Has your makeup routine or style changed over time?

Has your makeup routine or style changed over time? Share!

I have a greater appreciation for the different styles of makeup more today than I did ten years ago, and I have a better understanding of what I like in products (and don’t like) and am just more comfortable wearing what I like, even if someone else doesn’t. As I get older, I expect (and sometimes, need) more out of base products and skincare products.

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As I get older, I’ve been more willing to experiment with different colors. Reasons are mixed -sick of the same old shades, feeling more confident as I get older, and influence of internet (bloggers, pinterest). Also, as I get older, skincare becomes more important

My make-up used to focus on colorful eyeshadows in loose formula, and while I still retain my massive collection of loose eyeshadow samples and my love for them, I don’t use them nearly as much as I used to.

This is due to the fact that my eyes have gotten much more sensitive, so I’ve been transitioning to long-wearing, waterproof cream formulas for eyes. Due to the same problem, I’ve also gotten to appreciate neutrals and one-color washes on my eyes, often paired with bold lips — Neutrals tend to look less obvious when my eyeshadow inevitably goes patchy due to my watery eyes, and bold lips are just fun to pair with neutrals.

I’m much more adventurous regarding colour. I used to be all about dull neutrals and MLBB shades, but in recent years, there’s really no colour that I won’t wear on my eyes and I’ll take a bright purple lipstick over a muted pink any day!

I’m the complete opposite! As a teenager I used to wear crazy colours, especially on my eyes.Then as an adult I got braces and when my teeth were straight I went though a huge crazy lip phase. Now I’m a bit older (27) I’m starting to be less edgy and really embrace my femininity, so I’m wearing more pinks, nudes, pastels and neutrals. I still love vivid colour, but not every day.

I’m also way more focused on my skin now. I really love that soft glowy satin finish, and go crazy for a beautiful blush and a good contour/highlight, whereas as a teen I didn’t think about letting my skin shine through, I cared more about eye looks, and just wore basic matte foundation on my face.

Well, I’d like to say that my routine has become simpler but it hasn’t! I never used to take much time over my skin and I’d put most of the effort into my eye makeup. Now it’s the other way around. I’m more concerned these days over my base and usually do simple eye makeup. So it’s less eyeshadow and liner and more lotions, potions and foundation! 🙂

LOL!!! Just six years ago, all the makeup I wore was clear mascara on my eyebrows to tame them. (I count clear lip balm as skin care). Over the decades, I’ve gone through phases from that much minimalism to wearing a full face of makeup, as I do now, depending on what else has been going on in my life. Sometimes I’ve just been too sick, or too busy (usually because someone else was sick), to have the time and energy to enjoy it.

Oddly, what really got me back to wearing makeup was my sun-sensitive rosacea. It got to the point where I couldn’t leave my apartment without sunscreen on in daylight without immediately getting a flaming red face that actually hurt. And chemical sunscreens just make me turn bright red, too; only zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for me. But I hate the white cast of all-mineral sunscreens. So I started trying out tinted moisturizers and then BB creams when they came out. They did work for sun protection, but I thought they looked a bit odd without at least a swipe of mascara and another of tinted lip balm. Finding Sephora, where I could browse to my heart’s content, swatch everything in sight, ask for samples to take home and try out, and return things that didn’t work for me without feeling guilty, really changed my makeup life. So many things don’t work on my sensitive skin, before that I was too scared of wasting money on stuff I couldn’t use. Now I’m much more confident at department store counters, but I think they’re intimidating when you’re first starting out with makeup. And drugstores often aren’t exactly thrilled when you return stuff, which you can’t even really look at before you buy because it’s encased in plastic. Now I also have a local ULTA that’s wonderful. They don’t give me samples to take home and try before I buy like Sephora does, but they do take returns with a smile. That makes all the difference. I don’t mind spending money, I just hate wasting it on stuff I can’t even use!

I’m constantly playing around with the makeup I wear and trying new looks. I change around the way I wear my hair, too. My look is usually a little bit different every day.

I am more knowledgable about brands and know more about what I like. I am also less critical of myself and more critical of the product. If I don’t like the way a product looks on me, I realize it has very little to do with me and more about the quality/color of the product. I also learned I have champagne tastes, so instead of jumping at the latest and trendiest, I save my money and coupon codes for luxe items that I really need and not just what I want.

