Have you ever lost a makeup product?

Have you ever lost a makeup product? Did you ever find it?

All the time! I usually find it somewhere, though it may be months later. I’m lucky that if I lose it, it is almost always my fault and still somewhere at home, since I don’t take too much makeup with me!

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Katherine T. Avatar

I’m pretty careful with my makeup, but one of my fave lippies NYX Extra Creamy Round in B52 disappeared on me after a trip, so I ordered 2 (one to keep at home, one for work) and a month later, I found it, packed away in a travel ziploc bag, so now I have 3 (facepalm)

Nancy T Avatar

With only a very few exceptions, heartbreaking though they were, the things I lost were somewhere in my home, usually in one of my handbags! I did lose a favorite eyeshadow quad 11 yrs. back. All pretty purples! Accidentally left it in NJ when we went back to visit, probably in the rental car. And back when I was 22, I lost a gorgeous Lancome eyeshadow. It was a unique and very complex shade, especially for its time! A dark metallic taupe with gold shimmer.

Mystonique Avatar

I once lost the bullet out of a red Illamasqua lipstick after it fell out. I searched for hours again and again knowing that it could not have disappeared, ultimately determining that thete was a secret black hole in that corner of my room.

Some 6 or more months later I lost a MAC pigment and after a lengthy search determined it was victim of the same black hole.

My Mum came and searched. Defeat, definitely a black hole.

But whilst I continued searching for the pigment I pulled out a bag that was stashed under the shelf that I had forgotten about. I opened it (zippered) to see what was in it and the lipstick bullet was in the bottom … it must have bounced in through a tiny gap in the zip I suppose but honestly, unbelievable.

After unpacking and repacking everything the pigment also mysteriously reappeared on the floor.

Nancy T Avatar

LOL!!! That’s my thought process sometimes when something goes missing, but mysteriously reappears. Except, I always think my cats took it!

KaseyCannuck Avatar

My Beauty Blender became a cat toy. It still hasn’t tuned up. The replacements I hauled from Sephora are kept out of reach.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

My cats, now all deceased, were world class thieves. Stole everything on my nightstand, including brushes which were murdered and fine jewelry. Love sparkly things and furry things. Could pan for gold in the basement. They would have claimed a beauty blender in a heartbeat. Still miss having evil kitties but have terrier now.

kirsty Avatar

Yeah, viva glam Cyndi. It was my favourite 🙁

Lost it at a friend’s wedding, must have left it behind at the hotel or something

StrangeOne Avatar

I lost a bb concealer. It was too thick on me so I totally forgot about it until one day, years later, I found it in a drawer. I had looked through it a million times before but only found it then.

ilovemakeup Avatar

I thought I lost my Sephora Pro Bronzing brush, but then I realized I just put it in a container while I was cleaning my bathroom. The container wound up on the top shelf of my closet and I happened to find it again by accident. I’m just grateful I found it again!

Gillian Avatar

The main things are two MAC brushes that I lost years ago and they have never turned up. The MAC 182 buffer brush and the 318 retractable lip brush. I loved both of them and I did repurchase the lip brush and I got a different buffer brush (which I subsequently stood on and bent the handle). I still wonder where they went to!

Lulu Avatar

Yes! I lost my Becca Shimmering Opal Powder. It just….vanished….along with my shimmery glow that it gave me. I am still waiting for it to return (along with a bunch of socks and hair elastics that also must be in the same plase)

Eileen Avatar

I’ve never lost makeup at home or when going about my usual business because I don’t carry much other than a lipstick or gloss in my purse. I have; however left makeup behind when traveling–not lost so much as forgotten.

Rachel Avatar

I’ve lost a couple OPI nail polishes over the last year, including Jade is the New Black which really bums me out, but I know their somewhere in my house. I’m getting new carpet this week so hopefully they will all turn up!

Lacey Avatar

I don’t know that I’ve ever actually lost something, at least not in several years. I don’t carry much with me daily and I don’t travel much. My makeup collection is contained to just one corner. I’m more likely to have things shoved to the back of a drawer and I just forget about them until I do a re-organize binge or a shop-your-stash.

