Have you ever put makeup on your significant other?

I have swatched a few things on my husband’s arm before to see of they changed on his skin tone/undertone (not really, he’s too close to me to be a great barometer on something like that!).

— Christine


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Samantha Avatar

My boyfriend loves being ‘pampered’ so he let’s me do almost anything to his face. He has the most amazing lashes and naturally fleeky eyebrows so, I’ve done eyeshadow, liner, mascara and brows just for fun. Once I tried to use a cream contour stick on him but the product just got stuck in his beard….

Áine Avatar

Yes, and my girlfriend has put makeup on me as well–and I’d actually like to do it more often. It’s a really wonderful, intimate experience when you both love makeup. 🙂
Unfortunately, long-distance means we don’t get the opportunity very often.

Nancy T Avatar

Any and everyone on here who has read anything I have ever written about my Ex will be shocked by my answer: YES!! And if you want a great LoL; he LET me do so with NO argument!!!
His “makeover” revealed one thing to me for sure, that if we ever had any daughters and they looked more like him, they would sure be gorgeous looking! And we did. One. And yes , she has brains and beauty. He has his “mini-me”!

Katherine T. Avatar

Uh no, I’ve been tempted to draw a moustache on him while he napped (he’s a sound sleeper) but I don’t think he would be too amused

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh if I did, I can skip the eyeliner and mascara. His lashes are so thick at the base that he looks like he’s already wearing eyeliner, whereas my lashes look almost invisible, grrrrr…….life is not fair!

X. Avatar

I mean lol at the assumption that 1) everyone reading this is a cishet girl and 2) that everyone’s s/o is a cishet dude
So to answer your question, yes. I have. It wasn’t a big deal.

Christine Avatar

“Significant other” implies whomever you would consider to be your partner, whether they are female or male, whether you are female or male; past or present. Frankly, you don’t even have to identify as a particular gender, since it’s really in relation to someone you were or currently are involved with… regardless of your gender identity.

Meredith Avatar

What does the word “cishet girl” or “cishet dude” mean? I’ve never heard it. Is this some kind of typo? I’m old (59) so maybe I’m “out of it”.

Carson Avatar

Meredith, ‘cishet’ is an abbreviation for ‘cisgender, heterosexual.” A cisgender person is a person who identifies with the gender he or she was assigned at birth – the opposite would be a transgender person, who does not identify with the gender he or she was assigned at birth.

So a ‘cishet girl’ would be a girl who was born female and continues to identify as female, and who is attracted to men. A ‘cishet dude’ would be a man who was born male and continues to identify as male, and who is attracted to women.

I hope that helps 🙂

Meredith Avatar

Thank you Carson. So a “cishet” person, like the vast majority of people on the planet, is just a plain, regular heterosexual woman or man who is attracted to the opposite sex. I never knew I am a cishet. I only ever heard the term heterosexual. You learn something new everyday if you keep your ears and eyes open!

CeeBee Avatar

No. I offered once to put a dab of concealer on a couple of bad blemishes and he at least thought about it first and then politely declined. Mostly because if his sisters found out, they’d give him endless sh!t about it, so.

Rachael Avatar

My boyfriend dressed up as a beer garden girl one halloween and I got to doll him up a bit. It was really fun and we both thought he was so pretty! hahaha

Stacy Avatar

I don’t have to. After one occasion when my hand got a little shaky and botched the black liner, he prefers to do it himself now… and no, I’m not joking LOL! Once in a great while, he gets a wild hair and decides to rock some eye makeup. I love it when he does; he’s gorgeous with it!

Julia Avatar

No, it was a struggle to even get my husband to start using a good moisturizer (and he has pretty dry skin!). I did feel very triumphant when I got him to use my Ole Henriksen eye cream, and I think that’s only because the packaging is very unisex. I’ve offered him concealer a few times when he has complained about blemishes and he looks at me like I’m insane.

Carson Avatar

Yes! One of the benefits of being a makeup-loving lesbian is having TWO faces to play with! Although honestly, my wife doesn’t let me do her makeup nearly as often as I’d like. She’s much more low-maintenance than me!!

