Have you ever boycotted a beauty product/brand?

Have you ever boycotted a beauty product/brand? If so, why?

Nope, I haven’t. Well, I suppose I refuse to use or ever buy Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer, because it broke me out something fierce.

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Same here. Never tried them before. Will not start trying them now. I really don’t like her as a person, so I can’t bring myself to using anything she makes.

Why do so many people not like her as a person? What has she done? I don’t know much about her…I don’t have a TV or anything, but ya. I’m behind with celebrity gossip!

I think most of the people here are referring to the fact that she’s dating Jesse James.
(I agree with everybody above me as well, since I consider Jesse James a horrible horrible person.)

EW. I did not know she dated him. Now I feel awful for buying her concealer two years ago or something. I feel I should now donate the amount of money that concealer cost to the Southern Poverty Law Center or some other organization that counteracts white supremacist a-holes.

She also (allegedly) made some racist comments on an autographed picture a few years ago, and, of course, denied them. However, it was in her own handwriting.

Kat Von D is a talented artist, but the fact that she hooked up with that walking petri dish Jesse James is a total turnoff. I used to own a couple of her eyeshadow palettes, but I gave them away. Her products are overpriced and overrated.

Also, she’s dumb as a stump. Have you ever watched LA Ink? The woman can barely form a coherent sentence. Every other word is, “like,” which is irritating as all get out.

I am currently coming to the same decision about Kat Von D products – because I am extremely disappointed in her as a person, for the same reasons others have already stated. I only own one palette from her line and will not be purchasing anything else.

I won’t buy Bobbi Brown because she acts like such an uppity douche in interviews. I find her condescending and obnoxious. When I was a teen (not very long ago…), I liked wearing bright colors. Her “teen” looks all consist of very muted, very dull colors, which is fine for some, but not ALL teens want to wear the more natural stuff!
Her video with Blair and Elle really set me off!

I completely agree with you about Bobbi Brown, she acts so arrogant and pompous. I’ve also never been impressed by her work or “makeovers” A bit too natural for my taste I suppose. And her latest book? Ridiculous.

LOL! I’ve never met her but she did the makeup for my cousin’s wedding recently (bride and bridesmaids.) I was a little confused as to why they hired her because there are so many other artists who are just as good for a fraction of the cost but I guess to each her own.

Now I’m curious to see what she’s like in person..

Haha, I thought the same thing. And I hate her shimmerbricks they look horrid on darker skin-tones. I’m a teen and I would never consider 90% of her palettes.

Only thing I like from her is her foundation and her concealer. Everything else doesnt really grab me. I bought a blush from her and it looked AWFUL on my cocoa skin- ill pass. I am not a teen but a young 20 something , and I still like bright colors. I mean I like neutrals too but geesh. And I would never pay 22 bucks for her lipglosses

Same here. Condescending is definitely the best word to describe her. If she prefers to base her line on neutrals that’s fine, but she’s always knocking people who like bright colors. No one person has the right to make the beauty rules for everyone else.

I watched quite a few Bobbi Brown videos, including the mentioned Blair and Elle interview, and I actually disagree with you guys. I can see how she may come across as condenscending to some people, but to me she just seems very confident and perhaps even playful at times. I think that what some people may perceive as condenscending or arrogant is actually her being “teachy”- don’t forget that she teaches a lot, being an instructor is a great part of her job, so perhaps it’s her “teachy” tone you see as arrogant? Idk. To each his own I guess, I have no problem with her, and I love her foundation, concealers and stick blush. I agree that when I feel like being more adventurous and use more interesting colors I turn to other brands, but I think that when it comes to foundation- the queen of natural does it best.

OPI after they threatened several bloggers with lawsuits for advertising their products for free. It was absolutely ridic and I haven’t purchased any of their products since.

I can’t believe how they use their legal action and their polishes are pathetic. The last one I bought is about a month old is already a thick mess. Don’t even get me started on how they charge $35 for a bottle of polish in many places outside the US.

I didn’t know about this! I don’t buy there’s because they have the DBP/formaldehyde/tourmaline combo in them and I’d prefer not to use those chemicals on my body. Well now I have even more reason not to.

When I was younger, I boycotted a clothing brand because of the foundations that they supported financially, but I purchase clothing there now. I don’t like Olay though because it breaks me out and makes me itchy.

YES. I refuse to buy anymore more from Napoleon Perdis, Stila, NYX, and quite possibly Lancome as well, just based on the types of people they shamelessly send free crap to or recruit for promotional purposes.

Nonny, I completely agree! Christine is one of only a few YT/bloggers that I trust their opinion of promotional products. I know of several of these girls you’re talking about.

ME TOO! it’s a very unethical company.
I also boycott rimmel because I don’t like kate moss and brands like l’oreal that test on animals and spend more on marketing than on proper research! It’s awful!

No one tests actual product on animals. That’s an extremely antiquated notion. Many raw materials that go into cosmetics are tested on animals, however the actual finished product is not. Therefore you cannot claim that any company including L’Oreal is testing on animals. That is misinformation.
Also, companies like L’Oreal are the ones who can afford to do the proper research. It’s the big brands that actually have to back everything up with facts and statistics. They will not bring a product to market until they have done all their homework. It’s the smaller brands that don’t have the money to back up research that you should be more concerned about.

Me too. I was going to say I have never boycotted anything but I won’t buy Lime Crime makeup. It’s not personal, just not worth buying from when you can get the same products from other places for less money.

i’ve boycotted philosophy’s skincare products because i suffered from a MASSIVE breakout after using the microdelivery peel sample in the makeup optional set i bought. it also made my skin incredibly sensitive and it took 7 long months before it went back to normal. i even tried the purity cleanser again (5 months after the first time i used it), which gave me dry, rough, ITCHY patches all over my face. needless to say, i will NEVER again purchase these products.

absolutely, i have boycotted many many things…….
MUFU mat velvet ( crazy drying/patchy)
MAC nail polishes…. not worth the price tag
MAC Paint sticks….too stubborn/dry-they need a lot of pull
Gorgio armani eyeshadows….. poor pigmentation/ not worth the price tag
Any skin-care products by Burts Bees, HATE!!! the smell/formulation and never got any good results!! Well now that my rant is done……. XOXO

Yes! I can’t name any in particular since there are SO many, but all brands that are tested on animals… Like maybeline ,covergirl, loreal, lancome….stuff like that. There’s a lot more though. All my products are cruelty free!

