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Some people wear the same thing every day? How is that possible? It sounds so sad.

I’ve only ever gotten compliments on my makeup. Obviously, some people might be going with the, “If you can’t find something nice to say” policy…

Not really, no. My mom criticizes about me having more than one of most types of products, but that’s not because she cares whether my makeup is the same look each day… It’s just how my mom grew up; she grew up at a time and in a family where you only had one of something and used that until it was finished, so when she hears/sees that I’ve bought another eye shadow when I have more than I can count on my fingers and toes already, she totally goes into overly critical, bitching mode. Other than that, I really don’t think anyone notices or cares that I don’t just stick to one look.

No; the only criticism I’ve received is for how much makeup I have, not how I wear it. My makeup is always appropriate for whatever environment I plan to be in, so it never really stands out. Also, the people I’m around in my social circles differ from those in my work or child’s school circles, so noone really sees any of my “different” looks.

Is this seriously something that people get criticized for? Being TOO creative? That’s ridiculous, and I’m glad I’ve never encountered anything like that.

HaHa. No. I’m boring and stick to mainly neutrals and simple and natural when it comes to makeup. So when I do try something new, people notice and comment. Especially the hubby, “why do you have to wear makeup? I like you looking natural. Blah. Blah.” It’s a girl thing so just shut up and enjoy the view. LoL. I am trying to be more creative and daring with my looks but… It’s a hit and miss.

Great question! People tend to look of course, but they won’t say anything (at work). I have been rather getting comments when I was not wearing make-up at all, because one thought I would be sick.
Generally people get used to heavy smokey-eyes or red lipstick and will definitely stare when you sport something different.
Here in Germany they would not dare to say something, only close friends.

No, but I do feel like people notice bigger things like bright eyeshadows and lipsticks or particularly brighter eyeliners or different eyeliner techniques. They say something along the lines of “Oh my!” which is usually positive, or simply surprised.

I am a teacher and crazy about makeup. I change my makeup every-single-day. and I am not color-shy either, mind you. No one has ever told me that my makeup is too much or too bold or that I should stick to one look only. The funny thing is that my (girl) students love my makeup!! they find it fascinating that they have a teacher who actually uses makeup! for some reason, their other teachers stick to neutrals or they do not wear makeup, period. I have had mothers come to me saying that their daughters love my makeup and they say I’m beautiful and creative and original! Oh, and a funny incident: one day I walked into the classroom and two of my students had placed a bet whether I would be wearing purple or green eyeshadow that day. unfortunately for both, I was rocking a red lipstick that day with neutral eyes, so…hahaha!

Life would be really boring if we wore the same colors everyday. I think it’s better to take a chance with makeup. People tend to complement me more when I’m thinking outside the box,trying out new looks.

My mother in law often tells me that once you find a good makeup look you’re supposed to stick with it and not change it.
Makeup isn’t toys she says. WHATEVER! ;c)
Its strange coming from her because she PILES on the makeup.

I work at a more relaxed environment and it’s gotten to the point where people just get a kick out of whatever new look I try when I do wear something a bit more bold. (:

I wouldn’t say I’ve been criticized necessarily, but when I was in graduate school in NYC people did not understand why I had so much makeup and nail polish. And a few people thought it was weird that I painted my nails all the time. It’s different where I grew up near Palm Beach, though. It’s a very beauty driven area, so there are no criticisms.

Well not so much that they notice a change, but that I wear it and have been criticized that I wear it daily. Like I’m only aloud to use MU on special days.

I am a middle school teacher who changes my makeup look every single day because I have a ton of makeup and always want to experiment and pair new things together. No one has ever commented on it, but I also don’t wear bold colors on my eyes or lips, so the changes may be too subtle to even notice. However, the few times I have worn bolder things, such as blue mascara, the students definitely pick up on it more than the adults!

I, too, am a middle school teacher. However, I’m afraid I rarely change it up. The few times I have, it’s gone unnoticed or has been received positively. Blue mascara, though… I may have to try that one. My students would have a fit!

Whaa? Anyone who would criticize you for CHANGING YOUR MAKEUP is spending way too much time staring at your face.

No. I wouldn’t think anyone would care that much about my face. And if they *did* (and were smart) then they wouldn’t dare };-)

They don’t criticize me, but what some colleagues have done is to bet whether I’m going to repeat a lipstick, blush or eyeshadows during the month. The one who catches when I repeat wins, so the other has to invite him lunch (think inviting lunch here is like inviting dinner in the US). It’s so fun, because I do repeat products, but seems I don’t repeat combos that often or their memory isn’t as good as they think.

Me too! They bet what color schemes I’ll use and comment if I’m wearing vegas volt or candy yum yum, etc. That’s why I asked the question! No one here really does makeup – it’s weird! Thanks Christine for using my question 🙂 xo

That beting time was fun!!! I had many incentives to try different colors and products. Now I do repeat more often, but still I’m the one with a “more polished look”, since I’m afraid I’m not the one who uses more makeup, but the one who uses more techniques (taking mu lessons and stuff…)

Well… sounds hard make everyone happy. If you change, it’s not good, however… if you do not change, it’s also not good! Not funny!
I do not suffer with these things… but it’s really annoying see how people can be inconvenient.

I wouldn’t say critisized, but a co-worker did say “So, what do you do? Change your makeup everyday according to what you are wearing?” I just smiled and said “I try.” lol

Wow I’d be so taken aback with that one! But I suppose it’s the tone and context it was said in…I would take personally but that’s just me!

They don’t criticize me, actually I get complements all the time from people, they ask me how to do certain looks 🙂

Yes definitely. I’ve had more MEN than women criticise my makeup! Men seem to think its funny to point it out that my eyeshadow is ‘too green’ and ‘very bright’, ‘Lady Gaga’ (as an insult) blah blah. I even dated a guy once who used to whisper to me when girls (beautiful girls too!) walked past and their makeup was ‘waaay too much she looked like a ‘…I just thought she looked really pretty and wished I could do mine as well as that girl! I don’t think he dared to dictate what I wore…but he did say things like ‘you look beautiful without it…’. I figured, makeup is a part of my life and my creativity so, my future bf/spouse etc is just going to have to accept it! Needless to say, the guy in my example is no longer around =P

Women on the other hand either don’t mention anything if they don’t like it or they compliment you if they do. Funny old world isn’t it!

Not really, but I don´t change my makeup often, I´m very often in a hurry, so I simply use the makeup look I know that works.

Interesting topic!!!
Well I work night shift and change my makeup every night..my coworkers never criticized me, but i do get the feeling that they wonder why i wear alot of makeup overnight. WELL HELLO!!! I am sleep during part of the day plus I train in the gym 6 days a week. The only time i wear makeup and actually look nice for a change IS when I’m at work, or when I am off that night or the weekend. OK, I do wear a little bit to the gym too but not much.

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