Yes to both! As I have aged I have become “more comfortable in my own skin” meaning I will leave the house without makeup. I remember in college and even high school waking at 5 am or sooner just to get pretty. It was I think 4 am sometimes for athletic training before! I would even put on some makeup for the gym-not the whole shabang though. Now, I go looking dead if it’s in the morning. I really don’t care what other people think too much whereas in my younger years I did. I enjoy makeup for myself and wear it how I feel comfortable. As I became a parent-a singe parent that certainly put a stitch in the time factor. So, I have a of minimal look days mixed in there. But, that is fine. It makes the days that I have time to play more fun!

Yes, with age I appreciate a more glow to my skin vs. a matte finish. I have begun to embrace blush and eye shadow more. I still love a strong lip but know that less is more.

As products themselves have changed, so has my routine – way back when, I rarely wore eyeshadows because there were no eyeshadow primers and my shadows (except for one formulation by Estee Lauder in a tube with a wand) creased. But thanks to primers, eyeshadow is an every day part of my life. I now use multi-purpose products more often – BB/CC creams that combine sun protection, treatment and colour – whereas in the past, I tended to skip foundation products because I didn’t like all those layers – moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, foundation – on my face. And all the new brands and products have made a huge impact compared with the days when I had one blush, 2 lipsticks, 1 eyeshadow and 1 eye liner…

I remember those Estée Lauder wand shadows! My mom loved them and had four or five of them. She grudgingly switched to powder shadow when they were discontinued.

When I was a teen, I didn’t “need” the assistance of make up as much as I feeel I do now, and consequently I wore next to nothing in those days.
Recently I was introduced to a youtuber, jkissa, and for her base, she only wears concealer under her eyes and around her nose. Her skin is neither flawless nor extremely problematic, but the effect was something i found really beautiful. When i watch tutorials, base make up is often taken to an extreme: primers, high coverage hd foundation, concealer, highliter, contour, bronzer…she helped me admit to myself that make up like that isn’t for me, and that i don’t feel my most beautiful or most confident like that.
I’m allowing myself to wear sheer to light coverage tinted moisturizer and feeling beautiful with my freckles and my natural flush showing through. I’m not burying breakouts in concealer anymore either! I’m not perfect but I have a better relationship with make up now because i’m not relying on it to hide that anymore. 🙂

2 years ago, I started getting into wearing more mascara. I love long and voluminous eyelashes and before that I only put a little bit on. But I still want to make sure it’s not too clumpy or flaky!

I have been wearing makeup since the early 1980s, so yeah…it’s changed a lot over the decades. The last 5-10 years, I’d say I’m more into skin care due to aging. I’m using more products, and much more higher end. My income has gone up, there are more products available, and cosmetic companies overall (over-fragranced luxury brands aside) are getting better about being good for sensitive eyes and skin. For years, I couldn’t wear any eye makeup that wasn’t Almay or Physician’s Formula. BareMinerals was a lifesaver when it came out. Now, though, I can wear most brands’ eyeshadows, and even a couple high-end mascaras. I’m more into brighter and darker blushes, since better formulas mean I can put them on sheerer. I’m also more into vampy lip colors.

Oh totally. I’ve gone thought several makeup phases: Over the top ’70s make up in high school, Renaissance make up in the ’80s, nothing in the ’90s and early 2000’s, and now I’m just playing around and trying to figure out my comfort zone when it comes to color.

“As I get older, I expect (and sometimes, need) more out of base products and skincare products.”

Hi Christine, what do you mean by base products?

oh yes, i find that i’m faster at it thats for sure but also i do a lot more in the same amount of time. as for style, i’ve found that it has gotten a little more technical & i’m not happy with just a basic wash of color anymore. i found a style im comfortable with but i still like to watch other people do tutorials so i can see how i can change it up or get better. Having hooded eyes you’re kind of limited to what you can do. I do also find that i’m pickier about what i buy & stay away from products i have to fuss too much with.

Yes, but no… I’ve always had some type of skincare regime since I can remember, and while actual products have changed, the types haven’t. I’ve also adopted a more “natural” collection of skincare products. Sunscreen has always been a staple.

As for makeup/color products, I switch it up depending on the occasion; again, I’ve always done this. Some “looks” just aren’t always the best choice, and I like to wear my make up, not allow it to wear me. My skills have improved with practice, and I have learned new techniques over the years, but while I have occasionally tried things outside of my norm, I tend to stick to a similar vibe.

My makeup routine has completely changed over the past 5 years. I am now using cleaners suited to my older skin serums and a night time moisturizer. For the day I am using a daily moisturizer with SPF, primer and foundation that suits my pinkish undertones. I am now using better quality eye shadows (palettes that have been reviewed favourably here), blushes and lipsticks. So thank you Christine for all your hard work in setting up this blog. I experiment more with different coloured eye shadows and have learnt how to apply them properly to my eyes.

