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As fun as that sounds, I have never! I don’t own enough makeup to attempt this. Or from another perspective, I guess I’m always on Project Pan, since I won’t buy another foundation/powder/concealer before I’m done with the one I’m using. Lol. Wow, talk about POV!. 🙂

I’m the same way. I don’t see the point in having 50 different products that all look the same. I have a 120 eyeshadow palette and I want a neutral palette and maybe one or two trios for travelling but I just can’t justify having more than that.

Nope – to be honest, I don’t understand the appeal of using up a product. If it’s a product I love, I don’t want to use it up, because that just means I’ll need to repurchase it! If it’s a product I don’t love, it would be great to get rid of, but frankly, I’m not going to use it often enough to use it up.
So Project 10-Pan type things just don’t make a lot of sense to me. 

 @Emi at Project Swatch
 I agree. If I don’t like something I’m not gonna want to use it up! I don’t like it so it either sits in my makeup drawer never to see the light of day again or I give it away to someone. And I hate finishing products I love, especially limited editions because I know I can’t replace them 🙁

Hmm…that’s an interesting concept and I have never heard of it.  It’s quite intriguing though.  I think I’m going to have to try it starting today!

Yes, it was my new years resolution, but once Feb rolled around and MAC S3/C3 was released that was the end of that.

I honestly don’t think I could. My main obsession is nail polish and lipstick and it would take forever to finish either of them, maybe even impossible for the nail polish.

No, but I feel like I should! I have so many lip products just sitting around. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just don’t get used because I have so much stuff!

nope. i don’t buy a crazy amount of makeup in the first place so i basically already do this in a sense. i only use one mascara i only have a couple palettes, 1 gel liner, 1 pencil eyeliner….a few lipsticks. not a lot compared to some people.

I actually just finished my first Project 20 Pan a couple days ago! It was painful, but I’m so excited to be able to shop again 😉

Nope! I’ve never done a PP. I will go on a no-buy, or if I feel some other products need to get used then I will start putting random products in a basket and only allowing myself to use those for the week, but never done a PP. I don’t feel like I have that much makeup to warrant a PP.

No way! I usually go like this “i will purchase another brown eyeshadow when I’ll have used up the one that I have” so 😀

Honestly never, I’m not going to wait to buy something that I like because I havent used up some other product that I like.

I’m sort of doing that right now, actually. I’ve decided not to buy anymore foundation, blush, or mascara until I’ve finished what I have. Well, at least until I’ve used up a significant amount. I really want to try some new things, but I have so many unopened/unused products that I need to get rid of.

I don’t think I could do that! I have way too much make-up but there is always something new and different that I want. Besides, it would take forever to finish products up because I change my look up everyday.

Yes. Three times and I was being foolish for each, haha. I gave myself some insane number like 15 so I never was able to reach my goal. 🙁

I think I flirted with the idea of it, but never actually mentally or physically committed to doing it. It was like “huh, I should try that” then POOF out of my brain.
I’m *kind of* doing something like that now: I am only interested in buying products I know I’ll use often and love! :O never thought my husband would live to see the day 😛

While it’s not exactly a project, my collection is getting to the point where I have the majority of what I want and will use, so I’m kind of reaching that point naturally where I’m just finishing up products before buying another one.  When your main preoccupation doesn’t involve cosmetics (whether it’s a personal passion/hobby or profession), I think you sort of reach a natural plateau after awhile.  In my case, in particular, my job has limitations on the makeup I can wear, so I have a lifestyle restriction to the amount that’s reasonable  to buy.

Considering that since I’ve really gotten “into” makeup,  I’ve never actually finished an eyeshadow and have almost finished one MAC blush, I’d be a pretty sad gal if I tried one of these.  The closest I’ve come is to put myself on a one month “no buy”. To be honest, I don’t really see the point. I enjoy makeup and compared to other things (electronics, golf, travel, jewelry), it’s a fairly inexpensive “indulgence” so while I might try to reign myself in from time to time, I don’t see the point of a “project 10 pan”.

no, but im seriously considering to do it. I will pick my 5-6 most favorite/used eyeshadows, 3-4 lip products and set them in a box i will use as my everyday makeup palette..

Honestly, I just have a relatively few products that I absolutely love. I get quality products that are a bit of an investment, and use the heck out of ’em. I’m of the “make up for looks-enhancement” school (I guess because I got into makeup to cover my acne), so I don’t really lust over a bunch of crazy colors that I use once and never touch again. 

With makeup, no. If I hit pan or the product is old and I’ve purchased a better replacement – then I toss the old product.

Now for skin care, if I’ve aquired to many products, I will use products up before purchasing my next ‘dream’ skin care product 🙂

I’m currently trying to hit pan on at least one eyeshadow. I have so many it’s ridiculous to buy more before using some up. I only have so much space to store this stuff!

