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Helena Avatar

Definitely not intentionally, and I believe not accidentally. IMO they are not worth the risks involved; if you want something cheaper/more available, just get another brand or product. It’s also a bit of a moral gray area.

I got a knockoff purse in downtown LA’s fashion district once as a teenager, though! Marc Jacobs’ Stam bag in a cream color. I love the design and am a fan of Jessica Stam, so as soon as I recognized it, I needed it. It hasn’t held up well over the years, ha ha. Maybe in a decade or so I could afford a real one…if they’re still being made….

Nancy T Avatar

Nope, not to the best of my knowledge. Then again, I’ve only bought some Maybelline lipsticks (4 tubes of Yummy Plummy, I know!) through Amazon. But other than that, I have a serious aversion to buying through a non-retail source because of the stories I have heard about counterfeit makeup and beauty supplies. Sadly, stuff happens.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Haute Look is associated with Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. I buy from there several times a year and not just makeup. They take a long time to deliver but explain that in description.

Sadra Avatar

I would trust Haute Look – it’s Nordstrom’s outlet store. I would have more of a problem using My Habit since it’s Amazon, and that may be sketchier.

GK Avatar

I’ve had brushes that I bought at an actual Mac store that fell apart & bristles came out after 1st use. Sometimes their makeup has peculiar odor or texture, quality control or old product.

Denise S. Avatar

Yeah seems these brushes had a strange smell too. I took a loss. One good thing about buying from MAC is they will accept returns if you’re not satisfied. Ebay may or may not accept returns. But I’ve brought other makeup that was fine on Ebay.

GK Avatar

Mac return policy is only good for 30 days, counters might be more. I’ve had things go bad right after return time expired & they won’t do anything. Quality goes down & prices go up, but we still buy it! If eBay seller has 100% rating & you are familiar w/how product should look, it’s fine. I see lots of fakes & used items, even though their ‘policy’ is only new makeup can be sold.

Sandra Avatar

Ebay does have a really strange policy on selling makeup. They don’t allow used nail polish yet they do allow anything that has not “touched” the body to be sold. They also allow makeup that can be disinfected to be sold. I find it strange, but people buy this stuff all of the time. I have to issue another word of caution too. When I was a teenage girl, as girls would we used each others makeup. I used mascara from my best gf, and 20 or so years later found that I have dandruff in the hairs of my eyes, both upper and lower. Not treatable, nor curable. So be careful letting anyone share your makeup.

Sandra Avatar

Meant to mention that the eye doctor said this is a common thing and although I didn’t have dandruff in my hair, I will always have dandruff on my lashes.

Kirsten Avatar

I have. I got a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette from ebay, before I knew how widespread the counterfeits were. Luckily it came broken and in dealing with the seller for that, I discovered it was fake as well. I still had to send it back and I reported it to ebay, but they didn’t do anything since the seller had refunded me already.

Grace Avatar

I recently just purchased the Loumanizers Sisters highlighting trio. Of course, being a highlighter addict, i already have the individual pans version. The trio swatched very differently from the individual pans! It’s not as buttery and the shimmer in cindylou was more pronounced. I wonder if it’s counterfeited or just a bad batch? 🙁 Does anyone have similar experience?

Margaret Avatar

I bought the urban decay shadow box when it was on sale at ulta recently and noticed that sin was a slightly different shade than in my naked palette that I bought at Sephora. I’m weird so I went back to ulta and compared sin from both palettes to sin as a single. Sin the single and sin from the naked palette were the same, but the shadow box version was different. I don’t know why the difference but I know they were all authentic.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

It really sucks when it happens, not that it’s very frequent. I could only tell at first because I usually do a lot of product research before buying/swapping for anything and I’ve gotten good at seeing product packaging errors first. It also my job as a graphic designer to make sure that everything lines up properly that HELPS as well. I find myself nitpicking things like posters and other products all the time now….. lol

But usually, the product quality is never the same. Fake MAC and eyeshadows palettes from Urban Decay and Lorac. But there are a ton of NARS product getting faked now and the last fake item I got was a foundation… dang thing was separating in transit.

I’ve also seen a lot of fake MAC in Chinatown Toronto. I should have reported it but the store closed up and this was close to a decade ago.