Nicole Avatar

Usuallly when I lose it it’s just like Christine-at home and I just misplace it and it will pop up. One time lost my eyelash curlers and that was like the end of the world,lol! I love Shu Uemera’s. So, I had to go buy a pair at the drugstore and reordered another pair. I found the original pair a couple days later in the drawer where I keep other stuff way in the back..ugh. Oh well, I eventually used them anyway because I replace them every 6 mos or so. The biggest loss for me was though when I was travelling once shortly after the 9/11 tragedy. My bags were searched and they searched and I had checked my cosmetics(never again). They left my makeup bag and the suitcase unzipped. Hence, I lost all kinds of stuff because they loaded onto the plane like that! I was furious. I wound up being able to make an insurance claim on it and replacing a lot of it with new stuff. But, it really but a stich in the start of the trip. I learned my lesson. If I fly, I only take just want I will need and multi-use Items.

patsyann Avatar

Oh my goodness, yes! I lost my brush roll with all my brushes inside. I had been on a trip and some how the brush roll never made it in my suitcase when I travelled home. Six months later, my roll was discovered in a linen closet in a friend’s house where I had been an overnight guest while on that trip. My friend had searched for the roll, of course, and no one knew how it ended up, safe and sound, in the linen closet. I bought a few inexpensive brushes as replacements and now I only ever travel with them. I never take my good brush roll out of the house now. Six months without my good brushes was a very frustrating six months.

Samantha Avatar

I lost one of my Maybelline Color Tattoos and a limited edition Wet n Wild palette one Halloween, luckily my mom found them the following spring when she cleaned the makeup room! This past Christmas I lost my Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, and I’m afraid it’s gone forever 🙁

Meghan Avatar

I lost MAC’s Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension eyeshadow in Lorelei! I used it for the first time one day last year and haven’t been able to find it since. It’s very annoying because I rarely lose things! It must’ve fallen in a garbage because there’s just no way it’s anywhere in my house 🙁

El Avatar

I’m sure I’ve lost lippies over the years, as that’s the one item I tend to carry around, but I can’t think of a specific instance so apparently none of them has been a favourite or LE shade!

And I did leave a Trish McEvoy concealer pen in a hotel room, when it was more than half full still. That was irritating, especially since it was so expensive. I liked it, but as it turned out, not enough to repurchase it.

Amanda Avatar

Lost a NARS lip lacquer for most of a year – friend borrowed it and couldn’t find it. Apparently she looked everywhere EXCEPT her makeup bag. Also mysteriously lost only the top cap to a Buxom lipstick mini. Didn’t have a good place to store it until I find the blasted thing so it’s been depotted.

kellly Avatar

Oh god, yes! Not totally lost, but often misplaced where I have to tear up all my stuff trying to find it! I TRY to sort things by color families but too frequently I just stuff something in somewhere and think I’ll remember to find it later, but oh, no. It drives me nuts!

Laura_Lou Avatar

I lost my Guerlain Mythic Meteorites powder about a year ago. I was devastated, because it was expensive and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Literally turned my whole flat upside down and it was nowhere to be seen. Randomly turned up about a month ago at the bottom of a storage cupboard in my spare room under a load of boxes. Have no idea how it got there but I was so happy to find it! I always kept it in its little velvety pouch so it was pretty much pristine 🙂

Christine George Avatar

I lost my Hourglass ambient light pallet. I still cannot find it to this day but I ran out and bought another one the second I realized it was gone. Hopefully one day I’ll find it and then I’ll have two!!

Stephanie Avatar

Twice in recent memory. One was a brand new tube of Chanel lipstick in Boy and had only been used once. It either fell out of my purse and onto the ground or inside my car, but I never found it. The other was Zoya polish in Giovanna. I had it in the bag it was purchased, which fell over while on the way home. Turned my car upside down looking for it but never found it.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Often. Funny you ask today. I couldn’t find a UD people.Neil liner in Smoke for weeks. Found it a half hour ago in my purse in a side pocket. Still searching a Laura Mercier lip balm. I have extra but like one at home, one in the handbag. Can’t find the handbag one. Plan to switch bags tomorrow. We will see.

