Have you ever drastically changed your hair color?

Have you ever drastically changed your hair color? What did you change it to? Did you like it?

Nope, no drastic color changes here. When I was a junior/senior in high school, I dyed my hair a really dark, red-tinged black/brown from Feria, but I haven’t dyed it since. I really like my natural hair color, so I don’t think I will make any big changes to it!

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I was blonde until 2008, when I decided it was time to switch to red. Best decision I have ever made in regards to my appearance.

I haven’t seen my natural hair color completely since I was 11. I’ve been blonde and all colors in between to deep dark brown and brown with red tones. luckily I have a skin tone that can pull off lots of shades. Somehow red undertones have now mixed with my natural hair color. I’m not sure how that is possible. Ha

When I was young, I was the pale girl with long, straight and black hair. Naturally, I ended up with the nickname Wednesday (Addams). By the time I was a teenager, I had become very tired of it and I had a rampage where I bleached my hair and then tried out every bold color I could find. I eventually cut it very, very short and let my natural color return. I haven’t dyed it since. Wednesday Addams works for me. But I’m happy I took the chance to go crazy for a few years and figure that out. Purple hair could not beat my comfortable black.

I was blonde as a kid and my hair became naturally darker as I grew older (medium brown at age 12). The last two years of junior high I colored my hair red, then I went blonde all the way through high school and then dark brown at about 23. My hair color is now two shades darker than my natural hair color.

I think I can pull off both dark and blond hair pretty well. The people who didn’t know me as a blonde say they can’t imagine me with lighter hair, but my family wants me to go back to being blonde (mostly because my skin is pale). I feel more confident with dark hair, though. It feels more “like me” and I can pull off more makeup looks and wear more colors and smokey shades with dark hair.

I have a hairdresser appointment today, actually, and I’ve been thinking about going lighter (like maybe medium brown) for a while now, but I’m way more afraid of change now than I used to be. And I’m always afraid of ending up with carrot colored or (even worse) green hair, lol.

I have black-brown hair and when I was in college and up until 5 years ago (so for about 10 years), I had dyed my hair red, blond, green, blue, plum and pitch black. I’m oriental so nothing other than the pitch black looked natural on me. But I did it for fun and really enjoyed it. I stopped because it was getting too high maintenance and expensive for me. But I did have fun and sometimes I miss it but I’m way too low maintenance now to bother dealing with all those hair issues again.

I am a blonde. When i was 15 (20 years ago, I feel so old!), I dyed it Light Purple. Then dark purple and then bright green.
I wet back to blonde and a few years back I dyed it dark brown. That was a great colour but blonde outgrow is not a nic look. So blonde again now.

My hair is usually very dark brown. I’ve gone dark red/burgundy a few times but I think brown makes me look less yellow. The entire underside of my hair is now a dark green-lime green ombre and I plan on keeping it like that for a while.

I’m naturally blonde (mid to dark very ash blonde) but didn’t know that until about 2 months ago, as I had been dyeing my hair since I was 13 when I had very light blonde hair! I’ve had light blonde, platinum, bright red, deep red, bright purple, deep purple, darkbrown, black red, cerise…. I loved every colour, but I’m now just too lazy to keep up with the maintenance, so natural it is! (Although I have a big chunk of hair that is gingery because of the black re dye which was the last colour).

Yep, I went from my natural light-medium blonde to red (Florence Welch kind of colour) a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. The red and warmer eyebrows makes my eyes look a brighter blue-green which I really like, too.

I like the idea of going bright blond but I’ll never actually try it, colour has never worked well for me.

I accidentally died my hair bright purple when I tried to give it a subtle plum tint. Turns out the ‘family’ hair accepts dyes in a really odd way, my mothers hair went ginger when they tried to dye gently it to take out the grey.

As often as possible. I first dyed my hair when I was 10, colored it with markers and food coloring throughout middle school, and started bleaching and dyeing in high school. Right now I’m waiting for a convenient time to cut and top up the green in my hair.

