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I don’t know if this counts as a beauty product but I once bought FIVE bottles of Jason Anti-Stress moisturizer just before it was discontinued and I just finished my last bottle!!! Sad times!!!

i count it as a BP πŸ™‚ my mothers been doing that for as long as i can remember and i inherited the same habit. but shes way worse. shell actually call the company and find out where the last of their stuff is and hunt it down! she actually uses the computer room in her house as a storage room for all her stuff. if you saw it, it would blow you away. its like a store.

i’ve gone through a prrr lipglass, but it took a looooong time. but i just repurchased since it’s a permanent item. i did have to use my california dreamin’ backup recently, however, because my first one broke off at the base and while i can use it with a lip brush at home, it’s very hard to apply on the go.

all my backups got stolen! so ive had to buy new ones. and since my backups were things that are now discontinued (avon makeup remover pencils and .mark tattoo lash mascara were the ones i had the most of and loved the most) ive had to find other things to be my backups. now i have the neutrogena makeup remover pencils and prestige mascara (i consider it a solid dupe for TF lash injection), as well as a pencil box full of more mascaras<3

Sadly I went through my Lancome Pop N’ Palette. I loved it, and surprisingly I hit panned it pretty quickly. I guess all the times I used it daily, on my mom and my sister… ever since I fell in love with it… I ran out.(T-T)

No, not since I’ve bought 60 lipsticks/glosses …But I still buy a back up on a LE one , but it is rare and I have to really love it…

I swear the more I collect, the more I forget I have that one or don’t get a chance to use it and it just sits there… I feel sorry for it if it goes bad before I remember to use it again. Ugh.

Mascara and concealer are obvious ones that I use up all the time. I also have 2 champagne shadows that I use everyday (one warm one cool) that I have use my backups for and had to repurchase. I never buy back ups of colour products though.

I have used backups of my everyday items like foundation, mascara, Mac MSFN, stuff like that, and a L’Oreal lipstick I used to love and bought about 4 backups for it, I used up the first one and started a back up, then acquired 150 other lipsticks and never used it again. πŸ˜€ Other than that, nothing.

Yes. MAC Sugar Trance l/g from the Fafi collection. I’m on the last bit from my 2nd tube and sick to my stomach because I can’t find a good dupe πŸ™

I sometimes get backup foundations if there is a deal/sale, so yes I always use my backups. That also goes for my eyebrow pencils, I make sure to always have an extra one. I’m tempted to maybe get a backup blush brush that I found at a CCO that was limited edition, but MAC brushes are meant to last forever, right?

Yes, a highlighting powder from the drugstore that was limited edition. But I didn’t completely finish it. I hit pan and gave it to my little sister to play with. Now I am “working” on my back up, but I doubt I’ll finish it. Too many other shimmer powders.

Yes, there was a dazzleglass released in Cult of Cherry (?) called Miss Dynamite. I got 3 of them and I only have about a fourth of my last one left. And there are regular items that I had to buy over and over like MAC Ricepaper. I regret not buying a backup of So Ceylon MSF, as itΒ΄s my HG bronzer and I can slightly see the stone part beneath :-(.

Yes, it was my trusty Maybelline concealer which they discontinued a while ago. I think is was something like ‘superstay’… I could literally go swimming with it and when I got out, all my makeup had gone except for the concealer on my spots πŸ™‚

I’m all out now and still looking for a good follow up.

Yes! Apart from foundation/powder/mascara, I bought UD Sin in full size after loving it in the Ammo palette and have almost hit pan on that and MAC Balloonacy highlight powder (but I dropped my first one so didn’t use the whole thing, probably 2/3)

Oh and Benefit Silky Finsh l/s in Make Nice, although after starting my back up I switched to liking cream l/s and haven’t used it in ages!

Fo Sho! I have this one lipstick from Avon that I re-order every now and then and I always have at least 2 or 3 back-ups in my drawer.
It’s called Disco Vino. I love it so much because I just add different glosses to it and it looks totally different with each one of them.
I keep giving it away to my friends because everybody forever wants to know what lipstick I wear.

Now… I have about 60-70 other lipsticks in my collections, but this one I always keep in stock. And use it and give it away.
In fact, I gave one away just this morning again!

avon luminosity ultra face cream. it made my skin glow and nice a nice even tone. too bad it’s being discontinued!! must restock on my stock.

The only back up I buy is that famous eyeline Feline. And yes, I do use the backup. I don’t have time for MAC to play with their customer’s emotions and bring it out when they feel like it. I still can’t understand why it’s not permanent. If not provide it for MAC dept stores, at least the pro store.

Not yet, but I’m working on it! πŸ™‚ It’s crazy how I think I need a back up when something even more fabulous comes along and pulls my attention away from the thing I hoarded to begin with.