Kelly Avatar

I don’t usually take makeup products with me anywhere, only lipsticks and/or lip glosses. And yes, I’ve lost them before. Either I usually find them in the dryer (ugh), between my seats in my Jeep, or in the cushions of the couch. Most of the time I don’t carry a purse; just a small hand-held “case”, that I keep my drivers license, credit cards, gum, insurance card, and lipstick.

Miekogirlie99 Avatar

I went thru a purge once & tossed a dior palette (don’t remember the collection but drew Barimore modeled for it) been regretting it since! As far as mistakenly losing something…I don’t think I have? Thanks goodness!!

Brenda P Avatar

Lost, yes. Eyeliners, lip balms constantly, a totally amazing and discontinued Too Faced lip balm in Watermelon (it was brand new at the time and I NEVER found it). And, stolen, yes. And then lied to about it, even after finding it in the thief’s room.

Rachel R. Avatar

I have, occasionally, but nothing terribly expensive. I do find most of my lost items – usually hidden in luggage, or a dressy purse or something like that. Lip balms are the worst for getting lost forever.

The absolute worst thing is to stuff a lip product in a pants pocket and forget about it, then wash and dry said pants. At least lip balm is usually clear, but lipstick over every single piece of laundry is not fun. Needless to say, I haven’t done that since I was a teenager.

Telesilla Avatar

I lost a couple of my nice big powder brushes recently and I was dead certain the cats had wandered off with them because they love playing with makeup brushes. Then, just as I was about to give in and replace them, I accidentally dropped one of my brushes outside the vase I keep them in and it dropped right between the Helmer and the wall. When I pulled back the Helmer, there were my other brushes and two eyeliners I didn’t even know were missing.

doroffee Avatar

There was a cheapie kind of eyeshadow palette, from which all the colors except one fell out… and that was the only color that was useful – it was a semi-pigmented matte brown, perfect for blending and my eyebrows. Now, it went missing. I could just guess my mom went into my room, saw that I head a weird looking 4-pan palette with only one shadow there, thought it was rubbish, and tossed it out.
The other times, they were just having a rest somewhere in my room… like I found a lipstick 3 years later in a bag that I really rarely use.

Katie Avatar

I only carry lip products and a powder in my purse, and I’ve never lost any of those. However, for my wedding, I brought all of my favorite makeup in a duffel, and left the venue without it because my bridesmaids were going to pack it up and give it to me the next day. Somehow, the bag never got put in a car and to this day, has not showed up. I am still completely baffled as to where it could have gone. The two things I was most sad about losing was my Naked and Chocolate bar palette, but those have been replaced.

L Avatar

I came back just this Saturday from a week out of town to find that my cat had made off with my shade & light double sided brush. It was wedged between the washer and dryer – luckily not under them where I never would have found it. He’s “killed” a beauty blender, too, when I’ve forgotten to put it away (I should know better – it’s the size and shape of his favorite toy mice!) Otherwise – luckily not yet! I’m really meticulous and organized in general so losing things gets right under my skin!

Quinctia Avatar

Lost my Jack Black at the airport once…I rarely NEED lip balm, but I had been getting over a cold, and I was so sad to not have my good lipbalm on that trip.

Aside from that, I generally don’t lose things permanently, but ONCE, I straight up accidentally threw a new eyeshadow away. It must’ve fallen from my desk into my wastebasket, and then it was gone, because I didn’t realize until after trash collection day. Was an UD single, too…luckily, I’d gotten it from ACW (old formula), so I was only out about $7. Also, luckily?, it was Woodstock, and I have other pink substitutes, so I’ve ended up not missing it.

Jazz Avatar

Yep. I most recently lost my BRAND NEW tube of Lash Sensational mascara … mind you that is the 2nd one I have lost. #FAIL. So glad its only 7 dollars. But still.

Amber Avatar

The last time I lost a lipstick I rebought it because it was a color I couldn’t live without. I found it the next week. I was so mad! Lol. At least it was only a Maybelline lipstick. I’m always losing eye brushes in my car from doing makeup in there. I’ll find them a few weeks later! lol

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