Has your makeup routine ever changed because you moved?

Lucky for me, I’ve only gone from California to Arizona, and the latter is very dry, so I haven’t had to deal with humidity. I feel like if I lived in a more humid location, I’d have to drastically change my routine/expectations, lol!

— Christine
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Jane Avatar

Non, not too much for makeup, but for hair, yes. When I was younger I wore my hair straightened (but not chemically), so as soon as humidity was present (and DC had quite a bit compared to where I was in Texas), my hair would go from old Hollywood straight to a frantic laid-down Afro. LOL!

Heather Avatar

I’ve moved from cultures where makeup was expected/encouraged to cultures where it just… wasn’t. (An intense tropical climate didn’t help!) While I did continue to wear some makeup while I was there, I swapped in tinted sunscreen, gel blush, and tinted lip balms instead of the heavier look I’d have worn otherwise.

Andrea Avatar

I can only think of a single country where I did things differently because of the actual weather and that’s Panama! It doesn’t just rain over there. During winter, every single day so much water falls from the sky and floods everything, that you kind of half expect to see fish swimming on pavements and running into a blue crab (true story!).
I’d need “wall paint” instead of makeup for it to survive intact! I only covered my dark circles and wore blush. Between the sunscreen, the sweat and the beach, I hardly ever wore foundation. I went all out with nail polish though! Think of all the colours of the neon rainbow, you name it, I wore it!
Whenever I move, my routine changes based mostly on what’s available in the new market where I live, the price being asked (which I gauge by looking at the price for Studio Fix or if it isn’t available at all), what kind of things other people like me wear (because I want to blend in) and what keeps me safe (sometimes I “need” to blend in).
In some places there’s room to experiment and other times I just need to buy abroad whatever I like, bring it with me and stick to “my basics”.
Here’s a true story about a time when I changed after experiencing for the first time the meaning of misogyny: in London I wore a neutral eyeshadow and kitten eyeliner pretty much every day, it was very very normal! I also wore whatever nail polish (apart from neon). I moved from London to Portugal and during the job interview my boss said “I feel like you should know that women don’t wear makeup here (giggling)” – I had on black kitten eyeliner, beige eyeshadow and regular mascara. Another time he made a joke about my burgundy nail polish “are you going to a party? hahah?” -I went home for lunch and removed it- and never wore anything other than light beige/pink.

Wednesday Avatar

Bringing back memories of a little know place (by folks in Canada) in Venezuela called Yutaje …. Deluge barely describes the buckets of rainfall.. every.single.day. They don’t make a waterproof mascara that tough.

So sorry about your interview experiences in London.. incredibly misogynistic and RUDE. We sometimes assume more worldly or educated men know better and … they don’t!

Andrea Avatar

Hi! Thank you 🙂 I haven’t told many people. I’ve always felt quite embarrassed about it tbh. It wasn’t in London though, it was in Portugal. If it had happened in London he’d have been in serious trouble. Everybody’s allowed to do their thing in London!
I had no idea that it rains that much in Venezuela! I always associate it to luxurious tropical beaches. Waterproof vs tropical rain – I know who wins and it isn’t me! Hahah

Ana Maria Avatar

Usually moves lead to changes in where I do my makeup (based on lighting, rooms positioning and availability, other people I live with), than the actual routine.

But one big change was when I moved from a small town living with my parents, to a big city at University. In my small town wearing makeup was kind of frown upon, considered superficial, I wore minimal makeup and mostly on special occasions. In a big city every girls almost wore makeup; I didn’t started from the get go, but in about one year I went from almost no makeup to almost a full face (it took me one more year to start doing brows… oh… the times before brown products became a must 😅).

When I moved from Europe to California the biggest thing I changed was adding SPF primers and using SPF retouch powders. The sunburn is major in here, I have to make sure I use extra protection.
Also, due to the dry air, I started to apply less powder. Although I’ll never give up setting makeup with powder and a matte look, probably.

