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I do and I also receive compliments as well, like when I go to get my eyebrows done and my eyeshadow and eyeliner game is on point. The most common way I compliment is usually when I’m checking out at a store and the girl on the register has really nice make up. It is nice to compliment and receive compliments, we should do it more often for each other.

All the time! I try to say and do at least one nice thing for a stranger every day, and I tend to notice/compliment makeup and hair more than anything else.

I also do this. If I love their makeup I ask if they know what color they are wearing. The girl at Solstice was so flattered, and I recently purchased the Lorac Pro because of her (after I checked reviews of course).

Yes, I do, but ONLY if I really love it! And usually, but not always, I love it enough to try to do an iteration of it, because I do get inspired to try a new shade I hadn’t tried yet, or a combination of shades in a way I hadn’t thought of before.Of course keeping in mind that NOT every single look that I really admire on someone else may work with my features or coloring. But perhaps, instead, I’ll just learn a new technique instead!

Sorry, I meant to put: because I do get inspired *by others ! I don’t understand why I’ve been leaving parts of sentences out recently? Very peculiar for me! ?

I’ve wanted to but I’m afraid I’ll come across like a creep. I mean, it’s great receiving compliments, like you are doing it right but I don’t know, I’m too shy I guess.
(excuse any mistakes, English is not my main language)

I only have one memory of ever doing this, and it was to a MAC Attendant (if that counts; since it’s almost expected of MAC employees). Her makeup had looked so flawless and beautifully applied, and the compliment literally flew out of my mouth when I had seen her work. It was probably my first time, in person, seeing great makeup done on dark skin, impeccably. Unfortunately, her response was an ungracious, “Hmm, thanks.” Like she probably hears it all the time. I still felt fine for saying it. And it was quite a surprise to me that I even said anything at all, since I’m an extremely shy person. Her makeup was spectacular and it warranted a compliment! I can’t say much for that attitude, though.

I do! Especially about lipstick, for some reason.
And being complimented happened to me frequently when I was in USA, though it is uncommon in France.

I work food service and when I get compliments on my make up that catch me off guard, it can really make my day. So I try and do the same to others too if I see something I admire about their makeup. It’s nice to have someone your efforts! And sometimes it even leads to helpful convos about product recommendations and techniques 🙂

I like the idea of complimenting people on their makeup [where i live, it’s men and women alike, which is really cool]. i’ve received compliments when i’ve not felt so great and it’s lifted my entire day. i always like to think that when i compliment others, it might have the same effect 🙂

I would if it wasn’t for my horrible anxieties! I try to do so as much as possible online, however. In person, it’s still a work in progress.

I usually complement women on how nice they look but not specifically their makeup.
I get complements all the time on my makeup – I’m not sure if sometimes it isn’t a thinly disguised insult?

All the time. It’s the junkie in me Bc then it leads to follow up questions and I usually find myself purchasing said product shortly thereafter lol

Yes, but usually only nail polish, because I would feel too uncomfortably personal commenting on someone’s facial makeup. I’m not saying that’s wrong at all, just that I’d rather not. I try to compliment people’s nail polish as much as I truthfully can.

Recently at a volunteer activity, I gave big kudos to one of the young male camp counselors who let a female counselor’s group of little girls paint his nails pink. 😀

To be honest, not really. I’ve seen, on several occasions, makeup or hair on people that I loved, but I’m just not a very outgoing person and it’s difficult for me to talk to strangers. I always thank people when they compliment me, but for some reason, it’s hard for me to start that kind of conversation.

I usually don’t, I generally feel kind of socially awkward but if I’m feeling bold and I really really admire something I will. I often get compliments on my eyeliners, I almost always wear a cat eye in a bright color. My dental hygienist always notices hahaha.

I do this when I mean it too and when I can tell this person genuinely has taken time and a love of makeup like myself. I don’t see it often where I live except in Sephora (the SA’s or at a makeup counter). Just yesterday at Sephora, they were having 90’s day. One of my fave SA’s was rocking the look so amazingly. I was just like “OMG, you look so fabulous!”. But, if I see it in everyday, I will say usually you “look really pretty or your makeup looks great” !

I do, it’s always nice to pay a stranger a genuine compliment and it’s a really cool way to find out new techniques or recommendations. Plus it’s always a cool hit of good vibes to see how a comment can light someone up for the rest of the day.

