Have you ever decluttered your makeup collection? How did you do it?

I try to go through my collection every 3-6 months and get rid of products that are unnecessary, but it can be longer. These days, I am doing more upfront, before things get put away, and also removing formulas that have been replaced (e.g. I removed Urban Decay’s Revolution lipsticks after I compared to the Vice formula, as I’ll no longer need them) as they get replaced rather than waiting until I do a more thorough declutter. I look at whether they’re products I’ll need to reference in the future, whether they’re too old and can be destashed, etc.

— Christine
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This is my weakness…I cannot remember the last time I did any sort of real de-cluttering. But I know I should. However, every time I even *think* about doing it, I have serious bouts of anxiety. Must be my OCD/ minor hoarding tendencies that come out at the very thought of de-cluttering. ?

I recently purged my lipstick stash. I threw out anything that went bad, then all of the unflattering colors (most were GWP ), then anything with a strong perfume. Fortunately, not too many had to be tossed. I then sorted them by color family (reds, purples, nude browns, pinks, plums, etc ) into either drawers or clear plastic cups, then I swatched each one, and matched it to a lip liner. I also keep a running list of all my lipsticks by brand in alphabetical order, with the matching lip liner(s) next to it, so in the morning, when I’m rushing, I just glance at the list. And with a sharpie, I also wrote the name of each lipstick/liner in bold letters all over the lipstick/liner, so in the morning, I can find it and grab it quickly. Since my lipstick stash is so big , this took me many hours on weekends, but it was worth it. No more fumbling around in the morning, trying to find the right lipstick and lip liner. And if I see something I like on Temptalia, I can easily check my stash for dupes since it’s sorted by color.

I also want Do Do this with my Lipstick Collection
I have started sorting this weekend, First just by LE and not LE
Next step is sorting by Brand, then writing down the names and how much I have of each colour (As I Said in other comments I am a Backup Junkie and have nearly every colour at least twice)
Then I want to put the Backups in a Box and store it cool and Dark so that nothing Happens to them.
When I have finished the lipsticks, my eyeshadows will follow

But As you Said it Takes really a Long Time

Keep at it Kylie! Once you do it, it gets much easier, as you only need to update the list with new acquisitions. And once I saw how many lippies I had, I slowed down my purchasing, or I reserve it for colors unique to my collection. I also did the same with my shadow collection, but I need to update it pretty soon with some new buys.

Oh yes, I do this on a regular basis. I just have a look at every individual product and A) see if I have a newer dupe for it and/or B) how long it’s been sitting there untouched. Based on that I’ll either keep it, give it away or throw it away.

I try and remember purchase dates so I can toss things which are super old. Things I haven’t used in 6 months or so I give to family and friends or do a blog sale! I have discovered that buying less (obvs) and being ruthless with parting helps a LOT!

I have, though I never am as aggressive in my decluttering as I ought to be. I did a huge cull of my lip products 2 years ago but still kept way more lipstick and gloss than I’m ever likely to wear. If I’m being honest with myself, I know I’ve held onto things that I’ll never likely wear again. I just hate throwing things away, especially if a product was limited edition or if it’s been discontinued.

I have one cabinet full of make-up and bodycare. I don’t want to ‘waste’ more cabinets on storing a whole lot of lipsticks I don’t wear, so I go through my collection two or three times a year.. Usually when seasons change but I consider autumn and winter one season. My technique is to choose one product (say: lipstick) and organise them by color. Then pick out the ones you are definitely never ever getting rid of. Then I follow with a swatch-session of each color. I might apply some to see if it looks good or not. I’m pretty good at decluttering as I’m donating my products to a friend who is just starting out with make-up. She’s on a very limited budget and I love seeing her so happy with my stuff! She’s got some skills too 😉

I had too many sample size things. I had also accumulated five full-size hairsprays. It was just too much. So, I created a list of everything with the price, age and finish of each. I used up as many samples as I liked. I gave away several things. I threw out stuff, including my Chocolate Bar. the collection went down 71% in cost! Now, I know how many I have of everything. So, when I decide I want a new black eyeliner, I can see that I already have five. This has worked tremendously for me.