Definitely – I have seen a lot of makeup trends come and go. Most are stolen from years ago – like the cat eye. Everything old is new again – so true! Since I am older now, I don’t use bright eyeshadows and lipsticks – it would look silly so I pick and choose my look as best I can. I love that you ladies are having so much fun with makeup!

Five years ago, I rarely wore makeup. Only if going out with friends or my husband. Today, and within the last year, I have really stepped up my game, typically wearing makeup almost daily. Even if I’m not going to work or going out, I actually enjoy wearing makeup. Now that I’m older (only 45yo, but still…), I like to wear makeup to enhance my features. I also know what I like and what I don’t like in makeup styles. As for application, I typically stick with the same thing, just in different colors and I enjoy being creative with them.

My make-up routines have changed dramatically over time. With increased knowledge and product awareness, I now take more care in cleaning and moisturizing my skin and thoroughly removing my name up. I also more thoroughly rinse and apply makeup cleansertoremove residue. Why with age. I realize the effects sloppy skincare has on aging skin and avoidance mess n general.

In the 43 years since I was first allowed to wear makeup at 13 y.o.; change and evolve it most certainly has! Yes, I do realize that I just “aged” myself. I’m 56 ad I don’t care who knows it because thankfully I have great genes and get told that I don’t look over 40….YET. But I know that Father Time will catch up with me sooner or later.
That said, I find myself taking as best of care as I can, and taking the necessary precautions when it comes to my skincare. Even though I don’t burn easily, I ALWAYS wear sunscreen! It’s even in my foundation. I do need to exercise caution with rather oily or greasy products, as I can still breakout, though.
As for foundation, hahahaha! When I was young there were no foundations yellow based enough to match me, and most brands only barely went deep enough. My Mom bought me something called Cool Olive (?) by either Max Factor or Revlon? Now there are options to cover EVERYONE!!!! Woohoo!
My color choices though the decades have been dictated by a variety of factors. Offerings in the 70’s were so limited. During my late teens through my 20’s, I was very into the artistry of it and FINALLY there were some seriously fun and crazy colors! Like black eyeshadow! Got it in ’82, wore it in a look when I stopped by to say hello to my parents….my poor Mom! She exclaimed “You’re becoming one of those Punk Rock people!” Then came kids, expenses, my now ex controlling $$$. And also the 90’s just were more minimalist. Anyways, into the 2000’s. Maybe 10 years back, started doing more color again. Slowly. Over the past 6 years, bae-bae, I’m back! This Grannie wears it ALL: a cat-eye, involved eotd, and some serious kick-butt lippys nearly everyday. Why? It’s fun!!! And because someday, probably sooner rather than later, it won’t be so easy to get away with. Father Time.

I started make-up in my late teens – with no proper skincare, and I was like, colorful! loud! bright! – that’s what make-up should be… and I really only emphasized my eyes. My application also left a lot to be desired.

Now, I wear less crazy colors, and more “beautifying” looks, I learnt how to use liquid and pencil eyeliner, started to appreciate neutral colors a ton, got into more interesting lip colors, started using products like contour, highlight, brow products… and I started to use basic skin products that are good for my skin type. I also started getting into nail polish – back then I got overwhelmed when I messed up polish on my short and stubby nails, but now I know how to use them, Now I also know what to buy (what I don’t have, what I might get good use out of, what looks good on me, what’s good for my skin type etc.).

I used to have all kinds of lipstick and eye shadows stashed in my Caboodles case back in the day. All my lipsticks came from the Beauty Supply House all the way up to Saks Fifth Avenue. I also had lip glosses too. I was experimenting with many looks when I was younger. As I got older, I wanted a more sophisticated look by referencing makeup looks from the 1940s and 1950s. So I began perfecting my cat eye liner along with ditching all my assorted lipsticks and eye shadows. I weeded out all my colors in terms of texture and hue. The older me prefers a matte eye shadow in black and a brown which complements my skin tone. I also use a little bit cream liner for contrast which is also a skin-tone brown. I also use a lip liner as well as a lipstick in a complementary nude and a reddish brown that goes with everything. I also use eye shadow base, lash primer, and Chapstick lip balm as primers before I put on my makeup. I also use moisturizer before I apply anything. I didn’t do that when I was younger. You learn as you grow.

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