Have you ever repurchased a palette? If not, is there one you’d repurchase?

I don’t think so! I could see myself repurchasing Tom Ford’s Nude Dip someday, but I don’t even see dips (ha, ha) in it yet.

— Christine
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My palettes are all eyeshadow palettes, no cheek or lip palettes. The only one in which I’ve hit serious pan is UD Naked2 Basics, and I don’t see a need to repurchase it. The only two palettes I can really imagine repurchasing would be (1) Bare Minerals Bare Sensuals, which I don’t think they even make anymore, and (2) Dior Backstage Cool Eye Palette, which, despite the lukewarm review, I really love a lot. But I’ve barely broken the surface on both of those palettes so far!

Only 2 – I did recently replace my Naked 1 palette after years of use and hitting pan on all of my favorite shades… I still can’t believe it’s getting discontinued! And I also bought a backup of my UD x Gwen Stefani blush palette because I was starting to dent my fave shades in that, too, and it’s LE. If it ever got the point that I needed to, I would replace my Nude Dip, but my “dips” are pretty minimal at this point 🙂

I repurchased the UD GS Blush palette too as I’d panned all but 2 of the colours then knocked the palette onto the floor. Have only recently thrown away the original palette as I had one colour left that doesn’t suit me at the moment with a tan and couldn’t see the point in keeping the palette for one colour.

No, not yet. But it’d probably be the e.l.f Mad for Matte palette – cheap & good quality matte eyeshadows.

Trying to think about way BITD, when there were fewer options, and most product was perm with seasonals being the few LEs. And stashes were 1/50 of what they are now. Cannot recall any. At my age, with far TMS, highly doubtful. But I do love Zoeva En Taupe enough to repurchase. If I had a major disaster, (I was internally flooded out of a house once) or the dogs ate it, that’d be my first repurchase. It would also be my choice, if the US adopted a one palette rule, like the PRC had a one child policy. Now THAT would have us revolting against the government!

I’ve never repurchased a palette…I have 10+ palettes and even though I use them regularly I haven’t hit pan on any shades! I think with most of my palettes if I used them up I would not repurchase, but just find dupes for my favourite shades from the palette – I only have one palette where I would actually use almost all the shades in the palette. The only palette I’d repurchase is the Too Faced Bon Bons – not the greatest quality palette and some of the shades are difficult to work with, but for me the colour selection is great and I can create so many different looks.

I have repurchased the Naked2 palette before. I loved and used every single color in that palette to pan so it is one of the few that made sense to buy. I can’t think of any other palette I’ve had (or currently have) that I feel that I would want to completely replace, However, I might pick out some singles of the shades I used if I liked them enough.

No, I never have, but if Too Faced made their 9-pan “Matte Eyeshadow Collection” again, I would. It’s the best and most useful matte palette I’ve ever used. Simple, not ten zillion shades that you don’t use, great colors.

I fell down the rabbit hole when I discovered the concept of eyeshadow palette…. and the fact I am really into makeup for only 4 years doesn’t help me either. I would nevertheless without a doubt repurchase if I could:
– MUFE artist palette volume 1: just a lovely everyday palette to me, nicely balanced in term of neutral-cool and neutral-warm tones. And the formula, the shine…. :3.
– Viseart neutral mattes: I use it almost every time I do my makeup!
– Tom Ford nude dip: Gets me many compliments, such a pretty palette… I love the sophisticated shine the shadows have… plus the shimmer is the prettiest on top of glitter glue.
– Viseart Bridal satin: Love it to combine with more intense shimmers or mattes eyeshadows to create contrast. Plus it gives me colourful yet subdued options.
– Viseart Bijoux Royal: Same story as with Bridal… but with beautiful gemstones colours.
– The Pat Mcgrath 6 pans (Platinum bronze and La vie en rose) palettes: Just perfect to my eyes :).

Well, I realise how much I love my stash because I have the feeling I could had many more to the list! On a note, eyeshadow is really what makes me happy when I apply my makeup :).