I totally agree with you. That’s why I refuse to buy anything from Maybelline, L’oreal, Max Factor or Rimmel. I used to like Lancome for their high quality products, but only until I found out they also test on animals. I won’t support that.

The Bare Minerals matte version doesn’t have the bismuth in it, which you probably already know – but I wanted to mention just in case someone didn’t

Well I suppose it’ll have to be Benefit; although I wasn’t so much as a boycott than a general disdain for their products. I felt that their products weren’t much, especially after using their Some Kinda Gorgeous foundation faker. I have started gaining interest in their boxed powders recently, though! X

I agree! I went to one , and I got a) looked at like I was an alien because of the color of my skin and b) followed around the store. Its 2010 and not 1940 ,black women can buy makeup too. Oh and I got followed around by a black sales associate. I would rather give my money to sephora

Totally understand, Jazz. Whenever I go into the Ulta closest to me, there is ONE sales associate that FOLLOWS me throughout the entire store EVERYTIME I go in there. I’m Mexican and never have I felt so uncomfortable in my life. Id rather drop my money somewhere else.

Oh and the sales associates makeup was HORRIBLE. I would never let her touch my face, especially when her makeup was that bad. My makeup looked better than hers , and i had just done it in the store

I still shop at Ulta, just because it is so close to my house. But I agree the employees all seem so fakely nice, it is obvious that they are required to greet people and ask a zillion times if you need any help. Also when I have done returns (which I have returned there MANY many times) the managers always have some sort of attitude like they don’t like you returning stuff and are angry about it or something. Uhhh hello that’s why I shop there because I can return just about anything! I can understand it might be hard to find genuinely nice people to work at Ulta…but geesh.
I also wish they would get rid of their stupid carbon copy paper merchandise vouchers they give you (like if you return something you bought with a giftcard) why can’t they just put it on a store credit card like Starbucks or put it back on my giftcard, or put it on a new giftcard???

Kat Von d! I can’t stand the fact she’s dating Jesse James who cheated on SANDRA BULLOCK! There is no way you hook up with someone who cheated on their wife. He’s tainted trash, and I’m sure she wants the publicity. That’s just my opinion….

I don’t purchase from companies that test on animals. If you ever look into what actually goes into the testing, it’s horrific. And, having to pups myself, I can’t stand to see any animal suffer at such extremes for companies that won’t just use save products and test on people and pay them for their services.

Agreed!! I refuse to buy Napoleon. I hate that he repackages, and also… The fact that the face of the brand is orange really puts me off. Reminds me of an oompa loompa. If he can’t get his own foundation shade right, I don’t hold out much hope for the rest of the line.

I also dont like how his makeup academy churns out MUAs here in Australia.

Bare minerals! I love how my face looked using the product but it gave me horrible cytic acne that left me scars which are almost faded now. Its been a year since I’ve last used it -_-

Oh, I hear you about the Bare Minerals. I never had acne before I used it, started using it like 2-3 YEARS AGO because of how people talked about it on youtube, stopped after a week because it gave me TERRIBLE cystic acne, and guess what? 2-3 years later my skin is STILL horrible, I am still using prescribed medicine for it from my derm, and I can’t leave the house without concealer. Using bare minerals is one of the biggest regrets I have.


Wow…. now you make me think two times…. I also never had acne before, I`m 25 years old, and since last year I`ve been fighting against my cystic acne which left me some horrible scars but I never realized it could be Bare Minerals, oh gosh, I`m gonna throw it away, ewwwwwwwww!


I boycotted the ever-so-infamous MAC Hello Kitty collection ‘cos I hate cats and their was a picture of a creepy kitty slapped on just about every product. MAC Felines was barely slightly doable ‘cos no engraved pictures of cats on the products. Couldn’t look @ the ads though. Ha.

Well, yes he is a racist and an idiot. But he hasn’t worked for the company in a while now. I don’t see why the whole brand – for which dozens of people work for – should be boycotted because of the words of a racist old man whose only link to the brand nowadays is by name.

I think OPI is the only one, I mean acting up like that against bloggers who just want to talk about their products is so idiotic… Since then I didn’t buy any of their polishes or anything.

I used to love Lancome, it was the first premium beauty brand I got into. Then I found out they test on animals so I haven’t bought any of their products since. I’m not sure if they have changed their ethics since because I would love to go back to using them.

i refuse to buy at 1 of the 5 MAC branches here in my country. the SAs don’t know what they’re talking about and they don’t know how to color match. plus, they recently launched venomous villains and the text i received clearly stated that no reservations, first come, first serve. BUT lo and behold, i saw a bag containing some “SOLD OUT” items which were sold to people who just came in.

I still refuse to buy Rexona deodorants (I guess this brand is called Degree in US) and most of my family and friends do the same, they had very nasty commercial for Russian market two years ago, telling that Russian women are most sweaty and smell like pigs (they even used an image of a pig in a girl armpit). Lots of Russian bloggers even signed an open letter to the brand about it. I will never buy their products again.

What the hell. That is SO incredibly disgusting. Especially since I know *lots* of Russian women, and I can’t recall ever smelling any of them. And I live in an extremely hot and humid country, where you can’t help but sweat yourself to death.

One thing people need to realize is that a company can claim that their products are “cruelty free” as long as the final product did not under go animal testing. That does not exclude any on the ingredients that went into the final product from not having been animal tested. The true test as to if a brand is cruelty free and if their products are not tested on aniamals is if not only the final product, but the individual ingredients themselves too, are not tested part of aniamal testing. Those distinctions need to be made.

Keep in mind too, that there are ingredients that may have been tested on animals in the past-like decades ago-that are being used in products that are cruelty free now. The results are already there so they can use it without retesting it. The likelihood is, that even if someone is using a product that is cruelty free, it has ingredients that were likely tested on animals at some point in the past. More lines are cruelty free now simply because a lot of ingredients have already been proven as safe, due to testing, in the past. Unfortunately, its much more complicated then it seems, but I applaud those who at least try.

