Have you ever attempted a no- or low-buy? How did it go?

I have not attempted one, but I do keep my purchases in line with my budget so that I’m not spending everything I make on makeup. My first bit of advice for a more successful no- or low-buy is being hyper-aware of WHY you’re doing one and why some other goal is more important right now than buying makeup. I find that setting and articulating my goal(s) helps me reduce spending in other places (in general) in order to meet a more important goal.

— Christine
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Yes, I haven’t achieved a no-buy for the period I’ve set, usually three to six months. I have achieved low-buys, whether by choice or not (like being ill for a week or two). I’m usually successful when I divert my attention and thoughts to more important issues, family, work or spiritual personal ones. Also, since I put everything in your vanity Christine, this has REALLY helped me realize better what I have and thus don’t need.

I’ve tried but failed every time. What motivates me (if you can call it ‘motivation’) is just feeling so overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to the point where I’m stumped in the morning getting ready for work, so I fall back on my old standbys. But then I realize I could have far more costly weaknesses – jewelry, designer handbags, gambling….so it doesn’t seem all that dreadful to indulge this one thing. I do think I’ve managed to go for close to a month without buying new cosmetic stuff (not counting things I’ve used up and need to replace – moisturizer, sunscreen, shadow primer – things that are in the same category for me as deodorant and toothpaste!)

I’m on one right now. I am trying to use up hand soap, lotion, shampoo, candles, conditioner, beauty samples, lip balms, lip scrubs, primer, concealer, powder, foundation, eyeliner, mascara before I purchase any replacements. I just need to downsize my collection, use things up etc. I’m tired of so much clutter and partially used bottles. I have also decluttered makeup and I rotate makeup so my collection has stuff I love and that I use. I only have a few things I want to purchase or that I’m allowing myself to purchase this holiday. Just the ABH Sultry palette and the HUDA Emerald Obsession palette (?)

I’m on an undeclared skin care low buy for the same reason — I just need to work through what I have as I’m tired of inventing storage solutions. No one needs as much space as I use for their skin care and grooming; I intend to use what I have until I’m reduced to two shelves in my narrow, shallow, over-the-toilet etagere, with a drawer in the vanity for teeth cleaning supplies. That’s it. I’m only buying skin care when I use up an item that has no obvious equivalent.

I am asking for sultry for Xmas pressie, won’t look at it until then in attempt to curb spending. I am hoping to not buy anything else this year, better shop my stash!!

Yes, I attempted a no-buy last year. I failed but still managed to decrease my spending by a lot, so I was overall happy with the result. This year I’m doing a low-buy and it’s going pretty well. I learned from my experience last year that I need to give myself a LITTLE latitude to enjoy myself.

I have been on a no buy with exception since January, so yes. My goal is to use what is in my collection rather than adding to the chaos. I only add in necessities as they are used up which is the exception. If any category is at the last of its kind, and there is no backup that is when I buy. I still do shop, and keep up with what is out there, but I will not add anything new to my collection at this moment.

I’m actually doing one now! I’m doing it because I want to take a closer look at what I have rather than chasing the next shiny thing.

I’ve done both, and they went just fine. I grew up poor as dirt and stayed pretty broke most of my adult life due to my husband and children’s medical issues. I can deprive myself with great self-control if I need to. 🙂

In the past I have failed at no buys but something clicked for me this year and now I just want to use what I have. I think it was a combination of being able to dupe literally everything with the stuff I already have and just being over all the new releases. I shop my stash every few weeks to pull different things out and it really helps me not get bored with makeup. After I realized I continually by the same 3 colors of lipstick I have banned myself from buying anymore.

Next year I will be on another no buy and will only repurchase foundation and mascara as needed. I think it will be even more successful than this year.

Yes! I went 3 years without even buying a new mascara. I was a single mom at the time saving every penny I had to buy a house. I was on a no buy for everything (not just makeup) that wasn’t a necessity for survival. Whenever I felt tempted I would ask myself, “would I rather have…or a house?” The house always own. I bought it in 2015 and the fact that I was able to do it on my own is one of the things I’m most proud of.