I try to declutter about every 3 months, which is roughly when the seasons change. I get honest with myself about whether or not I really used or liked something, and if not I get rid of it. Also, I try to really look at and smell every product, not just glance at, say, a closed lipstick. Some things really do go bad, mold, etc. Yuck!

I’m currently focusing on decuttering my collection right now. I have a five and two Muji drawer set on my bathroom counter that I house my ‘everyday’ makeup in. About monthly I change things out and throughout the month I evaluate the items in there as I use them and determine if I want them to stay in my collection or if they need to be removed.
Sometimes I go through a whole section, like lips or nails, and I’ll get rid of a whole bunch of things at once. I think I’ve finally learned my lesson on buying to many sets.

I try to to a big declutter/ destash /reorganize about once per year. It usually ends up being early in the year after I’ve acquired a bunch of new holiday goodies and am getting that resolution feeling. This year I bought a a couple of 3-drawer organizers from The Container Store that helped, and more recently I’ve purchased a few byAllegory units as well for my single compacts and lipglosses. I need to find a good solution for my ridiculous (and ever growing) compact collection next.

I toss and purge continuously. Sometimes it’s straight into the trash, other times I’ll wait & see if my daughter or nieces want it. I’m super fastidious about using clean brushes and I never apply a lippie straight from the bullet. Items like eyeliners and lip liners get thrown away because I’m not convinced they can ever be sanitized.

I do horribly but I go through seasonally and either give away or toss old or unwanted products. I also no longer buy certain things ie no foundation or mascara until I use up a bottle or tube. Only purchase when I empty. I also don’t buy palettes or contouring kits. That keeps my collection from getting over -grown.

I declutter every month simply because I don’t have the room/storage to keep everything. It usually a case of point if I want to keep something I have to replace it with something else. 😉

I used to do a quick clean out every year but recently I realised that even though a lot of products look different in the packaging they tend to look similar on the face. So I made a list of the different ‘looks’ I tend to create and a list of all the products I need to do so. Then I got rid of all but the one or two newest for each category. It’s now a one in, one out situation unless I see something truly different (I don’t need 6 bronze eyeshadows!) and I haven’t felt restricted at all.

I toss and purge continuously. I swatch and look at the items honestly. Do I like it enough to keep? Have I worn it or do I intend to? Does it look good on me? I usually put the items in a bag for my sister to go through and then the rest get tossed.
Right now I am on a project pan to use up certain products like foundations, concealers, lip products, eye liners so I am trying to be very good and not buy any to add to the collection. (Not doing so good with the lip products but good with the others).

I don’t declutter too often typically because I tend to use everything in my collection but every now and then I toss a small pile (as in like 2 to 4 things tops across all categories) that I am just tired of or that I never really use anymore. Same if anything looks like it has gone bad (which happens very rarely). I love my large-ish collection but will purge a few items here and there very occasionally.

When I moved to Germany almost all of my Hourglass products stayed. Anything that was too warm got left for my much warmer sister. Unfortunately, Hourglass really caters to warm toned people.

I’m an odd duck and have some hoarding tendencies, but equally despise clutter. I just completed a major purge earlier this year, much of which was donated, but I need to go back at it again for even deeper pruning. I review each and every item individually much like any control freak cray hoarder. I have learned to be much more merciless; effectively put the kibosh on my overflowing habit when I set up my new makeup station earlier this year. It felt so damn good to let so much go. However, at this point I still need to say goodbye to some makeup in my stash which I have had for a long time, but have considerable fondness for … I’m basically keeping it out of nostalgia which is ridiculous. NARS comes to mind and the big blush and eyeshadow stash which I haven’t touched for ages. Ditto for other lines such as Guerlain, and Chanel; products I have kept merely because they were pricey and I feel guilty anxiety just tossing them in the bin. MAC lipsticks are another area which need to be significantly paired back. They look so cool all lined up in my Ikea Alex, but so what? What the heck am I keeping them for?. Because they are a group that belongs together? These are precisely the types of thoughts which I have to fight against in my head. In the end my dislike of and innate claustrophobia from clutter wins every time… OMG thankfully.