L’oreal and all of its other companies.

I have found them guilty of review shaping on the Boots website. Any negative review I left on their products were not allowed past moderation, but all the positives were. Maybe Boots themselves are at fault, but I haven’t experienced review shaping by any other brand, so I figure it’s L’oreal putting the pressure on!

I can’t tolerate that kind of behaviour.

Smashbox! Same as your case, their photo finish primer LIGHT broke me out big time. And Anna Sui… because their stuff smells like old lady perfume, lol

Eh, I don’t think I really boycott anyone, although I DO try to avoid brands known to test on animals, or allow particularly misleading information about their products.(Most mineral kiosks fall into that category. I LOVE indie mineral makeup lines, like Fyrinnae, but Bella Pierre, Mica Bella, Bare Essentials, etc. really just annoy me.)

YES!! Does Nivea as a brand count? Ive broken out from every single Nivea product i’ve ever used and refuse to use it anymore. After medication completely cleared my acne i tried a nivea cleanser (it actually worked really well) within 3 weeks my face was covered in acne again and hasnt completely cleared since!!

Yes, the Estee Lauder group because of Palestinian calls for BDS. A bit sad to give up all my lovely goodies, but I did it quickly. Just threw it all in the trash and then poured water on it so it’d be unusable. Oh, BB Gel liners….

Hey Diana, not sure if this will be a double post because I can’t remember if I pressed “Submit Comment” but here goes:

Boycott Divestment Sanctions

Yes, a few months ago I stopped buying products by companies or whose parent companies test on animals. I am going to use what I already own by these companies but just won’t purchase in the future. It is a barbaric practice to torture and kill animals and totally unecessary in this day and age.

I *WAS* going to boycott MAC due to the Marine Life fiasco, however, I wrote them a letter and told them I was considering ending my relationship with them and that should look at my order history. I got a REALLY nice email from their Customer Service manager with a sincere apology AND a NICE offer, which I accepted – and now MAC has won me over for life 🙂

Yeah I’ve called or emailed the head office of MAC in the UK in London when I noticed that they didn’t sell a shadoe of leg bronzer during the summer that they were selling in the USA, and I was like ‘Nope, not good enough’. So I emailed them about their big boo boo and they gave me two of the body bronzer products in the color that they sold in the US both for free!

I try to boycott brands who test on animals, though I’m not not always relieiing on the PETA-list, as I don’t trust them (personal experience with them).

Never understood the ppl who wanted to boycott mac because of the now axxed rodarte collection. I know of the juarez problem before, but many ppl out there never heard of it and now it was soo big and ppl where strating to donate money and getting interested in the crimes – yes, mac you are so bad for turning the spotlinght on a problem, who could you!

most products where named after mexican cities so why don’t juarez and del norte?

When I was a teenager I read that Cover Girl (and Max Factor, and all other P&G beauty brands) tested on animals, so I stopped using their products. I still don’t use them, but it doesn’t affect me as much now that there are so many better brands out there that don’t test on animals!

i agree – bobbi brown TOTALLY irks me too. she’s a complete witch and could take a pointer (or a couple hundred) from leslie blodgett of BE IMO.

No not really although I never give Chanel or Dior makeup ago because they have never progressed widened their range of their foundation colors and they never will; the darkest foundation Chanel makes suits Beyonce or Alicia Keys. I’ve only ever bought a mascara from either of those companies and that was years ago.

If I have to buy make up from a designer then I’d rather give my money to Giorgio Armani or more than likely YSL, thank goodness I don’t have to otherwise. Strangely enough YSL’s darkest foundation with the brush applictor is my color last time I checked and as a designer YSL was never a bigoted jack-so-and-so when he was alive. YSL’s eyeshadows look pigmented and pretty and their lipsticks are definitely pigmented.

No not really although I never give Chanel or Dior makeup my money because they have never progressed widened their range of their foundation colors and they never will; the darkest foundation Chanel makes suits Beyonce or Alicia Keys. I’ve only ever bought a mascara from either of those companies and that was years ago.

If I have to buy make up from a designer then I’d rather give my money to Giorgio Armani or more than likely YSL, thank goodness I don’t have to otherwise. Strangely enough YSL’s darkest foundation with the brush applicator is my color last time I checked and as a designer YSL was never a bigoted jack-so-and-so when he was alive. YSL’s eyeshadows look pigmented and pretty and their lipsticks are definitely pigmented.

Mac since the Rodarte collection and the insame limited collections (come on ! every month !?) and the quality goes down.

Guerlain, since the owner, Jean-Paul Guerlain, talk about “nigers without work in their entire life” (so shame!) in the news at Fr2

l’Oréal because I hate monopole and they test on animals and for this brand everyone want to be wither and so on. For example, in China their models are blue eyes !

Every brands “made in China”, like ELF, UrbanDecay (their palettes), etc because they are treated like modern slaves and not like human beings.

OPI, because some polish names are really racist

I precise, I’m a little woman with fair skin, natural blond hair and blue eyes, but I hate racist. It’s everyone on the wolrd, look the same, what a boring world !

Not a bran per se, but I refuse to buy any of the Komen for the Cure items after learning about how much that charity earns versus how little actually goes to cancer research.

Well… I think it’s not a complete boycot -as I don’t really hate them ¬¬ hehehe-, but I don’t buy L’Oreal…
I found their products -most of them- are very oily! And that they have excesive high prices for the quality they sell…

Never a brand or specific product but I’m currently boycotting Sephora. I was waiting for FF so I could get some products that I’m running low on and when I went to go order found out they don’t ship to FPO/APO boxes. When I was in the states I would shop at Sephora constantly. Always went there to get the better portion of all my basics. I gave them a lot of my money. I emailed their online CS and was told that they appreciate my interest in Sephora.com but they’re unable to ship to military boxes at this time. Then proceeded to inform me that my only option of shopping with them was to order the items from them or from amazon.com/sephora and have it sent to a physical address in the states and then forward it to me. Why the heck would I want to pay for double shipping? And if I had someone to send it to back home I would have. Their CS is terrible online and they really disappointed me. Other companies like ULTA and MAC ship to military boxes, why can’t they? It just really turned me off to them. Now I get to go buy my essentials somewhere here (in the UK) for more than I would have paid from them including shipping.


