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Luckily, my mom instilled in me that credit cards were not to be used unless you could afford to pay it off right away. The only credit card I had for a very long time was my mom’s credit card, which I used for living expenses when I was in high school/college. Even now, her credit card is my emergency credit card! I use my debit card for just about everything else, with the occasional store card for certain rewards/points or if there’s a financing promotion on a really big ticket item. I never went into debt because of beauty products thanks to my mom’s advice!

— Christine

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OMG tell me about it. Bill me later just let me keep going and going and going. The biggest chunk of my charges went to UD’s site. I totally knew better and learned from it. Still paying it back, though. πŸ˜›

A good chunk of my change went to MAC. Thank god Sephora doesn’t let you check out with paypal or my life would be a disaster!! Haha.

NO, not Bill Me Later!!!! I got rid of all my credit cards many, many years ago, and then…..I discovered the excellent deals available for beauty products on ebay (ebay is another of my woes), and low and behold, what is this Bill Me Later I see? Oh, downhill from there. I just discovered the whole thing in Jan. or Feb and the amount of damage I’d managed to do in such a short period of time! Hangs head in shame! I managed to pay a lot of it off last month, but the lure of having available credit! The funny, but not so funny thing is that I don’t even like a fair amount of the stuff I purchased, and it is sitting here brand new, never used. I think I should try to sell it on ebay, but I need to get/borrow a camera.

That’s just about the best quote ever! “Food or makeup….I WILL STARVE!” hehe. Love it!

There’s a quote I read that said, that people “are more willing to give their name, age, and even detais of their sex life than provide the amount of their credit card debt”. :-/

For anyone that’s interested, the quote was from “I Will Teach You to be Rich” by Ramit Sethi; you can get it for like $10 on amazon. The title is very misleading–not at all a get rich quick book. It just talks about how to manage your finances, pay off debt & school loans, start investment accounts, etc. I absolutely loved it! The author was hilarious and the book itself was extremely helpful! πŸ™‚

I totally agree with Jennifer about the book “I Will Teach You to be Rich” by Ramit Sethi. It is brilliant and informative.

And, for me, going into debt for makeup is just not an option; it will never be an option. If I can’t buy it with cash then I can’t buy it.

Nope never. Even though i always use my credit card to make beauty purchases, I always make sure I can pay the entire month’s balance, not must the minimum. I just do this to increase my credit score, which I’m proud to say, is quite high. xD

But then again, I guess I’m at an advantage since I don’t purchase any color products. Not to mention that take every advantage I can when it comes to sampling. Finally, I’m just OCD about the product I purchase, so I never ever have impulse buys. I do a ton of research, product testing, and documentation for products in a same category for (mostly) unbiased comparisons. Lucky and unlucky me. πŸ™‚

Yes, a little, but you know what? Its a good investment if it brings you joy. As long as you’re not being selfish ya know?

Debt doesn’t bring joy, though. Debt brings problems. It’s silly to spend more than you have on something like makeup.

No way! I may spend more on makeup than the average person, but luckily I had a mom who gave me the same valuable lesson. I love you mom πŸ™‚

Yep I will woman up and admit I made a HUGE fail in my finances. I was so good when I first got my cards, I paid them off right after I bought something so it was kind of like extra debit cards to me but with some extra rewards/benefits. And then in the time I was 19-21, I really screwed up. I just started spending so much on MAC, Lancome, and all sorts of beauty brands. I even spent a lot on clothes too. I did it so fast I suddenly maxed out 3 cards! I racked up so much debt that I am still paying for now that I am 24. I learned my lesson but in a very hard way, I luckily learned it young so I can correct this but it really sucks being in debt.. :/ I have to work almost full time to pay my bills down for the month and then try to go to school full time. I give much props to all of those who had exercised restraint and spent within their limits. I used to be that way, but then I turned into an idiot.. πŸ™ I’m going to try and go through all of my brand new items and sell it so I can use that towards paying my debt off quicker.

Not yet (and hopefully, not ever)!! My mom tells me the same thing yours did, so I use my debit card for EVERYTHING. If I don’t have the money for it, I don’t buy it. Simple as that.

No way. I grew up with very little money, so I know the value of a dollar. I’m 30 years old and have never had a credit card. As the SNL skit says, “Don’t buy stuff you can’t afford”. Makes perfect sense to me.