Julia Avatar

Not to my knowledge, but I try to avoid purchasing from unauthorized retailers unless the item I want is discontinued. Then again I do occasionally purchase online from HauteLook and in-store at Nordstrom Rack… I’ve always felt like they were legit, but how can you be sure?

I also feel like – and maybe I am totally wrong- the more high end the product is, the more likely that you can get ripped off by a counterfeit. For example, I bought a bunch of Maybelline pressed powders on ebay a while back after they were discontinued, to stock up. They were very cheap, so I doubt a counterfeiter would really be making out that great. But there are also sellers on there that are shipping hundreds of Guerlain Meteorites tins at below retail price. I definitely think that’s a case of “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Erica Avatar

No. And this is why I don’t buy cosmetics from ebay, blog sales etc. Too much of a chance for fraud. People always want something for nothing (most cases) and I have to say if it looks too good to be true, it IS! I only buy from Ulta, Sephora, MAC store, Macys, Walgreens, Target etc. Reputable and established stores/sites only!

Marieke Avatar

I think I bought a fake MAC Warm Soul blush on a website like eBay (but Dutch). It looked very real but the quality of the product was awful! I re-sold it stating it was real. Very dishonest, but I needed my money.

Jenn Avatar

That is really not okay! It sucks you got ripped off, but when buying from a retailer like that you are taking that risk…. REALLY sad that you would do the same to another person. Really unfortunate that there are people who would do things like this. 🙁

Anna Avatar

Yes I purchased the popular NARS Ita contouring brush on eBay. It was out of stock in stores and it wasn’t suspiciously cheap
So I assumed I would
Get the real deal. The brush was cheaply
Made and definetely
Fake even though the seller wouldn’t acknowledge it. Learned my lesson not to buy brand name products from non-retailers.

xamyx Avatar

I bought a set of “Real Techniques” brushes on Amazon that I figured were knockoffs from the start, but they were so inexpensive, and basically covered shipping, so I took a chance. The brushes, from the handle to the bristles, are identical to the real thing, which actually makes me question the integrity of those behind RT; it seems they found a mass producer, slapped on a label, and took credit for the design.

On the cosmetic end, I bought a Manic Panic white pressed powder that, when the paper label peeled back, revealed it to be Stargazer. This was 25 years ago, and options were nearly nonexistent, so I kept it. At least it was authentic Stargazer, LOL! I bought it in an alt shop on Hollywood Blvd, and I think the reason they labelled it MP was because Stargazer wasn’t as well known at the time. Knowing what I do now, Stargazer is the better brand, so I came out ahead, LOL!

Dee Avatar

Probably, but not on purpose or with the intent of undermining any of the companies. When I was a teenager I used to work at a flea market. Once in a while a vendor would get kicked out for selling illegal items, but many time the items were legit and had been obtained through big close outs. Since the prices on everything were so good (from make up to accessories to household items), it made sense for me to spend my measly pay check there. It’s pretty likely I bought something counterfeit without knowing it.

Claire L Avatar

Not to my knowledge, no. I have a W7 palette that I bought from Amazon and I think it’s genuine. It’s a copy of my Naked 3 palette that has gone AWOL. It’s not bad, at least it isn’t counterfeit, but I have heard of people receiving fake W7 palettes, even though the real thing is cheap compared to Urban Decay. I wouldn’t knowingly buy a fake product, they can look very convincing but the quality is terrible and can even be harmful in the case of cosmetics or perfume.

Linda Avatar

Yes, a Chanel blush, from eBay. When I received it I didn’t know what all the fuss was about the wonderful smell. Mine had no smell, nor was it amazing in any way. Then I ordered a Chanel blush from Nordstro. it was then I realized I’d been duped.

Soo Avatar

yes, just once (intentionally) so far in my years of adoring makeup. I ebay’d the iMagic dupe of the MUFE Flash palette for about 12$. I just can’t afford to buy the real one so I opted for the counterfeit. I know I use it at my own risk though. its main purpose for me is to practice color theory and it doesn’t feel so wasteful when I do use it.

koolchicken Avatar

I’ve never intentionally purchased a counterfeit item, and to the best of my knowledge have not received any (makeup wise, I did get screwed on a DVD once though). In my younger years I did take risks. I bough from eBay, but it was always to secure backups. I only ever bought a few things too. One I remember distinctly because I still have some left (I’ll never toss it, it’s my HG color) was a Tokidoki for Smashbox Soft Lights. It was from a eBay store that employed people with special needs. There was no markup, but no discount either, and compared to my orignal it was identical in color and formula. It was also purchased not too long after it was discontinued. The other thing was a Mac ombré blush that basically the same color as the soft lights. It too seemed legit. But knowing what I do now, I don’t think I’d buy from eBay. Safety first!

