Have you become more or less brand loyalty over the last few years?

Absolutely! I think that brand loyalty has weakened in more plugged-in customers over the last several years. There are just too many brands and products available, and with how common reviews are (both from influencers as well as consumers), it’s so obvious that there are great products found at all different brands–no one brand does everything perfectly!

— Christine
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It’s hard to say, really. I think when brands offer good products at good prices, I try to remain loyal. When a brand (the one I’m thinking of shall remain nameless in this post but I’m sure many know my feelings) gouges and over-charges its customers at a time when others are offering a little something extra for the holiday season, it will absolutely affect my “loyalty” for the worse. Also, brands that offer special releases that I simply can’t get (“Ulta Exclusive” for example), I’ll become disenchanted. If you make it hard for ME to acquire your product, fine – I’ll bail on giving you my money and find a product from a company that is more readily available to me.

That’s a good point – that it’s a turnoff when brands do things like “Ulta exclusive.” I feel the same way about brands that hype up a new release, make me want it. Then I buy it and then within a week, there’s a special offer of either a lower price or a bundle with something else I might have wanted. I’m turned off by that, realizing I could have gotten more or paid less but they waited until 2-3 weeks after the release to offer that.

I’ve become more brand loyal. Over the years as I’ve tried many different products from many different brands, I noticed patterns emerging. I like Mac blushes, but dislike their eyeshadows. I like Revlon lip products, but dislike their mascaras. If I’ve tried several different things from the same line and the quality has been poor or just didn’t work for me, I don’t buy from that brand anymore. These aren’t hard & fast rules, but serve as guidelines for me to keep in mind. Helps me to control my spending and narrow my focus a bit towards what has a better chance of being a successful purchase.

There are some brands I rely on for certain products, like Stila and Urban Decay for eyeliners. But I’m open to any brands for other products, like mascara.

I will say that there are some brands that turn me off for certain reasons, like Too Faced being too “tween-ish” with their marketing, even if their product is good. I’m 47 and I don’t want to be pulling a theme-scented, cutesy shaped and named palette out of my bag.

I wouldn’t call it brand loyalty as much as learning from experience. I know which brands and products work for me, and don’t hesitate to make those purchases (like Viseart eye shadows); I also know which brands do not work and have disappointed me, and those go on my ever-growing list of brands with which I am done. Also, I only purchase from cruelty-free brands and that is a sure and fast way to get my hard earned dollars. But I have decided not to try anymore new brands (which pop up every day) and stick with tried-and-true.

I’ve been trying to become less brand loyal. I’ve been loyal to Urban Decay since I discovered them about 10 years ago. But I’ve found myself getting less and less excited by their products lately. Sadly I can’t really find room in my budget to use higher end products, so I’m shopping within the same price range. I have been liking Tarte lately, as well I’ve been impressed with ColourPop. I’ll likely always stay with UD for some products such as Primer Potion and setting spray, but I am working to branch out a little in the eyeshadows.

I’ve become more brand loyal for sure. Milani and Maybelline at the drugstore (but mascara is wiiiide open), Mac and Sydney Grace outside of that. I’m also dedicated to Clinique cheek pops but hate their lipsticks.

While, yes, I definitely have some favorite brands, I would also have to say that I buy from many other brands as well. Therefore, my stash is literally all over the place when it comes to the brands I choose to buy from.

I have always liked bits and pieces from various brands, so I suppose I am loyal to the products I have bought for years. I do try out other brands when I have spare cash or want to try something different.

It is very overwhelming to go to someplace like Sephora and have so much selection. Maybe if there was a dedicated assistant/specialist to recommend things to you – someone who knows about the brands but is not on any visible commission. I don’t like pushy sales reps at the department store counters.

Having some brands come up with seemingly weekly releases is exhausting. How much products does the average person need? Two months later, the product goes on sale to make room for the next one. Like fast fashion, it is now fast makeup. It can make for very clever marketing to offload a bunch of stuff, but people will tire of it and move on. I mean, my face size has not changed!

And speaking of Sephora, I got a skincare discount code today. I have been taking advantage of all the 15% off codes I have been getting since May and slowly stocking up on stuff I need.

