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I’m very lucky that nobody has forbid me to wear it, but certainly there are looks that are more or less appealing. For instance, I know my dad isn’t keen on makeup/nails (especially red nails!), but I take it in jest rather than mean-spirited. If someone had a serious problem with it, I would try to explain how it makes me happy and I enjoy it.

— Christine

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If I ever tell my mom about new products that I’ve gotten or about a new look that I’ve tried she always rolls her eyes and says I should focus more on finding a man than on thinking about makeup. Which maybe is true, but I don’t really care.

Tell her it’s an investment toward men. It’s an assumption about makeup that I don’t necessarily approve of but maybe you’ll get less flak.

My mom doesn’t like the “weird” makeup I do, aka anything other than red/pink nail polish, pink blush, or any bright colored eyeshadow, but that’s just her personal taste…she doesn’t “forbid” me.

My dad has a problem with my make-up habit, in a sense he does not understand why I buy it, why I blog about it, why it is so important to me etc. He is not disapproving of me wearing it though. I know if I am going to dinner with him, I better not wear a bright neon lipstick because he’ll say I remind him of a clown.

my boyfriend is very similar. a few weeks ago, he was like,”aren’t you getting a little obsessed?” This coming from the man with $30,000 worth of tools in the garage to work on cars. His excuse is that cars have “a purpose” lol.

OMG I hate that! My husband is the same way with his autograph and sports card collection- he calls that an “investment” and says it’s going up in value while he spends tens of thousands on it! Men just do not get it LOL

My mom doesn’t really have a problem with it, but she thinks that I have a problem because of how much makeup I own. She constantly tells me I have “enough” and that I need to stop buying new things. She’s also not a huge fan of me wearing a lot black near my eyes. I don’t live with or near her anymore so I just ignore her when it comes up since it isn’t a frequent thing. /shrug

I know my parents aren’t really fond of the fact that I wear practically every color of the rainbow on my nails except for reds, but it’s more in a head shake “I don’t get it” kind of way. They know it’s removable and they know I’ll wear an “appropriate” color if the occasion calls for it so they let it be.

My dad also occasionally raises an eyebrow at some of the brighter shades I wear on the weekend, but again it’s more “I don’t get it” than “don’t ever wear that.”

I consider myself lucky πŸ™‚

My dad hates it. Won’t hear any of the happiness explanation. My mom is sometimes annoyed but also impressed. My younger sister is scared of yet fascinated by it xD

My mom just rags on me for spending money, but she has no issue with what I buy…so I just don’t share my spending habits with her much (although I do post blog posts on my Facebook…). I’m an adult with a job and a family so I brush off her “concerns” though, usually.

My mum hates my makeup. And makeup in general. She wears powder, and lipstick and that’s all. Anything else is “unnecessary” to her. She accuses me of “hoarding” makeup because I have more than a few items. My dad says my makeup is “slutty”. My boyfriend and roommate both like my makeup though and say its cute n_n

yeah thats the same for me. my parents dont like my makeup espcially bright colours.. but i wear minimal makeup during the weekdays and more on the weekends.

Im feeling kinda old here cause all all the comments so far are coming from the beautiful ladies talking about what their mom and dads think – in my case, I AM the mom! Lol πŸ™‚ Im the 34 yr old mommy and my hubby thinks my love for make-up is cute, my 12 yr old daughter is absolutely fascinated by it (I luv that her favorite past-time is watching me do my make-up), and the one time that my mom did see all my make-up, she nodded her head very dissaprovingly. πŸ˜‰ Well, my daughter wont ever have to worry about that!

I really appreciate your view, Angie! I’m in my twenties now, and I *still* wish my mom would appreciate my makeup. If I wear or put on any makeup around her, she just lets me know that I would look better without it on. She’s been disapproving of “unnatural” beauty for as long as I can remember. Your daughter definitely won’t have any of those problems, that’s wonderful!

Oh my gosh, that reminds me how I used to watch my mom do her makeup when I was little! She only puts it on for special events, so watching her was a real treat. I thought it was magical. To this day, it’s one of my fondest memories with her (I’m 26 now). I’m glad you and your daughter get to share that too!

