Have you ever had a pet or family member destroy your makeup?

Have you ever had a pet or family member destroy your makeup? Share your horror stories!

I’m lucky that Mellan has no interest in my makeup at all. My family knows not to muck around with my makeup, LOL! I had a friend once borrow an eyeshadow, and when she returned it, it smelled like cigarette smoke (she was a smoker). I had to toss it out, because it was so bad.

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Filed under “Reasons Why I Don’t Love My Little Sister” LOL. Just kidding, but I’ll never get over her turning my Lorac palette into dust 🙁

Not mine, but when I was about 5, in the late 80s, my mom had a huuuuuge Pupa palette with lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes… and somehow I found it and painted myself until I looked like Bozo. She always tells me this story with a broken heart! LOL

Not a pet or family member luckily, but last Christmas something did happen. I got Dior Nocturne lipstick as a gift. We had a family over for Christmas dinner that afternoon, and one of their kids messed with the lipstick, twisting it up then putting the lid on, and getting it all over their hands and smearing it around the bathroom. I was so upset! Luckily just the tip of the lipstick was damaged and it was still fine to use 🙂

Sure have…my son (when he was 3 yrs old) got into my makeup bag and pretty much sweared all of my favorite lipgloss around on the carpet and himself…of course turns out they had recently stopped making that lipgloss…grrrr…dont know if I will ever forgive him 😉

My 15 month old foster brother recently managed to grab my NARS bronzer off the coffee table and smash it on the ground. Not only did I lose my bronzer, but it took forever to get all the bits of product out of the carpet.

I ruined some myself accidentally! Back when I commuted to grad school during the week, I had placed my makeup kit on the roof of my car…. It hung in there for several hills and turns up to around 40 miles per hour, but the first big swooping turn and pflooof! off it flew… I turned around and went back to find it and dreaded estimating the damage…. only 2 or 3 things were broken (along with the kit’s hinge) but I was very lucky that was it!

My first Weimaraner, Chelsea, was obsessed with my Clinique Black Honey lipstick. The girls at the counter knew her name it happened so often. She would get it out of my zipped make up bag in my zipped purse. She took nothing else!

Not makeup, but my cat knocked my Marc Jacobs perfume off the counter and the bottle shattered. I was so upset because I had just bought it, too – $90 wasted 🙁

My niece dug her finger into one of my lipsticks when she was 3 (fortunately, it was a DS l/s), my cat Rocky knocked over my entire neutral/brown eyeshadow drawer when I was sorting makeup. Most of it was unharmed, but my beloved NARS Fez got shattered. And then there was the time my boyfriend knocked over my palette of depotted eyeshadows, spilling Urban Decay and MAC e/s all over the floor. Sigh….I swear, I should just live alone. 🙂

unfortunatlly.. my dog ate some lipsticks some years ago and i get pretty much angry at her..since then i always storage my makeup bag way higher than her!! but she used to do some annoying things, like eating my crayons, chew some school’s notebooks, eating socks..but sometimes she is a mess, like today i arrived home and my bedroom’s garbage can trash was all over the place, and she is almost 10 years old!! i guess she will never learn… (btw, now i have a cat and he loooves to chew and eat plastic bags!! oh god…)

Hell yeah! My dog, Roscoe, loves pencils and lipgloss. I don’t know what it is but he can’t resist them. He looks through my make-up drawers (DON’T ASK HOW HE OPENS THEM) and takes out the things he likes I guess. I am totally ready for parenthood…because I managed not to kill him.

Yes, a handful of times. My 2 year old destroyed my Venomous Villains mineralized eye shadow (the blue and green one, can’t remember the name), Lorac After Party, Revlon Lip Butter, and some drugstore lipsticks. I have since then put locks on my makeup drawers and keep all my expensive cosmetics out of her reach. Oh I forgot one, she went in my nail polish drawer and grabbed 2 out at one time and flung them across my creme colored carpet, one of the colors just had to be a bright cherry red. The bottle broke and went all over my carpet. Now I have a nice little stain in my carpet to forever remind me of that day…lol.

When my dog was a puppy she was very klepto and she stole my mac humid eyeshadow.. she dug into it and looked all innocent afterward..well she couldnt deny she did it because her paws we all green! She also liked to steal my mom’s eyeliners and my toe separators, cuticle sticks, nail files etc. As an adult she just occasionally steals nail files and cuticle sticks and chomps on them.

Yes! I totally forgot about this one. My dog loves the nail files, too! He thinks they are chew toys. He also loves pens, pencils, markers, etc. The weirdo.