If by “declutter” we mean culling products, then no; if we mean creating a system of organization so stuff isn’t randomly all over, creating clutter, then yes. I am working myself into the correct mindset for a first-ever declutter session, though. Just need a little more time.

I usually do it seasonally & when I get something new. Even with that, my stash was enormous. I used the Marie Kondo method & it helped me get rid of a lot. I was keeping things out of guilt for how much money I wasted, or I might want them in the future. Recently, I read about the contamination in products over 1-2 years old. I was so disgusted that I threw away 3 large bags of makeup. Next will be the other rooms that I have my stash-that’s where I keep things that I bought multiples of & have never used. It will be difficult-since that’s the limited editions, but I also have things that I’ve forgotten about that are current.

I try to declutter a couple times a year. I mostly work on products that are old and need to be tossed for hygienic reasons. Then I move on to products I know I don’t use regularly. If they didn’t work for me for some reason, I pass them on to family or friends. If it was just a matter of forgetting about them (sadly, it happens), I put them at the front of my rotation.

I go through everything about every 6 months. I throw out anything that’s gone bad. Anything that doesn’t work for me, or that I don’t like on me, I put in a box. I also give them any huge 88-color palettes and that type of thing that I sometimes get as GWP from places like Coastal Scents & BH Cosmetics. That stuff goes to a women’s shelter in New York that takes used items and sanitizes them. Anything I’m so-so about, I keep but try to use more to see whether I really want to keep them.

In between purges, I keep a small box for things I immediately know I don’t want to keep. Too dark foundation samples. Hair care, cream eyeshadow bases, etc. that I get from subscription boxes end up in there. That box also goes to the women’s shelter.

Anyone interested in donating to the shelter may contact [email protected] .

I tell myself that I do but I don’t think I am tough enough with myself. I’m getting better though. I was brutal clearing out eye products last week. My lippies have been cut in half and I’m ready to halve them again.

I’m going through a year-long process to do that now. I have a calendar of “brand of the week” & each week I pull all the items in my collection from that brand. I use (discarding the expired) the stuff I have and make some decisions about how much I really like it, if there are color dupes in my collection I like better, etc. I’ve shed a lot so far this year & found a lot of gems from the back of the drawer. it’s been a fun challenge. I will probably cycle through the same brand of the week schedule next year.

I just recently have gotten into decluttering and parring back my collection, so far its been hard but I just go by catagorey (blush, bronzer, lipstick, foundation, etc) the hardest has been lipstick and concealers! I’m trying to be more ruthless when it comes to lipstick since I’m super limited on storage space (84 is more than enough for a 20 year old!) by actually paying attention to the formula, not just the color. Doing this has helped a lot! If I don’t love everything about it, out it goes!

I assess about once per month, but don’t always get rid of things every month. Mascaras every 3 months. I try not to over buy more than I can use within the life of what I’m buying

Once a year I HAVE TO Declytther. But every season changing I try to used up some products and others that I haven’t touch them I declutter them (that’s beause my needs are diferent by season as a different type and color of foundation for exemple)

Yes, I’ve done it for years. My mom has always kidded me because I call it “makeup clearing house”. She and my sister love it because they get all the stuff I no longer want…most of it barely used. Tons of gift bag stuff too.

I’ve cut down on my makeup spending this past year, but I haven’t done a big declutter in a long time. I’ve been meaning to do it lately, but the thought of sorting and organizing my products is giving me anxiety. I’m trying to think about what product should go where and what storage containers do I need to put them in. Then I feel like I’m low on storage and I need to figure out what is the best storage, etc.

I like to get samples in all my online orders, but then they are piling up and I usually forget to use them. And if it’s a new product I want to test out, I worry that I might get a bad reaction to it so I have to set out some days when my skin is clear first (which is not often at all).