Not really. But a few weeks ago I wore Haight on my crease and my mother told me to take it off because it was too bright.. Luckily I complied because we ended up going to a low-key place that day. πŸ˜€

I remember my mom used to always get on me about black nail polish. Black lipstick no problem, but for some reason on my nails it really bothered her. Now she says I’ve earned a free pass on my hair/makeup/clothes/almost everything, because I’ve proven myself to be more responsible than she is.

One grandmother thinks that any makeup over one lipstick is “worthless junk” and hair dye is throwing money away.Plus she always says that people will never respect me or take me seriously.(She also thinks that Jurassic Park is garbage because dinosaurs aren’t real)
The other grandma is a psychotic control freak, and seems to look for any excuse to trash me.

Me and my mom both have the same makeup obsession and i got her started on it so thats not a problem. But my boyfriend hates that i wear makeup. He wishes i would just go without it. And especially when i spend like 15 mins at the drugstore looking at the makeup and nailpolishes he gets annoyed. But i guess thats not too bad. He may not like it but he lets me do it anyways.

They may not necessarily like the looks I do (although some they love), but ultimately, people say they like how I dare to wear it.

My mom thought Illamasqua’s Kontrol lipstick looked badass.

Mmm…my parents are weirded out by nail polish other than pinks, reds, pearl white or clear. If I wear anything blue or green, I’m generally asked to take it off because it looks “whorish”. Dark reds are generally misconstrued as black. I can sort of get away with reddish purples. In regards to eye makeup, I generally keep to neutrals or some color that pops but goes well with my warmer skin. My mom actually likes what I do with my more neutral makeup.

My boyfriend doesn’t really get my enjoyment of makeup and thinks it’s a little weird. He’s more likely to poke fun or just simply say “he doesn’t get it” when I point out that I’m wearing eyeshadow or something. I’ll usually only wear neutrals or played down makeup with him.

Around my female friends though, I’ll wear something a little more fun. :3

My mom doesn’t HATE anything, but she always shudder when I do my nails in red, especially when I had long square nails. She calls them “ghost claws” in Chinese!=P

I think my family’s kind of gotten used to it. I used to bust out with bright looks all the time but I’ve been embracing more toned-down colors (browns, nudes) over the past few years and have gotten a lot better at blending out colorful looks so they’re not as harsh. It used to be that their comments were pretty negative and even harsh – stuff from “eew,ugly” to “you look like a hooker.” But now they’re pretty much indifferent or I’ll get an occasional compliment “where are you going all made up like that? :)” Even things like colorful nail polish used to bother them, but just last week I was wearing a bright, glittery lime green polish and my grandma (who usually disapproves of anything makeup-related) went “oooh what a flattering color that is on you” I think the only complaint I hear nowadays is that it takes too long for me to get ready (makeup can take me upwards of 45 minutes for the whole face) but I don’t wear makeup out as often as I used to, if I need to get ready quick and I don’t have any major breakouts going on, I usually don’t bother. Although, if I can put makeup on, I do – it’s something I find to be incredibly fun.
I’ve always tried not to take any negative comments about my makeup/style too personally because I like to be able to express myself and, in all honesty, when my mum thinks something is really awful – like feather earrings or bright red hair or even the lime green nails my grandma liked (xD) – I get a kick out of it and like whatever it is even more.

my dad prefers I wear neutral colors, my stepmom hates when I wear bright lip colors or have green or blue eyeshadow…sometimes she says my makeup looks like s**t but whatever I just ignore her all the time anyways haha.

my boyfriend likes my makeup but he hates that I wear anything on my lips because every time he kiss me he’d end up having bright pink lips and not notice haha

My mom thinks that bright nails look like “Halloween”, and my boyfriend doesn’t like orange lips. While I respect their opinions, I keep rockin’ both. πŸ˜‰

my boyfriend hates a certain shade of red on my lips. he always says i look silly with that shade. but it doesn’t matter for me – i have a lot of different shades of red lipstick at home. LOL.

When I was younger my dad didn’t like it when I wore dark lipstick, I think he thought it looked terrible. lol My mom has always been totally cool and supportive of my makeup habits, whatever they were at any given time. My most recent ex bf made a few comments about my makeup purchasing habits, and I told him where he could stick his comments.

