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mine too! lol!
I just just goint to write this when I saw your comment!
I believe puppies find Beauty Blender very tasty! lol

Yes! It was years ago, when my cat was still a kitten, just a few months old. I used to collect Too Faced Quickie Chronicles – palettes that contained both powder products and 4 liptiscks – and he jumped on the table, landing right on a pan of lipstick :/. His paw got imprinted in there!

i have a question please. What is the name of the lipstick you wear a lot? It is by EstΓ©e Lauder and it is the high luster lipstick. A nude-pink color?

Probably! But nothing jumps out at me as “destroyed”. Definitely lost, though! For awhile there several years back, things would go missing. Eye pencil sharpeners, eyeshadow singles, lip balms. When I moved to Scottsdale 3 1/2 years ago, and the guys were lifting out my mattress and box spring, there was my stuff!!! Pookie had been creating her own stash! LOL?

My dog grabbed my brand new Beauty Blender and destroyed it. Apparently he thought it was HIS new chew toy. He’s also ate one of my EOS lip balms, they shouldn’t smell so good!

My cats have eaten two beauty blenders. Have to hide it on top of a cabinet where it can dry properly but they can’t reach it.

Nope, not a pet but when my daughter was about 3, she got hold of an Estee Lauder cream/waterproof blush of mine in BRIGHT PINK and dug into it and smeared it all over her face. It took AGES to get it off (this was back in the day before stuff like Cleanse Off Oil, or at least before I ever owned anything like that) and I just worked away with soap, water and a face cloth. What a mess.

I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head, but I want to say yes just to be sure, ha ha. I’m sure my dog chewed on at least one lip gloss in her day.

The cats do love to knock things over, of course. The younger one climbs all over the place with no regard to what’s falling behind her, whether it’s pencils or a bottle of remover. The older one is cuddly, so if I have makeup in front of me, she has to interrupt to sit on it. And my makeup brushes get covered in their hair ?

It’s funny you should ask. Just last night my cat thought it would be a great idea to knock my Prada candy rollerball on to my travertine bathroom floors. What a mess I had to clean up at 10:30 at night. Ugh. I generally don’t leave anything out because I know cats do these kinds of things. But I had no place to put my 3 (now 2) rollerball perfumes as I took them out of the stand up cubby to put new glosses I got in. They were far back on my vanity so he had to tap them probably about a footer more before it fell off.

Hmmm… I wasn’t really into makeup when I had pets so no (Not that they didn’t do other things lol). If I still had my cat, I am pretty sure I would have to hide EVERYTHING from him. His favorite game was to make anything on a table fall down… his interest in my brush would also be high and wild lol.

When my labradoodle was a puppy, she chewed up a concealer and a beauty blender. I couldn’t be mad because she was (and is still 4 years later) too adorable!

Yes! Many years ago, when my cat Bonnie was just a kitten, she managed to knock a bagful of my nail polishes off the top of a wardrobe. When I looked inside, I found my favourite purple nail polish was shattered. Worse still, when I went to replace it, I found it had been discontinued πŸ™

No, though I’ve lost shoes and a small couch to one, lol! Neither of mine care for makeup, I don’t think they like the smell of any of it and they can’t get to most of it since I store in in drawers in the bathroom.

No, and I have had some very naughty cats (with claws). They’ve had multiple opportunities to wreak havoc, but never have (fingers crossed). The biggest problem has been finding what has gone missing. And, I have found things anywhere and everywhere. Little devils. πŸ™‚

Yes! My husband and I were actually just talking about this yesterday. My Pitbull Rottweiler is about 7 now but when we first adopted him he was 6 months old. We were out for the day and when we came back he had busted out of his crate and jumped into my makeup counter. He chewed up many things like a limited edition Josie Maran My Favorite Colors (?) palette. I was so crushed! But he’s just a little baby dog πŸ™‚ oh and also in that same run of havoc he also pooped on our bed, stepped in it, and walked all over our room :)))))

I found one of my cats laying on my new brushes a few days ago, lol. They like to swat at my brushes and lipsticks while I’m putting on my makeup in the morning. They haven’t damaged anything…yet.

I’ve caught my pup chewing on my brushes; I had been doing my makeup on my bed, and he was sitting next to me. I left him there when I got up to grab something. I’ve never snatched something so quickly in my life!

Yes and still hurts lol! the victim a limited edition Diorific lipstick that sold out and can’t replace. I legt it on my coffee table while I went to another part of the house and when I returned my little girl Lucy had managed to chew the tube opened and had eaten the entire bullet ? and lipstick smeread all over her face. Sad day.

A couple times Rasputin (cat) has jumped onto the counter and knocked stuff off, but only once did a piece break from him batting it and it was just the lid of the compact.