A declutter is on my list to do this month coming up (August.) I frequently give things away to family & friends as soon as I realize it’s not right for me, but sometimes things slip thru. I can usually make a decision on what I like or don’t pretty quickly.

I recently purged anything (lipsticks, glitterliners) that had gone off, or products that had been replaced by better formulas or that I just knew I’d never reach for. But generally I use what I’ve got eventually!

I don’t need to purge often because im very careful about what I buy. I think I’ve said this before here, but my discipline when it comes to buying amazes my family! I did purge two eyeshadow palettes, both from the same brand, that had no lasting power. I did that by focusing on them for a week or two using different primers and application techniques. When nothing worked, they got tossed. Also threw out a Frankenstein’d lipstick that was just too much trouble. Chalked that one up to learning from a mistake. Other than that, I use everything I own, often to the last drop, and only toss if it turns (which is rare). It might seem like I must have a tiny collection but I have dozens of each item, just make sure to do my makeup as many days as I can and rotate it all!

I go through it every once in a while the problem is everything is tucked away and not where I have easy access to it so I don’t use it as much as I would like. I would love to have it organized in a way that I can see it all at once. I have it separated in a lot of different makeup bags.

I just today “emptied” out some old MAC products I wanted to use for Back to MAC because I just wasn’t using them at all. I know it sounds wasteful, but I’m at least glad they offer the Back to MAC program so it doesn’t feel entirely like I just threw money away. I did get some use out of the products, but either I lost interest or the color doesn’t match me as well as I initially thought.

For anything other than MAC products, I’ll throw products away once or twice a year if I look at them and realize I never use them at all, or obv if it seems like it’s gone bad.

I go through my makeup collection like I go through my clothes, or my “pantry” (aka some IKEA cubes with doors) & fridge, or my books, etc. I look through them at semi-regular intervals, see what I haven’t used in a while, grown out of, is no longer to my style/taste, or in the case of food/makeup/skincare, what’s gone “off”. With makeup I did a pretty big clear out about a year after I got into makeup, as at that point I had tried out enough things to know what did or didn’t suit me, and what I just plain didn’t like or reach for.

I’m holding off on sorting through my makeup for the moment as I finally see a majorly well-renowned spinal surgeon on the 22nd, and that appointment is going to be the one that either fixes me or means it’s all over, so after that it’s hopefully spinal surgery, and a successful recovery. Then I’ll be well enough to physically be able to put on makeup regularly, so I’ll know what’s worth keeping and what’s worth giving away or tossing. For now I’m avoiding even going through to see what’s gone off, as that would be super depressing in this situation. So I think there are times where it’s healthy to avoid sorting through things like makeup, such as when you physically or emotionally can’t.

Wow, you must be dealing with a lot of anxiety. That’s a pretty dang high stakes appointment! I didn’t know you are going thru something that huge. Please keep us in touch with how things go. I will be sending you all the best hopes and outcomes blessings every day!

One Shocking (totally non-Nars related) Moment

I did my first makeup collection declutter at the age of 54. It had never been necessary in the past because I had always bought a modest amount of makeup and consistently used up what I had. Then I met husband #3. He firmly believed that, having “so little” makeup, I was seriously (shockingly) deprived. He made it his mission to see my stash grow into a (respectable) full-fledged collection.

Roughly 6 months later…
My euphoria came to an abrupt halt when I started to inventory my collection and realized that I had a lot of product repeats, dupes, and near-dupes along with far too many disappointing products. Truth be told, I was ashamed of myself at that point. I knew my makeup collection was actually modest in comparison to those of my peers but it was still way more than one face was likely to use up before it went “bad” or I died of old age.