My husband is awesome when it comes to my makeup obsession but he isn’t keen on red lips for me or on anyone else but never tells me not to wear it.

I don’t think any of my family members or friends hate my beauty habbits. My mother does think that I own too much makeup and spend too much money on it, but she’s starting to understand that it’s sort of a hobby of mine πŸ˜› (+ I don’t have that much makeup!) My dad usually thinks it looks good, if he even comments on it. My boyfriend likes the way I do my makeup, but I do appreciate him telling me if he thinks it’s “too much” πŸ™‚
I don’t wear or even own a lot of bright colours! I’m really into shimmery neutral browns and grays and nude lips, but if I do wear colours I tend to go for purple!

My husband usually gets annoyed with me about my makeup collection and compared to a lot of people mine is fairly small lol like two and 1/2 cosmetic bags worth (small size)..He tends to get annoyed when I wanted to add to it, when he catches me browsing products and even when I take my time applying my make up when he is around..I think its even worse that his little comments are now rubbing off on my five year old since she is now saying the same things to me that he does, like “are you done yet” “you take forever” “daddy hates your make up”, and “you have enough”..yeah….

My mom’s pretty cool about it. We’re both pretty obsessed with makeup, and she understands the importance of limited edition products. πŸ˜› We both love the same brands, and if I ever need recommendations I go to her. My dad’s okay with it too, he’ll comment on my mascara and whatnot. He’ll sit there patiently if I’m showing him my latest buys.

My grandma doesn’t like it in general. She hates it when I wear dark eye makeup and I know if I do, she’ll be telling me about it. I just don’t wear dark eye makeup when I know I’m going to be around her xP

OMG yes defiantly, my mom HATES that i wear makeup at all!!! everytime she ever sees me with anything, i mean anything ( mascara, lip gloss etc..) she goes on a rant on how i dont need it and blah blah blah:S

My Mum often comments on me wearing dark lipstick, but she’s never really worn any make up in her life apart from the odd lipstick, so what does she know, eh? πŸ˜‰ My younger daughter used to complain that I wore too much make up, but I think she’s used to it now. πŸ™‚ My husband complains all the time about all the make up I own, he doesn’t mind me wearing it, he just hates that it’s taking over our bedroom. And he doesn’t even know how much money I spend on it all… πŸ˜‰

My mom doesn’t really like that I wear foundation/tinted moisturizer and that I fill in my brows. Apparently it’s not very “manly.” Thankfully, there’s nothing she can do about that.

My mother find that I have to much, but is kind of my hobby. So I don’t care. Sometimes she “shops” in my stash,… so I don’t think she find it realy bad. πŸ˜‰

my parents will comment on how much money i spend on makeup, but they don’t dislike my beauty habits. they are pretty go with the flow, so as long as i don’t wear something outrageous, they’re cool with it. my brother has no opinion on it.

My mother-in-law is a proper southern lady, and as such she does not approve of anything even slightly non-traditional. My nails are the problem–I love black, neons, glitter, anything unique or eye-catching. We get along fine, and she’s too polite to actually say anything, but I always get a disapproving look when she spots my nails. She recently started giving me light pink and beige nail polishes. I just say thanks, hide them in a drawer, and continue wearing what I like.

My husband’s not crazy about nail polish. Whenever he comments, I make it clear to him that if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to wear it!

My husband and I have fought about. He’s from a different country and we’re muslim and he found my makeup in the house to be very very attractive. So attractive he didn’t want me to wear it out of the house. When we met I didn’t wear any because growing up I’d always been told by my mother that I looked like a clown or a slut with makeup on. So for most of my adult life makeup amounted to red matte lipstick, deepest black mascara and possibly white or light pink eyeshadow for special occasions. Then when I had my 33rd birthday I said, “I want this and I’m grown now and my mother won’t care.” Only to be blind-sided by my husband surprisingly! Before he made his objection felt I’d already acquired a major stash. I also felt it was controlling. I basically told him, “this makes me happy. This makes me feel good. And if the lipgloss goes, I go.” Shortly after this his mother sent photos of her and his sister from his country. I rolled laughing. they were totally made up! Turns out my mother in law and sisters in law in Africa are makeup junkies world-class!!!! He just looked at the photos and then looked at me like, “damn, you win.” I look forward to many happy afternoons giving each other makeovers when we go visit them next year inshallah.