Congrats on the house!

I’m in the middle of saving for a big purchase, and I often have trouble saying no to little things like a latte or catching a movie.

Not going to lie, it was hard but like I said the single thing that helped the most was asking myself, “would I rather buy a soda (or whatever it is) or a house?” And the house won every single time. As the years went on it became easier and in the end buying my house was worth everything I missed out on. Just keep reminding yourself that you’re going to enjoy your big purchase a lot more then a latte.

I think I’m finally to the point where I have what I need makeup wise–maybe with the exception of an orangey blush multi-stick suitable for fair skin, the only stuff I’ll exempt from a no-buy is like mascaras that run out or skincare that I use up. I haven’t bought any nail polish for over a year so I think my 2-helmers-full collection is done! =p

Well, I tried to stick to a low-buy for 2018, but unfortunately I hit Rouge a third ( fourth?) year in a row. Apparently, I’m pretty weak when it comes to my spending habits. Especially after getting out of a very toxic marriage and relationship. Perhaps because he so severely restricted my access to funds and controlled my spending habits in a very oppressive and psychologically abusive way? Idk?
However, I can still get back on that proverbial horse and be successful at this! Especially if I do as you recommended: keep my future goals CLEARLY in sight, keep my eyes on the future prize.

I’ve spent the summer and most of this fall on pretty low-buy. Part of it was about not spending money, part of it was about the fact that I’ve been able to dupe most of the palettes that have come out that I would want. I’ve also really limited the scope of products that I like/buy (mostly cruelty free, mostly cream/liquid cheek products, only full-sized eyeshadows in either singles or palettes that I can depot, etc.).

I’m on one now and it’s really difficult! I went back to adulting after living rent free (and big makeup buying) for over 2 years. I bought the house of my dreams that I can retire in with a pool and all kinds of other cool things. With that I get a hefty mortgage, an electric bill (south Texas, high right now) cable and the few I had all along, cell phone, credit cards, etc. My daughter is here for an after birthday visit and we stopped in Ulta last night and seeing the new holiday stuff and how gorgeous they are. I pretty much decided I’m going to hold out and eventually get the big Urban Decay palette. The Too Faced Gingerbread Spice looks pretty amazing too. I saw a Pur palette that I liked but figured that could go on sale. I have so much makeup that a lot of stuff is dupeable in my collection. My best recent buy is the Morphe Boss Mood palette. If you like metals and glitters and color this palette is a win. It does require a couple layers to build up color. The brand is more reasonably priced for what you get. Colour Pop is another one I may buy from. I really need to go low because I got the Natasha Denona Gold palette in 3 payments from Beautylish and it’s actually over $50 a month with TX 8.25% sales tax. I really like the palette but wow, these high enders need to be limited!

Yes, I have successfully completed many low or no buys in the past for several reasons.
Firstly, it was important for me to shop my own stash and use up what I already have – the dupe list here makes it very easy to find out if you already have the shades that you are thinking about purchasing.
Secondly, living in Australia makes it difficult to either access or ship desired products here – everything is so much more expensive, so purchasing a new item could well be cost prohibitive.
Thirdly, a lot of the eyeshadow shades from the past few years just haven’t worked on me, so it has also been money saved.
By shopping your stash and buying only what you need, makes it easy to stick to a low/no buy. Having a goal helps too.

I went on a low-buy of sorts earlier this year just to force myself to pay more attention to what I already own. I was coupling it with a challenge to use a different colored lip product every day, while keeping notes in a spreadsheet about color, finish, etc. My intention is to log everything, then purge the items that don’t make sense, after which (in theory) since I’ll know everything I have, and all the color spectrum I’ve covered, I’ll be less likely to duplicate with future purchases.

The low-buy has been patchy, and mostly concentrated on lip products, but I’m doing okay. My one main goal going into this year was to *NOT* make Rouge — I think I’ll meet that goal. Fingers crossed.

