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Yes- primer and powder ALL the time, and it always happens when I’m out and not going to be back in the house for awhile like school. It just doesn’t stay as long. I’ve also forgotten mascara as well, whoops! Lol!

Back when I was in middle school I once forgot to do one of my eyes (mascara, liner, etc) and only realized it when I had gotten to school… And I never carried makeup with me back then haha.
ever since then I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten anything.

I was catching the bus whilst running late to meet a friend once and had planned on slapping some makeup on on the bus trip over (I was 19…) but I left my mirror behind and couldn’t put anything on. I have made sure to budget time to get ready now and make sure I have a couple of back-up mirrors handy.

This is the only one I really get annoyed by. Anything else won’t bother me and I won’t care about it, but knowing I went to the effort of putting on eye shadow, which I usually don’t, and that it’s not going to look as good as it could bothers me.

I forgot to pack foundation once. All I had was a heavy TM with SPF 50, as I was going to Disneyland the next day. I checked into the hotel, but didn’t unpack. I went to Sephora, and if I had realized my mistake, I could have at least picked up a sample, LOL! Now, I pack the night before, and in addition to my large makeup bag, I toss in a smaller bag of “essentials” like mascara, liner, brow pencil, and my Naked palettes.

Definitely lipstick and foundation primer. I don’t get too concerned about forgetting lipstick, as my lips are pretty pigmented. Forgetting foundation primer is one of those instances when me chuckle and say, “Oh $#*%!” I have VERY fair skin so I need a primer to help prevent any signs of oxidation, otherwise my foundation looks unnatural. 🙂

lipstick, primer, mascara, but these are at least bearable to live w/o.
but once or twice i forgot brow….felt so wrong all the rest of my day so now i carry make up bag to everywhere.

I frequently forget mascara. Perhaps it’s the last step that I typically do for my eye makeup, I simply forget about it and move on to something else!

Another one that I always forget is perfume.

And I feel really naked whenever I forget any of them. Grr. It’s annoying. I don’t typically bring out my makeup pouch too, so it’s quite a pain.

I have definitely forgotten mascara quite a few times, and I often forget to using setting and finishing powder. I often run out the door with no lip product on and just use whatever lipgloss is in my handbag too.

I often forget to put on foundation primer! I especially need it when I wear liquid foundation, which is my least worn type of “foundation” and I always get a bit “stressed” (since it takes me longer to apply than mineral powder or a BB/CC cream) and I’m so focused on whether or not it will turn out okay that I forget the primer! After that, it would be some sort of setting/finishing powder.

I remember forgetting blush one day and slightly panicking on my way to work. I don´t look alive without blush or at least some bronzer… Back then I didn´t carry as much makeup with me as I do now. These days I will often leave the house without eye makeup, as long as I have done the base, blush and brows. I often run out of time and finish my makeup in the office. Or if there´s no meetings, sometimes I don´t bother… I always carry a pretty full makeup bag with me though, for touch-ups and just in case. Most days I end up using only the lip balm B)

Once I forgot to wear mascara. It probably looked a little funny since I had taken the time to apply eyeshadow. If I’m not wearing eyeshadow I don’t feel like it’s a big deal to not wear mascara.

I’ve forgotten to apply mascara before leaving the house – sad to say – but I’ve actually gone and purchased it on my lunch house because I could just not stand to not have mascara. It’s my one must have item.

I don’t really think of anything as “essential”, but I will say that if I do full makeup and just forget mascara or lipstick (things I tend to apply last) it does bother me.

I don’t bother with face makeup every day because of the weather, but when I do wear it I’d say I forget primer about half the time. My Hourglass takes it in stride but my tinted moisturiser is usually a bit faded by the end of the day. Sometimes when I’ve done my makep specifically for bold lips I will put off putting it on because of eating or drinking, then realise I never applied it at all the whole day!

One Sunday morning I was interrupted mid makeup routine and forgot to put on mascara. I realized it as I went to apply lipstick in the passenger mirror of the car on the way to church. I made my husband stop at a nearby Rite Aid to buy some on the way! Now I carry a mini in my makeup bag, just in case.

More times than not. As long as I have sunscreen on by day or moisturizer by night, I can wing it and live without. The most common I item I forget is primer on hot days or long occasions. Since I don’t wear them everyday, I often forget them when I do need them. I keep an emergency makeup kit in my car. It also comes in handy for the unexpected after work party too.

Sometimes I forget concealer and then I just live with it.

Mascara! don’t know how I could ever forget that, but because I forgot, I ran to the pharmacy to buy one because there was no way I was going through the day without it, which ended up being a good thing as I was able to try another brand….I tried for the first time Maybelline The Falsies and fell in love with it and have been using it ever since.

I once forgot to apply my face primer. I always check my face in the mirror prior to getting out of my car, and when I did my mirror check, I was mortified to see all of my glorious morning work melting away. I retraced my steps and realized I’d forgotten the primer. It looked so bad, I just took a wipe and completely cleaned all of it off. I’d rather go without than to have my make up be half done. Lol

Ugh many times. My last biggest blunder was forgetting to apply concealer, powder and lip liner for a new bright lipstick (Maybelline Vivids Pop of Cherry) I wanted to wear to a memorable event. Lipsticks can bleed embarrassingly on me so lipliner, powder and a concealer just outside the lipline help tremendously. Luckily, the color faded evenly and became slightly fuzzy along the edges–not nearly the huge smeared-up mess all over my face like I imagined.

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