I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m very close to killing off my Guerlain Meteorites Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer. Kind of an expensive item to actually use up, but I love the way it makes my skin feel, and I love that subtle violet scent.

Yes! I’ve primarily used backups when it comes to hair products, Aveda Brillant Humectant Pomade (my holy grail hair product) and Aveda Be Curly products. I’ve also used backups of my mositerizer, Korres pomegrante. I love the feeling of using a backup and not having to go out and buy a replacement.

Well I have gone through beauty products and then repurchased. I go through my eyeliner so fast I bought 5 backups because the only CVS “near me” that carrys them is the one near my job, no CVS is within walking distance of my house. I’ve gone through like 4 eyeliners in the past few months, so I’m sure these 5 will get used, lol.

Actually Yes,
My Volcanic Ash exfoliator from MAC. I am on my 2nd tube and I am cursing myself for not buying more……I bought 3 Volcanic Ash thermal masks instead and never use it lol.

Unfortunately I only bought one back up for my VA thermal mask, so if you don’t want yours, I’d be interested in purchasing one from you, please let me know (click on my name, it takes you to my blog). Thanks.

If you have a Cosmetics Company Store by you – you should check them out. I work at one and today we got in a ton of the exfoliater. So there’s definitely a few still floating around!

yep –
Smolder eye kohl
MAC Vanilla e/s
MAC Humid e/s
MAC Woodwinked e/s
MAC Shale e/s
MAC Nude Rose l/s (WISH I BOUGHT EXTRA BACKUPS FOR THIS! I only got one and that one’s almost done…)
MAC Wildly Lush

Wow… sounds like a lot. It feels good to dip into your backup stash though because you don’t want to feel wasteful!

By the way Christine, can you suggest a dupe for MAC Nude Rose lipstick? It seems pretty dupable…

Yes! Two MAC lipsticks: Bokara (which is now discontinued, and which I have gone into several backups) and Lady Danger. I also have an extra tube of Moxie (also discontinued) which I am almost ready to break into.

Are you willing to sell your extra tube of moxie??? I have been dying for a tube and would pay $$, please email me! I’M LOOKING FOR MOXIE AND ISABELLA BLOW MAC LIPSTICKS! thanks! Jolene

I went batsh*t crazy with the Mattene collection…..I bought four Classic Dames, among other backups. I haven’t used any but have been giving them away as gifts.

About half the pan is showing on my Femme Fi so I’ll be breaking into the back-up soon.

And my mascara, Max Factor 2000 Calorie in Auburn. It’s discontinued and I only have about 20 tubes left. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when it’s gone, it was the only good Auburn mascara out there.

Yes! Smoke & Diamonds, Warming Trend eyeshadows, Mellow Mood, Fleshlight, Buoy o Buoy, Twig twig lipsticks, 3N Lipglass and Bare Slimshine.

great question!! I always wondered the same thing so it was so interesting to read the responses. I never buy backups because I try to realistic on how much of the makeup I will really use. With all the colors I have, I doubt I use up everything!!

MAC Prep+Prime Skin Protect SPF50, if that counts as a beauty product. I’ve gone through almost 6 of these.

My mineral powder foundation and finishing powders, and MAC Studio Finish concealer.

Haha! No! I rarely finish any makeup item… skincare yes but make up lasts forever! I think the only items I’ve finished are: MAC Prrr Lipglass, MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation and Margin Blush (it broke actually!) I buy oftenly skincare stuff, like every 3 months I think!

I always use my Urban Decay back-ups since they’re staples: Primer Potion, De-Slick powder, Zero eyeliner. I’ve also got 3 back-ups of OPI Absolutely Alice.

I try not to buy backups of specific products because I never finish anything. but sometimes I buy a backup of a type of product. like a certain finish glitter lip gloss, if I see a dupe for a favorite I’ll get it because I feel like what will I do when my fav runs out? this new one is close enough. but then I’ve yet to finish the favorite so it’s just a consumer-disease

I rarely buy backups of the same item and color because I’m always on the look out for something new and different. Makeup companies always come up with new products and I’m bound to love some of the new stuff. The only thing I would buy backup from is skincare, especially if it worked for me, and more so if I get it while its on sale.

Well, I have gone through one Black Russian Pearlglide Pencil and am on the second. I have been through my Studio Fix Compact and on the second.

Well, I have only bought backups of MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and Femme-fi eyeshadow. I’ve just about finished my second VAE and about to start my third and last (will have to just think of a new product after that, sigh!). Femme-fi, I didn’t exactly finish my first one but it’s at that “ring around the pan” point where it was a little harder to gather on my brush so I started my second one…and have hit pan! Yikes! I do have one more totally full one left though so I should be okay for a while, considering it’s been a year and a half since I got the first one πŸ™‚

MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow that I use very often to bled, Studio Gear pressed powder in Country Beige, which is discontinued for a year now. I recently went on their website and bought like 10 of them on sale and got 4 for free so it will last me quite a while. Why this powder? I just love it and refuse to use any other one. So now i have a stock of them and am not looking forward to running out.

