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Yes so I made it happen! I’m an accountant but live for all things beauty, in particular nails and makeup. After a few years of consistently doing friends/workmates/family nails and makeup for free I started my own business, beauty by Angela. In still an accountant by day but nights and weekends I’m a makeup artist / nail tech! It’s been amazing and although I’ve only been going a few months now I have a regular client base. It’s tough working full time in a demanding role, fitting in bookings and of course all the marketing and promotion stuff but is so worth it, I love coming up with new ideas and expanding, for example I’m running an evening on false lashes on Friday can’t wait!

Ange – that sounds amazing!!! I would love to hear more about your leadership journey πŸ™‚ I have an undergraduate degree in communications/RADIO/TV/FILM but currently pursuing my MBA in Entrepreneurship/Innovation Management and would LOVE to one day work in research and development or marketing for a cosmetics company. Minimally, to start, having a beauty business similar to what you talk about on the side would be amazing! LMK if you would be interested in sharing your story with me! thank you! -steff

I considered it, but then realised I’d rather keep my hobby as a hobby, than turn something I love into a job which could make me resent it!

I agree with this 100%. I know a lot of people think having a passion-turned-job is amazing but sometimes I see my hobbies/passion as my refuge from work.

Oh no. I love reading about makeup and shopping and things, and I love doing my research, but I very much like my career in IT services. The closest I’d get would be like as IT for a makeup company or website.

Absolutely! Once I settle down (aka stop having to live between countries), I’d love to start being a make-up artist again. I am very interested in actually creating color cosmetics, as well. πŸ™‚

I’m 32 and this year I FINALLY decided to study a Diploma in Specialist Makeup, I finish my diploma in about 4 weeks. I’ve wanted to be a makeup artist since I can remember. Girls (and guys!)it’s never too late to follow your dreams πŸ™‚

No. My career has been very technical and independent. I’ve always worked either individually on projects or as my own boss. Beauty/Cosmetics are a thing I enjoy only as a creative pastime.

I am currently enrolled in beauty school and will be going to college for a technical theatre/business degree! I really want to be a Film makeup artist working with prosthetics. I’m really happy I found this community otherwise I don’t think I would know what I want to do with myself

I did when I was younger, but then I realised it could never fund the lifestyle I live so I became a sugar baby instead.

I have considered it…but I really donΒ΄t know. I still have to finishmy career in Comunication, and I guess maybe I could combine the two. I donΒ΄t now, time will tell.

Oh Lord, yes! I often thought it would be a sweet deal to get in the creative side at any cosmetics company. Doing what exactly, I don’t know. I used to read the online postings for L’Oreal and Revlon fantasizing about living and working in NYC. But I never actively persued it. At the end of summer I had a baby boy and as new parents, my husband and I ponder his future career. Well, I think he should be a cosmetic chemist to help develop new skincare and color products for mom. :).

Also, I get inspired by women who start their own beauty companies. Women like Marcia Kilgore of Bliss, Leslie Blodgett of Bare Minerals and Bare Escentuals and Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter. But, honestly, it seems like all the good ideas have been claimed already–minerals, food based, home recipes, indie colors, all natural, etc!

At one time I did, I even went to school for make up and got my certificate of completion (you don’t get licensed for makeup in my state) Then I realized I kind of hate doing makeup on other people nor am I very good at it. Now I just do my own and occasionally will help a friend out if they need it (for example I did my bff’s makeup for her wedding earlier this year)
I think if I were closer, I would like to work in a call center for a makeup company. That’s what I do and that’s what I’m good at. That’s as close as I think I would come, though.

No, never. I’m fortunate enough to work in publishing and if there’s something I love more than makeup, it’s books. I can’t imagine myself ever working on something that doesn’t primarily focus on text and words as such. I’m not even remotely visually creative, which seems important for a career in beauty.
I prefer to keep makeup as a hobby. This way, it’s something I can enjoy without any pressure to be competitive or excel or make a living out of.

I’m months away from getting my PhD in organic chemistry, and lately my dream job has been to be some sort of cosmetic chemist. It’s very feasible, so that’s both comforting and exciting!

I would study in an accademy here in Milan. THERE are many schools in Milan but they are very expensive. It would last a year and costs 6,000 €!!!! The best school costs even 11,000!!!So I want to go possibly in an other country,(England) and improve my english while I study to became a MUA. What do you think? Can you give some advice please? Thank you!:)

I totally fantasize about life as a cosmetic chemist. I love tinkering, and as a medical student, I fantasize about finding a “cure” for acne, even though Differin is already pretty close to a cure.