Alicia Johnson Morris Avatar

Only once a long time ago and I did so unknowingly. I bought a MAC lipstick that was out of stock everywhere and when I received it it was an obvious fake. I learned my lesson about buying makeup on Amazon! After that, I never purchased makeup from a non-established retailer again.

Rebecca R. Avatar

I haven’t up until now and I normally wouldn’t. But I really want the Lime Crime Venus palette but I abhor the company and its owner so I am going to purchase a fake of that.

Lucinda Callaway Avatar

Perfect timing for this question! In the last week I’ve received 2 Eve Lom Cleansers I assume to be old stock by the looks, consistency and smell. I take chances on high end skincare and haircare as Amazon has the best return policy, and they tend to offer good prices on some of the European brands I use. Mostly items have been fine; maybe one out of nine products is old. I doubt the problem items are counterfeit, just old. I wish companies listed actual production or use-by dates, rather than the standard icon with 6M, 12M, etc. which only means how long the product is at its best once opened.

For color products, I rely on Net-a-Porter (no shipping or tax outside NY), Nordstrom (use Rewards Certificates, Ulta (try to buy when Prestige brands are 20 percent off), and individual small co. sites. Makeup is less expensive to begin with, and has greater longevity (except mascara). A Tom Ford lipstick, full-price, is less than any skincare I use except Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

Monique Avatar

Yes! eBay! I was just getting into makeup and trying to build my collection. I had gotten a shadow that I was using and loving actually and broken it. When I went to the MAC counter to purchase another I thought the associate had grabbed the wrong thing because the color wasn’t the same. I then got a lesson on the plague of knockoffs, lol.

Cherri M Avatar

I have. Once without knowing years ago from Amazon. Once figuring it had to be counterfeit. It was a NARS Ita brush. I paid $3 for it with shipping. I wanted to try out the shape before investing $50 in the real deal. It shed a lot the first time I washed it but have had no issues from it since. Oddly enough the handle says NARS.

Lauren Avatar

Not exactly makeup, but I’m pretty sure my Clarisonic Mia 2 is faaaaake. I couldn’t register the serial # and they said just register with them…and then it broke. Twice. Wasted money, learned a valuable lesson.

Jenifer Avatar

No!!! I have allergy with the normal brands, I can’t even imagine to wear counterfeit. And it so not needed! There are so many amazing products as dupes for expensive brands in the market. Why buy counterfeit? To have a packaging similar? Because the quality is definitely not the same.

Yen Avatar

Yes, I bought a Benefit blush on eBay and when it arrived I realised it was counterfeit. I contacted the seller with my suspicions and was immediately given a full refund and told to keep the product. I tossed it if course.

Amy Avatar

I had a horrible exerience when I first got into makeup. I saved up for a naked 2 palette and ended up getting it on Amazon. Seller had it $5 less because they lost gloss but had never used it. I got it and was so disappointed. I couldn’t believe people paid that much for high end eyeshadows since that was my first palette. Come to find out two years later when I bought the naked 3 I noticed a difference in brush labeling and found out it was fake. I’ve yet to repurchase the authentic Naked 2 because I’m still so bitter over it.

Genevieve Avatar

I have had to purchase quite a few eye shadow palettes through ebay as I could not get the items here in Australia or from US retailers (they don’t all ship internationally) and I never once had a problem or received a fake item. I was fairly careful and checked up the credentials of the stockist, but always received my product in excellent condition and it was genuine.