Sorry to complain here but that really irked me.

My brother’s in the army and he has the same problem (although not at Sephora haha). Email me at [email protected] if you want to have the stuff sent to me and I can send it to you 🙂 I send him stuff all the time anyways. We can’t have anyone missing the FF sale!

I semi-boycott Urban Decay, meaning that if they have a product that I can find something similar to in another line, I will go for the other line. Unfortunately, the Naked and BOS 3 palettes sucked me in, but the rest of the time I try not to buy from them.

I’ve mentioned this a zillion times before, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, at least for me.

I can understand being turned off by bad customer service, dealing with Cherry Culture CS made me never want to \dealer with them again.

Urban Decay, don’t even get a change to deal with them directly since it can only get it through Sephora.

Cover Girl for their ugly packaging and the whole ANTM thing.
Also tried MAC since their MAs are just sooo rude, so so rude and I find most of their stuff to be extremely overrated. However, sometimes I still get tricked into buying the new stuff because of all the hype…sigh

I must be the only one who most of the time has no problem with the MAC MUAs because they’ve always been helpful to me when I need it, and they also leave me alone when I don’t need them. That’s why I find MAC more comfortable to deal with than the other brands in the department stores because the other poor dears are all in your face because they need to make commissions.

Now that I’m in the UK I prefer to go to Boots if I want to buy some Clarins or YSL for example because shopping in the larger Boots feels more comfortable and normal and you get points towards spending that you can actually use like cash.

I don’t buy Urban Decay products, but mostly because something about their packaging seems cheap to me and I find the drug-related names off color.

i hate smashbox in general…their products never impress me i got their usual holiday wish palette last year for 2009 and was excited, the colors were chalky unpigmented and the liners were dry and useless. Never again.

I also hate philosophy. Their purity cleanser claims to have natural safe ingredrients but i got a sample of it and it broke me out with horrible cystic acne and weard red bumps on my cheek, i dont even have acne prone skin. Their body washes smell really nice and on the dot, but the scents dont last and i heard people got body acne too from them…their grace perfume also smells like absolutely nothing. Probably the most hated brand on my part.

Agreed! She was with them for 14 yrs! She was the brand’s trademark: elegant, unique, charming, chic and she has her own style. Now they pick more popular and so so faces but none of them is anywhere closed to HER. Anyway, I’m never hooked with lancome. Their products are mediocre, old-fashioned, overpriced, overrated. The colors just sit on your skin, fake…

I don’t boycot any brands but I don’t buy drugstore makeup, Kat Von D, Lorac (I don’t want to be like a Hollywood A-list star), Smashbox (too much silicon), Sephora’s brand, Bare Escentuals (used them once and never come back), Shiseido (don’t like their colors, and overpriced).

Fyi-They are now using Isabella’s daughter, Elettra, as one of their models, so I guess Isabella can’t be too upset if she lets her daughter work for them:) Kate will be gone soon too. Penelope Cruz will be the new face of Tresor!

I agree. She is Tessor. Love Kate, but she cannot hold a candle to Isabella. And the way they dumped her was unforgivable. I guess they never thought long term, because sooner or later, all of us would be Isabella’s age.

I have boycotted the new MAC pigments… Although you can never use all in one of the old jars I think it is rediculous to cut the size that much & not drop a single cent from the cost. I hunt at the CCOs for the old jars or just go get them from discount websites.

L’oreal as long as it’ll continue testing on animals.

Say, Christine, and don’t take this the wrong way, weren’t you boycotting OPI ? After you posted the burlesque collection images, I remember you deciding not to post about OPI ?

I’m not posting any coverage on OPI on the blog because I’m not giving them any additional publicity, but I didn’t throw away or burn my OPI polishes or anything nor did I go back and delete any OPI posts. I consider a boycott to really mean the completely end of buying, using, owning, etc. I guess! 🙂

I only buy products that I review these days – not really anything for personal use (only, at least!) – so I haven’t bought anything recently. I just have enough products to review that I can’t waste time on anything I’m not going to actually review!

i’ve avoided ZA cosmetics and other makeup with alcohol in it. A two time use of ZA tinted moisturizer started with an all over face breakout before adult acne. Thus, my flawless skin saga ends at age 19 as I move on to adult acne till now.

As another poster stated, Kat Von D products because I don’t really like how she carries herself as a person and would rather not support someone like her (this from well before the Jesse drama)

I also will not buy anything from the Fab. Felines collection from MAC after reading about how it was inspired by fashion’s return to fur (and nor faux) I don’t find it appealing to celebrate the cat that will later make a lovely collar on a jacket.

I boycott all brands under the L’Oreal (Giorgio Armani, Redken 5th Avenue, Lancome Paris, Vichy, Cacharel, La Roche-Posay, Garnier, Biotherm, Helena Rubinstein, Maybelline, Ralph Lauren, Carson)


Estee Lauder (Aramis, Clinique, DKNY, Prescriptives, Origins, MAC, La Mer, Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hilfiger, Jane, Donna Karan, Aveda, Stila, Jo Malone, Bumble & Bumble, Kate Spade) parent companies due to their well-documented support of the occupation and apartheid in the Occupied Territories in Palestine.

Thanks for the question!

Thanks so much for that, Fatima. I’ve been quite good about boycotting the EL Group but did not know about L’Oreal. Goodbye, Kerastase Serum Nuit. We’ve had a good run.

Crap- Garnier is owned by L’oreal? First off, I didn’t know L’oreal still tested on animals because I read something recently that said they didn’t anymore. Garnier and L’oreal are my favorite drugstore level brands and now I’m going to have to think about whether it’s worth buying anymore. :/

OPI and Urban Decay, for sure.