No. I only spend money on beauty products when I know I can afford to be spending! I’m not big on credit cards, either. My parents taught me the same thing, “if you don’t have the money to pay for it now then don’t buy it until you have that money to pay for it.” In general, I have a really hard time spending on myself. If it’s for someone else I care about, no problem, but when it comes to me it’s always, “OMG. That price is insane! I’m not going to buy that!” Thankfully, I’m really happy with what I have now to use, so I haven’t felt compelled to buy too many new items.

Never…I had the opposite experience as yours Christine. I watched my mother live over her means via credit cards to keep up an appearance. She was beautiful and always looked great, but there are essentials in life and as fun as it is…cosmetics are not one of them. Don’t hang me ladies…be nice. My point is just think of what is needed for survival: food, shelter, clothes and medical…makeup is a treat.

i absolutely agree with you. i know this is a beauty blog, but lets be realistic here. makeup is not a necessity but a treat. you WILL survive without the latest TF lipstick or mineralize skin finish..

Not at all…unless it’s cars or a house, I don’t buy anything unless I can pay it off right away, same with you! All thanks to my mom as well. πŸ™‚

Oh hell no. Beautiful makeup is nice to have. Debt? Not so much. If I can’t afford it, I don’t by it, no matter how much hype there is or how much I am lusting after it.

No way…and if I ever did, I would have to seriously reconsider my priorities. While I do tend to blow my spare money on makeup, I always set aside money from my paycheck for savings (for a car) and food first. And I keep my spending money in cash so I can never spend more than what I have. I have a hugee makeup wishlist and so much stuff I wish I could afford, but I guess I’m used to being poor.

I’ve never gotten into debt because of makeup, if I don’t have the money I dont have the money. I’ve come to learn that MAC LE collecions aren’t the be all and end all and therefor permanent products from all brands will be there when I can afford them… Thanks mum and dad =)

Never!!! I’m in college and its all about learning to deal with your money. The first three months were hard to deal with financially ~ I never had to think about buying food and cleaning products, on top of that I suddenly had money to spend! But I never went into dept, my parents warned me not to thankfully. If I ever need to go into dept, dad said to borrow money from him instead. There is NO way I would put myself into a situation where I need to borrow money from him because I don’t have enough left to eat and then have to tell him its because I bought to much makeup. That would be horrifying!

Yes I have! But to be fair, I had the most basic basics (foundation, day moisturizer, night cream, mascara) so when I got into makeup I had on my list. And it was paid in 3 months… Also eye makeup has a collecting nature; I use the same 10 shades all year round, yet I have 12 Inglot and Mac (each) and 2 small UD’s palettes, nevermind my indie Fyrinnae stash. I know it’s nothing compared to some other people, but to me it’s a lot compared to what I used to have!

No way! I think you have a problem if that is the case! I probably still spend too much money on make up that i should be saving for a rainy day!

I love love love beauty blogs but the worst thing about them is that it normalises buying huge amounts of make up (like a whole collection) which may not be within everyone’s budget.

No… I think I’m lucky though. I worked part-time all the way through university (and I was teaching English so I was paid pretty well). Back at the time I wasn’t into makeup yet, but I did buy all kinds of accessories which I still hold on to and wear! And then I started working and had more spare money I could feed into girly stuff. So no, it hasn’t happened and I hope it won’t happen. Just the other day my boyfriend complained I was spending half of our budget on makeup though. Of course he was exaggerating! I slipped one mascara into the shopping cart and that’s all lol

No. There are times when I’ve been a bit aghast by the price of some cosmetic items and times when I’ve purchased items that I believe are overpriced but I loved them but if I can’t afford something, I just resist the urge. It’s funny how quickly that urge can pass sometimes.

There have been times when I’ve spent so much money on makeup that I haven’t had much left over for anything else. But gone into debt? No way! I don’t spend money that I don’t have. I don’t have a credit card (not even for emergencies) and don’t plan on getting one.