Ooooo. I’d never come across Nude Dip before and it is gorgeous!
I think I could dupe it from a few different palettes, but I need to swatch it and see how it applies. I suspect I’d get sucked into it 🙂

It is indeed very dupable. Considering the price I wanted to see it for myself and I used gift cards I was holding on this 2 years to buy this palette. My logic was that if I really couldn’t think of anything else that could be useful or fun…😇

No, I have not. I have been considering repurchase of Viseart Tryst — I like it enough that I’m using up certain shades — since its LE.

I have one palette in my everyday makeup bag and even that one hasn’t hit pan! I also own 1 cream shadow pallete’s (tarte’s Foiled Fingerpaints one) and I told myself I had to use it lots because it was cream but I’ve used it only twice this past year…there’s always too much newness being released!!

I have never repurchased a palette because (a) I’ve never finished one and (b) I’ve discovered that I’m more of a one-and-done/light-medium-shades-only kind of girl, and most palettes have a bunch of deep shades I’ll never, ever use.

That said, I could see myself picking up another Lorac Pro 3 … if I ever run out.

I have never repurchased an eye shadow palette for the simple fact that I have never finished one. I considered repurchasing the UD Original Naked but the I was like I have a ton of neutrals. I loved it once but it is time to move on.

Sort of? I’ve never used one up but I have bought backups palettes that I love. Realistically, I probably won’t need the backups for a long time but I just like knowing that I have them lol. I have backups of the Estee Edit glow palette (discontinued) and the too faced peachy mattes palette (bought a backup when it was 50% off).

I would definitely repurchase my HG tarte tartelette in bloom if I fully ran out of my favourite shades, and potentially would also repurchase mt too faced sweet peach.

I thought about buying a backup of the becca x chrissy palette a few months ago because I love beach nectar, but I’m glad I didn’t because I still haven’t hit pan on any of the shades even though I’ve had my palette for over a year.

I think overall I’m more inclined to repurchase singles because if I used up a full single product then I know it’s worth my time and money, whereas with palettes I’d be rebuying for select shades because there’s no palette where I use every single shade.

I repurchased Naked2 last Christmas – not because I used it very much but because mine was so old and didn’t want to let go of Verve, Bootycall and YDK and felt those 3 would have cost more as singles than the palette.

Ya, only touched it 2 or 3 times since then :-/

I’d definitely repurchase Naked 3 as a backup (thinking they might kill it soon) and Dolly’s Wild Side from Buxom. Thinking of repurchasing Laura Mercier Artist Eye Palette, it’s so good for traveling but think I can still use it for another year or 2.

I haven’tyet, as I never finish anything, but I’d happily repurchase any of the 3 Naked palettes I have (1, 2 and Smoky, which is discontinued now). Ditto Lorac’s Pro2 palette (the smaller one not the really huge one – hope I’ve got the # right) and the ABH Mario palette (though it’s d/c’d also). And I might actually see the day when I hit pan on 2 of the shades in Chanel’s Tisse Rivoli quad.

I can’t imagine ever repurchasing a palette. I guess I go through eyeshadow more slowly than other people, and have only ever hit pan on two shades, both base/transition shades. By the time I ever finish enough of a palette that I would want to get rid of it, I’d want something new, I am sure. This is all just completely hypothetical, though, I’m nowhere near to that point with anything I own.

Yes! I recently repurchased both the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye & Naked 2. No regrets on either, as I had used up my favorite shades from both palettes and the remaining shades were rather old. I’ve noticed a huge difference in quality between the new & old ones.

I haven’t hit pan on any yet, but honestly…the Too Face Peanut Butter and Honey palette is probably the only eyeshadow palette I own that I would want to repurchase. Not because it’s my favorite, but it’s a decently sturdy and smaller neutral palette that is my go-to for traveling. All of the others I own, I’m sure something new and similar will be out if I finish one. I would also repurchase the Sugar Glow Kit if needed, but those pans are so huge I’ll probably end up adding it to my will for my niece.

Yes, it was a L’Oreal quad that had its proceeds go towards research and treatment of ovarian cancer. It had the letters HOPE written one at a time on each pan. It had the burgundy /mauve /pinkish theme going on way before the Modern Ren palette, so it was very flattering to my eye color. I panned 2 shades in the first palette, so I bought a 2nd one! This was circa 2003/4- ish.

No, I have never had to repurchase an eye palette and probably the only one I would is Naked 1 – I have enough palettes and dupes to last me for decades.