I don’t appreciate OPI’s threats toward bloggers who’ve done nothing but promote their products. This really bothers me because you, Christine, are one of the VERY few bloggers I trust. I like that you’re always honest. You can give a product an A, then give another (from the same brand an F). And those brands still ask for your opinion because they know your readers value what you have to say. So, whenever I see you give something a good grade, I know it MUST be pretty damn fantastic.

I don’t like Urban Decay. Period. Okay, I own the Naked palette and it’s worth the hype. I have to be honest about that. However, I don’t like that they sit on Facebook and get people really hyped up for products they can’t buy because they’re always out of stock. I don’t like their marketing strategies and their scummy tactics. Hell, for that matter, I don’t like the packaging either!

I try not to buy from companies that test on animals (i say try cause sometimes i realize after that they test on animals :P)
You should include this information when you have it Christine about the products you review of talk about. As i can see, a lot of people here try to buy cruelty free product

Hey Christine, reading these comments makes me think you should do a whole cruelty-free post! like maybe the best/worst cruelty free brands?? (that is, if you haven’t done it already somewhere…lol)

Guerlain, since last week Jean-Paul Guerlain (who’s not the owner by the way, but the heir of the founder and still collaborating with the brand, who’s now owned by the LVMH group)made extremely offensive remarks on Black people on the French public TV. He used the French equivalent of the word “nigger” and basically said Black people were lazy. Really f*cked up.
He then apologized but the damage is done.

He’s no longer a shareholder of the company stock since 1996, and stopped working for the company in 2002. It is fair to say he is not collaborating with the brand anymore. But yes he’s a racist old fool who’s emperiling the work of the employees of the brand who – I’m pretty sure – are as outraged over his words as anyone else.

Any brand that engages in animal testing, or when their policy about animal testing is dubious. Also I don’t buy high-end brands. First, because I can’t afford it, and second I think it’s rather pompous to charge upwards of $30 for lipstick just because it has some designer’s name on it. Oh and lip plumpers of any variety. I don’t want my lips to feel as if they’ve been stung by bees ( which I have seen some companies use the “bee-stung” look as a selling point! Gross!)

Bobbi Brown, Anna Sui, Jill Stuart — horrible customer service, and any other brand that break out my skin or burn my skin, and that are a lot that does this to me.

Yes I also try to avoid brands who test on animals. In 2010 brands need to do better and I am sure they can. Also I won’t buy Guerlain anymore. I know that the company said that they had nothing to do with the old idiot Jean Paul Guerlain who declared last week that he had to work like a nigger then “I don’t know if niggers have ever really worked in their lives”. I won’t buy from them anymore just to teach them to educate.

It’s a shame because Samsara is a nice smelling perfume even though it’s something I’d wear if I wear turning 70! I’m glad I never bought Samsara now, oh well!

I will not buy from brands that test on animals, or from brands owned by a parent company that tests on animals (ie, NARS). I have a friend who occasionally gives me things she gets that she doesn’t want/can’t use that are not cruelty-free, or I’ll get free samples with a purchase. I will try these out, but will never buy it, no matter how good it is.

(I also try as hard as I can to not buy food/other products from companies such as P&G, etc., it’s not just limited to cosmetics for me.)

I also avoid OPI. Their polishes just don’t work for me. The blogging issues with them have turned me off from every trying anything from them again.

LIME FREAKING CRIME. Oh my gosh, I can’t stand ‘Doe Deere’ in the first place. She also essentially steals from other companies by repackaging their products and then selling them for a ridiculous amount. They’re not even that pretty.

She’s also really, really crazy and threatened to SUE a girl because she posted a negative review on her.


I’ve recently decided to boycott animal-testing brands, but it sucks because there are so many products I want from those brands 🙁 besides that, I’m open to whatever I desire and can afford.

I hope that all of you who boycott brands due to animal testing are vegans/vegetarians. Animals are treated much worse in the food industry than the makeup industry.
It’s hypocritical to say no to makeup brands that test on animals, but still enjoy a burger or piece of chicken that was tortured and murdered for you to consume.

Excellent point, Whitney! I’m with you! I’m a veg. who doesn’t buy products that test on animals (or products that have harmful ingredients like parabens). Everyone needs to see the movie “Food, Inc!”

I am a vegetarian and also do not use products tested on animals. I wouldn’t say that a person who eats meat is hypocritical though because making a step towards animal cruelty life in whatever way is awesome. I have chosen not to eat meat strictly because the food industry has become unsafe.

Christine you should so do a cruelty free post!

I agree completely! Everyone who is against animal testing on makeup/beauty products should be against eating them as well. There shouldn’t be a loophole, if you support it do it whole heartedly.

I don’t see how this is ‘hypocritical.’
There is this thing called the food chain and it is very much a natural cycle. A lion can go brutally attack a zebra and eat it but I am not allowed to eat chicken nuggets? Could food processing plants have better ways of raising then butchering thier livestock? Yes, but in the end it is a natural cycle that occurs all the time.

Animal testing is something that I don’t believe in mainly because I find it unnecessary. If the product is made for a human, it should be tested on a human.

It is a natural cycle…but our modern world has turned the food chain into mass animal plants where the poor things are treated as products. They are tortured, beaten, slaughtered…and then sold. If you buy or consume meat don’t say you “don’t support the horrible cruelty of animals”, because you do. Every dollar you spend on meat supports it.

There are ways to consume meat products without it being cruel or hypocritical – organic or local naturally raised products that you know for sure have been treated fairly. Just a thought from a flexitarian.

You can’t be serious. Cosmetics are non-essential and you can’t liken the eating of meats to them. When I was vegetarian I encountered numerous problems using non-animal proteins to make up for the lack of meat. Animal testing, on the other hand, is hardly necessary in the cosmetic world. People don’t have to be all or nothing for a cause to genuinely try to support it.

I avoid cosmetics that test on animals, other household products that test on animals, and try my best to avoid purchasing from companies that are owned by parent companies that test on animals (ie, P&G, Clorox, etc).
And I’m vegetarian. 🙂

i wouldnt say boycott, but i tell my friends that if they want Mac its better to buy it from the mac site or the mac stores/counters instead of ebay. The amount of people on ebay that are bidding on obvious fake mac. Its shocking. Why dont they google the product before they make a bid to see if the picture and description matches whats on sale. It baffles me. I only ever buy Mac from ebay if ive done my research on the product on sale. Ebay should really do something about the Fake makeup on sale. Something awful can happen to someone.