Kylie5 Avatar

I ordered a big amount of Opi nail polishes. I thought the online Shop was in the USA and then I got a Package from China. From the Website you Could not See that ist was from china. So I had many Fake Opi polishes for a lot of Money. And I Even had to pay about 75 Euro for Custom charges. So in total it was about 200 Dollars.
I really like to buy online but because of this experience I only buy with Paypal When I buy the First Time from a Shop to get my Money back. And I have become an expert of identifying Fake products.
What I find very sad is that I Wrote to Opi to Tell them about the Shop which Sells Fake polishes and they did not do Anything. Same experience with eBay. Called several times to Tell them about Fake Mac products and they did nothing.

Alison Avatar

Christine, I feel like the gist of your answer to this question is “I have only bought from a retailer, therefore I have never bought a counterfeit.” Unfortunately, this reasoning doesn’t hold up, because counterfeits have been known to pop up in stores as well–thankfully it’s very uncommon, but it can and does happen (especially with frequently counterfeited products like popular eyeshadow palettes). I’d recommend the documentary “Counterfeit Culture,” which addresses this issue and the dangers of counterfeit products.

That all being said, no I have never intentionally purchased a counterfeit. Nor unintentionally, to my knowledge. (As someone interested in intellectual property law) I feel like intentional use of counterfeit products is IP theft and immoral.

Maggie Avatar

Really?! So even stores like Sephora, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom get hit by counterfeits? I always thought they would order directly from brands…

Denise Avatar

I never ever did. I always buy from reputable sellers. I am afraid of getting ripped off and buying something that is garbage. I rather buy from retail so if I don’t like it, I can return it.

Donya Avatar

Yes i have. Twice, on ebay i purchased cheap ‘Urban Decay Naked’ palettes. One was $7 and the other $17. I knew up front they would either be fakes or stolen items that failed quality control in the factory. I took a gamble and in both cases it was CLEAR that the product was not UD quality. I thought the cost was worth the gamble. I gave them to my niece for play makeup. I must say the box and packaging was just as high quality, as was the brush but slightly different than the ones in Ulta. At least I know. I also bought a silicone brush cleaning mat from Wish app that ended up being the real Sigma item for 1/3 he cost. I no longer do this, as I have a decent job now.

Sarah D. Avatar

That’s so messed up! You gave what you KNEW were counterfeit and potentially DANGEROUS makeup items to your NIECE to play with. You don’t know what those shadows were really loaded with!!!!! I cannot believe somebody hasn’t said anything about this sooner. Have you no conscience? I mean did you ever even consider THE POSSIBILITY THAT these items might harm your NIECE? It’s one thing to take a gamble when it’s YOUR BODY, YOUR EYES that could be harmed and you’re aware of that. But to risk an innocent child’s health? SMDH!!!

Candice Avatar

I kind of agree with Sarah here, though I don’t think it’s necessary to be harsh because no one would want to put their niece at risk, so I don’t think you had any fear of that when it happened. BUT, it’s definitely important to be careful. ESPECIALLY with kids who will even more likely than us injest a bunch of makeup or get it in their eye, etc.

Donya Avatar

Candice, “harsh” is an understatement. I chose not reply to the comment above, but did reply to a very tactful and educational ‘PSA’ version of the same information below written by Sadra.

My situation was a gesture made in ignorance and in this case, the child didn’t want eyeshadow that looked like “dirt” anyhow, so no harm/no foul. If it can help others learn along with me, I have no shame.

I am hoping to see more specific and detailed information on foreign made products, as it is not something that everyone would just assume.

Regardless, I have found that once I could afford the finer quality things, I not only did not need to bargain shop but realized if I am going to “be cheap”, I may as well just buy drugstore.

Candice Avatar

You were right to ignore it and it shouldn’t have made it through approval for its aggressivity against you that you really don’t deserve!!

Amanda Avatar

No. I have a rule about only buying my beauty products from verified sellers. I will go as far as check the brands website for a list of sellers. Also, I pretty much only buy from places I’m familiar with so it’s typically Sephora or Ulta, occasionally Target, Walmart, or a drugstore.