Ooh, best luck un-Rouge-ing. I hit it last year and was really unhappy about it, especially because I knew I had spent additional money at Nordstrom and other online retailers. I’m still on track to fall back to VIB, which I’m relieved about and a little proud of.

I’m on a no-buy for lip products. Partly to save money, but mostly because I want to get through some of my stuff. I have a couple of lip colors that are due to go bad pretty soon, so I’m working on getting through those first.

Also, I get so many lip products as point perks or deluxe samples (I received seven within the last month) that it really seems like I don’t need to spend money on lip products…I can accumulate them without trying lol

I have, but most of the attempts ended up being unsuccessful, expect for one, which was a success
not because I perseveired, but cause it was a life’s necessity :).

I am trying all the time to go on no buy and I have to point out that my “Vanity” on Temptalia keeps me in check of how much stuff I own and makes it a bit easier to say no to a new shiny compact or a tube 🙂

That said, I used to keep my compacts (blushes, highlighters, bronzers and such) in their packaging and just yesterday I decided to unpack them. Needless to say that now my collection looks somewhat less substantial, so…. But again, thank you Christine for the Vanity, this definitely remind me that I probably do not need anymore makeup at the moment :)))

Not my strong aeeea. I never buy in credit but if I have cash, I but what I want… Being politic and socially conscious i do have conflucts.

Due to me being on a tight budget right now, I have decided to go on a really low-buy phase (to almost none). I still buy the staples when I need them (for me it is foundation and brow pencil) and since some years ago I had a bigger spending budget on make up, I created a nice collection to which I regularly go to so I do not feel I am really missing anything.
I have backups of blushes, mascara and lipsticks for some time – but the goal is that I’ll get myself some eye palettes and lipsticks I have been eyeing on some time for Christmas as a means of rewarding myself for the efforts I have done and still am doing now.

I’ve been on a lip product no-buy for all of 2018. I hit Rouge last year, and was really uncomfortable about it, and lipsticks are my biggest weakness. I have succeeded in my no-buy by promising myself an extravagant treat at the end–a high end blender that can completely dissolve berry seeds and vegetable fibers. It was really tempting to pull the trigger on it during the summer to make sorbets and other goodies, but I held out.

Also it helps that I own such a crazy number of lipsticks. I’m seriously considering getting anything I want for about two weeks in January then resuming the moratorium and setting a new reward.

I’m on a no buy and it really forced me to think about what I already have. I.e.this really great dry shampoo just ran out, but do I already have something that I can use, even if it’s not my ultimate favorite? And most likely I do and I use it until it’s done so that a new purchase is fully justified. I do have ultimate rewards saved up at Ulta enough for one (and a half? If I’m lucky) prestige items so I’ll only buy something if it’s with those points. Makes me really be picky about what I would get and encourages me to ask for samples to try at home before buying a full size,

‘no more additional makeup’ was my new years goal. Was able to go through with it till May. It was difficult to refrain from buying. But I will try again next year for sure. Am planning to buy a couple more foundations and concealers so I won’t have to do it next year. Will have enough to last through next year then. And am planning to start my degree so that’s another reason to not spent money on makeup. I am someone who likes to finish up products. So maybe next year I might actually get to do that.

I have been in a no buy for as long as I can remember, have been trying to use my stash. My stash is getting spoiled by sitting. I keep trying to use, then de-stash the expired. Have been doing a pretty good job. As for no buy, I do not count the things like ipsy and Boxycharm. They are letting me have some fun in the new textures of some makeup items that I would have otherwise missed. I have come to terms with my collection addiction, and have been helping community cats in my area. So, I think I may have balanced. My goal is to nail down a regimen for skincare that will help my skin and to find makeup that does not affect my sensitive skin or eyes. Wish me luck!

Whats that? I’m supposed to be on it for months but failing miserably. I keep falling for things although I don’t need another warm eyeshadow palette, another beautiful highliter, a different blush color and lipsticks too many.. Lol! Although I mostly buy drugstore but even then.

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