β€œthis makes me happy. This makes me feel good. And if the lipgloss goes, I go.”
Love that spirit!

the boy doesn’t like red lips, (i think it gets in the way),so i just wear it whenever he isn’t there.
it’s my favourite look, this red lip black liner 50s thing, so it’s a pity.
all other makeup is fine, but then again i’m a neutrals girl.

The best part is that my mother just gave me a light lavender-pink Dior lipstick. Lavender?, really mother? ‘it’s gorgeous, love”
Men just don’t get it.

Well, I remember in sixth grade when I would paint three glittery hearts – one on each of my cheekbones and one in my forehead – my parents hated it and tried to make me stop wearing them. Especially my dad, he thought it looked like shit.
Also when I wore a lot of black glittery eye shadow around my eyes, also in fifth or sixth grade, my mum tried to make me stop wearing it since she had a problem with the fallout underneath my eyes which created dark circles for some reason.

Now my mum usually compliments my makeup (although she hates when I buy makeup with her money) and dad complimennts it sometimes and says “UGLY!” or jokes about it sometimes (for example, green/turquoise lips). :L

I have that problem with everything I do, it seems πŸ˜› I’m a teenage girl with most of my head shaved and the rest in a 4″ mohawk. My mom was against it for a while, but then she figured “eh, it’s your head, do whatever you want”. I love it!

My mom personally hates makeup (though her three younger sisters LOVE it) and while I don’t wear it or anything, I started collecting some items without her knowledge. I guess she came to find out, because whenever we’re at the drugstore now, she’ll let me go to the beauty aisle by myself to look around now… she said “I know you’re into this stuff, so I’ll be over there while you’re here.” [OMG, she lets the college student go to an aisle of the drugstore ALL BY HERSELF. What a big girl! /sarcasm]

My sister once saw me experimenting with eyeshadow, and she looked at me like i was a freak and made fun of me. -.- She also makes fun of me all the time for my skincare routine, and she tells me that I worry too much about my face. Just wait till she starts breaking out. -_-

It’s funny, my father told me, before I entered beauty school, that I was making the wrong career choice and I would fail, blah blah blah. I’ve been a MUA for 4 years. I’ve worked at awards shows, with models/actresses/directors. It doesn’t look like I’ve failed!

not really beauty habit related but more fashion habit related, but my dad hates it when i wear animal print anything (clothes, shoes, purse, etc). my mom also gets on to me for how much makeup i buy. i dont care because im happy.

I love bright nailpolishes and unusual colors (navy, purple, dark green, khaki? Bring it on!) and my mom used to hate them. My boyfriend absolutely hates whenever I wear dark lipsticks, since they take a while to apply I won’t let him “mess it up”, but I still love them for an evening out, especially in fall/winter, and won’t change that habit. I guess they will just have to get over themselves.

My mom dislikes any sort of makeup other than the “natural look”. She won’t forbid me from brighter or smokier looks, but she does make me feel really uncomfortable about it so I stick to my favorite neutrals and mascara whenever I see her.

my husband because of the amount of money i spend and he doesn’t like it when i have too much makeup on. he likes me to have a natural/nude look but i have makeup and fun colors.

One of my girlfriend’s wears too much mascara…it looks completely unnatural. I think she just doesn’t want to wear falsies everyday but it looks bad.

My mom was the one who encouraged me to wear makeup in middle school. Not because she thought I needed it, but because she knew how self conscious I was about the bad acne I had. She bought me my first foundation — Bare Minerals. It wasn’t until after college that she discovered the monster that she had made. Now when I go somewhere with my parents I get the, “ARE YOU DONE WITH YOUR FRICKIN’ MAKEUP YET?!”