Christy Avatar

Perfect timing! I just bought a KVD Monarch palette off Mercari. When I received it, I knew immediately it was fake. At least I’ll get my money back. The only reason I purchased this way was because the palette is now discontinued. It’s the only way I could get my hands on it. I’ve purchased another one from the same app, but I’m 99% sure this ones real. I’ve done my research now. If not, Mercari has an awesome return policy. I won’t put anything fake on my face. Who knows what’s in it? I’ve heard the horror stories…

Arpita Avatar

Yes, i have; on two occassions. From certain online sellers. Fortunately managed to get my money back on both these occassions. Now i either buy directly from the store or from certain recommended online sites or renowned stores who ship internationally as well. Also, if I dont find the product i want from these trusted sites or at stores; I dont biy it at all. One less cosmetic or skin care product will not cause a big upheaval in my life. And I find that sooner or later; I get a dupe of that same cosmetic from a drug store brand at a much lesser price.

Anita Avatar

Once – before we had a Sephora in my province and before they had a Canadian website – I bought a Benefit concealer which had really convincing packaging but was a different color than my real one and had a weird smell and greasier texture. The eBay seller denied it was a fake but did refund me.
I have been checking eBay lately for Urban Decay’s SWF though. I hit pan and went to repurchase and it is sold out in store and online. They had it on the US UD site but the shipping would cost three times as much as the eyeshadow. After reading these comments I think I’ve realized I need to find a new (not discontinued) shade rather than risking eBay again.

Cat Avatar

I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever received a counterfeit product. I’ve mostly only purchased less expensive, hard-to-find (in my area) items from places like eBay and Amazon. I did buy the Lorac Queen palette (from The Royal Eyeshadow Collection) from a seller on eBay and I’m assuming it’s authentic. I don’t own any Lorac shadows to compare it to but the swatches I’ve done and the ones I’ve seen online match.

Christine O. Avatar

I, like others here have gotten scammed on eBay too. I bought the first Urban Decay naked palette and when it arrived it was obviously a fake. I did get my money back through the PayPal guarantee but it took almost 30 days to get it. That was my first and last makeup purchase off eBay.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I bought two items from eBay that I suspect were fakes. One was a discontinued Tom Ford palette that looked real but was as hard as a rock and a set of brand name brushes that were not high quality. I gave the brushes to my granddaughter after a good washing. Tom went in the trash. I do have a friend who sells collectables a.nd sports stuff legitimately on eBay. He said they are really cracking down on fraud.
I do order common lotions on Amazon along with books etc. I earned to only buy from sellers who belong to Amazon Prime. If there is a problem, Amazon will refund your money and take the product back postage free. If not Amazon Prime, you have to work directly with the seller and it can take a month or more.

Jessica Avatar

Yes! Only once. I bought Dior Miss Cherie back in 2007 when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was so good! Ran out and they changed the formulation and it wasn’t the same. So I scoured the net and found it on EBAY……I know…….I bought it. So bad. Not even close. Since then, Somehow, I was talking to a lady that worked at Macy’s and they had 3 bottles left of the original formulation so I was able to get it there.

Sadra Avatar

I just wanted to drop this into the conversation, when you purchase a counterfeit, either by accident or on purpose, please don’t give it away to kids, or even adults without a warning. If it’s counterfeit, you have no idea what ingredients were used. Especially eye products. Some of these can cause permanent injury, If you want to take your chances with these products, that’s your decision, but please don’t give it to kids, who don’t have the capacity to make those informed decisions. End of PSA.

Donya Avatar

Sadra, thanks for posting this. I shared an experience earlier that got a rather aggressive comment in reply. II chose not to respond back. That said, since your comment is written to educate vs. Shame, I am not embarrased to admit I never thought about this and I can’t be the only one out there. Half of what we buy in the US comes ftom China and I really equated my purchase to a Wet-n-Wild type product in high end packaging. Now, it has me thinking differently and I definitely heed your warning and the intent behind it. I like to assume positive intent and sadly i was ill-informed but in my case the child thought Naked shadows all looked like dirt.

This is a topic I personally would love to learn more about. Thanks for sharing to help others.

Sadra Avatar

Donya, thanks for your great reply. I never really considered it either, and I was puzzled that certain brands did not sell stuff in the U.S. Then, purely by chance, I read that some of them were not allowed to sell those products because they didn’t meet the FDA minimum requirements for safety. If I hadn’t come across that article, I never would have given it a thought. And that’s for legit products, there’s no telling what’s in counterfeit items.

