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Yes, I think products like that are stupid, though. It’s just a gimmick. It’s not like it turns a different color just for you, lol. It’s the same color reacting with body heat, and it lets your tone shine through. Not too exciting in my opinion. I tried the O Gloss and O Glow from Smashbox, as well as some other similar products, and they just don’t do anything for me.

I really like the Smashbox pink O-gloss- it turns into the perfect pink for me. But it was a gift, and I’m not sure I’d repurchase it just because of the price.

I have the Barry M green colour change lipstick.  I also have one almost identical, which I’ve had since the 70s or 80s, but I can’t read the brand name now.  Gives me a lovely raspberry colour on my lips.  It still works after all this time – I tested it

Yes! Back in the 1980’s when they first came out, everyone we knew was fascinated and wanted to try it. It was a lipstick that was green, but changed based on body chemistry. On me it was a bright, vibrant fuscia. I don’t have the face for that color. On my mom, it was a pretty rose color, so she got mine.

I’ve used a limited edition cream-gel blush from Clarins that is supposed to adjust to your body chemistry and so work for all skin tones. No idea how it would be for warmer skin tones but on me, it’s just lovely. I honestly don’t know why they didn’t decide to make it permanent. It was called “Instant Blush Magic Colour” and it really is so pretty and natural looking.

I skeptical that this is really colour matching technology. If it by chemistry or heat their is no way to determine skintone. lol Sure it shifts colour but it’s more like a “mood ring”.

@The Biz Beauty I’ve been ‘eyeing’ these products .. but after the PF ‘happy’ blush, which simply doesn’t show up on my skin .. I’ve passed on the pH products.

 @mpca66  @The I don’t believe the Physician’s Formula Happy Booster blush is meant to change shades to become your perfect color… it only claims to contain smells/extracts to put you in a better mood.  It is not a “mood” product, I believe.

 @mpca66  I can layer the Happy Booster blushes forever and still never have enough color, but with the pH blushes (a different product – “Blush with pH Power Complex transforms into your perfectly personalized hue”) I actually have to use a very light hand – they are much more pigmented.

 @The Biz Beauty Excellent .. well,  I’ll have to give the PF pH products a try 🙂  I have to say that my happy booster blush ended up in the ’round file’.  I totally get rid of products that just don’t work .. I need the valuable cabinet space 🙂

Oh, I know .. I was just saying that although I’m curious about the PF pH products, I’m leery of purchasing due to my dislike to the happy booster blush 🙂

For me, they either never changed much from the color they were when I put them on originally, or they turned this gawd-awful shade of neon pink.  I would much rather pick out the shade I want to wear instead of leaving it to chance.

Years ago when I was a kid .. the mood lipstick was ‘the thing’, but I haven’t tried any current products. I would like to try Smashbox O Glow blush .. looking forward to seeing other gals post on the subject 🙂

I remember “mood lipsticks” in the ’80s. I kind of liked them back then, as they wore off quickly, but left a nice, even stain on the lips. I’m not sure how prevalent lipstains were back then, but these kind had the same effect, and they were really inexpensive.

I remember “mood lipsticks” in the ’80s. I kind of liked them back then, as they wore off quickly, but left a nice, even stain on the lips. I’m not sure how prevalent lipstains were back then, but these kind of had the same effect, and they were really inexpensive.

I love Smashbox O-Plump and O-Gloss. Both turn a very natural rosy color on me. I tried Sephora’s new lipstick that’s supposed to do the same thing, but (at least for me) it was exactly like Cherry Chapstick.

The Barry M green lipstick! It was my first proper go at lipstick and I would still recommend it and it tints with a subtle gloss rather than being a heavy coverage lipstick. I still use it now!

I’ve tried Dior Lip Glow. It’s neat but nothing something I reach for. I usually reach for my Bobbi Brown Lip Treatment in Desert Rose or carmex.

Yes I have tried too faced mood gloss and smash box o glow which is for cheeks and am absolutely loving the new Dior blusher that adjusts aswell! Gives such a lovely flush of colour x

Every time “mood” make up becomes popular I find it doesn’t really work on darker skin tones.

When I was a kid, my favourite things were those lipsticks from the dollar store that were blue and green but turned pink and red when you put them on your lips.

I tried Smashbox’s O-Gloss and O-Glow when they first came out (and I worked at Ulta)…they sold like crazy, but I didn’t care for either one. The gloss didn’t have much effect, and the glow was WAY too bright for my cheeks.

Dior lip balm! I forget what it’s called but it smells so good and the color is perfect for everyone who tries it! I wear it if I just don’t feel like wearing lipstick!

 @Stephanietps I think it’s called Dior Lip Glow. I’ve been tempted to try it, but at the same time I’ve stayed away because I don’t want to be tempted to purchase it!

Oh my gosh, this is my question, lol! I sent it in after purchasing one of those “mood lipsticks” – one green, one red. I was skeptical about whether it actually did anything or was just the same color on everyone, but it definitely was different on me than it was on my friends/family. For example- the red is a true red on me and super orangey on my sister; the “green” is almost like Benetint on crack on me, and straight up purple on my mom. I love the super cheap one I got, but the expensive ones at Sephora feel like a rip-off to me. 

Showing my age here, but when I was first allowed to wear lipstick way back in the early ‘sixties, the one everyone tried first was called (I think!) “Natural” by Tangee. It turned a bright orangey red on me and I hated it. I’ve never gone near anything similar again.

Any Mac foundation. Annoys the hell out of me. You think you’ve been colour matched correctly but about an hour later it changes colour… Will never by again

I just got a mood changing lip gloss by Too Faced. At first, the color was odd AND it was settling into lines. Then suddenly after maybe 30 minutes, it developed a flattering pink color (for me) and the same lovely finish that a lot of other Too Faced glosses have. So that one is fine for me. But would I recommend it? Not really, because who knows what it’ll do on someone else? I feel like you’re really taking a chance with these products, and why, when there are so many predictable shades of lip product to choose from.

Hasn’t anyone tried the Estee Lauder collection that got out 2-3 years ago? The deeper your colouring, the more vibrant the eyeshadow/lipstick/blush would be.
I bought the lipstick (which was white!) and since I have very pigmented lips, it turned into a mauv-y glossy finish. Strange but lovely at the same time..

I haven’t tried something that changes color but I have the Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume and it supposedly changes its scent based on your body.

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