My boyfriend doesn’t like bold lips. Any time I try to wear anything that isn’t basically a replica of my natural lip color he’s like….hmmmm….lol. Thankfully he doesn’t really worry about it too much. He gives me good critiques sometimes. I really liked the coverage of a clinique foundation, but he told me that it was too cakey, or too orange. I’ve finally mastered my foundation application techniques because of his critiques. He also hates that I have SO MUCH makeup(and I really don’t have much, I just store it poorly πŸ˜›

my uncle used to make fun of me when I was in my “black-phase” like “you’ve got way too black eyes” or “why don’t you dye your hair nice and bright instead of black” or “you could look so pretty with blonde hair” etc, but I the next time I would just use even more black eyeshadow. my boyfriend actually likes to pick a nailpolish color for me when I can’t decide, and he even tried to paint my nails. That was when he learned how much work it actually is to paint nails properly. πŸ™‚ my mom actually benefits from my knowledge and sometimes asks me “I need a good clear nailpolish” or like ” do you know a good mascara”.

My ex hated makeup, so I always kept it super basic. It sucked, because i really love playing with it, especially bright stuff like Sugarpill. Now I love being single because I wear whatever the heck I want. and when a guy appreciates it, it just makes me like him that much more πŸ™‚
My mom is always questioning me- “you’re wearing THAT to work? they’ll fire you!” But I’m just a grocery bagger, and they couldn’t care less what makeup I wear as long as I do a good job. I’ve worn my Burning Heart palette and all I got was compliments.
Nobody I know really supports my dream of being a makeup artist, though.

My fiancee hates black eyeliner in any form; cat eye, top lid, bottom, doesnt matter.
I like it, because with my dark hair, dark eyes and medium skin tone it accentuates very well so I still wear it sometimes, but not nearly as much as I would have.
He also hates lip gloss and lipstick, so if it were up to him Id just wear lip balm all day.

Nobody forbids me to do it, in fact everybody likes that I have a hobby I love. Although my mom does tell me I shouldn’t buy anymore and my best-friend says the same thing.

Yes. My boyfriend and friends hate that I wear makeup. They pull that whole “You’re already pretty, why does it matter?” I always get really frustrated because makeup is a hobby and it’s a really cool way to express myself. Someday, I hope they understand.

I always get haters. From my sister and from people i dont even know. But i dont get mad. Some people like to see other people dressed down because it makes them feel comfortable,however i dont think it should make people feel insecure. If you want to paint your nails, do it! If you want to put on nice makeup, go ahead! But dont put your jealousy on someone else,try it for yourself. As far as im concerned, im young and having fun experimenting and enhancing myself with makeup so i could care less about who doesnt like it! My boyfriend doesnt seem to mind.:)

When I expressed some serious interest in makeup at about age 12-13, my mom took me shopping. She started me out with the good stuff, and let me experiment however I wanted. No real restrictions, and man, there probably should have been some!

Now I’m 26, and I’m a MAC Impact Team Artist, I freelance for shoots, weddings, and shows, and I’ve work every color I’ve ever seen. My mom has always been supportive, boyfriends have always been intrigued, and even my grumpy grandmother asks me beauty questions and even one time requested that I do her makeup for a wedding.

I’ve made makeup my life, and before I even gave chance a people to decide whether they liked that or not, I decided it didn’t matter.

I just moved to a really small town. I’m for sure getting stares for my bright fushia and red lips I wear(GASP)during the daytime! Everybody is too polite to say anything about it to me, though. I’m still going to wear it!

I’ve never gotten criticized for a specific look, but my mother/sister have commented on how much I own. (Which really isn’t anywhere near as much as true makeup fanatics own. All of my stuff fits in a smaller sized box!) My mother is more amused than anything else that it took until my mid-twenties to get into makeup. It’s actually started to get her back into it – she steals my lipsticks, mascaras, concealers, etc. all the time.

My sister is the same way. She finds it hilarious that I’m now coming to her for product and application tips since I spent most of our teen years mocking her for how much time she spent on her beauty routine.

Absolutely not. Everyone in my life supports me in everything that I do. I love to use bright colors everywhere and I’ve recieved nothing but compliments, family, friends and strangers. If anything, they encourage me to be brighter with my colors, try new looks, diff products, diff styles and whatever else. They love seeing what I’ll come up with next. I’ve been asked on many occassions to do others make-up for weddings, dates, pictures, nights out and a number of other things. It’s something that I love to do and others enjoy seeing what I’ve done and what I’m going to do. I’ve never been turned down when I’ve asked someone to be a model for fun. To be honest, my goal is to one day show up to one of my fave clubs and be pulled aside by one of the drag queens who work there and have her compliment my make-up. LoL. I don’t mind doing neutral looks, but I love color, I love drama. I get so excited when I see my make-up. Everyone is encouraging me to go to cosmetology school and I am def looking into it!

