Have people made assumptions about you because of your makeup?

Have people made assumptions about you because of your makeup? Share!

Absolutely! They are almost always negative ones: ditzy, superficial, and vain.

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Safyre Avatar

Definitely! I work at Sephora and I feel that whenever my makeup is… shall we say… bold? or more extravagant/colorful (especially with big “drag queen” lashes) versus a “natural/everyday” look that less people want me to assist them because they fear that that’s the only makeup I’m capable of and that if they ask me for a touchup or what-have-you that I’ll do their makeup the way mine is done.

Rachel R. Avatar

I seek out the MUAs with the bold makeup, but I know I’m in the minority. My local Sephora actually has quite a few sales associates and MUAs with alternative style, which makes me happy. It’s like, “Yes! Someone who actually wears the same makeup I do.”

Sarah Avatar

In their defense, not to minimize your experience, I’ve found that SAs with more avant-garde makeup tend to encourage their customers to do the same. Not to say that that’s a bad thing; it was an SA doing that for me that got me into makeup. But If I was already set in a love of neutrals and barely-there looks, it would be very annoying for someone to suggest brights or crazy cat-eyes. All I’m saying is that it’s a natural assumption that the way you do your makeup would be your “style” and that you apparently think that style looks good (why would you wear it otherwise) and that you may want others to see how nice it is on them.

You shouldn’t necessarily change, unless you want to project a different image, but you should understand that this isn’t them being rude or judgmental, it’s a natural logical progression, even if it ends up wrong.

Rachel R. Avatar

I agree with you there, that too many MUAs push their personal style. I don’t assume they’ll automatically do that, though. A good MUA should ask you about your style and what you want, IMO, regardless of what their style is. And they should listen. If they don’t, I speak up.

I’ve had the opposite problem, with MUAs trying to push the latest Youtube gurus and instagram looks, with neutral colors, perfect brows, bronzing, etc. They are perfectly nice looks, but they’re not me, and I don’t think I pull off the perfect, precisely contoured and concealed look very well.

Ellie Avatar

Lol, I really enjoy having my makeup done. So, I try to have someone do it for me at Sephora whenever I can. I tell them to feel free to go crazy and bold, but the boldest I got was neutral with a small pop of color. 😀

Amanda Avatar

That is definitely not me – I’ll take help from anyone there as long as they’re nice! If iI had a place to experiment with makeup and go a little bolder, hell yes I would do that too!

I would think that if your makeup is done well, no matter what it looks like, everyone would want you to help them!

Gigi Avatar

That’s odd. I would seek out the person with the most bold style because that shows me THEY KNOW EXACTLY what they’re doing and they most likely are well versed in multiple techniques and styles. Bat a lash girl 😉

Lacey Avatar

I know my friends and family understand my makeup obsession, so I don’t get negative feedback from them. I work in a mostly conservative customer service job, though, so there have been times when I might get a little carried away with blue eyeshadow or rainbow glitter nails, and I get a few underhanded comments now and again. Sort of the “Well, that’s an…interesting…color” type of thing. Fortunately, its only come from a few customers over the years, though–not my co-workers!

Madelyn Avatar

All the time. I have a massive makeup stash. Often, I stop by Sephora on my way back from work without any makeup (I am a chef). I never get waited on, or I get spoken to in that ‘you are not going to buy’ way.

When I do wear makeup I favor bold, colorful looks. People often say horrible things about it. Eff them. I wear my makeup for me, and to remind my daughter to express herself in ways she loves.

Tessa Avatar

I have that SAME frequent experience at the Lenox Mall (Atlanta) Sephora. Or they act all surprised when I pull out a VIB Rouge card at the register. It’s too late to give me a sugary sweet smile, now… honestly.

Ellie Avatar

So true! I have a huge stash and love doing my makeup too, but sometimes don’t or can’t wear it. I sometimes go to Sephora without makeup and get either ignored or schooled on stuff I know plenty about. 😀

Berry Avatar

sometimes I do this when I shop so I wont be followed by those SAs who always follow you around. but i feel bad too that when you ask for help, you had to ask the SAs 2 or 3 times before helping you.(this happend to other beauty boutiques too) Im lucky when I dont get the “im sure you cant afford that” look. lol

Gigi Avatar

I wonder this too Lulle! Where did this notion come from?! Models deal with the same malicious behavior. Just because you’re a model, you’re considered uneducated and plain dumb.
Maybe the dumbasses of the world are correlating the two. A lot of trash “reality tv shows” aren’t helping our cause neither, though. :/

Katherine T. Avatar

I’m +40 but I don’t usually wear the understated makeup that’s typically “recommended” for my age. I’ll wear shimmery & glittery shadows, purple lipsticks/blush, vampy lips, bright teal shadow, smoky eyes with some glitter fallout on my cheeks, etc Not all at once of course, but I like to add something fun, sexy, or unexpected. If I can rock it, I’ll wear it. I’m eyeing some black lipsticks right now. I’m sure some people are admiring me, while others are assuming negative things. But who cares, life is too short, have some fun!