Oh these stories are scaring me 🙂 It reminds me I have to find a more suitable place for my make up. Maybe I’ll spend some time on that this weekend.

Yes. My spouse dropped my eyeshadow bag while he was vacuuming and two of my eyeshadows broke off the pans. I can’t really complain though…he does most of the vacuuming around our apartment =).

My son who was about 1-1/2 at the time was playing alone and very quietly – too quietly. He had gotten into my NARS Copacabana Multiple and applied it all over his face, hands, arms, legs and feet. He shone like a disco ball! It was so funny, I could hardly be mad. It’s still usable as he only got into about a half inch of it.

At 2 yrs and 4 months, he now knows he’s got to ask. But, I’ve set aside some drawers just for him that have cheap brushes, empty palettes and sponges for him to play with, should he get the urge.

My now deceased beloved Yorkie once got a hold of one of my lip pencils. She was starting to gnaw on it just before I was able to wrestle it away from her. That lip pencil is now a keepsake. I smile every time I look at the little teeth marks that she made left in it. 🙂

Yes, when my daughter was probably three going on four, she had a thing for sucking down my lipgloss tubes because I guess she liked the way they tasted so I always had to make sure that those were well hidden! Then one day she found her way into my make-up bag in my purse and decided to take a bite out of a brand new Lancome lipstick I had in there, which she then put the cap back on to try and hide the evidence on lol…Kids..I was mad but what are you going to do, good thing I had recently watched a Michele Phan tutorial on how to fix messed up lip sticks so I was able to manipulate the shape of it and pop it in the fridge for a bit to set back up and all was well..she never did it again!

My dog, Max, managed to take my beloved go to liner, MAC’s Coffee pencil, out of my purse. There was nothing left but a bunch of wood shavings after he was through with it. I was so upset. But I got Teddy as a replacement. 🙂

No pets or family members have ever destroyed my makeup but I stepped on my own tarte true blood palette a couple months ago and had to buy a new one 🙁 lol luckily it was on sale !

My young sister was destroyed my Lancome lipstick and Mac powder yesterday TT.TT , I’m trying to forgive her and forget about that but now U make me remmember againd =))

My brother smashed my powder accidently when we were on holiday, it was so hot and my makeup kept smearing because of the heat. I was so mad that I had no powder to blot the shine away, had to walk around with a shiny face even to a wedding :/

If I drop something on the floor, my beagles are ready to grab and run! I’ve lost many of brushes, glosses and lippies to my k-9 sons..

Little sissy! I have 2 younger sisters. The last one is one neat lady, but the older one was a tomboy. She was the last in the group of girls to venture into heels and makeup. Within the 21 yrs of her life she’s ruined or broken numerous eyeshadow, lipstick, blushes, shoes, sunglasses, leather jacket, dresses, and the list still goes on. Both of the girls also broke into my mom’s vanity when they were 3 & 5 respectively, came down the stairs looking proud with eyeshadows reaching their forehead and lipstick around the outside of their mouth.

My dog and 2 cats “barely” destroyed anything but furnitures, drapes, heels, earphones, and adaptor cables.

Not really destroy but Hana my little kitty, she loves to take one of my make up downstairs!! We found each morning such as Eye Shadow (the little one) or my brush or Lip Balm etc. She loves to jump over my dresser where I left all my make up there. Anyway We think it’s cute!! and it’s kind a fun to see things downstairs.

I do have a few claw marks in a couple of eyeshadows from my cat Louis. Somehow they’re still in one piece but just have the indentations in them. He also has his own kabuki brush, which I let him have cos he wouldn’t stop stealing and chewing it!

My name is Ioana and i’m from Romania. Altough i don’t comment a lot and I can’t afford the products you are reviewing I watch you all the time on Youtube and on your blog. I think that you are amazing at what you are doing, you can always find the best quality on the videos and photos. Don’t let the haters get to you because most people find you very helpfull for geting a honest opinion on a product and many others like me live trough your videos. I can’t afford to buy any of the makeup you review because for example a MAC lipstick is one tenth of my income and a MAC foundation is one fifth of the income so you can imagine i can’t buy them. Not to mention other brands like Channel,Dior or such. I always watch makeup videos on Youtube and dream of having that kind of products. I think I know all the products out there even though i haven’t seem them elsewhere.
Keep on doing the great job that you do and don’t mind the haters think about your fans!
P.S. Sorry if my writing has mistakes,please.

Thank you so much, Ioana! I really appreciate your kind words!

