biggy filling them in everyday with my auburn pencils and gel 🙂 I just look HILARIOUS with no makeup on! Like an alien or something teehee

I kinda hate that….especially the blonde hair, black brows look like that overrated Cara Delevigne’s ones. And also the bleached Lady Gaga brow look.

I even felt mine looked off when my hair was reddish brown…(they are ashy-brown).

Sometimes, brows that are a bit lighter than the hair can look good, like Rihanna’s and Catherine Zeta Jones’

I always follow one important rule when it comes to the color of my eyebrows: their coloring has to be two shades lighter or darker than my hair color.

When I dyed my hair lighter I went two shades darker than my color back then (caramel brown with blonde highlights), now that I’m a brunette for more than five years I always prep my eyebrows with two shades lighter (medium brown). What I consider a mistake for brunettes is to have black eyebrows. Only those who are naturally darker should and can pull off black eyebrows because they generally have a more olive complexion with warmer undertones! I have cool, pinkish undertones and a really fair complexion and I really need lighter eyebrows to soften my look and not look Gothic.

The only color that I’d like to venture for my eyebrows is dark gray. Many say that this color is better for brunettes than brown. I only have to find the perfect shade of gray which won’t make me look clownish, unnatural or ashy.

Perhaps Anastasia Hypercolor brow & lash tint? They come in many different shades. Alternatively, you can always mix some pigments or loose eyeshadows with clear brow gel. Hope that helps. 🙂

Something I certainly would have had fun with in my 20’s, but not something I think I would personally feel comfortable with now. Coloured brows look fantastic on others who wear an edgier style.

My hair is naturally dark strawberry-ish blonde but my eyebrows are practically invisible. I always have to darken them a bit just to get them to show up. The other night though, I tried going way dark (think Cara Delevingne) it was really different for me. It’s fun to play around with brows because it completely changes your look with fairly little effort. I’ve always wanted to try an actual color but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to leave the house!

I dye my hair auburn for a while and I was using the now discontinued smashbox auburn powder everyday. Now most day I just use a bit of eyebrow gel. My eyebrows are naturally ash dark blonde

Since I have my hair coloured darker than it would be naturally, I technically do this every day so that my brows match what I have on my head, but I’ve never done anything either permanent or strikingly different.

I don’t really like the whole contrasting brow trend, so I stick with a color more or less matching my hair and brow hairs.

Yes! I wore one eyebrow blue and one eyebrow green to Lady Gagas BTW concert. Sooooo cool! I really want a neon pink that I can use for my brows. Also I love purple brows, but I havent worn them in public yet…

I’m a brunette and I lightened my brows to go with a hair color/cut I had at the time. Since it was only a few shades lighter than my natural hair color and identical to my dye job, it wasn’t a major risk. It was fantastic for the spring/summer and I’d certainly do it again.

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