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m 45 and exactly the same way, Katherine. I’ve only ever received compliments about it, though. If anyone thinks negatively of it, they’ve been smart enough to keep it to themselves. LOL

Mariella Avatar

I’m 40 with a lot of +++ and I pay no attention at all to the “dictum” that women over 40 shouldn’t wear shimmer! My favourite shadows are those with shimmer. I wear shimmery highlighter on my cheekbones; I wear blushes with subtle shimmer and MAC’s Sheertone Shimmer finish is my fave of all their blush finishes. It’s makeup – it washes off! As with my clothing, I wear what I like. My age isn’t a factor – if I like it and it’s comfortable, I will wear it no matter what is in or out of fashion and no matter what “they” say.

Nancy T Avatar

Constantly! Between some men thinking I must be “easy” to pick up ( they find out that, nope, I’m just the opposite! ), some women think I must be fake, materialistic, conceited, or a stuck up B*tch, and then there’s some women AND men who think I’m just plain crazy for spending so much time, money and energy on it! Haters gonna hate!

Marissa Avatar

that because i like to wear it, means that i can’t be bare faced in public. if i want to go to the grocery store without makeup it should be my choice isn’t it? … also that people is weird for wearing unusual colors on their makeup… how many times people have said mean things to me when i wear unusual toned lipsticks or mascara… let me live.

Sun Avatar

In my day-to-day life, I rarely wear makeup. I work out most days of the week and I have three dogs that I take out for off-leash exercise every day, so I just don’t see the need to wear makeup. However, if I’m getting together with friends, going out on a date with my husband, then yes, the makeup definitely gets applied. I also make a point of wearing makeup every day when I’m on vacation, maybe because it’s my way of treating vacation as a departure from “normal life.” I can’t say that I’ve ever had any really negative reactions when I wear makeup, but I have had a few double-take reactions from people who usually see me without makeup, which I find amusing and makes me wonder: do I look THAT bad without makeup?!

Gilbert Avatar

I’m a guy and I’ve had queens hate on a dude, the assumption is usually “you must have bad skin for wearing makeup” hah! It’s actually skincare that got me into makeup (and know good skin is critical, specially for makeup) it’s funny how no one notices I have makeup on unless YOU wear makeup yourself. And the other day some nasty queen made some comments when we went hiking late afternoon, I had makeup from earlier in the day, I ain’t washing that off!!!!!!! LOL.

Gigi Avatar

LOL! Gilbert, you and me both doll! I wear a little bronzer to the beach. My friends comment, “You’re putting on makeup…to go…to the beach”??
I pause for a moment. Stare at them, and say “Yes”.
Then go right back to my application. LOL!
SPF suckers. 😉

Bonnie Avatar

That is so maddening! I also get very annoyed when people ask questions like “why do you wear makeup/ you’re pretty without it/ why do you think you need makeup?” (The last one especially bugs me because as if we owe anyone an explanation as to why we want to wear makeup, but I have gotten it, mostly from men)

Ana Guimarães Avatar

I tottaly agree!! The “why do you think you need makeup” just kills me”” Helloooooo?? I don’t need makeup, I LOVE makeup!! Completly different. I wear make-up because I have fun, makes me feel pretty and I love the ritual of putting it on.

dorit Avatar

Oh yes. First about character traits: ‘She must be stupid, shallow, vain…’ and then about my spending habits.
There were also people commenting about what I do in a very condescending manner ‘oh, you blog about makeup?!’
I always smile politely and answer that I indeed do. And then I leave them to their own thoughts in their narrow minds.

Jane Avatar

Same for me. Makeup is a hobby as any other. It is a huge mood booster and a way of bringing something new every day. As long as spend is under control and it doesn’t take hours to apply and looks created aren’t frightening to other people, what can be wrong about this hobby? Actually stupid people look usually worse because looking good requires certain analysis and discipline. It is ok if someone thinks that I am shallow because of my makeup perfectionism. Things that I think about people who never wear makeup or apply it badly are also not always very positive, so what, these are just prejudices, we all eventually prove it right or wrong.