I’m shocked at how many folks here are judged harshly by their “loved ones.” Seriously, children that mimic a father’s mean criticism of their mother? This is serious undermining. Unconditional love and keeping your mouth shut and being supportive of the things that make your loved ones happy are an under-practiced art nowadays. It would be so nice if everyone would be satisfied that those we care about find joy in something. My parents are hypercritical of me in general, so I’ve told them if they continue this I will limit contact with them, and I’ve followed through. This has made my life so much better! Mom also tries to steal my makeup and music collection, even though she criticizes both! Just remember that you are NOT obligated to spend time or have contact with anyone who is a negative influence in your life, even if they are close relatives. Do not put up with emotional abuse, ever! It is your life, and you have the right to live it how you please.

My makeup is usually very neutral, so there’s nothing to complain about there. I think the way you like to do your makeup is your business and if you’re an adult, other people shouldn’t be commenting on it unless you’re doing something wrong, like wearing the wrong shade of foundation and they’re just trying to help you out. It’s another way of expressing yourself just like you do with the clothes you wear. There is something very artful about makeup.

My everyday makeup is definitely very dramatic. I wear heavy brown smokey eyes and pink lips..(think snob or saint germain)…. But it makes me happy and I love it. I get compliments everyday about how striking it looks and on the first day of my new job my boss asked me how I did it and how she could do a similar look. I used to have disapproval from my parents with my eye makeup because they thought it was too “dark” but they’ve left me alone and they never hassle me about it anymore. I’ve never had anyone tell me I need to tone it down at work and thats saying something since I work in a very conservative/corporate environment (bank supervisor) so I’ve found that its all good! My advice to everyone is that anyone who doesn’t like it is probably just bummed because they can’t rock it as well as you can!

My mom has never worn makeup (she was gifted with a flawless skin), she just defines her eyebrows and puts lipstick on. So in case she is at home when I do my make up she always says to me that I shouldn’t use so many products and that I’ll ruin my face.
On the other hand, when I’m done, she really likes the results!

My family knows that I wear makeup everytime I see them and from time to time I have outrageous nails….(nail art….fimo nail art…) and my grandma doesn’t like when I wear any shade of Blue or Red on my nails. My mom doesn’t like when I wear red lipstick….she wants me only to wear pink…but PINK ALWAYS TURNS PURPLE ON ME TT….it doesn’t matter what shade, it just does. In the end I won and I continue to wear my red lipstick haha

Some of these comments are so heartbreaking! More power to the ladies who ignore the negative comments and lack of support in their lives and do as they please. πŸ™‚ I do the same; my family gives me TONS of grief, constantly asking me if I really NEED more makeup. I don’t ask them if they NEED more ice cream or a Netflix subscription. Everyone has their chosen drain on fun money. Beauty products just happens to be mine.

My boyfriend thinks it’s unnecessary and sometimes time-consuming, but he likes watching me apply it, because it’s so methodical, and it generally happy with the end of it, even though he tells me I shouldn’t bother.

My husband has definitely protested at the cost of my trips to the salon to have my hair cut and my roots touched up. Then again, his idea of a good haircut costs $8, so I think he’d have a problem with the expense of my hair even if I skipped the color. We won’t even get into what he thinks of my makeup collection and routine. Thank goodness for separate bathrooms!

I did have a random lady in Wal-Mart sarcastically comment on my blackened-purple lipstick by saying “Is your lipstick dark enough?” It was very odd. My mother is confused by all my makeup/nail polish and wonders why I need it all. To be honest, she has a point. For an example, I have 400+ nail polishes. That means I could wear a new colour on my hands every day for an entire year and not wear the same one twice. I blame my husband who encourages me shamelessly to pursue my cosmetics hobby.