The (I-never-want-to-do-this-again) declutter…
I went through my collection one “category” at a time to avoid (I hoped) feeling completely overwhelmed. Truth be told, sorting through my eye primers, face primers, lip primers, setting powders, finishing powders, setting sprays, foundations, tinted moisturizers, concealers, bronzers, blushes, highlighters, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadow singles, lipliners, and eyeliners was RELATIVELY easy. I put any repeats, dupes and near-enough-dupes aside. Also, unless a specific product gave me A LOT of pleasure, it was added to the dupes “pile”. Eyeshadow doubles, trios and quads were kept ONLY if at least 75% of the colours were truly non-dupable (within my collection). Sorting through palettes of any kind was very challenging but in the end I applied the 75% rule to them too. That being said, decluttering my high end eyeshadow palettes was sheer T-O-R-M-E-N-T! Although it was realy really REALLY painful (I mean “difficult”) I applied the 75% rule to them too.

And then what?
I had my kids and their life-partners “shop” through my stuff to their heart’s content. Whatever was left was gifted to their friends.

The only thing I’ve purchased since my declutter is a single tube of mascara. I’m very happy with my makeup collection; I love every single item in it. I’m proud of what I have achieved but I NEVER EVER EVERRR want to relive the experience. Lesson learned.

I went through and checked the use-by months on each product, threw out the old ones. I then threw out any that I hadn’t used in at least 4 months. Was all a bit too easy!

I do this about once a month. I get rid of anything that has gone rancid and put anything that is unflattering on my skin tone, that I have a dupe for or that I’m not reaching for anymore in a “give away box” granted that it can be sanitized by wiping them down with a q-tip wet with rubbing alcohol and the packaging with a Purell wipe. I don’t like to feel like my collection is cluttered. I am considering creating a beauty blog so I may hold on to a couple of items longer for review purposes, then throw or give them away.

When decluttering awhile ago, I got rid of all my old lipsticks and I only kept the ones that I actually liked and wore (these were fairly new).
I made a resolution last year to have only one or two foundations open at a time and that has worked well too.
I have thrown out products that I decided I didn’t really like – lip liners, mascaras etc.
As far as eye shadow palettes are concerned, no, I haven’t bitten the bullet yet, though I should.

When I moved from the US to Australia, I cherry picked my favorite products from my ever growing stash and gave the rest away or binned it. Before that I never went out of my way to declutter, I’d just pull out items here and there that I knew I didn’t want or wouldn’t use anymore.

I recently decluttered my makeup collection slowly over the year 2014-2015. I gave to my friends including box of samples. One of my friends was so happy when I gave her a gwp from Elf that she just reached out and hugged me.

Now if I have any extra and they haven’t been used much I give to my sis-in-laws/family for xmas. They love Sephora and gave thumbs up their approval!!!:)

I did declutter my lipstick collection once while I was swatching all the ones I got. I just threw away the lipsticks that were expired, and gave away the lipticks that I wasn’t using 🙂 But there were not many that went out of my collection. For the rest of my makeup, I don’t have enough to declutter

I watch some decluttering videos on youtube, get into the mood and start remembering all the items that I was going to let go. Then it’s more like re-organizing, swatching and deciding what should be better accessible and what can stay more hidden. Any lip products that are at least half used go to a separate see-through box so they get a better chance be finished. On the way all smelly lipsticks and old or really bad performing items go straight to the bin. All items that I am sure I will not use anymore go to a box which awaits for guests. That gives me some time to take any products back 🙂 Lastly, once my mum or sister visit me, we go through that box and they pick anything they want to use or try.