TmmyLynne Avatar

Yes, I always get people who ask why do I wear makeup and those that say I don’t need makeup. If I wear makeup people shame me, if I don’t wear makeup people shame me and make me feel ugly. So, I have to do what maks me happy and that is to always make myself look presentable and glam it up;).

A Avatar

This is such a great question. I feel like assumptions are ALWAYS made about makeup. If you wear too little, too much, none at all. I remember at my old job, I had an allergic reaction to some fruit that made my face swell up, so I didn’t wear makeup for a few days. Even after the swelling subsided I left my skin clear just to make sure it was healed, and people just kept telling me I looked SO sick and SO tired, asking what was wrong. Although I’m always happy to wear and put on my makeup, I’ve really had to tune out what other people say or do about it.

Mariella Avatar

Not that I know of! A few of my female students are interested in the fact that I wear makeup. I teach in an inner city high school and I’d say most of the other women teachers wear little to no makeup (maybe lipgloss or a bit of liner, at most). What I wear to school tends to be pretty understated (what I wear 90% of the time is fairly understated) but I do wear noticeable lip colour, bright liner under my lower lashes, etc. And sometimes, some of the girls will comment or ask what eyeshadow I’m wearing or “Have you ever been to Sephora, Mrs. K?” (HA – if only they knew!).

Kate Avatar

Yes. I’ve had people (of both genders, although sadly more women than men) assume that the fact that I wear visible makeup means that I’m vain, shallow and not serious or intellectual. And I tend to react myself by assuming the person is narrow-minded and judgmental.

Nicole Avatar

Yep! Mostly my family who knows the size of my stash. My mom likes to say it make me shallow, etc. I’m at a point coming up where I am looking to probably start dating in the somewhat near future. I can see that as a potential issue.

Madelyn Avatar

Nicole, date men that love you for you, which includes your makeup! My husband is a huge supporter of my makeup habit. It is one of the many reasons I love him. You will find a person who celebrates all you are, and gets you lipstick instead of flowers. 🙂

KK Avatar

Thats sweet and rare Madelyn! My husband is uummmmmm – lets say”Tolerant” about my makeup stash. He was more accommodating in the beginning but his last comments to me were “You do realise this (pointing towards my storage boxes of makeup) is not normal!!” 😉

Bonnie Avatar

HA!!!! My husband (and mom actually too) say the exact same type of things. They think I’m a makeup hoarder or something. My mom likes to comment that I have more makeup than I could ever wear in 10 lifetimes. Mom, that’s not the point. 😉
Anyway, I’ve tried to show my husband, especially through this blog, that it is indeed pretty normal after all!

MissJae1908 Avatar

1. They think, that I think, that I’m ugly without it and that I wear it alllll the time. Contrary to popular belief, I only wear makeup 2-3 times a week for 3-5 hours at a time. It’s not often. And honestly, my favorite part about makeup, other than applying my glowy highlight, is when I actually take it off!

2. They think, that I think, that I’m a professional MUA (Make Up Artist). Umm..negative ghost rider. Although I love my makeup stash more than one should, I never professed to be a MUA. I have literally never done anyone else’s makeup but my own. This is another reason that when I post makeup pics on social media, I normally use the hashtags #ImNotAMakeupArtist #ImAMakeupEnthusiast.

PS. This was a great question!

Leslie Avatar

Yes. Most of the women I know….friends and family….don’t wear makeup or aren’t interested in it like I am. I love to browse, swatch, experiment, and play lol. I’ve been asked why I have to put makeup on to go somewhere casual, etc….I put on makeup any time I have to leave the house and sometimes even when I stay home…. and I touch up during the day…I’ve actually been laughed at for that. So I guess I have been made to feel vain or superficial, although on the inside, I’m far from that. I just like pretty things. 🙂

Rachel R. Avatar

Not that they’ve ever shared with me, aside from assuming I know a lot about makeup. “You know a lot about makeup, right? (Insert question about makeup here.)”

Tiffany Avatar

It’s more like what people say when I don’t wear makeup! Recently, I wore minimal makeup to work and my coworker said, “You forgot your face today.” Then he turned to another coworker and said, “Hey, Tiffany forgot her face today!”