Any one who tests on animals, there truly is no reason for it in this day and age. I don’t use drugstore or etailers because I think most are garbage. I don’t like brands that are outright knockoffs of higher end brands like NYX or NYC or whatever it is that’s packaging is just like NARS and MAC. I mean have a little originality. Other than that, I’m pretty game.

Lancome, YSL, Maybelline, L’oreal, Rimmel…anything that tests on animals. I really wish beauty bloggers would take a stronger stance on these issues and refuse products from brands with obviously unethical practices. For any changes to be made, voices with power need to speak out.

Yes! I boycot GOSH Cosmetics a few years ago, cus it seemed that every single product they had to offer made my skin breakout or hurt really bad. Their mascaras and eyeliners made my eyelids puff up to double size and I would be left puffed and with non-stop watering eyes 🙁 so I decided to totally boycot them and I have never ever ever tried out a product of theirs again, even at a store just for fun. I had such horrible experiences with it! 🙁 booh for GOSH.

I’ve never boycotted a brand, but I tend not to buy from brands that test on animals. And I’ve realized that I’m more sympathetic to brands that create products for all skintones rather than caucasian skins only.

I’ve allowed myself to flake on the animal testing thing, and I feel pretty terribly about it 🙁 I know which drugstore brands not to buy but I didn’t pay much attention with the prestige stuff for a while. I have some Lancome items that just upset me now. If anyone wants to buy any non-mascara Lancome products from me, let me know. Otherwise, I don’t boycott for any reason. I’m not thrilled with companies that heavily support political causes I dislike, but that is not direct in the same way animal testing is, and I’ve never had a bad enough customer service experience to be turned off that much.

Sadly for me, after many years of shopping there, I boycott Target because of their donation to the very anti-gay Rep. gubernatorial candidate in MN. They are trying to buy an election, but they speak of supporting their gay employees. You can’t talk out of both sides of your mouth, Target!

I have boycotted all cosmetics companies, and their affiliates, who have dubious animal testing policies like this one from Lauder (quoted from website):

“…We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law…”

Dubious because there is currently no law (in the EU, nor has there been for many years)that requires a company to test any product or ingredient on animals the law merely requires that only the safety of ‘new’ ingredients be proven but this does not have to be done on animals. I was surprised and saddened by how many of my favourite brands had similar statements.

For comparison, here is the one from Urban Decay (quoted from website:

“None of Urban Decay’s products have been tested on animals. We love our pets and all our furry (and non-furry) friends! We do not buy ingredients from vendors who test on animals, nor do our vendors buy from manufacturers who test on animals. We believe in good karma! That’s why all our products bring good karma to us and to you. Although we eat our fair share of tofu in the office, we are not a vegan company. But you can be sure that no animals were killed or harmed in the process of making our products. “

Not “boycott,” really, as that has a connotation of encouraging others not to use/buy a product or service. But I refuse to use Victoria’s Secret products, even if they discovered the fountain of youth and it tasted like ice cream. I’m moderately “plus-sized.” I’m not huge and I take care of myself, but even going into VS to look at the makeup, there was the unmistakable attitude of “what’s SHE doing here?” I was even told at one point (when I was a size 14/16), “We don’t have anything in YOU size.” And this was in various stores. So I just refuse to use VS products period. Don’t want them as gifts, won’t buy them with my own money — want nothing to do with them. *shrug* But that’s me; other’s can go there all they please. I’m not organizing an “anti-VS” boycott anytime soon; I just don’t want anything to do with them.

I boycott any products that test on animals, use animal ingredients, or use harmful ingredients. I am a vegetarian and I research almost all of the products I purchase. I want to ensure that what I’m buying was made ethically AND will be healthy for me to use. You vote every time you’re paying for something at the register, my friends! Think about what a difference we can all make by NOT purchasing items from companies that harm innocent animals and/or harm US with their ingredients.

Oh, I also avoided buying and discouraged others from buying from Aromaleigh. While I’m sure she had some nice products, she was always in the middle of some kind of drama or feeling martyred or trolling people on their on blogs when they said something less than stellar about her CS or her product.

I don’t like when a company owner can’t detach enough to let the product stand or fall on its own strength, without feeling like a bad review is a personal attack. Oh well; this one is semi-moot at the moment as she is (very slowly) closing up shop.

As of now, definitely Lancome – because of their insane logic of raising the prices of many of their products and I’d just rather stick to something else. Holt Renfrew is a place with terrible customer service… at the ones I’ve been too, the employees there are so obviously putting on a fake nice attitude and are really impatient.

In addition to Benefit which I like to broadcast my vehement dislike for because I think most if not all of their products are super gimmicky, I dislike MAC foundations + mascara because they suck, Kat Von D because…like others, I don’t like her as a person, Bobbi Brown not so much for the products but because the only counter in my city has the snootiest SAs EVER, Sephora brand (not a fan), and MUFE/CG/Loreal/Rimmel (and most drugstore brands except NYX) because their products just don’t work on me. Also Too Faced to an extent because I dislike their Shadow Insurance and liquid eyeshadows, and IQQU because I think Michelle Phan’s sold out.

I agree with ALL the Kat D. Boycotters. I can get any brand of makeup anywhere. The last brand I’d buy is a woman who’s trying to latch onto Sandra Bullocks sad excuse of a man. Why would I think her taste in makeup is good, when her taste in men is the WORST! Also, I guess unless I hit the lottery anytime soon, I’m boycotting the new MU company Kim K. Is endorsing. They’re prices are INSANE. I’m sad kim’s working with a company that’s higher than most of what is sold at Ulta…

Boycotting Kat Von D., for me, has nothing to do with who she’s banging or not. Has to do with the fact that it’s come out that she’s racist and a Nazi lover!

Honestly, who these celebs have sex with is none of my business, but if they’re racist or anti-semetic in anyway, forget about it!

