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maybe twice, but nothing insane (~$5 more than retail or so). i’ve certainly swapped over retail multiple times, though.

As of yet, I haven’t… BUT, I am sorely tempted to backup Marine Life, and Stereo Rose. Both are definitely a distant memory at my MAC counter, and MAC.ca, but I LOVE them so much, and I can definitely see myself eventually using them all up. I was sort of stalking eBay today, scoffing and grumbling about all the sellers that have LE items up for twice the price. I came across a listing that had both ML and SR as a lot, for about $100 USD as a “buy it now” price. The maddening part is that it states there are 4 lots available. UGH!

But somehow, I’m having an EXTREMELY hard time talking myself out of not buying the lot. *SOB* If I do cave, it would be the first time I’ve paid over retail, and supported an “Evil-Bayer”, all with one click of the mouse.

Sorry for my rambling, haha! Please, someone, talk me out of the madness! 😛

i saw that too and i’m also having a hard time not buying :(! i really really loved both too though…i don’t know. i might wait it out for a few more days.

but yes, i have bought over retail. only one time for my original marine life. i don’t regret it though. i <3 it so so so much! haha

I completely understand the threat of running out of something You adore, and possibly unlike me, You will finish the product already. But chances are by then it will be released again, will find something similar/or different but still just as loved, or maybe You will ‘grow out of it’ or just won’t care that much anymore.
Though I’ve had items I wanted to buy a backup of, I never do, because realistically I can find sg similar or will be able to buy it later on.

That’s how I’d talk myself out of buying sg (especially sg I already own) over retail price. 🙂

I ALMOST bought 2… and I should have for swapping purposes because I missed out on Ripe peach blush ombre which is up on ebay for $70 CDN. I am so mad at myself.

I paid $12 over retail for Ultima II’s “Fade Not Crease Not” eyeshadow base. Best stuff ever. I cannot live without shadow base and this is ny all time fave.

not yet… there are some things i’m very interested in picking up tho that have been discontinued for a while, but i need desperately.

I’ve never paid over retail for a LE/discontinued product. I’ve thought about it, then realized how crazy the prices can be, and save up for up and coming LE products that I’d like instead. Plus I’ve come to terms with using dupes and the dupe list on this site will certainly make that easier!

Once, for a MAC’s Cult of Cherry tempting eyeshadow quad. My first eyeshadow quad from MAC. (Actually, still my *only* quad, though I do have other MAC eyeshadows.) I don’t exactly regret the purchase, but I don’t think I’d do it again unless I ran out of a product I already loved and it wasn’t available anymore. There are so many new things coming out all the time to keep me more than happy.

Nope. If there’s one thing I really hate, it’s when people go to a counter, buy out all of a product and then sell it for profit. I know they’re within their rights to do it, but it’s still a jerk move.

Yeah, I hate that too. And its so expensive a lot of it doesn’t get bough, so its a lose-lose situation and lots of people that wanted the product could have been enjoying it. On Amazon, someone was selling Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure for $22! 🙁

I completely agree, I hate that too. And there are people that look at it like a second job and just wait for those overhyped products so they can buy them all and resell them. It’s just not cool.

No, but maybe I have to in the future with Shu Uemura leaving the States. Although L’oreal assured that Shu’s products will still be available for purchase online, I noticed their inventory kept dwindling. I’m nervous that in the future I may have to buy their lipsticks oversea at a higher rate.

Oh, yeah. I would never pay a crazy amount, just a little over the retail price, but I’ve found some reliable sellers on eBay. Sometimes you can even find a LE item for less than retail.

Not yet but only because there’s too much fake stuff out there. I would definetly consider it though if Firespot e/s or Lollipop Loving turned up on ebay.

Once, for Young Punk MES from Style Black – that’s what got me into Temptalia…I never wanted to miss a collection since then!

i havent yet but im thinking about it because i found kitty kouture dazzleglass on ebay but it was for like 50 bucks.

So far I haven’t, but I’m considering doing so for Liberty of London Shell Pearl Beauty Powder. I wouldn’t pay more than $5-$15 over reg. retail price though, so the people who completely price gouge won’t get my business. I’m not totally decided I will make this purchase though. So many new collections coming up that I have a lot of interest in! The LoL packaging is definitely what keeps this in the running.

I have on occasion paid an extra £2 or so for a discontinued, larger jar, pigment or just a few pounds extra for a no-longer-available MSF. I would only do this because I absolutely love and want that colour, though, not just because it’s a hyped product.