Krissi Avatar

Ohh yes.. I visited Leipzig once, a city that is known for quite a high rate of Nazis. I wore a very bright and slightly orange red lipstick (mac lady danger). When me and my boyfriend got on a bus there was a large group of nazis with us. One of them started to insult me, calling me a whore and showing himself slightly ‘concernded’ that his.. let’s just say ‘lower body parts’ would be firered if he’d be ready with me. Disgusting!!!!
…Greets from Germany, anyways 😀

Kate Avatar

No one’s actually said to my face “because of your makeup, I think of you this way”, but I’m sure people have. Like you said: vain, ditzy, superficial, stuck-up…
not that anyone should care about what people think of them, especially if they’re being judged because of something as simple as makeup, but it’s rather frustrating.

ee Avatar

I actually think that it helps me look ‘cool,’ which in turn makes my job easier. I teach college students, so it is a huge plus if they can look up to me while also being able to relate to me. If they are open to me as a person, learning and working together becomes much more easy and pleasant.

Grlnxdor Avatar

I’ve had a couple women make odd comments to me recently so I can’t help but feel I’m being judged. Once in the bathroom at work I was re-applying lipstick and a co-worker said something to the effect of ” Making yourself pretty?” To which I replied, ” It wore off and I’m re-applying”. A couple weeks ago we got together with friends of ours and when my friend and I went to the bathroom together she wasted no time in hitting me up about wearing lipgloss. She stated, ” I never wear any lipstick because my Dad always insisted that my Mom wear it.” I live in a small city in Wisconsin and a lot of middle aged women do not wear any makeup whatsoever here–so I guess I’m a rare creature. These women probably think I’m insecure about my looks, but I am not. I really enjoy the whole process and all of the pretty colors. Maybe these women think I am judging them about how plain they look. If you want to go through life looking natural and ordinary go ahead. I’m going to keep wearing makeup!

Rachel R. Avatar

I think your response to the first person was great. I wouldn’t worry too much about your friend, it sounds like her issues are with Daddy, not you or makeup.

You made a good point: Do they think we’re judging them for their lack of makeup?

Andie Avatar

I’ve had ex-boyfriends say things about how I’m “prettier without makeup.”
After that, I just explained up front that: I wear makeup for myself, I enjoy it, and his opinion on the matter isn’t needed.

Tessa Avatar

My sister and her boyfriend made me feel terrible about wearing makeup on a family vacation — we live across the country so we don’t see each other much. “WHY DO YOU WEAR SO MUCH MAKEUP?” aaaall week long. If I had busted out the red lipstick, they would have had a heart attack. It made me feel pretty low, honestly.

Then less than a week ago, same sister visited my city (Atlanta) and asked me to help pick out makeup for her. REALLY?! After the barbs about my “crazy makeup use” earlier?


Maggie Avatar

Your sister sounds like my Mom. She does the EXACT same thing–rags on me about wearing makeup but whenever she knows pictures will be taken, she’ll be running to me for help. I’ve learned to take it literally: that she’s right–I don’t NEED makeup like I need food, water, and oxygen and reminded myself that it’s basically offensive flattery–she thinks I’m gorgeous just the way I am. I, however, love the effect of a nice transformation, and will continue as I have.

Quinctia Avatar

Someone I interact with fairly regularly at work made a comment about my makeup and asked whether I had a date later…I was very confused because I wear makeup pretty much every day, and that particular day I was relatively understated, I had a neutral eye and a sheerer lip color on.

Kris Avatar

If they have, they haven’t told me! I’m in a leadership position and spend 95% of my time at work with people that either report to me or report to someone that reports to me. They wouldn’t say a word even if they thought it. 🙂

Aeri Avatar

Combined with my clothing style (generally gothy to v. gothy, and 95% bold), people tend to assume I’m a fast living, risk taking person, and that I’m …confident. LMAO. I am none of these things – eating powdered donuts whilst wearing all black is about as risky as I like my life.

Decophile Avatar

I’m not sure if people have made assumptions about me based on my make up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. I think carefully about what I want people to focus on when they see me. So if I’m dressing for work, I try to make my makeup as flawless and subtle as I can and often add a vibrant lip color (in reds or purples).

Katy Avatar

When I was younger….junior high age…My mom let me start wearing makeup. Not alot but a little eye shadow and mascara. My friends parents would assume I was a little “loose” and wouldn’t let them hang out with me. Thinking I was a bad little girl who moved to fast with the boys. Needless to say many of them have since dropped out of college, married and divorced or have kids with numerous baby daddies. Meanwhile I’m unmarried…but dating..and have a successful career.