Yep! This year I experimented with strawberry blonde/copper shades with my half head of highlights, a couple of months ago I took the plunge and am now a full blown Karen Elson/Florence Welch redhead! Loving it, though I still want to try ALL the different shades of red there are to find the perfect one <3

What is my natural hair colour? I can’t remember. I haven’t seen it since I was 17. What I do know, it’s mousey ashy brown and quite ugly really. I’ve been every colour imaginable and some very edgy. I love changing things up. Right now I’m uber dark brown almost black with a lot of cherry undertones. I gravitate to red though and if it weren’t so high maintenance and therefore hard on my hair, I would be red right now. Doubt I will see blonde again. Doubt I’ll see natural again for that matter.

No. I have never ever dyed my hair! It’s already an interesting color on its own (I’m Asian but there’s naturally a lot of brown in my hair), so I don’t think I will till I start getting gray! I probably wouldn’t say no to some highlights though.

All the time! My natural color is a light brown, but I did a temporary cherry red in my sophomore year of high school and haven’t looked back. I’ve done as dark as black and as light as strawberry blonde – pretty much everything but platinum. Pink and purple were fun, and my favorite was fire engine red on top and true yellow on the bottom.

But I stick to natural-looking reds now! Lighter & brighter in summer/spring and deeper in fall/winter.

I can’t really. It’s too dark and it goes orange if I try to lighten it even to dark brown. I know a colorist could do it but I don’t want to sit in the chair for hours on end. I can, however, do the black cherry/plum thing with success, but it’s not a color I want to have all the time.

Yep, I went blue hahaha! I ended up with a lot of compliments. Strangely enough now that I’m back to my normal shade I actually get customers who are sad and miss my wacky hair color.

YES. I was brunette or a reddish brown my whole life. I went blonde, then red, then dark brown (which I HATED & it lasted about three weeks), now I’m back to red again. I’m pretty sure I will stay red for the rest of my life.

I’ve been dying my hair red, then black or aubergine at high school, then I went for blonde, ruined my hair and after several months dyed it black again which stayed for years until last fall when I bleached the grown roots and dyed them blue. Now I have blue on top and dark brown tips.

I had bright red highlights when I was 15 ๐Ÿ˜€ done with permanent dye…but they faded. Other than that, I had a few dark blonde and blonde highlights then and in the 6th or 7th grade….and when i started highschool, at 15, i dyed my hair redish-brown ๐Ÿ˜€ I was told I looked pretty with it but once my dark brown rooths started to grow(and it looked so bad too me cause the dyed hair had a red tinge so my natural hair looked ashy next tio it) I decided I won’t do it reddish brown again so hmmm, idk if i waited for it to fade…probably not. I dyed it a very dark brown(it looked like natural black for 2 weeks to me) and I loved it…I dyed my hair like that when i was 13 too but idk why my teacher hated it blah blah(tho i loved it) so i did it chocolate brown before the red highlights, at 14=tho it looked like a dark dark brown with a cool red tinge.

so yeah…after my dark dark brown dye faded, I dyed my hair intense black(not blue-black cause my mom didn’t let me, lol). I was 16 ๐Ÿ˜€ I was full on into the emo-look, make-up, blah blah(but a less tacky version than those one would find on a google search…no piercings lol). Then I got full bangs and a weeeird haircut that I hated..but at least I loved my black hair and bangs, tho they were annoying and I always had to fix them….before the 11th grade i said f’ it and got an angled bob haircut that I’ve been wanting since I was 13 and saw Rihanna’s(tho mine was equal…now it’s a bit assyimetrical). I never dyed my hair again….I just let it fade, grow, cut it, now it’s all natural….but I’ve been lusting after dark cherry reds…or mahogany….and navy blue, lol, but too bad that’s kinda impossible(almost…and it would damage my hair a lot).

So I guess the bright red highlights were the most drastic…and then the jet-black hair ๐Ÿ˜€ they made me look so pale, even paler than I am(I loved it :D)

From dark to K&B purple to dark to platinum blonde bombshell (traffic stopping) to red to silver fox. Probably a few others too…

Liked the purple best.

Yes! (A lot) Went bright red in junior high, switched to blonde in college, threw in a black streak and eventually just changed to black. Am getting ready to do a black/silver combo after 10 years of black hair.