Yes. I bought UD VIP and Velvet Rope eyeliner sets especially since they were like $5. I also have backups for some MAC pigments in the old jars and MAC charged water.

MAC Boy Bait creemsheen gloss. i bought a few last Christmas when it came out because I loved the color so much, but now it’s permanent so I don’t need to worry. Creemsheen glosses don’t have a ton of product in them so I’m relieved about it always being around! I’m already halfway through my second tube.

YES, my MUFE DUO MAT powder…I have to restock again this week I’m scraping the edges for the last little bit.

Is there a MAC version that contains more product?

Yes, I’ve gone through a beauty product and used a backup. MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask, Feline liner, MAC Lightful Toner, Lightful Lotion, and Like Venus Dazzleglass. Each of which I have at least 2 backups of each. I use all of those several times a week, so there’s no doubt I would finish them πŸ™‚

It happened to me multiple times with skincare, especially with moisturizers (I’ve got a very sensitive skin, and use the same cream for a long time – polish brand Ziaja). From makeup items only mascara – Chanel Exceptionnel, I’ve recently finished second backup, oh and Orb e/s MAC, it took me about 1.5 years to do that πŸ˜€ it was daily used, πŸ™‚

I stopped buying backups, unless it’s an absolute HG (MAC’s If It’s Pink!! Stupid small tubes), because I have sooooo much stuff already. I’ve never used up an original of anything, except this one Lancome gloss that was LE. But, I’ve since stopped buying Lancome, so no big loss.

In case anyone’s wondering, the Lancome gloss was Volcanic Pink, and MAC’s If It’s Pink seems to be a really good dupe.

I’ve gone through many many feline eye pencils. I buy new ones and a few backups each time it’s released and I still end up running out! I’ve also gone through my original and two backups (one left!) of razzledazzler l/s although I don’t wear it much anymore πŸ™‚

the backups that i bought were meant to be given away as “just in case gifts”. I recently gave my extra marine life powder to my niece and she loves it. Mine’s already lost its golden shimmer at the top but what the heck, I can always look at the temptalia archives to remember how it looks in its pristine condition. πŸ™‚

Yes – I always have a backup mascara because if I don’t I’ll get lazy and forget to replace it after three months. Kind of like a backup toothbrush.

Yes! I only buy backups of things I’ve gone halfway through and I’ve used up tons of backup mascaras and foundations – and some lipsticks and eyeliners as well.

Yes – quite a few: Nars Zen blush…MAC Warming Trend eyeshadow (and just bought 2 back-ups at outlet)…several others…and sadly, the world’s best wine-colored nail polish from the old Bourjois line which is no longer produced. But I bought up bottles in France, UK and US before it vanished.

yea i dont really get back-ups unless its something i could not live without or if it was discontinued. the only products i recall backing up are my benefit F Y EYE primer because it was discontinued and my nars brow pencil because its my favorite and i have really bad brow problems and i carry it everywhere and i lose them sometimes so i need the back up

Other than basics like skincare and foundation, I think the only thing I ever used up was Feline (which seems to be a popular answer in the comments! lol). At work (CCO) I have a backup on 5N lipstick and Soft and Slow lipglass. The ones I am currently using are about 80% done. I’m almost out of Star Nova lipglass. I also have like 2 back ups saved of Notable blush. Thank goodness we can hold things at work – that way I don’t ever have to buy any of my back ups until I need them. So I don’t have to have the guilt of it sitting in my collection, money wasted.

Only for things i really use on a daily basis such as mascara, eyeliner and foundation. Other than that, I’ve gone through several c.o bigelow lip glosses and chapsticks. I do have a few backups of some LE lipglosses but I have yet to use them.

Not yet, but I think it might happen…I bought Nouvelle Vague at Nordstrom tonight. The SA I normally go to said they got 6 in and how hard it is to get. I have never owned a nail polish of this color. I bought one and put one on hold to pick up on Friday.

Yes, several! And as soon as I open a new one,I need to get a new backup of these items, even though they are permanent:

MAC Soft & Gentle MSF
MAC Shy Girl LS
Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara
Harajuku Lovers G perfume.

So far I haven’t had to use my backups for LE stuff, but I have extras of Marine Life,Stereo Rose and several eyeshadows. It seems I’m more worried about wasting product when it comes to the LE stuff, I apply it more sparingly…

Yes, my Avon’s clear mascara (I’m on my third tube), 2 Bourjoi’s eyeliners from the duochrome collection (black and blue; black and green), and that’s it!

As of the moment, yes, I usually buy backups for my basics like my mac studio fix powder, studio fix concealer, I also have mac viva glam v lipstick, which I have not used yet

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