I have a wood and metal infant gate (Doggie gate) to my walk-in and makeup station rooms, so no. I actually leave it open mostly, and my small JRT usually pops her head in to say ‘hi’ while I am doing my makeup; sometimes curls up on my lap. The rest do not bother and leave me to Momma dog time.

I’ve never had a product damaged, destroyed, or mysteriously disappear because of a pet. That’s because I put things away and don’t leave them sitting out on a vanity, etc. It seems that whenever I read that someone’s pet gets after their brushes and cosmetics, it is because they keep things out on display. It’s such an easily avoided problem: If you have a curious pet, put things away.

None of my animals (good boys, Gus and Monster! Good girl, Onyxia!) but one of my sister’s cats, Zelda, loves makeup brushes and WILL steal them. Her favorites to go for seem to be EcoTools blush brushes. At least she has quality and inexpensive taste! πŸ˜‰

My cat destroys beauty blenders if she can. When I bought my first one, I just left it on the counter. My cat decided it’s a good toy, so one day I came home and found shredded pieces of a beauty blender. Now I keep beauty blenders out of her sight.
Also, she loves pulling natural hair brushes from my make-up brush holder (she can only get the small eyeshadow ones). After several washes she doesn’t seem that attracted to them… but fresh natural hair brushes… it’s something that `turns her on`.
If I leave `playable` product around (like lipsticks), she will sometimes play with them, but didn’t destroyed anything in a tube; just moved it around the house.

Nope! Before I had my dog Hamilton, I owned parakeets and they hated leaving their cages so they never got into anything other than their food dishes and treat sticks. Hamilton just turned one so he’s trying to test some limits, but from his puppyhood, I’ve trained him to know that my bathroom is off limits (treats and praise for him holding a sit-stay in front of the door, correctional short collar tug for trying to approach). So far, he knows better than to get in there, much less try and play with my things! Ever since I first discovered that he could take things from the laundry basket, and subsequently chew holes into my good underwear, I’ve taught him to not only leave spaces alone but to leave things alone unless they’re designated for him!

all my organic/natural stuff would disappear when we had a chicken farm. Apparently, my husband used soaps, shampoos/conditioners, lotions, hair gels, nail polish (to mark/differentiate baby chicks), lip balms, nice fluffy towels, and my hair dryer on our chickens, especially when he was prepping them for shows. And they did get Best in Show, cause they used only the best and most expensive organic stuff of mine πŸ™‚

Awww, Mellan! None of my dogs have ever destroyed any of my cosmetics tho I did have one dog who would hide them in his crate. Whenever I pulled the mat out to wash it, I would find a bunch of eye pencils, sharpeners and lipsticks, small stuff.

Yes! Marbles my cat LOVES manicure implements. She steals nail files, loves to “help” when I clip my nails, pedicure toe-nail separators are especially fun to play with and to chew!

I have a 23 pound kitty, named Prince. And that boy LOVES to steal makeup!

My family always jokes that they’ll hear a thump and then hear me chasing the cat down the stairs trying to get a makeup brush or hair tie out of his mouth!

Thankfully he’s never DESTROYED anything. But some brushes have teeth marks!

I also have owned 4 bunnies, and fostered 3 others. And thankfully those lil buns have never broken anything either!!!

No beauty sponge is safe from my cat Leo, he loves the bounce and roll of them. I have to be very careful how I store my sponges so i bought a wire basket to pop them into after using so they could dry safely out of reach.
When my dog, Rhett, was still alive he was big enough to put his snout on top my dressing table. He knocked some things to the floor but nothing broke and I was right there. After I saw he could do that I began to be sure everything was put in drawers when I was finished. Not so much because I was worried about losing products but because I was worried he would get sick if he ingested something not meant for dog bellies. πŸ™ (This is a dog who ate an entire loaf of bread and about two pounds of sausage that he snagged off the kitchen counter…)

Oops, my first comment posted in the wrong place. My bad. ?
My comment here was supposed to be about the size of your cat! Leo is 17 pounds, by far the largest cat I’ve ever owned, and he is all muscle. I think a 23 pound cat would be awesome!?

Elroy no but my sisters dog would go for my clothes, sunglasses, perfume, and occasionally makeup. Anything that smelled like me, he wanted to have.

Weedgie’s knocked over bottles but never ruined anything. She spilled a perfume with a stopper though.

I had a friends pug break into my purse and chewed through my makeup bag and ate my lip colors. You can imagine how pretty HE was…lol

Like many here, I had a beauty blender become victim to my Boston terrier. I left it on the counter to dry and unfortunately it just looks like a dog toy! And once when she was a puppy I left a tube of Mac lip conditioner on my nightstand and she chewed that up. Can’t blame her, it smelled like icing! ?