Not really. I mostly do variations on my own hair color – which is a medium brown – either going dark red or black-brown. Part of it is my job, as I work in a hospital that allows only natural hair colors, and the fact that my hair is a wavy/curly hybrid that dries out easily if not well cared for. In general, I just don’t have the patience for how high-maintenance extreme hair colors are, like blondes or non-natural shades, and the last ten years of excessive blonde-ing of American celebrity has turned me off from the shade altogether. The only really out there shade I’ve always longed to try is a really bold, white blonde, but it’s definitely A Look, and I’m not sure I have the courage to pull it off. ๐Ÿ˜›

Yes! I’ve done pink tips, red hair, red hair with white tips, then I dyed all my hair HOT PINK and it was great, black, and red again. I haven’t seen my real hair colour in years haha.

My hair colour is rarely the same for long… it is currently green, blue and turquoise at the mid to ends with dark brown at the roots to middle in an ombre effect, but in the last year alone has also had white blonde, orange, peach, pink, lavender, lilac, purple, and blue in at at some time (not all separately, I like going multi-tonal). I don’t think there is a single colour I haven’t tried on my hair at some point! It always cheers me up to have colourful hair, and my hair is pretty sturdy and strong enough to take bleach. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s not for everyone, but I regularly have people telling me how much they wish they could have hair like mine, and I don’t see why everyone can’t!!

Not everyone has the luxury of having a job/lifestyle that would allow for that, so perhaps that would be a reason to not have multi-colored hair.

Yep! I’m naturally dirty blonde, and my freshman and sophomore years of college I dyed my hair almost every month ๐Ÿ™‚

First I went blonder and blonder and blonder til I got to Scarlett Johansson levels, then I went strawberry blonde, then redder and redder (but of course it would fade quickly from my lightened hair). Next I went dark brown, and from there it faded pretty close to my natural color and I grew it out.

I’m really glad I had that experience because it was liberating and now I know which colors suit me best. I think my natural shade (maybe with highlights) is my most flattering, but super blonde and dark brown were both awesome. The money and upkeep … less to my liking, especially roots on blonde hair. Now my hair is almost back to totally natural – I got highlights last August but they’ve grown out nicely so I think I’ll just stick to natural for awhile.

Yes! My hair is naturally dark brown (practically black) and I don’t know why, but I don’t like it very much. I started dying my hair when I was 13; I was blonde for a couple of years in high school, then did purple at 18. Then I did pink, and then red throughout college. I went back to my natural color for a while and then last year decided to go pink again. A few months ago I dyed it purple. I would do every color imaginable if I had the skin tone for it, but alas, I do not. So I’m stuck with only a handful of colors.

Yes, I’ve dyed my hair black, blond highlights, red, a mixture of purple, black and red, brown (which is my natural color) but now I don’t dye it. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m thinking about ombrรจ hair.

I’ve actually never colored my hair, because I love my natural hair color!! It’s gone through quite the interesting natural metamorphosis on its own though: I was a red head as an infant/toddler, then white blonde as a kid, bright “true” golden blonde as a teenager, starting in my 20’s my hair started getting redder each year to the point that now (I’m 25) it’s strawberry blonde and perfectly in between red and blonde. In fact, whenever my hair color gets brought up in conversations about half the time I’m called a ginger, otherwise blonde.

I don’t know if I’ll ever color my hair… depends on if my hair goes gray or white as I age, I guess. If I go white I probably won’t!

Many times. I started coloring in junior high because my natural color is a kind of grey blonde that I don’t care for. I mostly stuck with shades of blonde and light red/auburn. In college I took the plunge and went cherry red, and from there I’ve had pink, green, blue, violet, yellow, orange – pretty much the whole line of Manic Panic at one point or another. Now that I’m a bit older and about to head to grad school, I stick with light auburn and various reds, usually warm tones in the summer and cooler ones in winter.

ohhh yes. I’ve been coloring my hair since I was thirteen. I’ve been all shades of brown and black, ginger red, FIRE ENGINE RED (which was my favorite but was so much work uuugh), black with royal blue underneath, pink, brown with lime green underneath, purple, etc. Right now I’m working on growing out the black/blue which has faded to brown and brassy blonde. I haven’t colored my hair in nearly a year and I think I’m gonna keep it that way.