I would never pay the kind of hiked up prices that are being charged for the likes of Marine Life or Stereo Rose on ebay, though. I was lucky to get Stereo Rose the day it came out online here, but would never have paid double the price to get it from an ebay seller, no matter how disappointed I was.

I just wish there was a CCO nearby (or even a MAC shop or counter)

No, in fact, I usually find previous LE items on sale on the Hungarian e-bay (Vatera) for cheaper, since overhyped products are less likely to occur here. They don’t have the same hype factor that leads to ridicolous overpricing. Very few coveted makeup items sell out completely – those that do are MAC ones, but that’s because lately the 3 shops here get incredibly few items of LE collections (like 5 STereo Rose MSF’s for exc, or even less).

YES…did so last month for the very first time. They were sold out everywhere and i JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM… so after much self-debate i caved and bought them off ebay:
Mac Marine life – paid 35$ above retail.
2 Mac Lillyland Cremeblend blushes in Joie de Vivre and Optimistic Orange- 15$ each above retail.
Well now that i’ve tasted blood, i’m tempted to do the same with Stereo Rose…but am trying very hard to be good;)

Unfortunately I have, for Sweet Sienna pigment! I would pay any money just to have my very own jar… Fortunately I shared with a friend but my half was about the same price as a full jar 😉

Yes! I missed out on smoke and diamonds first time round, and paid to much for it on Ebay. I’ve learned my lesson now though, they almost always repromote my favorites. Now I’m waiting for Issue eyeshadow…come on MAC…bring it back!!

Yes, but only for products that were not available in the country I live in.
I used to live in Turkey, and to buy stuff from brands like UD, Too Faced, Nars on ebay, before they slowly started being sold there.

Yes when Mac products are sold out, I am forced to go to my local Macy’s and forego my Mac pro card discourt and pay full price. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s just the competitor in me to be able to get the limited edition/or sold out item.

I have at CCOs for hard to find stuff, but not like tons more – I talk myself out of it if it’s too much. I bought Tippy blush for $26.99 canadian, which isn’t bad considering they retial for $22 CDN.

Yes, I got Urban Decay’s BOS II and Alice in Wonderland palettes off Ebay as I don’t have UD in my country.

A few times; once for Pink fish and a few times for my favorite tendertones, once for Jardin Aires. Not by much though, maybe 5 dollars or so.

When, collections from MAC are about to be released, I make sure that I reserve what I want so this doesn’t happen. However, I have paid over retail for items from past collections. I paid $26-29 for Blush of Youth beauty powder from A Rose Romance. About $30 for Summer Rose from Give Me Liberty of London and the same amount for Pretty Baby beauty powder from Hello Kitty (which I was so disappointed with, by the way!). Back in April, I ALMOST bought Petticoat for $40, until I found out about In the Groove. I almost bought it anyway, because I didn’t want to wait… but I’m glad I did wait!

Yes! Burberry Brit Red, my favorite fragrance EVER. It was LE, and if I see a bottle anywhere, I’ll pay whatever they’re asking, I love it that much!

no, i haven’t… if i miss buying the LE or discontinued product, then that’s it… hopefully someday they come back. Rather save my money for other stuff 🙂

Nope, I actually pay under retail for a lot of my cosmetics (MAC and benefit) since I work at macys and get a discount. I don’t think I would pay over retail for anything.

I haven’t but I am always checking on Ebay for LE that no one is really buying anymore and that the seller is not selling for an outrageous amount! I recently got the set of 4 stackable crush metal pigments (set 1) for $30.00. Thats below what the reail price was so I got a deal just for waiting for the right price to pop up on Ebay!

Yep I paid $42 each for the Hello Kitty Lucky Tom and Too Dolly palettes and I believe I paid $30 for the Hello Kitty tinted lip conditioner in Popster…I’m kind of a crazy Hello Kitty fan and I didn’t get into makeup or MAC until this January so I missed out on Hello Kitty last year 🙁

I paid 25$for MAC’s Peppermint Patti nail polish. I don’t care because everytime i wear it I’m in love with it all over again.

Same here – I found out about Peppermint Patty after it was already sold out everywhere. Got it on eBay before too long, but still had to pay about 2x retail.

YES! I buy overpriced products from eBay all the time! No wonder I’m always broke lol. I only recently (less than a year ago) got into MAC, so I have missed out on so many great collections and products. I mostly buy MSFs, blushes and eyeshadows. I’ve never bought the most expencive products though. I would never pay $50 for an eyeshadow or more than $100 for a MSF.