I’ve complimented for lip color before. Hair color, too, though I know that’s not makeup. No one has ever complimented my makeup, but that’s because I tend to deliberately go overboard on at least one feature, and I live in an area where makeup is … understated, if even present (my boyfriend calls it “frump central). I don’t think most people know what to make of me, so they avoid the subject entirely. I’m fine with that.

Absolutely! Imo, that’s the problem, people don’t show enough kindness and acknowledge nice things when they see it. When warranted, I compliment great style, babies, pets, whatever strikes me as nice or pleasant. I frequently see great makeup looks while commuting. My faves are people who create work friendly makeup looks with creative pops of color. That’s my daily mission – I’m always blending in a bold color somewhere be it merely an eyeliner, lipstick or just nail polish.

Yes! I think it’s so important to tell people when you genuinely love their makeup. It’s a real confidence booster and nice to connect with strangers in a kind way 🙂

If I’m otherwise engaged in conversation with someone, I may point out a particular shade/product, but I feel it may be offensive to comment on their entire look. Also, some people are very uncomfortable with receiving compliments, so I try to keep it simple & quick. However, there have been times an entirely new conversation has sprouted about makeup, LOL!

Yes I do! Just a few weeks ago there was a lovely older woman that just looked so pretty and had her color placed just so and she looked like she’d just gotten her makeup professionally done. I told her as much and she said that she used to work at an Estee Lauder counter, ha!

It has to be the right setting/time, though. Some situations don’t really lend themselves to saying, “Hey, great xxxx!” I also feel like with some people it would fall flat, like you’d get a passive “Thanks” and they wouldn’t even bother to make eye contact or look up from their phone. I suppose that shouldn’t be a deterrent but it is. If I don’t feel like a compliment will be received graciously then I just admire from afar.

I make an effort to say something nice/complimentary to one person a day, whether it’s the Librarian, grocery store clerk, passerby, etc. It always makes my day when someone is kind and I like to keep the circle going.

All the time! I figure if I like it enough to give the compliment, they (hopefully) spent enough time on the makeup that they’ll appreciate the comment rather than thinking I’m a creep:) I occasionally dole out the clothes/hair compliments as well, but 9 times out of 10 all I see is the makeup!

Absolutely! Especially if it looks like they’re really skilled or adventurous (or both!). I admire people who work hard at their craft/hobby, no matter what it is, and I think it’s nice to get a compliment when you’ve expended time and effort.

I’m a lot less inclined to generally tell people they look nice, because winning the genetic appearance lottery isn’t as impressive to me as accomplishment.

Yes! I’m a big believer in giving compliments to strangers. They feel as great to give as they do to receive. I don’t think I give out as many compliments about people’s makeup as I do about other parts of their ensemble, or their hair or their nails, but when I do see something I like, I definitely make a point to say so.

I agree that people need to compliment each other more, but only if sincere. Like others here, I’m most likely to compliment the makeup of makeup sales associates, and close friends who share common makeup interests. Otherwise I’m just likely to say how great they look, without reference to makeup.

Makeup is kind of like perfume in the sense that we do perceive it, but it’s not polite to comment on it as such — we’re just supposed to appreciate the general effect it creates in the wearer. At least that’s what I have inferred as a tacit cultural “rule.” Maybe things have changed.

Conversely, I don’t hear people today holding back on the most brash and, in my opinion, rude criticisms if they don’t like the way someone is wearing makeup or perfume, usually that they don’t like the wearing of makeup or perfume in general and don’t hesitate to let their idiosyncratic opinion be known.

Most definitely! Makeup, hair, clothes, or shoes. If someone is rockin their look. I always give them their props. It’s nice when I get stopped because of my makeup, hair, nails, shoes, or my overall look, its a wonderful confidence booster and a form of empowerment and positivity. There’s a lot of haters out there, why not build someone up rather than tear them down.

No, I haven’t. But I’ve told the occasional stranger that he or she looked beautiful. I think it’s because that’s what I’d prefer to hear myself.

I like to give compliments and I always appreciate a nice makeup look. And I absolutely love it when people notice my makeup! I’m an aspiring MUA, so when people compliment my makeup it gives me a boost of confidence ?

I usually don’t. I feel quite shy about it because I’m not that great with makeup myself. It makes me feel like they might notice my inexpertly blended eyeshadow or something LOL.