Yes..i’m IN DEBT RIGHT NOW…thanx to armani’s eyes to kill eyeshadows, but thankfully i owe my sis and shes willing to wait :)..somehow this is one debt i dont feel remorseful at all..i love those shadows and glad i brought it even if i owe someone and i think i would do it AGAIN !!!
BUT this is a rare occurence-normally im against buying if i dont have cash to pay on the spot and mercifully i dont have a credit card πŸ™‚

I can so relate to that. CVS and Rite Aid do, too. I’m a bit in debt, now, but it isn’t so crazy that I can’t get myself out before the end of the year.

I did have an issue many years ago that had a major impact on my credit; I paid a “final” payment a bit late, and included the late fee, but didn’t think about the finance fee. By the time the creditor contacted me, all the fees had added up to hundreds of dollars (the original amount was less than $5), and they were unwilling to work something out with me. I have since reestablished my credit, and it has fallen off my credit report, but I still get harrassing phone calls from a bogus collection agency (the “debt” is well past the statute of limitations).

My JC Penney card used to have a zero balance until I realized Sephora accepted it. So easy to purchase beauty items and rack up bills using this card at Sephora! I plan to pay it off in full asap, since the interest they charge hacks up the price of anything you buy!

OMG! How did I not know this (that Sephora takes JCP card)?!?!? I had my Mom’s JCP card for over a month earlier this year when she was helping me get back on my feet after being unemployed for a while. She told me to get whatever I needed so I would have some new outfits for job interviews, etc. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know that though or I would have probably went overboard. But man, I have been soooo wanting to try MUFE’s new aqua eyes shadow pencils which are absolutely sold out in every Sephora within 100 mile radius of my house in Michigan and where I’m staying in the Chicago area (and every Sephora in between). There aren’t even any testers at the five Sephora stores I’ve been to in the last two weeks! I definitely would have ordered that online had I known. (I no longer have any credit cards as I went way into debt and defaulted on all of them. I was lucky though, my Dad found out while he was visiting me and answered the phone at my place and it was a bill collector. He then paid off ALL my cards **Thanks Dad :-)**.)

Yes yes yes *hang head in shame*
I can do hundreds of $ in a day :(, not as often as I used to though.

No, and I never will. Admittedly I spend a lot of money on make up, but only because I can. I always use my credit card (because of the loyalty/bonus points I get), but it’s paid off every month and we have no debts. I have 3 children and they come before everything, so I would never buy make up if it meant they’d have to go without anything.

I have spent money frivolously on beauty products, but I’ve never gone into debt because I only allow myself to use my cash or debit card. If I don’t even have the money to buy makeup, I’m certainly not going to use a credit card. I don’t and have never even owned a CC!

Nope – I’m like you, credit cards are for paying off.

But, I do try to put all purchases on a credit card when possible – I have one that gives a percentage of cash back. I really recommend doing that, rather than using a debit card, if (and only if!) you will be sure to pay off the balance in full each moth.

Absolutely not. I work in financial services, and can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen get into very serious trouble due to wholly discretionary spending. It adds up quicker than you’d think and it’s very difficult to dig yourself out. Debt can and does get in the way of being able to move forward on bigger life goals (buying a house, having a child, etc). We all love makeup – but please be careful! πŸ™‚

No, never into debt. But there have been times when my statement suprised me because I didn’t realize just how much I’d been shopping at Ulta on a weekly basis.

Nope, I wait to get the amount of money I need to buy products so I can pay my mom back later when I use my credit card. Also, I have a thing when it comes to buying, if I have the cash, I buy it, and if I don’t have the money, I don’t buy it.

No. I spend an obscene amount of money on makeup and beauty products, but always with cash. It’s my vice. I do hold back if I have my eye on other things at the moment or to make a charitable donation of sorts. Otherwise it would just feel frivolous and selfish. I’m extremely grateful that I can indulge my addiction without going into debt.

No, because I always check my bank balance before I go for a shopping day. I save some money for the future at the beginning of the month, so I am not tempted to spend it for luxury goods like beauty, cloth, shoes and so on.

In addition I record a book of household accounts to see for what categories I spend my money. This helps me to plan my financial expenses.

No,never! I do use my credit card but that’s just because I need it for international shopping. Where I live, we don’t have access to several brands I like (China Glaze, Nars, Laura Mercier…) and I order online from the US πŸ™‚ But I pay the entire amount. I have a house to pay and a son to feed so, my bills come first..I can treat myself with a little present I will, I not…well, patience!