No, I have considered it a couple of times for a few coveted items but I am such a bargain shopper that I usually talk myself into WAITING and finding one at the price I want, or just talk myself out of it completely. I really hate to pay retail but I will do it for things I fear will sell out or can’t be purchased at discount.

I’ve contemplated it, but could never go through with it. Makeup isn’t life or death enough for me to spend even more than they already charge.

I admit that I have. I’ve seen a couple of coveted things pop up on ACW in the past, for a few bucks over retail, and indulged.

I would never pay exorbitant amounts for a d/c item though.

Yes I actually did it recently I pay for a discontinued Chanel Hydrabase No 11 Sirene over $78.00 on Ebay.

I don’t like buying multiples of LE products when they’re released on principle, as it’s so hard to go through even eyeshadows when you’re not a professional MUA, and I don’t like to buy more than my “fair share,” if that makes any sense. However, there have been a few LE products that I liked so much I use them almost everyday, and I’ve gone back and bought a backup of them, since you never know when they’re going to be repromoted. I got lucky with Nanogold, since it was just repromoted in the spring, but I’ve bought a backup of Grand Entrance for more than retail price.

I’ll also go through phases where initially I don’t want anything from a collection, but later I’ll go back and decide I really do want something. This happened with me with All Races eyeshadow from All Races, All Ages, All Sexes. At the time, I was completely into brights, but I’ve been on more of a neutrals kick lately and I saw someone do a look I really liked with a similar eyeshadow from GOSH. Since MAC doesn’t really have anything like it in the permanent line and you reviewed All Races pretty highly, I went ahead and bought it for more than retail price. I try not to let that kind of thing happen (i.e. if I don’t buy it the first time around, I can live without it), but sometimes I just can’t help it. 😉

I would say all-in-all, though, I’ve only bought a couple things at more than retail price. Usually if I miss it the first time around, I’ll check a CCO, wait until it’s repromoted, or live without. There’s always something new on the horizon I “have to have nownownow,” anyway. 😉

Yes and unfortunately it was insane…i paid something like $49 for a limited MAC Elite Shadow….Crazy I tell ya

No, and I never plan on it. Usually the products are repromoted or you find something thats the same or better than that product.

Yes, for LE Escada fragrance Sexy Graffiti…it is my favorite perfume EVER so I bought two extra bottles off of Ebay while it was still pretty easy to find for about $10-20 over retail. Nowadays a bottle goes for over $200 on Ebay!

Yes. 🙁 I paid $40 (each) for So Ceylon and Perfect Topping MSF. $20 for Hollywood nights l/s from Heatherette Collection (totally don’t regret that), $20 for Fix+Rose from A Rose Romance, and $18 for “Red She Said” lipstick (I don’t regret that one either, my mom LOVES it). I do regret the MSFs, not worth it.

I’ve done that for China Glaze’s Kaleidoscope collection but nothing over the top. Maybe a few dollars in excess. I can’t justifying paying $10 over retail for any cosmetics though.

I did pay $40 for stereo rose on eBay after many store fiascos…I found it well worth the cost…I felt my time and sanity was a bit more valuable than calling 20+ stores to attempt to find it!

Yep. I bought Stereo Rose and Pleasureflush MSFs over retail (on MUA and eBay), SR for $50-60 (this was last year), Pleasureflush for $70, never regretted either. Also Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Powder in Midnight Diamond that was £105, so very close to retail as they are crazily expensive anyway. I do find a lot of bargains on eBay as well, so it all balances out I guess. 🙂

I want to SOOOOO badly! Stalking every website known to man, what for you may ask? Darn hello kitty collection >.< I wasn't into makeup when this collection came out and the packaging is so cute……(there I go trying to rationalize my compulsion. LOL :D)

Well, I didn’t pay for it, but my ex-boyfriend bought me the Dior Twilight palette, and he paid nearly $90 for it, since it was sold out at Sephora.

Not yet, but I would pay more than retail for the URBAN DECAY ALICE IN WONDERLAND palette 🙁 !!!! Man, I’ve been searching for it everywhere and so far, they’re sold for like $100 on EBAY. Tear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I did for Queen’s Sin l/s from Mac, I paid $50.00 for it on ebay but I knew I’d probably never find it again so I bought it, it’s so beautiful:)

i did twice, but nothing insane, just a couple euros more!!!
it was for MAC mineralize blush in nuance and for MAC pp in perky, i still love these 2 items!!!

YES!! -_______- I came into the MAC world a little late but yes I have.
3N – I paid about 18~not to bad since a lot of people want it.
California dreamin’ – was about $24.
worth it, I LOVE it. <3 hahaaa.
but I can't think of anything else.

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