Nope never really tried it before and I dont want to as of now. Maybe a mini version of it, like dont buy a brow highlight until I finish my current one

I could never lol, I definitely have a case of the grabby hands when it comes to makeup, especially when I see it on here or my other fave beauty blogs. Case in point: today I walked into a high end department store (a different branch than the one I normally go to), determined to buy NARS Niagara (it was out of stock in the other NARS branch). The lady told me it was out of stock here too. Did I let that deter me in my quest to buy a new lipstick anyway? Nope. I walked out with MAC Lickable lol. I’m terrible. And STILL stalking NARS for that lipstick, haha.

Ha, no… I always tell myself I don’t need anymore makeup. But of course something exciting comes out that I have to get. And honestly, apart from concealer, mascara, etc. the only “fun” item I’ve ever I’ve actually used up is MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow. I’m already on my third one.

It would never work for me as I only finish my staples off like matte nude shadows, concealer, foundation and primers. I love colour and finishes but would never finish my funky shades off. Instead I’m on a low buy. Maybe 1 to 2 products a month until IMATS. Foundation is the exception and I’m always looking for tester to try out with my favorite formula discontinued.

I am actually in the middle of a projects 10 pan right now, but I am cheating a little bit because I don’t put any rules like I can’t buy any more products. I just try really hard to use up what I have. So far, I finished 6 products, none of them are makeup. Mostly skincare and Lush goodies (that’s easy coz they don’t last that long !)

Never, I’ve hit pan on many shadows though and I usually purchase another to replace it. I’ve thrown out almost used lipglosses as well, if its old and I haven’t used it in forever, I probably won’t use it anymore.

Yes, I have and it has helped me to “shop my stash” more often instead of just buying more to fill up drawers that are now bursting with products. 😛

I did once, but I included all products since I never use up a lot of makeup. I did a project 10 pan, and it didn’t take me very long since two of the items were lip balms that I wanted to use up and 4 or 5 were skin or body care and so I ended up only using up 3-4 makeup items. I’m considering doing a gloss-out  since everyone who has done it has found they don’t really like gloss or they only like specific ones. Finding out I didn’t like gloss would REALLY help my spending haha

I’m intrigued by the idea, but at this rate, it’s more like Project Photo, Swatch and Review.  I’m never going to get finished with products before buying more, but if I could at least I could take pictures, swatch and review them on my blog before buying more that would be progress.

I am attempting this right now.  I have so much stuff from years of working for MAC and other lines that it has got to the point that I feel almost materialistic having all this great product and not using it.  I have created a little makeup bag with the items I want to use up before I move on to the next.  It is actually kind of fun because now I feel like I am not being wasteful.

I’ve heard of it, but haven’t attempted it yet. This would be a good time to start; I just purchased two Ulta eyeshadows that have made it into my “everyday box” on my vanity. Everything else, I keep in a dresser underneath. This project would definitely limit my spending as far as makeup goes, although I can’t imagine ever being able to succeed in this with nail polish seeing as I own some 80 bottles… haha. 

For the most part, my general rule of thumb is when I use something up, I can purchase something else. I don’t use a ton of makeup or anything. And I only use it a few days a week so it takes a while. Of course for the hunger games premiere I dressed up as my rendition of someone from the capital, make up included, so I bought a couple items specifically for that look (orange lipstick I’ll never wear again, check.) or if there’s something I reallly want and think I’ll use I’ll get it. But for the most part, I don’t stock up or anything. *except on lip balm, at any given time I probably have a dozen lip balms out and about.

I have done a Project 3 lips. Meaning, I have to use up 3  lip products before buying a new one. It took me month, but I didn’t  miss buying lip products.
I am thinking of starting another project 3 lips again or a product 3 powders. We’ll see

I think I will try your “Project 3 lips”. I think it will be great to focus on using up some lippies over the span of one month. Thank you for the wonderful idea!

All the time! I decided not to buy more eyeshadow/lipstick/gloss since I have enough for my liking. I only cheated to get 2 Urban Decay shadow that where about to be discontinued. Mascara is ok since it gets “bad” after couple months and I need replacement.

Give up buying makeup until I use up a big chunk of what I have??!  *clutches pearls and faints*  Joking aside, no. I haven’t heard of this game before but it wouldn’t make a ton of sense for me.  1) I have far, FAR too many lipsticks to ever manage this, esp. as I rarely throw things away; and 2) I’m careful with what makeup I do buy (minus the aforementioned lipsticks), so my makeup shopping is one of my fun escapes.  I don’t see a reason to deny myself a small indulgence.  That said, I *do* try to do something similar with my perfumes. I must have 40 (at the very least!) with many having just a tiny amount left, so I definitely try to use them up before I buy yet another one.  I’ve been quite successful and haven’t bought perfume in a year which has been both traumatic and painful…. LOL.