Yes, but there is no chance for me to actually become a makeup artist – which is what I’d want to do. Because the course would cost like 10 000 € and my parents wouldn’t understand… They expect me to go to university.. which I sort of want too, but I want both, and that won’t be possible πŸ™

You don’t need to attend expencive courses to become a make-up artist! You may learn from so many other sourses: books, YouTube, Internet in general and especially practice! Whatever your interest is – the best way to learn is to practice. You CAN do both (graduating from university and being a make-up artist: just use your spare time to practice on friends, build your portfolio and then start gradually building you clientele. If this is what you really want, you will be able to find ways to accomplish your dreams! Good luck!

I agree! I went to college and I have a degree, but I am self-taught makeup artist and work for MAC now doing freelance work. πŸ™‚ Do what you love!

I’ve been a medical esthetician/makeup artist for over 7 years now. Can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

Actually… yes. I went to university for film and wound up in academics again to get my master’s degree in film & media studies. The school I went to sort of created a negative environment and the students were so critical of each other that I could not take it anymore. Makeup was really just a hobby of mine, but it wound up really taking over and I just became a licensed makeup artist.

Yes, I would love too I have a keen eye for color I almost scored a perfect 100% on that color test online, I mean I can tell the difference between all 100 shades of purple , LOL I would want to be a well paid makeup artist LMAO. I am currently in the medical field (plastic surgery) and the pay is Awsome.

I’ve been thinking about it lately, I am studying visual arts and since I was little I had a passion for makeup but I’m still undecised about what to do after finishing college! Great suggestions to start independently to be a makeup artist, I’m taking notes πŸ˜‰ !

Possibly. I am in the field of public relations/communications, and could see myself doing PR for a cosmetics company someday. However, it’s just a hobby of mine at the moment.

Am a clinical medical scientist and have had head-hunters from both drug and cosmetic industries court me for yrs – not interested despite it’s good $. I would hate, hate retail sales of any kind…I only did 1 retail job ever when I was 13 and was before you had to prove your age upon employment. I sold clothing at a smaller chain dept store. But this dept store only had a very tiny counter of men’s cosmetics which were in ‘those days’ that dept was called mens sundries dept! I think I sold a few bottles of men’s cologne when I had to cover that counter.

Yeah, because I love beauty so much…. I’ve considered a lot of things. But I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. My major is still undeclared! What an existential crisis.

I’m disabled from a neck injury and infection after surgery so I can no longer work- weak arms and legs- was an RN. When Ulta first opened here though, they kept trying to hire me for makeup.
Wish I could- I’m also 63.

I’m sorry about that πŸ™ I know how you feel, my dream and passion was once dancing, especially ballet and hula. Then I developed severe systemic JIA (a kind of arthritis) and now I can barely walk properly. I also can’t be a MUA cuz it’ll put too much strain on my already hurting body and my arms and hands don’t have the range of motion they used to.

Make up and color brings me such joy and always has so it is something to personally fall back on. I also love to talk about make up and often do at Sephora and Ulta. It’s my creative outlet.
I’m so weird about color that I have the decorator paint sample palettes and love to just look at the colors.

I’m actually in a point in life where I’m fortunate to be more selective in choosing a job. I’ve been thinking about going back to work soon, and I’ve been playing around with the idea of looking for a position in a cosmetics retail environment. However, it would have to entail working with brands I actually feel are quality. Sephora or Ulta might be fun.

I’m so surprised – I expected WAY more yes answers!! It just seems to be there are SO many people into cosmetics in a big way I thought more people would be dreaming of it as a career.

I have been playing with makeup since I was 5 years old and loved doing other people’s makeup. I’ve wanted to become a makeup artist for so long (the last 5 years I’ve been longing to do it more and more).

I just lack the confidence. I’ve checked out the few artists that are advertised in the area and I dare say I’m better than a couple of them but have only a tiny portfolio to show. I’ve even asked to watch the makeup artists when I modeled instead of modeling LOL.

YES! I’ve thought about being a cosmetic chemist on the side with being a doctor as my main career (aka cushion lol). I’ve also thought of being a beauty blogger and Youtuber since my friends always say that I’m perfect for it since I’m knowledgeable, hyper, creative, and determined. Though since there are already amazing bloggers like you and Youtubers like Wayne Goss and Lisa Eldridge, I get so intimidated. The only thing I got going for me is that I’m extremely pale so I could help out all the pale girls out there and show them what certain products will look on their skin.

Well..I work in the cosmetic industry and I love it!!!! I love getting paid for making people happy and doing make-up but I’m in university to become a teacher so even though I work in the industry I would never make it my career.

YES! My current career is that of a Senior level Purchasing Manager and I *fantasize* about working for MAC, MUFE or UD in a similar capacity.

Yes, but only recently – IΒ΄ve thought I’d like to work at a makeup company but in the administration/operation side (I feel I’m a little shy for sales). I currently work as a translator, so I would actually love to work on translation of anything makeup! Maybe when Christine wishes to start a website in Spanish she can give me a chance :)! Wow, it would be so much fun to translate Christine’s great reviews one day!

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