Genevieve, you do know it’s been discontinued and both Ulta and Sephora have it half priced. Not sure how that translates for our Aussie friends.

I bought a back up of ABH Modern Renaissance bc I momentarily feared they would discontinue it and I wouldn’t be able to repurchase when I actually do use up. Otherwise I have never used up a palette and repurchased

I’ll never need to repurchase. Having said that, if by some miracle I actually finished a palette, the only one I have that’s dead-useful enough to repurchase is the KVD Shade+Light eyeshadow palette.

Viseart neutral mattes or TF Nude dip for sure!

I did the Jouer skinny dip then I gave it to a friend. But it’s uniquevand I love it but a bit too sparkley for everyday wear.

At first I was like, this is an interesting topic, and couldn’t imagine ever repurchasing a palette…and then I remembered I kinda did! I have the TooFaced Natural Eyes palette in the metal tin, but when Ulta had them on sale a couple months ago, I picked up the newer version because I really like the packaging! So I took the smaller one traveling last weekend (I don’t usually ever travel, btw) because I knew if anything happened to it, I had a backup!

I’ve never had to repurchase any palettes. I hit pans on the cheap NYX trio and Wet n Wild sextet of neutral shades I used to death when I was a teen, but they were replaced by other products. The NYX was actually usurped by the WnW, which was succeeded by putting together a custom palette from MAC and Inglot singles…for the last couple (?) years, I reach for KvD’s Shade and Light palette when I need those base/transition/sculpting shades. And I can’t imagine repurchasing that, because I use eyeshadow so rarely now. Onwards and upwards, I guess.

I have not repurchased palettes but I bought backup for BHx Carli bybel OG palette as it is limited edition and i have used quite a few shades well.

I’ve just repurchased the Naked Palette since it’s being discontinued. It sold out quickly on Sephora and Ulta. I was able to find it still available online at Belk’s. It’s still available there–and it’s half price at $27 at the moment. Shipping is free. So, if anyone wants a backup before they are all gone, head over to Belk’s website.

I’m thinking about buying another Naked 1 palette. I hit pan on two of my favorite shades and it’s pretty old. I had a backup and gave it to my mom a while ago. Can’t remember repurchasing any palettes, I own way too many to finish,lol

Good question 🙂 But I would have to use one up before repurchasing, wouldn’t I, and I really don’t see that happening lol. Plus, as much as I can love a palette – currently digging Norvina SO MUCH – if and when I’d ever use it up, I’m sure there’d be something newer and more fabulous released by that time that could take its place. So no, I honestly don’t see myself ever repurchasing any of the palettes that I currently own.

Not as of yet, but if I did they would likely be (in order of most to least):

TARTE Park Ave Princess Bronze & Contour
Too Faced Natural Eyes Natural Eyeshadow
Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour (this time I’d get the refillable one)
Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow (especially if they change the packaging)

I bought back-ups of Urban Decay Electric, Gwen Stefani, and Naked Basics eyeshadow palettes, because they’re three of my all-time favorites, and I got them steeply discounted. Now I don’t worry so much about breaking the Electric and Gwen Stefani. My original Naked Basics is close to hitting pan on a few shades.

Back in the early 1990s, I repurchased the Maybelline Bloom Colors quad in Violets once or twice, and the Chocolates quad at least a half dozen times. The Chocolates one was my go-to throughout college. I even wore it on my wedding day!

In the mid-2000s I repurchased a Sally Hanson lip color mini-palette. It was a bout the size of a credit card, slim, and held 12 colors. It was a perfect little on-the-go/touch-up palette. (I saved the original, cleaned it, and refilled it with odds and ends of lip colors I was using up.) It was amazing for the $5-$6 I spent at the time.

I’ve don’t think I’ve ever repurchased a blush palette, except for maybe one of those CoverGirl 3-pan blush palettes they used to make for draping. I don’t remember for sure. There was a cool pink one I used quite a bit back in the early 90s.

The one that comes to mind is the first Naked Basics. I used up the pan Naked 2, which is a great transition shade for me. I will never be without both the Basics palettes, they are what I use to complete eye looks when I’m using either singles or an incomplete palette.

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