Morgan Avatar

They just said I looked more intimidating than other people because my makeup was ALWAYS perfect. I’m more complimented than offended, but it happens with literally every person I meet.

Brooke Avatar

When I was 12 my parents let me wear “makeup” basically eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss.. So a bunch of girls said they didn’t think I was a virgin or that I didn’t look like a virgin. So basically because I was 12 and wore makeup I should have been a slut lol.

Brooke Avatar

I’m also a free lance artist, I have my own hair and makeup business. I don’t wear makeup most days and my hair is always in a bun. I’m sure I lose business because I don’t advertise my work in myself on a daily basis. Pretty sad…

Pearl Avatar

Only at makeup counters, I think. If I’m not wearing any makeup, I think some of the Sephora SA’s or makeup counter SA’s feel sorry for me LOL. I’ve always had a much better experience at a makeup counter if I’m already wearing makeup, especially a full face. I feel like I’m not taken seriously unless I’m wearing makeup. Maybe it’s that they think the less makeup I’m wearing, I’m not that knowledgeable or I won’t be interested in buying that much or that it would take too long to “teach” me about a product, not sure.

As far as the general public and being treated differently because of assumptions about my makeup? I don’t know that anyone really cares and if they do, I think it’s fleeting. I wear mostly neutral looks with an occasional pop of color, but people come to the grocery store at 3 in the afternoon in pajamas and their ratty-ass hair up in a topknot or in an outfit that was clearly meant for someone 2 sizes smaller. I could walk in looking like Dr. Frank-N-Furter and noone would bat an eye. Oh dangit that made me think of the lipstick. Now I’m off to find a dupe for it. 😐

miekogirlie99 Avatar

yes…I think so…people think I’m trying to look good for a certain person or to impress people but really the only person I try to outdo or impress is myself! i wear makeup because #1 its FUN (why do it if it isn’t?) #2 I feel confident & #3 I feel more put together even though i don’t do much in regards to clothes/shoes/hair.

A Avatar

This is a sensitive topic for me – I had worked in a group of good girlfriends, most of which I knew outside of work, for a long time, none of them being beauty enthusiasts even in the slightest. Most never wore makeup at all. When I wore makeup to work (I was almost never without it), they would constantly rag on me about how long my eyelashes looked and how nice my skin looked, almost in a negative way, like, “Oh I’m A, I look sooo perfect, boo hoo” However, give it a couple days of an eye infection and few late days to work without makeup once or twice, and man did the comments roll in about how tired I looked, where did my lashes go, that I looked SO different comparison…I mean the comments never end.

One of these coworker friends once sent me that Colbie Caillat song, “Try” – and told me it made her think of me – I told her I took that as an insult. I don’t wear my makeup to impress people in the slightest! I wear it because first and foremost I’m an artist by trade so it’s FUN for me to apply, overall I look more put together and…that’s really about it! She’s made comments in the past about my always dressing nice or asking why I “have to” wear makeup…give me a break! If you’re jealous, lay off, and if you have something nice to say, then that’s fine too but hello? If you took more time trying to get to know me, rather than judging me by my makeup!!!, you’d know that I’m not some try-hard vain person.

I just like to have fun and look nice, damn it!

Cat Avatar

This made me think of the video You Look Disgusting that a beauty blogger made after posting photos of herself with and without makeup. She received negative remarks either way. It’s difficult to understand how rude, cruel, or even downright vicious some people can be (especially when they’re in a group). It seems that some deal with their own pain and insecurities by taking shots at others. On a side note, I’d never seen that Colbie Caillat video before. (It’s kind of a mixed message, isn’t it?) I see how, in the situation you described, it would be very offensive. I’m glad their attitudes didn’t stop you from expressing yourself.

A Avatar

Yes exactly, it is a very mixed message. I’ll post the lyrics below. Thank you so much for your support, Cat!

Colbie Caillat – Try

“Put your make-up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?

Get your sexy on
Don’t be shy, girl
Take it off
This is what you want, to belong, so they like you
Do you like you?

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try
You don’t have to try
Mm, mm

Get your shopping on, at the mall, max your credit cards
You don’t have to choose, buy it all, so they like you
Do they like you?

Wait a second,
Why, should you care, what they think of you
When you’re all alone, by yourself, do you like you?
Do you like you?