Dreamer19 Avatar

Yes. Nude ‘Tude from Amazon. I was so disappointed when I got it and didn’t understand the hype about this palette. Then later I saw someone saying in a review on that site about hers being fake and beware and all that. That’s when the penny dropped. I was outraged! I couldn’t believe I couldn’t trust Amazon. I used to buy from them all the time. Now I just stick to ebooks. 🙂
Then later I ordered it from feelunique or lookfantastic, I can’t remember, and when I got the genuine one and compared it with the counterfeit, well, the difference was night and day!

Maggie Avatar

I have been debating ordering theBalm products from Amazon. Now, after hearing your experience, I am definitely hesitating. Will you share whether you ordered from an Amazon.com seller or from Amazon.com’s own store?

Dreamer19 Avatar

Hi Maggie,

I bought it from an Amazon seller, not from their own store. It was a few years ago now, so I can’t remember who it was. It was also about $10 cheaper. So instead of being happy I should’ve been already suspicious about that!

Helene Avatar

No, I certainly hope not! I’ve only bought from big online retailers, from the brand itself online, from departmentstores and from shops like Sephora.

RMW (Rose) Avatar

Absolutely not. My views are everyone who puts there hard earned cash into making makeup, music, purfumes, ect..deserves to be paid appropriately. It’s just the right thing to do. Keep it fair on all accounts. Dupe lipsticks and makeups are different, they are still bought by like a normal product. You can look good for a cheaper price, find the dupe that you can afford. Nobody should cheat anyone. Period.

Alice Avatar

I’ve never bought a counterfeit, but I did have someone on ebay accuse me of selling them counterfeit OPI polishes. I’m pretty sure the person was trying to scam me and get their money back without returning the polishes (they bought 5), but ebay sided with me that if the person wanted a refund they had to send the polishes back first (which they refused to do).

Alice Avatar

Yeah, I actually stopped selling or buying /anything/ on ebay because scamming is so rampant. It happened to me when I sold a bunch of my old comics and Hallmark ornaments too (people would claim the item arrived damaged and demand a refund, but would refuse to send the “damaged” item back). Even though I always had ebay side with me when I had to open a case, it just got too tedious to deal with.

Sandra Avatar

Why would anyone want to keep what they thought to be a fake polish unless they were a scammer. One eBay it does work both ways but for the most part, I have been careful whom I purchase from and have always been happy except for the once I mentioned below.

Sandra Avatar

As a buyer and a seller on eBay, I have to jump in. For buying I have only once received a fake set of nail polishes and they were purchased from the UK. They were the Alice in Wonderland set from years ago and you could definitely see the difference in the polish and on the label. I have been on eBay since 1998 as a seller and all of my products come from distributors. I buy from Nordstroms, Sephora, etc and my nail supplies come from legal nail supply places. I had one person say a polish was fake (it was a Shatter, and she didn’t know how to use it.)

Alecto Avatar

I don’t think it could have happened. I buy directly from the source or well-known distributor online (indie website, or Sephora, Ulta, etc.), or in brick-and-mortar stores that I would have no reason to suspect would be stocking anything counterfeit (drugstore, Macy’s etc.).

Karen Avatar

A lot of times knock offs seem like a better prices alternative to the real thing. Really it involves a lot more and could be hazardous to your health. I bought an eye shadow palette on Amazon that was a fake I discovered when the shadows weren’t creamy and pigmented like a true UD palette. those shadows could be dangerous though because I don’t know the true ingredient list U wouldn’t risk putting it on my eyes. Fake fragrances generally smell like alcohol. Fake bags and clothes lack in quality. Rather than a fake I just opt for a cheaper alternative or get the real thing.

Caroline Avatar

Yes. I unwittingly bought a fake NARS lipstick from evilBay. When I compared it with one I already had the difference was obvious. It went in the bin.

Candice Avatar

Nope! I hate the idea of fakes as well as the risk involved so I’m completely against it. I prefer to buy from an inexpensive brand, since there are some that offer good quality for a low price, than to pretend I’m using Chanel.

Jennifer Avatar

Yes but not knowingly. It was a The Balm Maryloumanizer. And I was really mad! That’s why if ever I buy something now from say mercari or depop I always ask to see the back since I now know what to look for. At least on the balm products

PrNoir Avatar

no, I have only purchased makeup directly from retailers. My skin is sensitives and I have allergic reactions pretty frequently, so I don’t want to risk anything

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