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I’ve trimmed my own hair but no more than that? I’ve trimmed badly split ends, weird hairs that stick out and won’t go down, and my bangs. I can’t always get out to my hairdresser to have her do bang trims, so i’ve been known to take matters into my own hands. No horrible mishaps so far, knock wood lol

No. I have trimmed hair for my friends, but I’ve never cut my own. I’d think that would be really hard to do.

Always. Since I decided to go long and all I do is trim the split ends. I’m actually more confident than when I had to go to a stylist and risk everything with a stranger.

I trim my own hair often, when it’s long. I simply part my hair down the middle, braid each side, tie off the ends, and snip whatever is below the band. My hair is thick & wavy, so if there is a slight miscalculation, it’s not too obvious.

I’m never happy with the placement of my bangs, so I *always* end up having to adjust them. I just had them redone a couple of days ago, and one side was fuller than the other, so I had to go in and redo the line, but at least I had a guide. I also prefer fuller, blunt bangs, but I always end up with wispier ones.

I have been cutting my own hair for 3 years now. I’m not trained, I started off cutting just split ends and my bangs and then I decided just to go ahead and cut it in a bob. I just have to make sure it’s even but other than that its no problem. I’m sure if I wanted layers or something that required more precision I would get it done professionally.

I tried to trim my bang when I was around eleven, and it was a disaster. That does not make me want to renew the experience…

I did it once when I was a child. Please don’t try it out, my mum hat to cut my hair afterwards and I looked like a boy for the next few months. πŸ˜‰

I have a strong dislike for letting strangers touch me on the head, so I cut my hair myself. The fact that is very long and normally worn braided or pinned up helps a lot :-).

Ohhhn no. I have very fine curly hair that tends to get layered, and there’s no way I could do anything but make a mess of it.

I always cut my hair.
I have crazy curly thick hair and because of past experience I don’t trust anyone to cut it.
Every single haircut I have ever had made me look like a poodle.
However because my hair is so curly it hides how uneven it looks tho I am too sxcared to straighten it lol.

I trim my bangs sometimes if I can’t make it to my hairdresser. I don’t get it right 100% of the time but it never looks too bad. I can always reassure myself that it will grow back so even if they look a bit wonky, they won’t look wonky for long. And thankfully my hair grows really fast. πŸ™‚

I might have trimmed my own bangs when I was a kid (like 10 years old). It went OK in my humble opinion, but that’s just my opinion LOL

I can not be trusted with scissors. I have not only cut my own hair, but I’ve cut the hair of those around me. I cut my sisters waist length hair into a bob (she liked it, our mother was furious). I’ve cut my husbands hair multiple times, but he’s too “involved” with the process so I won’t do it anymore. And though I’ve never done a major chop on my own head I have cut bangs, trimmed them, and maintained a cut someone else did. I have no formal training, just a willingness to do something dumb. So far nothing bad has happened.

No, if I tried I would become bald. I can imagine myself doing such a terrible job, I would make anyone see me laugh. For hair cut I go to the stylists, I think for such an important thing I donΒ΄t mind paying good money at the beauty salon. I have no guilt for that, since my hair takes some time to grow again so if I made a mistake with it would be for a long time like that. πŸ™‚

I’ve cut my own bangs a couple of times, with varying results. Don’t think I’ll do that again, but hey, sometimes you need change and you’re not willing to wait!

I’ve trimmed my own bangs in the past. It wasn’t too scary, I just made sure to cut a little at a time.

Yup! I’ve done my own layers, razored my bangs, trimmed my bangs, trimmed the ends, and cut my bangs a completely different way. Everything’s always turned out fine! =P

I have trimmed by on bangs, but only after they’ve been professionally cut (I haven’t started from scratch). Otherwise, I haven’t cut my own hair.

My best friend in university once begged me to cut her hair and I did. Her hair ended up looking pretty good, but I accidentally grazed the outer edge of her ear with the scissors and holy crap did it bleed~ so yeah, no!

Yup! I got fed up and cut about 2 inches off the bottom one time. I had waited too long to get a trim and just grabbed my scissors! I didn’t regret it either.

I have! My hair is so fine and straight that you can’t really mess it up. In college I wanted to give myself layers so I stood in between my bathroom mirror and the full length mirror on the back of my bathroom door and started lifting up pieces from the back of my head and cutting away. The layers actually looked really good. πŸ™‚

Yes i did, I was a young teenager an stupid πŸ™‚

And with both my parents being hairdressers, let me tell you it did not take long for them to find out, about 2 and a half seconds…:)

No, I haven’t! I don’t trust myself with scissors either, because I have long hair and no idea how to trim its layers! I could probably trim bangs, but even that would be risky for me.