The Body Shop. I was a huge fan of theirs, even applied to work there because I thought they were a brand devoted to natural ingredients. Since all their advertising suggests so I thought I didn’t have to worry about ingredients I feel personally aren’t good for people.

Turns out their products are “nature inspired” and have just as many gross ingredients in them as cheap drugstore products. I wrote them a letter telling them it was false advertising and switched to Origins. They wrote me back telling me natural isn’t really all that much better.

I find that very interesting because I did have an aesthetician tell me that their products are way to harsh for skin..I rarelyshop there since she told me that. Their products not being truly natural makes sense..

Kat Von D like other people have said. I bought her saint perfume shortly after it came out and have used it a lot. It’s one of my favorites and I’m almost out but I wont repurchase because I don’t like her and don’t want to support her brand anymore.
My husband just noticed a few days ago I was almost out and made a comment about it *maybe* being a Christmas present and I told him not to!

I also have one of her pallets I bought about a year ago, it’s alright but nothing special. Other than her perfume there isn’t anything I feel I will miss by not buying her brand anymore.

I boycott OPI after I was aware of the blogging issue. Their nail polishes are not that special anyway and now I’m discovering my love for Chanel polishes!

I boycott BURBERRY because I find it offensive that a makeup brand introduced in 2010 would not have a single foundation shade for black women. The fact that none of the beauty bloggers have even noticed or cared also burns me up inside.

At least Chanel has some shades for lighter-skinned black women, and Dior has a token dark shade. But Burberry has basically said, “We couldn’t care less about you,” which is just shocking.

Hmmm.. I believe we are confounding action and reaction here. To my impression, black-female targetted brands emerged ONLY because these women were so under-serviced/ignored by mainstream makeup brands.

I have never boycotted a brand. There are certain products I won’t use, but it is not due to any idiological reasons. For me, the kiss of death (pardon the pun), is a bad taste/smell in lipsticks. If a lip product has a bad taste/smell, I won’t use it.

I have boycotted any brand that tests on animals – I am not sure how possible it is to know for sure, but the entire L’oreal empire (includes Biotherm, Cacharel, Garnier, Giorgio Armani, Helena
Rubinstein, Lancôme, Matrix Essentials, Maybelline, Ralph Lauren
Fragrances, Redken, Soft Sheen, Vichy), Cover Girl, Neutrogena, Olay, etc. are all off-limits because they do test.

I don’t boycott any brand but I decided not to buy OPI any more, for their ugly treatment to bloggers. And I don’t buy anything from UD, because they seem like they force people to buy their permanent palettes, like they are limited edition or something (such as naked palette).

I think it’s very weird that nobody names L’Oréal…

A couple of years ago (2007) there was a big scandal going on when a former employee sued the company for being racist. L’Oréal had a policy of hiring only white, blond haired girls for promoting their Garnier hair line. It sort of fizzled out but ever since I’m not a big lover of L’Oréal products.

Furthermore, I think it’s a bit strange to not buy a product because you don’t like the person.It’s the product you’re using, not the person behind it right? I don’t think the attitude of the person reflects on their product. I mean, it’s not like you’re suddenly going to cheat on your boyfriend because you bought a Kat von D palette; just because she wants to be with an unfaithful douch…

L’Oreal has been mentioned several times, as well as their subsidiary companies.

It’s ludicrous to think that some of us are not buying Kat Von D’s products because we’re afraid they’ll turn us into überskanks. I, for one, am boycotting her line of cosmetics because I think she’s repulsive and I don’t want a percentage of my money to end up in her pocket. It’s as simple as that.

My decision to no longer purchase Kat Von D is a statement to say I do not put my money or support behind that person for my own moral reasons…I get the feeling that is why others are doing the same.

Years ago i stopped using MACs foundations/powders etc becuase it broke my face out horrible but since then ive used them again and i dont have that problem anymore.

I agree, I don’t want anything to do with a vapid “heiress” or anything she stands for. I’m not going to support her drug usage or paying for her to get into clubs! I also agree with Kat Von D, not a respectable person to give your money too!

I have in the past purchased Kat Von D products but I too have a problem with the company she keeps right now. I work for a book store and she is doing a book tour for her newest book. I used to love her free spirit and as a tattoo artist no one can deny her talent, but when offered the chance to work the event I turned it down. I love tattoos so many where really surprised. I’ve lost respect for her for sure! The whole Jesse James racist angle I haven’t even touched (even though I’m a black female.} mainly because Kat is hispanic so it’s a bit of a conflict in information. I think Kat would have to do alot to get out of A-hole status for me.

All brands that tests on animals: Lancôme, Shiseido, L’Oreal, Garnier, Rimmel, Maybelline, Shu Uemura, SK II, Max Factor, Cover Girl, Johnson & Johnson, Olay, Pantene, Aveeno, Vaseline, Ponds, ROC, Neutrogena, Vichy, Biotherm, Sally Hansen…

I won’t buy Dolce & Gabbana stuff, including cosmetics or fragrances, because of their ads. I’m not referring to the ones with Scarlett Johannsen but some of their others are extremely sexist & vulgar.

If I’ll find a product by them that I really like, the ads won’t stop me from buying it. But I totally agree that their ads are often extremely distasteful. Unfortunately, many brands’ ads are. I find it ridiculous that they try selling a product *to women* with these ads.

It looks like some people are confused as to what a boycott is. A boycott is not refusing to use a line because the products don’t work for you or you don’t like the packaging. A boycott is refusing to buy products or associate with a brand due to moral, ethical, political, or other ideological objections.

That said, I won’t use L’Oreal or any of its brands because of the skin lightening in ads and the racial discrimination in hiring in France. If I liked anything in Guerlain’s line I’d stop using them because of Jean-Paul Guerlain (despite all of the apologists saying the company shouldn’t be held responsible). I was about to give up on MAC re: that whole Rodarte mess, but they took the proper steps at correcting themselves.

Having a nuanced view on the whole Guerlain affair does not make me an apologist, thank you very much. I severely condemned what he said, and am outraged over his words as any sensible human being would be.
But I don’t see why the whole company (dozens of workers) should be held responsible for the words of a single former employee.