One of the most special things about our wedding last year was getting ready together beforehand. I did both our makeup and really enjoyed working with her in the weeks leading up to the wedding to do trial runs and figure out what she wanted. We ended up with a plummy shimmery eye that brought out her hazel eyes – she looked so beautiful!

KJH Avatar

One significant other, but not human. By beloved malmute loved m/u, sporting colored smudges in her white overeye dots and conspicuous blush. Think it was the light brushing rather than the actual color, but she was major large and in charge, when she had it on. Used to say she loved it so much, they named a palette after her:Petrouchka. Dogs really are my significant others.

Lizzi Avatar

Yes! He’s let me put makeup on him like once and paint his toes a handful of times. Its all in fun we laugh at each other, but he will never in a million years step out of the house with it lol!

Lacey Avatar

I’ve put nail polish on him exactly once, as a joke. And he actually wore it out that night. We’ve talked about possible Halloween costumes (including going as each other, which was his idea), and he’d let me use makeup if the costume called for it. He would probably let me experiment on him more than I have just because he enjoys the feeling of brushes and such, but he wouldn’t wear it in public. And I kind of worry that he’d be prettier than I am; his cheekbones are to die for. :p

Donna Avatar

Just for Halloween a few times and for a play he was in. Otherwise he is low maintenance. Finally getting him to use sunscreen and occasionally moisturizer.

Dianne Avatar

My boyfriend is okay with putting on a face mask with me from time to time, but not makeup, which is a shame– He has the longest, lushest, most envy-inducing eyelashes EVER. I always tell him I’d pay him to let me curl them and put mascara on him, just to see how it looks. He says no and I think it’s mostly because he watches me struggle to get mascara off and doesn’t want to endure that.

Erin Avatar

I have many times with my short list of SO’s. For fun, costume parties, goth clubs, and even occasionally for interviews or to cover something big like a bruise, black eye, or a zit from hell. My husband bruises easy and his zits always get exceptionally red. So whenever he’s got something big going on, I have a Lancome concealer in his shade.

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

What a great question! I started laughing immediately. My bf is 11 years older than I am and grayed (actual silver) early. He’s got that sterotypical blue collar kind of vibe (white t all the time, jeans, and sneakers). He uses body wash for men in the shower and no-frills shampoo. No skincare products whatsoever. Got the picture? So imagine my surprise when we dressed for OzzFest and he let me add purple to his hair!

ShirlJ Avatar

No, but my husband has really sensitive skin, so he’d be afraid he’d break out. He actually uses concealer on his dark circles (one of the original metro guys, doing this for at least 10-15 years now). I actually will buy concealer for him if I’m putting in an order from ELF. He likes their color matches.


I loved reading this comments, this world has changed so much in a short window of time. My sig other is my dog KC, lol, she loves when I put makeup on her it makes her feel pretty.!

Yen Avatar

Hahaha… Yes! My husband has the most amazing lashes and one evening after quite a bit of badgering, he let me put mascara on his lashes and they looked amazing!

Becky Avatar

Yes! My fiance has very hooded lids and rosacea, so sometimes I try makeup techniques on him. I’m an esthetician and a professional MUA so it’s helpful to me to practice makeup techniques on someone whose skin and facial structure are so different from mine. Not to mention all the times he was a model for me in school and during my continuing ed! He’s a trooper!

Alecto Avatar

Yes and no. I’ve never put makeup on anyone who wasn’t sitting in my chair when I was a stage makeup artist; however, I met my significant other while putting makeup on him for a show (when he was essentially a stranger), but I never put makeup on him after that.

Arpita Avatar

OMG.. Never… He wont allow it at all. He doesnt even carry my purse.. He will carry all shopping bags.. But my purse.. Never. Anyways… My infant son is forever ready to test out all my cosmetics

Lorraine Avatar

Yes. My partner has a medium-deep skin and swatching or testing products on him helps me learn what looks better on darker skin tones. I’m hoping to become a makeup artist and can’t take the courses for now, but still try to learn as much as I can. He’s always there with me and doesn’t mind so why look for someone else? Once he asked me to do his eye makeup for a pirate costume but chickened out at the eyeliner. He’s terrified of being poked in the eye.

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