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to bend until you break
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try
You don’t have to try
Mm, mm

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try, try, try, try
You don’t have to try
You don’t have to try

Take your make-up off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror, at yourself
Don’t you like you?
‘Cause I like you”

Yen.Lin Avatar

Haters gonna hate. It is unfortunate to see women being so critical of other women. I would have taken offence as well, had someone said a song with the aforementioned lyrics reminded them of me.

I’m sure you look great, with or without makeup!

Bonnie Avatar

I too have had coworkers and “friends” tell me how tired/sick I look without makeup when they’ve gotten used to seeing me only with it. It is extremely hurtful and disheartening and made me feel as if I couldn’t ever get away without wearing it. I totally feel your pain and agree with you. For many years I was afraid to be seen without makeup. I’ve only gotten over that in recent years (in my 30s) and gotten to a point where I don’t care what anyone thinks. It took a long time and a lot of self-reflection to get to the point where I only wear it for myself and when I feel like it, regardless of who I’ll be seeing and what I’ll be doing. Even to this day though, there are places I’ll avoid if I didn’t apply any makeup (or even minimal makeup) like makeup counters and beauty stores, because I feel really judged there when I’m barefaced. It’s a gd shame really.

Deborah Austin Avatar

People have told you negative things about your makeup to your face? Yikes y’all. I’ve never had
anyone be that rude to me.

Gigi Avatar

People make the assumption, just to be straight forward, that I’m a bitch because of the way I present myself and my makeup. Yes, I am skinny. Yes, I am tall. Yes, I model from time to time. Yes, I like bold looks. Yes, I am confident.
I guess all that equals bitch in some people’s minds (???)

People have told me TIME AND TIME again, once they’ve talked to me for about 3 minutes:
1) “I didn’t think you’d be this nice”.
2) “Wow, you’re really down to earth”.
3) “I was thinking you were going to be a completely different way, but, you’re cool”!

Hilarious! I just shrug my shoulders, keep talking, and continue to blow their mind. 😉

Nicolr Avatar

I actually find the comments to be positive! Many people have told me they like my makeup or that I look really put together at work because of it. Although I don’t wear super bold makeup anymore.

Christy Avatar

Wow, glad I live in northern New England. Along with other personal choices, makeup on adults is firmly in the “none of anyone else’s business” category. You could get away with briefly complimenting a lipstick or eyeshadow shade, but saying much of anything else about someone’s makeup is just not done. If folks are making assumptions, at least they are keeping it to themselves! It is a bit shocking what people will say elsewhere!

A Avatar

I live in the New England area, too and though I’ve received compliment, I get a bit of the side glares from time to time. At least people here tend to be polite and say nothing rather than something!

People act like they’ve never seen purple eyeshadow before… Not so common out here, I know but you know what? The girls at Sephora here are nicer to me than anywhere else I’ve been! 😉

Staci Avatar

I wore no makeup yesterday and people assumed I was sick. Not just like a little cold sick, but I got asked by three people with great concern (like I was dying or something) if I was ok, if I needed anything, if I wanted to go home, was i sure i was ok. Lol nope I was fine, just didn’t put on makeup.

Stephanie Avatar

I am 36 and only started using makeup (other than the occasional lipstick) on a regular basis last year, so I heard a lot from my co-workers about my nonexistent “new man” for several months.

Nope. Still with the same person, and I can assure you that my interest in makeup has nothing to do with impressing men (or impressing anyone who thinks that I should only wear matte neutral eyeshadow simply because I’m over 35, but that’s another rant for another day). It just took me this long to see its creative/artistic potential.

A Avatar

That is a bit shocking, I have to say. What ridiculous things people come up with when left to their own devices. I’m glad you’ve found the fun that is makeup! Ain’t it great?!

Genevieve Avatar

No-one (apart from my twin sister!) has ever said anything to me, but I think a few people have wondered why I bother putting on makeup. Yet I see all these women who have lovely clothes, obviously go to the gym to keep themselves healthy and yet they don’t wear makeup to complete their look. I love wearing makeup and I think, if you do it in an understated and subtle way, it can enhance your looks. I love wearing makeup and I always will.

Johnna Avatar

People always assume I am heterosexual, and have even been known to make rude comments when my wife introduces me. I will never understand why so many people think “lesbian” and “makeup obsessed” are mutually exclusive states of being. LOL

Yen.Lin Avatar

It probably has to do with the “butch” stereotype that surrounds lesbians, and how some people hold the belief that “women use cosmetics to beautify themselves, in order to impress males”. Bah!