I wouldn’t say that my family “hates” my beauty habits, but I feel like they think that it is a waste of money. I just recently got into makeup and I am 23, I feel much better about myself and more confident when I do wear it and I like to pull off the darker looks. My mom always says that I look so much prettier without the makeup, but sometimes it’s fun to wear fun looks. My boyfriend is very supportive and he always complements my looks, even if they are a bit edgy! He is actually the one who pushed me to start tutorials on YT and I couldn’t have done it without his support. I think that makeup is a good way to just be creative and for me it is a stress outlet!

It doesn’t qualify as hate, but my husband can’t stand the smell of nail polish or polish remover when it’s being applied. It gives him a headache. But I LOVE polish, and he does like the result. So I just remove/apply when he’s not home, or outside on the patio. (We live in California, so it’s not like being banished to the frozen outdoors.) Problem solved!

All the comments about moms and nontraditional colors are funny. My mother used to be totally traditional about her nail polish, and I was only ever allowed to wear pink and peach growing up, and even then only for special occasions. So as a grown-up, whenever she saw me wearing an unusual color, she’d go, “Oh, green! How….interesting/unusual/unique (insert backhanded compliment of your choice).” But then gradually it turned into “Oh, yellow! How pretty!” or “Oooo, silver! How festive!” Then the last time I saw her, she was wearing sandals, and she had a light blue pedi! I pointed this out, and she said, “Yes! It’s so fun! I had no idea!” So it just goes to show that you never can tell when people might change.

My mom thinks that I spend too much on makeup and my dad is way to oblivious to even notice that I am wearing makeup to care.

Yes. My boyfriend hates it when I wear lipstick. He absolutely hates it, while I really like wearing lipstick and consider my look incomplete unless I wear lipstick. In this area, we’re really different.

My dad isn’t too thrilled at the colors that I wear on my eyes (when I wear color). My mother asks me about the ‘good’ products, and sometimes shops my collection, but every time I bring something new home, she gives me a very very disapproving look. And she doesn’t even know what I spend. My ex was picky about what I wore, nothing too bright, absolutely no black liner. Like I said, my EX!

my mom and brothers are always reprimanding me for buying makeup…I tend to ignore them but it does bother me sometimes…

My brother is not a fan of makeup. Needless to say he doesn’t like it when I’m all dolled up. My man, on the other hand, appreciates that I take care of myself, but he doesn’t like it when my lipstick transfers anywhere I kiss him. LOL. πŸ˜‰

My father hates my colorful eyeshadows.. When I wear blue, green or turquoise eyeshadows he always complains about the color saying that it’s too much =P But I don’t care about his opinion and I keep wearing this eyeshadows!!

My ex didn’t like perfume at all. I had ~25 bottles at the time, so that was unfortunate. Now, I’m happy to be dating someone who considers perfume, nail polish, and dramatic makeup to be really sexy, although he has the sense not to complain when I don’t feel like glamming it up. πŸ™‚

Haha I love reading these stories! I have two older sisters they are with me in this whole makeup madness. My mother hates when I wear bright red lipstick. She says I look like a Bar Slut. Good thing I am a slut though. She really likes dark lips on me though. Berry tones and things of that nature. She likes when I wear bronze or purple smokey eyes. My sisters and I have started giving my mom makeup and she makes faces like “oh I don’t need this or want this” but she secretly likes it. Did I mention she got her eyeliner and lip liner tattooed in the 70’s! She loves her Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette she wings out her eye shadow in a very 70’s Charlies Angels type of way. She also helped my arrange my Inglot palettes. Which was nice. My dad told me I needed to deep my crease a bit once. Haha I was shocked! He doesn’t comment on my makeup really. Although he tells me I need to stop buying so many “paints”. Haha

OMG My husband hates my entire makeup collection, the money on I spend on it, and the time I take to do my makeup LOL… Men just don’t get it- I tell him that it’s fun to create new looks and research the new collections but he does not understand. He wants me to just have one or two every day looks and wear them every day- BOOOORING! hahaha

So I just have my OWN bank account and use my own money for makeup, polishes, and my hair stuff…. that way if I want to buy a $40 bottle of shampoo or a $60 eyeshadow palette, I can πŸ˜‰