Michelle, the trick is to do LITTLE BY LITTLE. Trust me, at first I was like “not touching my hair with scissors, period” then one day I observed how the stylist trimmed my bangs and did it back at home little by little, from then on I just trimmed my own bangs πŸ™‚

I’ve trimmed my bangs and will snip at random split end hairs I see, which I can get away with because I have long hair. Aside from that, no way I can give myself layers, nor would I trust myself to. πŸ™‚

Yes. I have a pixie cut and my hair grows very quickly. To save money between cuts I trim it myself. I have a comb with a razor blade in it that I just use to shape up the back and keep it from looking like a mullet.

Yes I have twice in the last 3 monthsand I always end up lopping off more than I should one one side and cannot do the back! I had to go to a salon each time to get it fixed and now I am almost ending up with a pixie. Eek! I keep saying I will let my bangs grow out but always end up trimming them. I need to stop watching UTube videos which make it look easy and let my hair grow now.

I cut my own hair all the time! It has been four years since I last had my hair professionally cut. I have super wavy/ curly hair and most stylists are incapable of properly cutting my hair. Plus, I feel ripped off paying people money to do something I can do myself.

I cut it, put tons of awesome layers, and even do perfect face framing bangs. Not to toot my own horn, but I do a pretty great job.

Once in high school with a razor and it was SO BAD. I basically gave myself a super thinned out mullet. awful. never again.

I’ve often cut my hair including layering the back which is a bit of a challenge. It’s certainly not as good as a really good professional cut but I’m sure my worst 10 professional cuts were much worse. I’ve had some terrible experiences with stylists.

I know I’ve cut my bangs before, probably in like middle school, and I’m sure they were awful.
I definitely get way too many people coming into my salon where you can tell right away. “So you cut/color this yourself?” like I need to ask. Trimming your bangs between appointments honestly isn’t the worst thing you can do, its usually easily fixable and most people won’t do such a bad job because its right there in front of your face! But for the life of my I cannot understand why anybody would attempt to just give themselves a whole entire haircut by themselves. That never turns out well!
I think the worst of it is when people try to DIY their color. You may think you’re saving money, and at least a bad haircut is fixable, but corrective color gets so so expensive, its really cheaper to just get it done professionally and not take that risk. Professionals are professional for a reason, the average person who doesnt know what they’re doing, shouldnt be trying to cut/color/bleach their own hair.

I trim my fringe myself. I trim the length with a trimmer and use scissors for more detailed work. It’s really quick and easy!

Yes, all the time for the past two years. I got tired of all of the salon drama and waiting for hours. I started paying attention to what my stylist did, got the correct shears, and equipment and haven’t looked back since. It took one or two bad haircuts to get it, but now I’m glad I started doing it myself. Saves money that’s for sure!

I usually cut my own hair. Most of the time it works out fine although I get the odd disaster (mostly because I haven’t thought through how said style will suit me). At the moment I have a bob and a blunt fringe which I cut whilst bored which would be cute if I had a perfect oval face but I’m rather round-faced so I look terrifying :p

I move a lot (married to the military), and I have difficulty finding and sticking with a stylist due to this fact. Over the past year, I have started to trim my own ends. I was terrified at first, but I haven’t been dissatisfied with my work thus far. However, if I found a stylist I felt I could be loyal to, I would definitely prefer to get professional trims again.

I did do it once, only my fringe and i thought it was fine. When my friend saw me, she said YOU GOT YOUR HAIR CUT, i said quite proudly YEAH I DID IT MYSELF, to which she replied, I COULD SEE THAT!. After that incident i always get trims done by my hairdresser as its complimentry with her providing shes not too busy.

Every time I get comfortable with my stylist, they move away. So, the past three years, I have cut and dyed my own hair and my son’s hair. Changing the length and the fringe is easy, but, I haven’t figured out how to do layers yet. I think my hair looks great, but I am not trying trendy hair do’s.

I trim my split ends and single strand knots regularly. For a major cut, I leave it to the professionals.

When I was four I took huge pinking shears and whacked off my eyelashes because someone somewhere said trimming your hair makes it grow longer. I… was not very bright.

I have very long hair and I cut it myself. It’s a blunt, straight across cut which is how I prefer my hair. Very easy to cut.

Andrea, you are being patronising. Trust me, plenty of people know what they are doing when they are colouring their own hair. In fact, many people have been doing it for years and know exactly how their hair behaves with different dyes and peroxide strengths. Something that a stylist often cannot tell the first time or a few (from experience).

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