Cat Avatar

Thanks, Christine. =)

I’ve had a lot of assumptions made about me, some because of how I dress, some because of how I maneuver myself amongst others, and some involving makeup. The two things that people have most often assumed due to my makeup are that I feel as good as I look, or that I’m “going someplace nice”. The second thing even happens when I’m wearing very natural-looking, neutral-toned makeup.

I am also guilty of making assumptions about others due to their makeup, mostly regarding how approachable they are. Sharp, angular brows paired with darker colors can make someone look angry or unfriendly (to me), unless, of course, they are smiling.

KK Avatar

In my experience, the reaction varies with the environment i am in.

1. I am a ex-hotelier. So a full face of makeup is what comes naturally to me – i consider it a “groomed” look rather than “made up”. So when I moved from Hotels to the corporate world, I happened to be one of the very few people (if not only) who used makeup at work. So, initially reactions in that environment was that maybe I am vain, dumb and superficial. They soon new different. Over time, they learnt to appreciate my work and my grooming standards. So makeup made me catch people’s attention but my work proved their senseless presumptions wrong.

2. My friend circle of bloggers, makeup enthusiasts, etc are obviously cool with it. We constantly talk about our ever evolving wish list despite the huge stash at home.

3. Currently, Im not working – i take care of my 2 kids. So the new group in my life are the ladies who stay in my building – whose kids are friends with my kids. We meet daily, sometimes go shopping together. The whole group consists of females who don’t wear makeup except may be for a wedding/party. So Im back to an environment with negative reactions – she is fake, superficial, vain. Also, a lot of raised eyebrows on the amount of money I am willing to spend on say a lipstick or how often i buy them. You also have snide comments made in front of me to other people – “Oh! You (someone else) look lovely without make up. You don’t need makeup” And also the usual comment about “I don’t have time for Makeup” – as if they are busy with more illustrious pursuits like finding cure for cancer! Honestly, I’ve grown a thick hide. However, my response to them once was – “God made us perfect just the way we are. but ya – its possible to look well formed and polished!”

KK Avatar

“Putting on Mascara doesn’t prevent me from reading Shakespeare. My IQ doesn’t drop every time I wear lip gloss” – From the Internet

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Ok have worn malevolence age 14 and never really worried about who thought what. I’m now in my mind sixties and probably wear more makeup now but more skillfully applied. I don’t, car what anyone thinks. My makeup for business is more naturally, I love dramatic but mainstream ma it i love

Peggy Greenwell Avatar

Now this is a question I can certainly answer. Yes! They do. I get looks and stares all the time. Mostly because I have a tendency for loud and bold lips. People bore me though. Use to really make me feel sad and I would often shut down and sometimes not wear cosmetics again for awhile. Something significant happens though I think as we begin to age weather we would like to admit to it or not. For me it happened about early 30s perhaps 30 or 31 where I simply became so less enthralled in what people were looking at or saying about me because I think this is a time in life where we have past those horrible insecure hellish 20s and have pushed through and made it to a point where we know who we are as a person. I had such rough waters in my 20s so the smallest comment from someone that didn’t like me or I perhaps felt insecure around would make me like a puppy needing to be pet and given attention. This is because I don’t think I really knew who I was to begin with during those days. Now when I hear or know that someone in line behind me is making jabs or remarks about my makeup, hair color or even the clothing I am wearing I kid you not I almost always turn around and find it to be some young insecure girl(s) that is more than likely more insecure in her own lives that they feel the need to focus on mine. Well I’m honored!

Berry Avatar

yes! Some positives and some negatives. Others wont say it to your face but they obviously give you the judgy look in their eyes. When others find my makeup stash, they think “oh, you are so high maintenance!” ~ or some will say to your face “What? You paid for that just for a makeup?! i wont spend that amount of money just for makeup!” which leaves you feeling and questioning yourself, “am I that selfish/shallow?”
But I guess some people just wouldn’t understand those who are really passionate with makeups and especially if you buy the pricey ones. So i stop defending myself. I stop discussing things, unless they initiate it.