Do you have some favorite budget-friendly makeup gems that you’ve discovered that I should check out?

Yes but i don’t know if you cand find them. Afordable brands that have good products are Flormar and Farmasi, most of my products are from this brands. I know after researching on Romanian blogs wich products are worth buying and what suits me best. For example, Farmasi Stay Matte Foundatin is comparable with Revlon Colorstay.

My 14 week old King Charles Spaniel, Monty, destroyed a 4-way nail buffer once but I’m too careful with my makeup for him to have gotten at it. But now that he’s teething I’ll have to be extra vigilant!

i have locks on my makeup cases but never had to use them till lately. my cats have stolen things if they’re laying around but they never damage anything.

my nephew, however, does like to try to put makeup on himself or just color things with my eyeliners! so i always lock my cases now.

My cat is obsessed with makeup brushes. So much so that he remembered quite a few years later than I used to keep them in a particular drawer. When he saw me open it, he came running, ready to grab one. He was very disappointed that they were no longer in there. He likes to grab them by the bristles and fling them, getting them nice and slobbery. Needless to say I keep them far, far away from him.

That’s terrible, Christine! D: I can’t stand the thought of throwing any makeup out… I swear I have an addiction! Sometimes when I’m applying my makeup, my cat desides he wants to jump up on my counter and see what I’m doing. That’s usually fine, until he knocks over one of my eyeshadows or blushes. >.<

my cat chewed a few of my lip pencils when he was a kitten, but now he doesnt care for my makeup apart from when he sits on my dressing table and knocks over random makeup items on the table.
My little brother has been the most destructive to my makeup, my very first mac palette, he had gotten a pencil and he decided to engrave a line in my mac pro pans, and then less than a month ago he knocked over my browns palette, and like 60% of my shadows had crumbled into powder on the floor 🙁

I’ve told you the story about my pooch eating that tube of strawberry gloss, which is the only product he’s ever actually destroyed. Good thing it was only a cheapy gloss that I didn’t use, and thankfully he didn’t get sick off it. He’s a stinker and occasionally tries to steal a lip balm tube off a table if he can reach it, but hasn’t chewed up anything since. Now, he’ll just put them in his mouth and run around like “look what I got, mom!” “Do I get what I want now, do I, do I, do I?!” Haha.

I haven’t had anyone really ruin a product, per se… I don’t really mind sharing makeup; if people ask and if it can be sanitized then I’m ok with it. I got some new products once, though, and one of the products was a mascara. My friend was looking at my new products, and she opened the mascara, and then ran it through her arm hairs like multiple times! OMG. I didn’t say anything, but I was pissed. I tossed it immediately after she left. I’ve also had my mom before use my mascara, not ask, and not tell me. I also can’t stand when people use something and grind the brush in just wasting product.

Oh, also, Christine…I was watching a YT vid tag about the 5 products you’d cry over if they were discontinued, and I would love to know what your 5 products would be! Might be a fun Temptalia Asks You Q even!

When my daughter was about 3 she took lipstick that was on my desk and used it, then put the cap on without screwing it back down. Now she is 13 and just starting to use makeup herself.

A few years ago when my dog was still a puppy, she would destroy my chapsticks and Victoria’s Secret glosses. I would get so mad at her, but mostly myself for leaving them in a spot she could easily access. Since I’ve begun buying higher-end brands, all makeup is out of reach! All those MAC lipsticks and lip glosses smell too irresistable to my dog! Lol and I would be crushed if she were to eat one 🙁

Yes! I have many animal related casualties

My cat Luna once jumped on the bathroom counter and kicked my face powder into the litter box. Product side down.

Morrie the cat has knocked numerous nail polish bottles onto the floor, breaking some of them. He is why I have backup bottles of my favorite RBL polishes.

My 3 year old daughter watches me get ready every morning. So when the new hard to find (@ the time) Naked Palette came out I was so careful with it. She somehow got her little hands on it and not only had she stepped on the package and cracked the mirror, she had also taken the wrong end of an eyeshadow brush and dug into the shadow…

Nope – I was the baby of the family so no one messed with my makeup growing up. I had a few roommates that were greedy and used more of mine than their fair share to call it trial/borrow. No pet issues with my cosmetics. Just had one pet growing up that ate all the Girl Scout Cookies – cases and cases of them – mom was Cookie Chairman – it was a mess and we were super poor and could not afford to buy them all. This was pre the days that you placed your cookie orders ahead of time, but the girls upped for how many they promised to take and sell of each kind.