Sound very interesting.  I never use up one single eyeshadow or lipstick before.  I remember i used up some liquid foundation/face lotion, but never any colorful makeup.  It is good idea to not to waste my hard earn money on something i never be able to use it up.  For my high end makeup/ or Japanese makeup products i got from my trip to Honk Kong, i trend to collect it, and don’t want to use it up, since i know it is harder for me to replace it once i use it up.

I really should try this! I am a huge Bare Escentuals loose mineral fan. At last count I have well over 500 different mineral eyecolors. Since December I have been trying to use each one at least once before purchasing new colors. It has worked great from the standpoint that in about 20 days I should have used every color at least once- unfortunately I have continued to buy newness as so many great sales and kits have come on the market. I don’t feel guilty about having so many colors- I make sure to keep my minerals “sterile” and not contaminate them with brushes or fingers. According to some people minerals will last an incredibly long time!
I have been doing a “Project Bathroom Clutter Cleanout”  with my shampoos, body washes, hair products, and other bathroom supplies. I spent a few hours organizing everything, donating what I didn’t see myself using (to a local woman’s shelter) and throwing away any products that I felt were garbage. The lack of clutter in my bathroom is awesome- and I have been rediscovering old products that I have loved. Even better, since December, I haven’t needed to buy anything other than toothpaste and sonicare toothbrush head replacements. I get a huge thrill everytime I throw away an empty product.

never, lol. i do finish mascaras, foundations and even lipsticks, but I don’t recall ever hitting pan on an eyeshadow.

Never but i wanna try to save whch i spend every now n then … Makeup iz jst so irresistible n addicting 😉

Honestly, with my eyeshadows/eyeliners I dont do this at all- but with my hair care, skincare, etc. I do this.
I dont buy another until I have used up what I have (or since I always have three options, once I throw one away I can rotate in another).
I should start doing this with lip products as so many others have said, since I always seem to be using half of every lip gloss and lipstick I own and then either forgetting about it, losing it, or it mysteriously disappearing (I blame my cats for this- anything small enough for them to steal, they do).

Kind of? xD I plan to do one where I’m strict and don’t actually let myself buy anything. But I’ve been doing it in several categories like foundation, eyeliner… perfume, etc. I’ve been good with body care products since I tend to order them online in bulk to save shipping or because they’re on sale, and will generally use them up, or use the majority of them up, before replenish the stock. But my plans are to do a 5-pan for items I have 5 or more of – to just pick them at random (unless I’ve got only 5 xD) and try to use up all 5 before I buy anything else in that category.  In my small attempt at half arsing it I did notice that I’m motivated to use items I don’t often grab for, even if it’s just to use them up faster and  so I can get rid of them xD

Yup, I did it lasted 3 months. Then the person doing it along with me Stopped so then I did as well.

Even though I never tried this project pan before, I think I could handle not buying anymore make up till I use up what I have cause as of right now I havent worn or bought any makeup in over the last couple of months. Now as for nail polish…NO. lol Definitely could not do that when it comes to nail polish cause there are so many great colors coming out in collections and missing out on that would be a bummer.

Oh, hell no!  I buy far too much product, and a lot of it premium brands, for one person to possibly consume, but I donate the products that I’ve barely touched to family and friends and the girls at my hair salon who go crazy when I bring the goodies in for them to share.  I’m just happy to see somebody else be thrilled with and get use out of something that didn’t quite work out how I envisioned on me.  

Actually Im on a pseudo “pan project right now “. I told myself I can not buy anymore shower gels ( unless its a discontinued scent , then I am allowed to buy myself a few) or any more body mists. Also , I am not allowed to buy anymore chapsticks/ lip balms/ lip butters until I use up some of the ones I already have. I do want more  inglot eyeshadows , a highlighter, and some blushes 

I’m actually on one now….NO more foundation and concealer until I use up my current supply. I recently completed one with my facial cleansers. I didn’t purchase a new cream cleanser until I emptied the 3 that I had open at one time. Although I’m trying not to buy more eyeshadow, I’m not sure I have the willpower to do it with lipstick & such. I’m a total sucker for pretty colors.

Yes and no…
I have put myself on a no-buy for eyeshadow, but not because I own too many.  I just refuse to buy anymore because I rarely use them (I prefer to rock color on my cheeks and/or lips most days).  Plus, I own enough palettes that when I do feel like wearing eyeshadow, I can do any look I want.  However, I have never put myself on a no-buy for any other products because I’m pretty good at finding a product I like and sticking with it; therefore, I hardly ever overbuy one particular type of product. 

Yes! Several times and it drive me nuts when I can’t go faster especially when I see great collections coming out 🙁

Not at all! It would be way to hard for me as I am a makeup addict…I have gone on one month no-buys and they were hard, so I cannot imagine going through Project Pan!

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