I remember some people in my previous jobs may not know me not by name but they definitely recognize me as the woman who wears bold lipstick. lol!

doroffee Avatar

Older (40+) men always seem to think I’m ditzy and EASY when I wear stronger make-up or colors (nothing too outrageous or tacky)… and I have always gotten looks from kind of slumpy looking women who did not put any effort into their hair, skin, teeth, clothing at all… I don’t know it’s because they think I’m shallow or not a decent woman, or because they are just jealous…

Angie Avatar

can i be really, really frank here?
yeah, people have assumed all sorts of things because i wear makeup (not bold or anything, but there) from being vain to shallow to attention seeking and a billion of other things

i got that kind of judgement especially from other girls, some of them which say pretty upsetting things

never mind that i bought these things and everything else with my own money, or that my IQ test feedback could probably light a whole building, or that the money i use to buy makeup came from my hard work, but apparently because i wear eyeliners and high heels daily, i must be a vapid vamp with hairspray fumes for brain cells and will go apoplectic when i break a nail

but you know what, girls, let them!
smart girls play dumb (one way of doing it is apparently *surprise* by wearing makeup) and trust me that it gives you higher vantage point and surprising amount of leeway and then it just becomes amusing

point is: look however you wanna look because haters gonna hate anyway and you never know when you’re gonna run into your enemy today and wishing suddenly you’re in heels

another point: those people who scoffs when i put on spf or moiturizer, in another ten years, i’m gonna have the last laugh. mwahahahahaha.

Candice Avatar

I’m not that adventurous with makeup, so my looks are mostly “my face but better”, very natural, barely-there style. I don’t think people notice it’s makeup and those who know I wear it and have a lot of it just find it weird that I’m so into makeup since it doesn’t show based on my day-to-day looks.

When I allow myself to be more adventurous, I really enjoy it. I will continue to experiment and I’m sure that there might be more judging the more obvious the makeup is, but I need to keep in mind WHO CARES ABOUT THEM? 🙂

Jo Avatar

Sometimes. My makeup isn’t all that bold, and when I do sports, all I put on is very little eyeliner, concealer for dark circles and colored lip balm. Someone asked me rhetorically what I have on my lips and I said “colored lip balm – my lips crack and turn blackish at the corners if I leave it without balm in the sun after about an hour partly coz of dehydration”. She told me if I have to, to not wear lip balm with color next time. It’s not a rule, by the way, that we cannot wear color on our lips at the sports venue. What’s it to her, right? How rude.

Yen.Lin Avatar

This topic really speaks to me. People have definitely made assumptions, which goes both ways. Either that I am extremely insecure (“why do you bother with makeup?”), or that I am exceedingly vain (“you must think you’re soooo pretty, right?”). There have been times when I was “accused” of wearing a full face of makeup (and all I had on was concealer and mascara!)— but SO WHAT if I did wear as much as they thought I did? My face, not yours.

In an academic setting, peers have assumed that I am incompetent and said things such as “she loves makeup, loves lipstick, loves her hair”, then proceed to be shocked when I make insightful comments. A passion for cosmetics, though costly, has also been perceived as a mismanagement of personal finance. Upon refusal to lend money to a friend, said friend remarked whether I was being “miserly” because I need the money to buy makeup.

Makeup is my hobby, yes, and quite an addicting one.

Angie Avatar

that actually happened to me once. i didn’t want to lend out money out of the principle that i don’t like borrowing and lending money and she actually said: “you’re only using it for makeup anyway” (she misplaced her school tuition and was afraid of her parents finding out)

and then she started talking about how i have self-image issues and excessive narcissism (which i do, from time to time, because hey i’m 5’8″ half-chinese with mild, middle eastern features and i modelled) and that i’m so high maintenance no guy would ever want me as a girlfriend

i said “oh honey, if i want a boyfriend, then there’s no one left for you to pick” which was kinda mean and a bridge burner but at least it shuts her up

Jag Avatar

People presume that if you care for your appearance each and every day that you are not intelligent, or that you are looking to pick someone up. I am an attractive, 40-year old married woman with children, and am also highly educated. I care for my appearance each and every day, as I take pride in how I present myself to the world. That might include full make-up application and perfume when I leave the house. If others don’t choose to do present their best selves each day, then that is their prerogative. Don’t make false assumptions about others based on their appearance and don’t be a hater just because make-up is not your thing. To each his own. Beauty and intelligence can co-exist. Just carry yourself with respect, ladies.

Ana Beatriz Avatar

I never leave the house without makeup, and since I never go for that natural, barely there look (I love me some colours lol) I’ve had people say (never to my face, of course) that I am stuck up, or superficial. I’m like, really? Y’all making all these assumptions just because I have some products on me? lol

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