Then had a dog eat the sides off all my HUGE LP collection. Later on he at the back of my sis’s couch when he went to live with her for a time while I worked on my PhD.

Christine, thanks for posting this question, i cant get enough of animal humor stories!!! Especially cats.. They seem to be klepto ninjas lol

My sister wrecked one of my lipsticks. The rest of the time It’s just me being a clutz. I’ve dropped so many pressed powders and eyeshadows over the years…

Famly and friends stay out of my make-up and being OCD about germs NOBODY touches my make-up. My dogs have never got into my make-up because I keep it put up.

*I* am the one who destroys my make-up. It’s always a gloss or lipstick. Mostly lipsticks because I always keep a lip product in my pocket at all times. I’ll forget it’s in my pocket and I’ll wash and dry my clothing. I have ruined many a lipstick and clothing 🙁

Only once, my mother opened the cupboard and caught the edge of my makeup case, dropping the entire thing on the floor. Luckily, the only thing that broke was one or two drugstore eyeshadow. Amazingly, all the expensive stuff was okay. The bigger issue I have is that my sister and mother will “borrow” things indefinitely. Lipsticks, concealers, and blushes disappear on a regular basis. I have a couple of items I just gave up and finally told them to keep because they disappeared with such frequency. 😛

My son is 9 months old and is really into doggedly going after & hanging onto whatever you don’t want him to get! He loves sucking my blush brush & recently dug his fingers into one of my MAC Msfs & dragged them across it. Poor Perfect Topping!

My dogs aren’t interested in my makeup at all so I’m lucky BUT I had a dog growing up that used to love to eat lipstick and body lotion. He was a poodle and one day we caught him eating my grandma’s red lipstick! He had lipstick all over his face and paws! I wish we had pictures of that! And then he used to steal the Vaseline Intensive care body lotion and break open the plastic bottle to eat the lotion! We caught him doing that a couple of times. He passed away when he was 14, and those are the messy but funny times we remember about him!

I’ve lost a number of items to my pups – bassets apparently love lip products. They usually get ahold of lip balms – those are about the only things I leave laying around accidentally. The rest of my collection gets safely locked in a giant train case or the bathroom vanity.

Not destroy – but I had a roommate who took my shimmer brick and a a couple lipglosses without asking, used up the entire shimmer brick and lied to me and said she’d had it for ages. I actually had to go into her room and take back the glosses. I wasn’t about to fight about the brick but I know 100% that it was mine. (She also would go into my closet when I wasn’t home and wear my clothes – her picture on facebook show her in my clothes)

My brother’s dog chewed some of my makeup. He was a little puppy then and honestly I thought my going out makeup bag was not in his reach. (this was after he had chewed my flip flops)
he chewed a couple of my urban decay lip glosses

YES! A few times now. We don’t have a lot of space so I pretty much put it in our bathroom and we put all sorts of other things there (lotions, showercaps, etc.) First, they broke a MAC mineralized eyeshadow, broke my Stila blush then they broke one of my MAC holiday eyeshadows that I’ve only used ONCE. I was so upset because those are mostly LE items!

Luckily, they all know not to mess with my makeup–especially the higher end ones. My friends love to look and ogle at the packaging but they don’t really use it or borrow it because they all know how much I’ve invested in my collection.

When my now 5 year old daughter was about 2, she got into some of my eyeshadows and dug her fingers in them. Luckily, they were just some drugstore products (and salvageable)…

Now, whenever I buy a new product, or play around with new combos, and I do hand swatches, she has to have them, too. I think she loves makeup more than I do, if possible! Last Friday, a Sephora opened in our local mall (we have one in JCP, as well), and she was actually counting down the days until opening, and even marked it down on her calendar!

Christine- as for your friend returning your eyeshadow smelling of smoke, she must have been seriously chain smoking, with the lid open, blowing smoke directly on it, in an enclosed space. I smoke, and none of my makeup smells of smoke, so merely being a smoker is not the culprit.

She had the eyeshadow for a couple of months (we were not nearby each other) – not just an hour or two for sure. I’m extremely sensitive to smoke, though, so that could have contributed to it as well.

My dog used to have a habit of eating all of my lip glosses and now my kitten seems to have an obsession with stealing my lip gloss or anyones lip balms that she comes across around the house..What she does with them we do not know as they usually vanish, sometimes you will find one under the stove or under a heater. Every time she is in my bathroom with me she goes head first into the tampon box, takes one and walks away. She is such a goof but I am kind of tired of having to replace my lip gloss! Must be be something about the shape of those things that she likes.

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