I refuse to support Juice Beauty because I had a horrific experience with one of their products. That sh*t destroyed my skin! The same applies to Olay. Cystic acne ahoy!

My dislike of Kat Von D and her products has already been well documented, so I don’t need to elaborate any further on that. Stars Makeup Haven has absolutely horrid customer service and I will never place another order with them.

I no longer purchase products from companies that engage in animal testing, but I do enjoy a good cheeseburger. Guess that makes me a hypocrite. 😉

Revlon. I know they’re a drugstore brand, but come on! All of their ads look very untasteful to me. The representatives they choose (Eva Longoria? Ugh), the looks in their ads that are always so vulgar and bimbo-ish. And the products even look cheap in the ads, so how good can they be in real life? :/

I also dislike CoverGirl’s mineral foundation- the worst I’ve ever tried. I was so disappointed by it.
And… Lancome’s foundations. I like other products by them, but their foundations are just horrible. So disgustingly thick and powdery, I can’t imagine for the life of me which kind of woman would look good in them. Perhaps one who likes to look as if she’s wearing a mask…

Ha! I know what you mean. I can’t help this, but it irritates me to NO END when the magazine print ads and commercials for mascara are obviously enhanced. Same thing with the Avon mascara pics. Gimme a break!

I usually boycott products made by Proctor & Gamble (Cover girl, I’m lookin at you), and anything else I know is tested on animals (ehem, L’oreal, Maybelline). A few times I have broken my own rule and then felt REALLY guilty about it.

Please don’t eat me for saying what I’m about to say. I love animals with all my heart, even though I’m not a vegetarian. When it comes to the animal testing subject, I’m all for it. I have a couple of unsolved issues with it, though. My first problem is that I don’t 100% believe it when a company says their products aren’t tested on animals. Yes, perhaps the finished product wasn’t tested on animals- but how do I know for sure that none of its ingredients were? It’s a neverending story. I must sound paranoid, lol, but I don’t really buy it anymore. Plus, it’s a problematic subject. Where does the line go? I’m against testing cosmetic products on animals, but do I prefer the risk of experimenting potentially blinding materials, for instance, on humans? It’s a complex subject, and I’m not sure it’s that black and white.

Okay, that was one poorly worded sentence. Just making it clear, that when I wrote ” When it comes to the animal testing subject, I’m all for it”, I meant I’m for boycotting companies that do it. Not that I’m for animal testing!


I really dislike this brand and the owner, Doe Deere. It’s crazy she believes all people who don’t like her products are simply jealous of her success and threatens the bloggers who wrote negative reviews about her company. Seriously, she should improve the quality of the products and the customer service if she has enough time to send C&D letters to her haters.

I boycott brands that claim that they are “vegan” and all natural. This is because either they really are mostly natural, and their formula is far inferior to non-natural ones; or their natural claim is false. (I’m a biologist so I can decipher the ingredients list pretty well.) Also I don’t like brands that say they don’t test on animals, since they still use ingredients tested on animals by ingredients manufacturers, or they use formula that has been previously tested on animals by someone else. I hate hypocrisy the most.

What you said about animal testing- exactly. How do I know for sure that the brands who claim to not test on animals don’t include ingredients which WERE, in fact, tested on animals in their finished products?…

How could I forget Avril Lavigne?… I refuse to even try her perfume, or anything that has her name on it. I even avoid shades of makeup named after her, like some brands have. I just dislike her so much, both as a person and “musician”. She disgusts me, especially after her song and video for “Girlfriend” X.x. I just found that so morally disturbing, and for me that was the last nail in the coffin.

As for L’Oreal, another reason I dislike them as a brand is that they tend to buy off other companies, then ruin those companies’ existing lines and products. I work at a hair coloring salon, and the number of hair products and dyes that have been discontinued or ruined after L’Oreal had bought those dyes’ original manufacturing companies is shocking. I look as books showing hair dye shades from the 60s-70s or so, and they had such incredible shades that never exist anymore- NOWHERE in the world. And I blame L’Oreal for the extinction of those incredible milky shades, and the fact that even if we want to- we will never be able to find them anymore, because L’Oreal bought the companies that made those shades, and then completely discontinued them. I think it’s monstrous how one company can cause the “extinction” of an entire kind of dyes from the market, permanently.

Yes, I have and still do.
I have not bought Estee Lauder products since I became aware of Mr. Lauder financing imperialist and illegal settlements on Palestinian soil with revenues from his cosmetics empire.

I have not boycotted brands for foggy information on engagement in such wrongful political endeavours, but in the case of Lauder he has confirmed the info himself, so..

I prefer to buy cruelty-free products, although I have not gone so far to ban brands that are not from my beauty stack completely. I am thinking about it, though, because apparently cruelty-free products can exist very well. So there’s no reason for the others to keep pursuing their way IMO.

I boycott all companies who practice, condone, or commission animal testing (on products and/or ingredients) in any form or are owned by companies who do this :).

I have boycotted drugstore brands such as CoverGirl, Rimmel, L’Oreal, etc. as they test on animals.
-When I become aware of a brand that does test on animals, I stop using it immediately.
I keep what I’ve already bought from these brands and will use it, but not purchase or trade for any further.

This is probably super late, but…
Christine, do you purposely not purchase/review products from Sephora’s line? I don’t think I’ve seen any Sephora brand products here.

I refuse to buy any OPI products because I find their product names to be extremely racist and stereotypical when they base collections off of regions or countries.

I know this is an older post, but I just discovered it so…yes, I won’t buy Guerlain because JP is a racist slubberdegullion; I don’t care if he works for the company anymore or not, he founded it. I’m over it. I won’t buy anything by GlitterSniffer (unethical AND dangerous!), Sleek or Lime Crime. And for those of you who want to know which companies actually do test on animals, this is a good, UPDATED resource; http://www.beautypedia.com/AnimalTesting.aspx

I’m glad that I see a lot of people who boycott against companies that tests on animals. Since I’ve been part of an animal activist group, I’m trying to abstain from make-up that contains animal ingredients. And oh Lord, it is so hard… even from cruelty-free companies… D: I cried a river.

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