Absolutely less. I have my favorites, but I’m way more willing to experiment. I have a few brands where I use more than 1 product daily (ABH for my liner and eye primer, DE for my retinol and night moisturizer) but otherwise I go where the best product is

I think that I am less brand loyal and likely will become even less loyal. I think with the advent of the internet, YT and makeup blogs, it is easier for me to see quality products across all brands and following Temptalia has helped me to see that all brands put out clunkers and I don’t have to settle for that anymore. There will be another product, from a different brand, that works well so I don’t have to buy the terrible blush, lipstick etc. The reverse is true also. If a brand treats their customers shoddily, they put out 6 foundation shades, they are owned by racists or they name their products poorly, then I have no problem boycotting them and several companies that I have been boycotting for years, I continue to boycott.

I’ve become more brand loyal over the past years. Aside from the fact that I have o soft spot for Chanel as a brand (and it’s not makeup related), I explored quite a few high-end, mid-range and drugstore brands, to know that I’m not so eager to experiment just for the sake of experimenting, but rather I prefer to stay with the tried and trusted. If I were an influencer or a MUA, experimenting would be part of the job, therefore necessary.

For me, personally, what matters the most is the quality of the products, and this takes into account the ingredients, where the product is made, how it performs on my skin etc. I’m more conservative with what I put on my skin, and this includes makeup, not only skincare. I prefer to buy less but of quality.

Also, I have my favorites per category rathen than per brand. For instance, I Iove Chanel for their eye shadows, but their foundations don’t work on me (I eliminate everything containing alcohol from the start). In terms of powder blushes, nothing beats Hourglass for me, and in this sense, I’m loyal to Hourglass for their powder blushes.

I’m loyal in that I’m done when I find what works for me.
I’m loyal in that I’m always interested to poke at samples of new Fenty and ABH products.
I’m loyal in that I’m too lazy to explore indie brands (with the exception of Glossier, which my sister adores).
I’m not loyal in that I try not to tie my identity to being a fan of a brand or product.

I was about to say less brand loyal, since I’m always open to looking at different brands…but in terms of what I actually buy, I’ve been sticking to the same handful of brands more and more. Not really out of loyalty per se, but I know they have things that work for me at a reasonable price for my budget.

Less brand loyal. So many of my old favorites have sold to bigger companies, and the originality and quality aren’t the same. I still buy stuff from them, but not things from almost every release like I used to. Others have lied to customers, treated customers badly, turned out to have racist or otherwise unsavory owners, etc.

I’m still pretty loyal to my favorite indie brands, though.

I’m product loyal: so if the product is consistent and meets my criteria then I would likely explore the brand further. I’m quite impressed with Colourpop.

Less so in recent months/years. It used to be MAC only for me. Now I have quite a few brands represented in my overall stash. I definitely have my preferences but I am not as closed off as I used to be regarding trying new brands.

I feel I’ve actually become more brand loyal. Over the years, I’ve tried more and more brands and formulas, become fatigued, and decided I have a pretty good idea of what’s out there. Now, if I know I like a brand’s aesthetic, price, and formula (for lipstick, for example), I’m likely to go to them first to fill any gaps.

I quite agree with you Christine, no one brand does it all perfectly well and suits all consumers.
For example: I love Colour Pop for their lipsticks, but not their eye palettes.
What affects brand loyalty for me is excellent quality products in shades that I would use, accessibility – Ulta exclusives don’t work for me in Aus and affordability. For that reason PMG, ND etc are out of my price range here.

To me brand loyalty isn’t really possible because there’s no one brand that hits perfection on every product. I always buy Urban Decay eyeliner for example, but wouldn’t use their eyebrow products because Kat von D does them better. I love Colour Pop highlighters but prefer Smashbox blush sticks to the Colour Pop products. I’ve got at least 10 brands in my makeup wardrobe for this reason.

I’m product loyal-for example, Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte foundation works amazingly well on me, so I don’t see myself dumping it any time soon-but I’ve never been particularly brand loyal. I just buy whatever suits my needs and isn’t prohibitively expensive.

I think more, in that there are certain brands I’m willing to try anything that looks good from, without even seeing a swatch. This loyalty is a product of many wins though buying products, to the point where I now just want to see what else they’re doing.

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