I have only taken makeup seriously for a few months now, my husband absolutely love that I have different look every day. In fact, he thinks I should do the same with hair, should have different ‘do’ on it every day! He thinks it’s fun and life is so short to not to have fun!
Back then when I was younger when I still lived with my parents, it was actually the same, they are strong believer in appearance means a lot when you are out and about in the society. They actually think my sister and I didn’t spend enough time to make sure we look perfect before heading out. My father always say, ‘beauty is a woman’s asset’. I think he is being really honest, all these ‘oh you are natural beautiful’ bullshxt are non sense to be honest. Not a lot of people are naturally beautiful for one. And two, you always need to do something to enhance your natural beauty, no one can walk straight out of the door from their bed in the morning without doing certain amount of maintenance.
Plus, what if I don’t care about being natural and I want to ‘rock’ and be ‘bad ass’? I hate that people overrated ‘natural beauty’. Life is too short not to party! Bring on the crazy colour!

My boyfriend totally hates it when I wear red lipstick. My absolute favorite is MAC Russian Red. I used to avoid it or wear it when we weren’t together but now I do it whenever I feel like it and don’t care so much

These comments have been so interesting to read! I like this question, haha. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure why, though. I’m 19 now, so nobody tries to stop me or anything, but when I was younger and first started wearing makeup (roughly 12 or 13 years old), my mom wouldn’t let me wear black eyeliner because it was “too harsh,” so I could wear dark green or gray eyeliner instead. I also wasn’t allowed to wear black nail polish or lipstick until I hit about 15, because she thought it was hideous. She’s much more open-minded now, though – a few days ago, I had a nail polish on that was purple, but so dark it looked black, and she complimented me on it. And she’s constantly complimenting me on my eye makeup, especially when I wear vibrant colors or whenever I wear purple smokey eyes or anything like that. πŸ˜› She actually disapproves of my “neutral” makeup looks because she says they’re “too plain.” My dad has never given a speck of concern either way, he doesn’t think it’s good or bad, just “one of those things,” I guess. The only thing he ever says about it is, whenever I wear dark lipstick, he goes, “what are you all made up for?” My boyfriend is the one who picks on me most, we’ve been together over a year and he used to constantly pick on me about my “obsession.” He’s grown to ignore it though, and even though he picks on me about it, every time I spend any real amount of time on my makeup, he’s always sure to tell me how pretty I look. And he always says, “I think you’re gorgeous either way, but I like that you want to take the time to pretty yourself up for me” – of course, he does know it’s more for MY sake than HIS, but I like that he still appreciates it. πŸ™‚ The one thing he hates, though, is shimmery/glittery lip products… he pitches such a fit because he feels like he can’t kiss me! haha. πŸ™‚ So I keep the nudes for when I’m with him and we can smooch, the bold colors for dates where I won’t be getting smooched much, and the sparkly ones for when I’m with my friends.

My husband doesn’t mind me wearing makeup, but he gets fustrated because he doesn’t understand why I would buy a $17 lipstick over a $5 dollar one–formula, wear, shade, and quality mean nothing to him. (Of course there are some good $5 lipsticks…I’m a drugstore fan!)

No one has ever told me they didn’t like my makeup, they actually always make a point to say it looks pretty πŸ™‚ I am a little nervous to wear the ‘unusual’ type of makeup because of what people will think though.

My mom comes makeup shopping with me and she usually picks up bold colours for eyeshadows haha. My dad thinks I have too much and jokes that we can have a garage sale. My boyfriend of 3yrs knew that I loved makeup before we even started dating. I was in MAC and I saw him walk by =P When I was grounded one time, he went to MAC to get Lotusland Starflash eyeshadow and Feline eye kohl :DD He doesn’t like me wearing much lip products because it will get on him!

My boyfriend insists that my “natural face” is far mroe beautiful and that girl’s shouldn’t rely on makeup to feel confident when they look great as they are. The only thing is that I’m almost positive that when he references natural beauty, he means he wants me to look gorgeous without looking like I use make up to achive the end effect. He wants a girlfriend who looks good in a natural way, not a “naturally” beautiful girlfriend. Because really, who doesn’t want an aesthetically appealing significant other, but he wants it to seem as if he landed one that looks that way all the time, even if such just isnt the case.

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