No debt but my chequing account sure decrease a lot during the summer when all of these flattering makeup collections are being released. Curse you, addiction-to-all-things-coral-and-bronze!

No, never. Bills get paid first, credit card balance gets settled in full every fortnight, etc. The only time I have ever gone in to debt to buy *anything* was for our house.

And I spend a LOT on makeup (seriously, prices in NZ are RIDICULOUS) but for me it is a hobby and a luxury – I budget all other areas of my finances very carefully and build in buffers where possible (for car repairs, home maintenance, etc) to ensure that my “mad money” is free and clear and can be spent without compromise or guilt.

I’ve just splurged on Guerlain Parure Gold foundation, Meteorites pressed powder compact, a bronzer and I would have got Cruel Gardenia as well, but they didn’t have any left in stock (boo!) and I feel great about it – I refuse to allow makeup contribute to negative emotions and stress in my life, it’s supposed to be fun!

No. I admit I have very poor self control when it comes to spending, but I’m lucky that I have enough disposable income that it’s never been a problem.

Also, I only have a credit card for use in emergencies or when it’s absolutely necessary. Day to day everything goes on debit – I’m just more comfortable with it.

My best friend says I have a makeup diet, but I have never gone into debt as a result of buying makeup. I just have a certain way of MAKING the money become available if I REALLY want something.

No sir, and I NEVER will. I’m one of those people who believe credit cards are evil! Lol My mom actually had to convince me to get just one for emergencies only. It’s been in my wallet collecting dust ever since. My shopping motto is, “If i can’t buy it with a debit card or cash, I don’t need it!” I hate debt!

Smart girl! I was stupid with credit in my 20’s and will be paying it off well into my 30’s. I hope to pay off the credit cards totally within the next 2 years. BUT yes, adopt the motto of if I don’t have the money, I don’t get it.

To be honest, I do spend quite a bit on makeup sometimes (upwards of $100-200 a month), but I am not in debt because of it. I had an incident occur where I was garnished from a credit card (not because of make-up, I was actually kind enough to let a close family member use it, they swore they would pay it off, but didn’t) for about 3 months (let me just tell you–having 25% of your pay taken away from you each month is NOT fun), therefore I never use credit cards anymore.

D: I can’t believe a family member did that to you. I did let my sister borrow my credit card once for a vacation, but she was responsible enough to have me sign a letter authorizing her use of it and contracting her to pay it off if necessary.

Yes & No, Yes I can spend hundreds even thousands a day shopping online & going to counters looking at new makeup products and stuff I don’t own yet & its easy to swipe everything on credit. But I kind of force myself to pay my bills off in full so it really damages my savings account..

I really think Christine should make a topic such as ” How to control excessive makeup splurging”.

No way! I don’t have any credit cards, so everything I have is truly MINE, lol. No offense, but if someone is in debt over beauty products I think they need counseling

I agree, I think it’s a sign of a larger problem. Just like many people eat away their troubles, some people try to spend them away.

Nope. I do use my credit card a lot, though, and then pay it off immediately so that I earn rewards.

Even if you don’t use it, it’s a good plan to have a credit card with a high limit and use it maybe once a month for a small purchase. You build credit that way. So when you do need to go into debt for something like a home or more education, you have good credit and can get a good loan with low APR.

No way! I also believe credit cards are the devil, & my parents taught me the same as you. I get paid weekly and put aside enough for rent, my phone bill, and other living expenses. After that I tuck 10% away into my savings account and the rest I get to play with! Usually the leftover goes toward makeup and going out, but if there’s something I want (cough MAC) I sacrifice the other chunk of my ‘play mowney’ to get it. Can’t buy it on the spot, don’t buy it at all!

I have never gone into debt, meaning I have never bought makeup or beauty items on a credit card that I wasn’t able to pay off. However, a few years ago I had a serious makeup addiction where I would be at Ulta, Sephora, and MAC several times a week, blowing my entire paycheck. I was never able to save any money, which was a big setback! I’ve gotten over that now though. I’m able to say “no” more easy but it the power of suggestion from watching reviews and hauls on youtube makes me crazy!!

Nope. My Dad was the same way…don’t use your credit card unless you can pay it off. I have one card that I use to get frequent flyer miles, and I pay it off every month. The only debt I have is Graduate School. *eek* And trust me, that’s enough, haha.