My son wearing his full body pj climbing up the stairs saying ‘sleep! ‘sleep! what I though he meant anyways. I went upstairs to check in the naughty guy to find out what he meant must have been ‘lip’ he had made a beautiful drawing with my hot pink Elizabeth Arden lipstick! Lol! My daughter screamed once while I applied lipstick ‘make’ ‘maki’ I had no idea what she meant and then she approached to me to hand her my makeup bag. Awww the memories! How can anyone can get angry with these innocent babies. A toy Papillon I had would steal shoes from inside my house of course, she was a girl. So flirty and smart do I miss her! My tat terrier Mickey he took care of things in the backyard don’t leave anything cotton outside! Lol!
I do keep my makeup away from pets hair. Yuck! Love them but not on my face.

No, we don’t have a pet, but I have had my kids, when they were little, get into my makeup. My son, when he was about 2 lipsticked his legs……
And my grand daughter Olivia was discovered sitting in our bath tub applying some eye shadows to her face.

My cat has destroyed 2 beauty blenders. He would jump on my dresser and carry them off to his favorite chair and rip them into chunks

My Rottweiler has always casually chewed random things that are left on the floor. He’s almost 5 now and has demolished his fair share of chapsticks, lip balms and lipsticks. I think his favorite is the lip quench balm from Dermstore. I don’t blame him, they’re mine too! He chewed up one shoe ever – when he was about 10 weeks old. Fortunately for shoes, bags and makeup, his absolute favorite chewies are our son’s wrestling action figures! Jake’s 15 now, but Porter has, over the years, chewed the heads and legs off every one of them!

OMG! If I make the mistake of leaving my favorite lippies out they were considered fair game when my dogs where puppies. They were especially fond of Givenchy lipsticks in the nice leather and metal cases. So much entertainment !

Yes. When I was in undergrad I had a part-time job at Starbucks. I saved up and bought a MAC 275. My mom’s dog found it and destroyed it within two weeks of buying it. I could not replace it for a month or so. It was so disappointing! Of course I was never angry with the dog.

Yes, I had a basset hound named Edsel who would chew expensive makeup brushes and expensive shoes!

Ahhh yes…one of those Eos round flavored lip balms, summerfruit I believe. My dog used to watch me everytime I used it. She managed to get it off the counter and twist the bugger open. She ate about half of the sphere before I caught her. I had to laugh, that takes a skillfull pooch to twist it open and not just crush it. Such a girlie girl haha. Just goes to show, where there is a Weimaraner there is a way!!! So, lesson learned and I keep all flavored balms out of reach of my dogs. Also, had a black cat back in the day that knocked a full container of loose white holographic glitter onto my carpet and then proceeded to roll in it. He looked like a furry disco ball. I bet there’s still glitter in that house!

I had a puppy who ate my purple powder brush. I also had another that grabbed a loose powder container and was running around with it in his mouth, powdering the room. But we love them anyway.

My daughter’s dog grabbed a bottle of nail polish base coat that I had dropped and the next thing I knew he was rubbing his muzzle all over my carpet. I picked up the bottle (it was plastic) there was a very small puncture hole in it and he must have got a little on his tongue. I never attempt to try and do any nail painting while I’m dog sitting any more. He didn’t have any adverse reaction to his mishap but I am very careful when he is visiting and the house is Berkley proofed now.

Makeup sponges are the favourite toys of my cats! Also, mt nr. 4 peed on my stash last year, but only the lipstick drawer was hit and I cleaned the tubes with wet towels while using a lot of foul language! Now I keep everything in a closed cabinet.

My cats are obsessed with blending sponges (teethmarks to prove it!) and my dogs once got a whole bag of pencil eyeliners out from my vanity and chewed them into splinters… my younger cat loves to bat around anything that falls on the floor so if I drop a lid or cap from something I have to race to get it before he runs off with it. He has also jumped onto my vanity to get onto the high shelf above it, luckily I caught him before he caused a major avalanche of makeup! Wouldn’t trade it for anything, pets are awesome!

Years ago, my puppers Dakota, a most inquisitive Lab, was at home by himself and got into my makeup bag which had most everything I had in the way of makeup at the time. Dakota got into the bag, which stupidly I’d left within his reach, and he had lipstick, purple and blue eyeshadow, powder and blush all over his white fur!!
Totally my fault and I couldn’t get mad at him – plus he looked so cute and was totally colorful!!!

My cheagle Carlos has destroyed the brush from my urban decay Naked 2 palette, and has destroyed countless tubes of Aquaphor lip repair….It’s NON SCENTED and he goes out of his way to steal it! I have to hide it in a little make up bag on my end table.

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