Have you ever had a makeup-related dream?

Have you ever had a makeup-related dream? Share!

I regularly dream about writing posts for the blog–and I get irritated that I can’t remember much of what I wrote when I wake up! I’ve also had nightmares about some MAC launches, haha.

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Yes, so regularly! I often dream about products I don’t actually have and I get pretty confused when I look for them to use them when I’m awake. Most recently, I dreamt about the Benefit Hoola Bronzer and KVD Shade & Light Eye Palette.

I rarely remember my dreams, but yeah I’m sure I have. Something I remember dreaming of is that I’m late and in a hurry I totally mess up my eyeliner, so I either have to remove all my makeup and be very, very late, or go out in public looking like a mess…

Awhile back I had a nightmare that I married a man, who once we were actually wed, made me get rid of ALL my makeup except mascara, brow powder, foundation and ONE lipstick!!!!! I woke up all freaked out!

Same here. Because to me, it meant that I still don’t trust other men to be totally different than my ex, who despite everything, never had a problem with my makeup, except he DID put a stop to HE stuff once we had our son.

The night before last I dreamed I was at the mall and needed to buy a new Beauty Blender. I kept walking around trying to find Sephora, but I just couldn’t. It was the same mall I always go to, and the Nordstrom was the same (except for not having Beauty Blenders), but the rest of the mall was weird and I kept getting more and more stressed out because I couldn’t find Sephora. Eventually, I couldn’t find my way back to Nordstrom so I got stressed out that I couldn’t leave, because I guess Nordstrom had the only exit in the entire mall and that was how I came in. Aaaaand then I woke up.

I think I’ve had a few others, but this one sticks out in my mind because it’s so recent.

Yes way too often! I don’t know why but atleast four times I’ve dreamt that Kat Von D beauty was finally sold in Sweden, and I’m always disappointed when I wake up and reaize it was a dream haha.

A few weeks ago, my husband asked me what I’d been dreaming about because I had been smiling in my sleep. I was dreaming that I was in a huge store filled with makeup and I was buying anything and everything that caught my eye! Ahhhh… if only I could dream such things every night! So, yes, I’ve had makeup related dreams a few times and, so far, they’ve all been quite pleasant. =)

yes, often. i dream i’m in a huge make-up shop w a lot of known and unknown brands and there are very small prices and i tried them all on and i even get gifts. lol, heaven. still, they got a weird bleak vibe about them…and in the end i lose them or teleport to another place.

a few times i dreamt about putting it on guys ๐Ÿ˜€

Yeahh .. It happened to me once and it was a nightmare. I got a new brush set and was very excited to have it. It was a week later I had this dream. I had to go out somewhere and was getting ready. I took out my makeup brush roll-up bag, unrolled it like usual and BOOM! My heart was in my mouth. All the bristles from the brushes were loose. I started crying , my heart was thumping like a series of earthquakes inside of my chest. I woke up and sat. I was still not in my senses and not sure if it was a nightmare or if it was real. I stood up and ran to my dressing table and grabbed and opened the brush roll-up pouch. There they were, my brushes, lying calmly. Nothing had happened to them.. I was in peace and went back to sleep.

Hoo boy. I had an absolutely terrifying nightmare where I accidentally left my makeup bag in a school restroom and when I went back to retrieve it, it was gone!! Ngl I woke up sweaty.

I have totally dreamt about makeup I wanted to try on several occasions. lol One of them was me having a deep discussion on mac paint pots with someone else. It was hilarious! I woke up like man I really need to get that one in painterly.

Yup, I once dreamed I missed out on an eyeshadow palette filled with my two favorite colors (that I completely invented, it never existed)

The dream was so vivid and realistic that when I woke up I actually googled the item to see when it came out.

Haha, yes!

I dreamed that MAC came out with a Conan O’Brien lipglass. It was a gold gloss with this beautiful orange sparkle. The cap was white and the tube had his signature in silver just like the Viva Glam glosses. I woke up really disappointed that tit wasn’t real.

A lot! Last night I dreamed that I walked to a thrift store and found a set of 125 still-bagged makeup brushes.

Interesting timing. Just two nights ago I had this dream that I’d put on some kind of bright blue cream eyeshadow–like a Color Tattoo–on. I didn’t like it and I kept trying to remove it but it kept getting brighter and it was all over my whole eyelid and would not go away. On top of it all, my partner was all impatient because we had to be somewhere but I simply could not get this stuff off. Ironically, I’m the one who gets all weird if we don’t leave on time; she’s really mellow about it.

Yes, I’ve had a few dreams where I bought or won a crazy amount of stuff, stuff that I could never afford in real life or stuff that’s discontinued/limited or whatever. I’m always SO frickin’ disappointed when I wake up!

Hmm, not directly…. I’ve had nightmares I forgotten to pack thing for my cosplays, like the body paint! I’ve also had dreams about going to IMATS Toronto weeks before the show and wakeup wanting to be there. lol

I’ve had a few I don’t remember well, but they were more like anxiety dreams prior to a launch or something where all my makeup melts in a heatwave or something.

Yes, I had one a few weeks ago. It was at the spa I retired from, and I was stocking the Graham Webb, Redken, and Bedhead makeup displays at work. It was really weird because Redken hasn’t made cosmetics since L’O’real bought them out years ago, Graham Webb hasn’t made Bibo in years, and I head Unilever just sold Bedhead and that the cosmetic line is not going to continue. I woke up as I was opening a box of Sebastian Trucco cosmetics. I was bummed that I couldn’t finish unloading that box, Trucco was such a great line. It reminded me of the Calvin Klein original cosmetic line. Really gorgeous colors, great seasonal collections, and some of the best formulas, textures, and just great quality products. Redken made great products, Bedhead had great products until they sold out, and Bibo made good foundations and powders. I guess L’Oreal already has enough cosmetic lines, they didn’t need anymore, but Bibo just stopped, they didn’t sell out, they just got out of the market. Bedhead had great eye shadows, good foundations, just a limited color selection, good lip products, and nice collections of LE items for the seasons and trends. It was a fun dream. Too bad my Dachshunds have bladders the size of a peanut. If they hadn’t woken me to go out, I could have played more.

More often than I would like to admit. Mostly about stuff that I’ve been lemming for ages. But it is quite useful actually; if I get to the point that I find myself dream about something, I know it is worth purchasing ๐Ÿ™‚

Ugh, yes. Ever since moving to Japan, I’ll occasionally have dreams where I’m shopping at a Sephora. I can’t wait to get back to the states!

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