Not at all. I was raised by a single mother and three kids on fairly tight finances, so the idea of financial responsibility is pretty deeply ingrained. I’m less frugal than my mother (which is understandable given that she experienced true poverty as a child), and I can burn money when I’m in the mood for it, though never so much that I can’t put away some at the end of the month or overdraw. I do have two credit cards, but one of them is a store card I hardly ever use and the other is a Capital One that I use primarily for large expenses (mostly college-related).

No way! Except for skincare basics (that run me no more than $50 a year) and some makeup staples like drugstore eyeliner and mascara, I purchase cosmetics as a treat. If I didn’t have the money, I wouldn’t buy it. When I was a student, I didn’t have time to peruse MUA and beauty blogs anyway, so I didn’t develop a “want list”. I do use credit cards because I want to continue to build my credit, but I never approach anywhere near my limit and I always pay off my balance each month. My credit card basically functions as a debit card, with extra perks like rewards points and fraud protection. My parents raised me to save, save, save!

I have a debit card and right now, my funds are low because I spent a little bit too much on makeup. I’m ashamed to say I’ve gotten SO obsessed and it doesn’t help that makeup is so expensive in Australia. πŸ™ I’m a student and so only work casually and it’s not the best paying job either, so can’t afford very much, but what I do have I spend on books and makeup. I suck.

This is why I’m trying to work longer hours and trying to spend less. But I vowed to myself never to go into debt because I wanted makeup/books too badly. It’s too irresponsible for me and I would be so ashamed to borrow my parents’ money over such a reason!

Whoa! Going into debt for beauty products? No way! Like you and some of your other readers, I was taught that if you charge something, you pay off the balance in full when the debt comes due. If you can’t afford to do that, then you don’t really need the product. Other than immediate gratification/addiction, why would anyone want to needlessly add rediculously high interest to the cost of a product by going into credit card debt. It’s foolish and makes no economic sense.

No, I try to pay for everything in cash whenever possible. I hate the thought of a huge bill coming in that I can’t pay for, the idea itself stresses me out enough to not want to think about what I’d do if it were actually the case.

yes, but only in very very miniscule ways. Like I’d overdraw by a couple of $ towards the end of the month if I knew I’d have money on that account again within the week.

About 10 years ago I was living on my own and working full time but clearly underpaid. It came to a point where I used my credit card and got in debt for food. Not funny memories at all! I know how it feels to see pretty things and think “damn, I work hard, I deserve that as a treat” yet not to be able to buy it and the credit card is then a huge temptation.
But I know too well how hard it is to pay off debt, I would NEVER buy makeup (or clothes, shoes, bags, books, you name it…) on credit.
I’m always amazed, as well, at how many offers I get from banks for more credit allowance now that I’m making good money. If I accepted and used them all, I’d be in debt again in no time. I think it’s really awful how the banks spread the idea that credit is easy and harmless and normal.

thats my reason for shopping Im wild for beauty products, I have back up on all my favorite products NO LY you can shop in my home,,,Lol

No, but I probably spend more than I need to. Though I’m such a frequent shopper in Sally Beauty Supply that they offered me a job and ask me advice on products.

Not debt, I’ve gotten into debt from using credit cards for clothes shoes jewelry but its paid now. But I definitely could SAVE SO MUCH MORE if I wasn’t addicted to buying beauty products. I think a lot of girls are like that though. I don’t have much control…if there’s money there it’ll most likely be spent :/ that’s why I have money automatically transferred to my savings tho bc I wouldn’t ever do it myself otherwise! lol

Not yet, but I’m more spendy lately. Not as thrifty. If I want something, I’ll invest in it instead of buying ten things at the drugstore that are just ok.

I have, because needing supplys for clients.

Never anything major like 500 dollars. I think at most was 70, foundation+powder and eyelashes.

Never that! I’ve considered it before wanting to get some limited edition items before they were gone, but decided that the need for my fam was greater than my want for makeup, plus I have an even greater addiction than makeup believe it or not… My car!! Lol, which I have gone into debt for! *shame*

No, that’s the wrong move for me. If I have disposable income I’ll get it if not I’ll wait or give up on it.

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