Absolutely! Otherwise I would be overrun with cosmetics. I do it every 5-6 month’s. I’m not out always purchasing “new” anything. But when I do, the first thing I do is change up where everything is, sharpen all the pencil eyeliners and lip liners, wipe down every lipstick, I have inside out with rubbing alcohol. Clean out all the draws and sterilize them. I’m not the only one who uses my cosmetics or skincare..so I like to keep everything sharpened, dusted, cleaned and sanitized! I’m NOT going to wash my face, neck and decoliete area, only to put dirty unsanitized products, or other family members oils or germs on my face. I also never reuse the same cosmetic brush or applicator, or sponge a second time! I mean I go above and beyond to make sure that my face is cleaned, toned, and masked…then use moisturizers, SPF’s, primers ect…. I don’t want to put anything on my face except for the actual products and cosmetics! I KNOW this sounds a little bit of OCD, L. But it’s not. Have you ever been in a hurry and you go to pick up a friend for a girls night out, and you actually forgot half your makeup that was supposed to go into your makeup bag?! I have. Have you had No other choice but to use your friends makeup?! I have! And it’s pretty gross! So, I usually end up cleaning and organizing her makeup and skincare. She loved it! It’s NOT that hard to do. Lol. I usually give away what I bought, and thought I liked something… until I came home! Usually if NOBODY wants that shade or whatever, I go to the Dollar Store and buy a huge Sunday to Saturday pill organizer. I put the colors in there, and I make my own lip palette, cheek palette, concealer palette and bronzer palette. This helps me mix shades together, so nothing goes to waste! Pretty awesome and very easy to make and use. I have alot of broken blushes, pressed powders and I also do the same thing, make them loose powder and loose eyeshadows. The powders ARE the best idea, especially if you have a darker pressed powder for Summer. You can add corn starch until you get the right color for your face. So, please DON’T throw anything away! It can be used over and over again by using this method! Give it a try Temptalia!! You have nothing to lose and you get your money’s worth out of every product you own!! I hope this helps! ??

Yes, I do it regularly since I’m constantly adding to the collection. If I’ve not used them in a while I put those aside for my niece who loves makeup too.

Is it weird that just reading this thread has given me high anxiety? Lol I keep starting a declutter mission but it never gets finished because somebody somewhere always seems to need me for something or some weird thing happens to me. I’ve started making jokes about my makeup ::: read in scary voice ::: NOT WANTING TO LEAVE MUAWHAHAHA
That’s not weird at all right?

I recently did this because I tend to hoard GWP samples and other freebies. I had a huge basket of stuff on the vanity which had gotten out of hand. One day when my husband was not home I spread towels over the bed and spread out all the contents. I immediately threw out stuff that was used up, lip colors that had not worked, cracked up blushes and shadows, etc. I threw dirty cosmetic bags in the washer, and empty refillable palettes in the dishwasher to get them really clean. I washed, soaked and rinsed dirty brushes. I separated and organized my makeup, skin care, and fragrances, putting special use ones in a drawer. I then took one large cosmetic bag and put in my daily and weekly skin care products, and put my daily makeup in another one. These went into the basket with my hairdryer, hairbrushes, and curling iron. My next project entails two drawers full of samples and travel sizes I plan to clean out and organize.

I do a sort of decluttering every time I buy something new. (I do the same with clothing too) Whenever I bring home new makeup I decide where it’s going to go which I usually know while buying it. If it can’t fit in my rotating lipstick tower or my lip gloss stand or my mini drawers of my wooden cosmetic holder or in my “extra or not commonly used” containers then something has to go. I usually start with my “extra or not commonly used” items and what gets removed from there gets replaced with an older item from the lipstick tower or lip gloss stand.

For eye shadow palettes, because I am not big on buying them or singles If I bring one home it can’t fit in the eye shadow holder but it can go in the desk drawer near my blush palettes and high lighters.

While doing that cleaning I usually come across something I realize I don’t wear or haven’t so I will chuck it. I end up with empty spaces in my cosmetic storage that tells me how many of something I can buy. So right now I have 3 open lipstick spaces on my rotating lipstick tower yet non on my lip gloss stand and that’s what i want next LOL. Pretty much for every new thing I bring home, something old has to go and that keeps me from spending on things I don’t need.

watch youtube videos on this because they are extremely helpful. I noticed the cluttering process most youtubers went through they commonly asked do I really need this product like before? if it is a dupe, which one should I keep?

In the decluttering process, if the person is interested in selling makeup, there is a site called glambot. Except the seller cannot choose the price, glambot chooses it. I think It is better to sell on Etsy.

I like what you mentioned about reformulated products. If the same product gets reformulated to something much better, it is best to keep the better formula instead of hoarding the old one.

I decluttered. When I started going through my makeup and reorganizing, I saw alot of products I wasn’t using (some still practically new) and forgot I had. Decluttering and reorganizing a collection is great because it helps see how much stuff is in the collection.

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