I’m naturally blonde, but I recently had it dyed a dark red-brown shade. I love it! I felt like my natural color faded me out a bit, since I am also very pale. The darker color makes me look much healthier and it gives me some color.

of course ! I’ve been really blonde lately & I’ve actually had it this color for awhile, the only thing that’s changed is some panels of lowlighting in the frontt. I’ve had my hair like every color at some point, and I changed it a ton when I was in beauty school (: being a hairdresser I get bored with my hair super easily so I like to mix it up !
lately I’ve been really contemplating going bright red again, I had it like that for the longest time & LOVED it. but it’s so high maintenance I’m not sure I really wanna deal with that again. I go back and forth(:

I debated for weeks before the start of eighth grade what neon color of hair I wanted. Eventually my mom found a great hot pink color, and we bought a bottle of bleach. I loved that pink, but in the conservative suburban neighborhood it was too much to keep it. So, following the pink, I did auburn, platinum blonde, red, and dark brown. I’m naturally dark blonde/light brown with freckles, so I can pull off near any shade as long as it has warm undertones.

I colored my own hair for quite a while but the first time, I was in my middle tens and discover Clairol Ultra Blue to add to peroxide and put it on my hair. I washed it out when it became yellow orange and was terrified. ( I didn’t have permission to do this, of course) I had no idea it required a toner. Thank goodness my mother took me up to the drugstore to buy toner but it was still awful.
I now leave it to the pros.

I dyed my hair a lighter, mocha brown and got some highlights last month but I’m kind of over it now. I’m going to wait to grow my hair out a bit so that I can dye my hair back to a color like my natural hair because I’m too lazy to wait for it all to grow back.
One thing that I do want to try, however, is getting my hair relaxed. I have really frizzy, curly hair that’s difficult to manage so I think this will be good for me. I’ve looked up the PHYTO specific line of relaxers and they look pretty good.

Nope, I have the same boring dark brown/black hair since birth! I have sensitive scalp/hair so I am afraid my hair will fall off ( it can with the wrong shampoo some imagine dying it)

In the future I might check out hair chalk for fun because it doesn’t damage your hair (correct me if i’m wrong) and it goes away. In my family/culture dying your hair in bold colors is a big no, so I doubt I will be doing anything crazy soon…

As a disclaimer, my natural hair color is pretty close to Christine’s. Throghout the years, I’ve had dark brown hair, dark red hair that faded to coppery brown, dark burgundy with dirty blonde streaks, golden peroxide blonde, and now a brown/dark blonde ombre. I’ve been blonde the longest (7 years! Can’t believe I’ve committed to that)

Yes, I have ๐Ÿ™‚ My natural hair colour – which I last saw 10 years ago – is/was a very dingy, lifeless dark brown which made me look ancient. I’ve now been blonde for several years, and some people think I’m like that naturally. I think blonde really suits me, and I dye my eyebrows blonde as well. In the past I’ve been a redhead, had a pink wispy fringe and had highlights, but blonde is the ‘real me’ so to speak, and now it’s merged with the natural white bits in my hair which makes it look authentic, lol.

I used to be a hairstylist, and having access to all the chemicals for ‘staff’ price (generally only the cost of the product) meant that I had to urge to try all sorts of different colors.

I’ve been everywhere on the spectrum. From platinum/white-blonde to blue-black, and everything in between – different shades of blonde, brown and red, with green, blue and pink thrown in.

I’m now back to my natural color (dark blonde), and I haven’t colored my hair in around two years.

I work as a hair model at the moment, so I get a drastic change every month! I had never dyed my hair until two years ago when I went from brown to blonde (or more yellow rather!). Then I went a lot of diffrent shades of pink, then fire engine red, and now I’m kind of purply brown with a pink patch.

I’ve done blonde before, which was very drastic for me. I’ve also done black, red, purple, rainbow, teal, blue, pink, orange, etc. Right now I’m shades of teal blue, which I love.

My natural hair color is dark brown and I’ve had it dyed auburn red and blue-black before. I’m not sure that qualifies as drastic. Nowadays I have to dye it to cover gray hairs (I started getting gray hairs in my late 20’s), but I dye it my exact natural color.

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