Nancy T Avatar

Only minimally. Having moved from New Jersey to Arizona 19 years ago, I found that I no longer need to wear very heavy-duty matte foundations during the entire year anymore. NJ has a far more humid atmosphere, except during winter. As a result, I had to use Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily to Normal Skin, or other substantially hangers on even in 70% and above humidity. Here I don’t find the need to do so except during monsoon. But I do still use long-wearing formulas because I have a very oily t-zone with breakout prone skin. Crazy, because I’m 62!

Mariah Osmundson Avatar

OMG Christine, exactly what you said, I just went to DisneyWorld in Orlando. I’m from Portland, Oregon, coolish, dry. Orlando is like a constant feeling of needing to take a shower. I DON’T KNOW how they keep their makeup on there!! After only 2 days I basically gave up, tried to keep a little concealer and mascara on and maybe a tiny bit of shimmer on my eyes, but honestly it would all be under my eyes by day’s end! I know after a while your body acclimatizes, and you (probably) don’t sweat as much, but I just don’t ever see how someone could keep even normal makeup, never mind like, full glam, on their face in that heat and humidity!! WHEW!

Susan Nevling Avatar

With the exception of one year of college when I move 150 miles away, I’ve lived within a 10-15 mile radius of where I was born.
We do have constant seasonal changes but no climate changes. I adjust my skincare more than my makeup. I do use a lighter foundation in Summer.

Nina Avatar

Definitely! I moved from NY to SE Florida and then to the Hudson Valley, NY. In my previous two homes I was near many Sephora’s and NM or Nordstrom now I’m in the country and not near much but drugstore makeup. I have to anticipate what I need and order that or rely on dupes. I never liked drugstore makeup for one reason only : you can’t swatch it. Going to an old fashioned counter or Sephora is to me fun and I ultimately get exactly what I want rather than second guessing.

Helene Avatar

Yes, when I moved from a big city to the countryside I stopped using the “unconventional” lipsticks I love to wear. I didn’t want the few people living here getting too much to talk about. 🙂 I honestly don’t think they’d understand, so now purple, really dark reds and brownish colours are the most “out there” lip colours I use. I do wear my blues, greens, I still lust for the sadly gone Kale, how I wanted that one!, greys and blacks when I take the late walk with my dog, everyone around here goes to bed very early.
Other than that my makeup routines remain the same.
When I still went abroad on vacations I mostly used very little makeup, but then for beach and ocean I only use sunscreen and for city vacations there’s so much to see and do so I use very little makeup to save time, and sleep a little bit longer.
I was in Japan quite a few years ago, on Okinawa it was so hot and humid I had to give up foundation. The mascara held up I’m happy to say. I remember once I got back to the hotel, wondering how I could be so sweaty that my skirt was damp, it was the humidity, of course.

Katrina Avatar

I moved so the time as a kid every time my mom was promoted. First she was my principal, then she was my superintendent, etc. Not fun to get called to the principals office when mom is the principal. When I graduated law school in MI, I needed a big change, I was not coping well with the death of my father at age 19, and I was newly single, so, I moved to Colorado. Where I knew no one. The problem with that is that I was a Michigan girl, a true Yooper, a flashy, sparkly, rhinestone wearing, spray tanned and obnoxiously fun-loving over-the-top makeup type one. Those types of girls don’t really exist in Colorado, much less the practice of law.

I was used to people in towns of population 500, and going to Denver was a massive culture shock for me. There were bullies everywhere, so, I had to learn to blend in. Literally, I can recall going out with friends and guys telling me – when you dress like that, it is not normal, it makes you look ugly compared to how you should look. So, I learned about Chanel, Tom Ford and Dior — things my small town brain had literally never thought about before. My clothes got a bit more tame as well. But, only when I was in Denver. When I flew home I went back to normal.

I got sick of having to be around people like that after ten years and moved back to Michigan. Now, my life is a bit more colorful, again, shall we say lol.

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