Yes I do! Not only beautiful eye makeup, lips, etc. – but clothes and hair too. And shoes very often! I like what Alice said below – there have been times I’ve gotten a compliment out of the blue, and it’s made my whole day. So I hope I can do that for other women, too. I think way too often we see ourselves in competition with each other instead of holding each other up. If I get a chance to make someone else’s world a little brighter – it makes mine brighter too.

Yes, especially if they’re wearing an interesting lipstick color and I wanna know where they got it! I get compliments too especially if I’m wearing something like blue or green lipstick

No, I haven’t complemented a stranger, but I have complemented a work colleague – a mother of five who worked at my school in the Office, who always had impeccable makeup that totally suited her.
I’ve had shop assistants ask me about my lipstick shade and where I have purchased it (she ended up buying three from the range), but that’s about it.

Definitely. Last time was about a month ago. A local cashier who had a lovely orangy red shade! I know how good I feel when I receive compliments and I try to the same whenever I see a pretty color/ look.

Haha, every one always thinks I’m weird, but if I really like someone’s makeup, hair, etc I’ll walk right up to them and tell them. And I hope it makes their day because every one deserves a little love. I know it always makes mine when someone compliments me. Just the other day a lady complimented me on the sharpness of my cat eye wings, and I was like its for slicing all them vatos ?

I used to work retail so I’d see all sorts of people. One customer stood out in my mind though. She had beautiful clear skin, green gray eyes and dark brown hair–stunning. She was wearing this purple shadow combo of grape and lavender and it was blended so perfectly and lovely and emphasized her green eyes so nicely. I was compelled to compliment her. She looked like Dick Page or Charlotte Tilbury did her makeup!

I’m pretty free with the compliments to friends and strangers alike. Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes…it doesn’t matter, if it looks nice, I like to tell people. I guess for makeup, I tend to compliment specific things, like “that’s a great lipstick” or “your eyeshadow is beautiful”. Then of course, I get the name. 🙂

Alllll the time! And not just makeup, but also outfits or hats or necklaces or hair or whatever. Obviously I read the situation to make sure it wouldn’t make them feel uncomfortable, but I feel like women spend their lives being torn down, and compliments are so rare but make a huge difference. A woman complimented the shoes I was wearing like 3 weeks ago and I still think about it when I put them on.

Yes! I think if the person really rocked the look then they deserve it. Compliments should not be denied to people who deserve them , even if we dont talk about makeups. 🙂

Like they say, women should empower other women 🙂

all of the time, but I focus on what I like about the make up and complement that specific thing. Whether it be just the lipstick color or how somebody blended something! <3

I do this with not just makeup but if they have a cute outfit or really nice color of nail polish. I think it comes with the beauty territory

Working in retail (not a makeup counter) I receive compliments all the time on my makeup. If I see something I really like on a person I have no problem saying so, men or women. Most people are gracious and you can tell they appreciate it. For the few that act a little weird – so what – that’s not my issue.

I have, yeah. I don’t always do it when something about a person’s makeup/hair/nails/outfit catches my eye – sometimes it isn’t a situation where it would be appropriate, and sometimes my personal energy isn’t up to a potential discussion. But I do try. Getting compliments makes me feel good, and so does giving them!

Oh… Yes.

Sorry my friends, if you’re wearing something like a gorgeous purple lip that I love, I’m going to cross the room, come right over, and tell you that you’re working it today O:-)

All the time! I love it when people notice my makeup, so why wouldn’t I want to pass it on? It’s a good way to brighten someone’s day or occasionally make new friends. 🙂 Example: A hurricane just hit my island pretty hard, and it was several days before we had a chance to clean ourselves up. I told a girl at the shower station how much I liked her lip color, and she thanked me for saying so; she was worried lipstick seemed shallow or frivolous considering the tragedy around is, but she felt “so much more human when wearing lipstick.” I told her I totally understood, and she seemed to feel better about it.

I’m more likely to notice and compliment if it’s the sort of thing that obviously took time (perfect smoky eye) or something I’m not very good at (cat eyeliner).

I compliment “obvious” makeup when i like it. Obvious being eyeshadow, liner or lipstick, usually colored.
I don’t want to accidentally ask someone what blush or highlighter they’re wearing if they’re wearing none!

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