Has your makeup ever rubbed off on someone else's clothes before?

Has your makeup ever rubbed off on someone else’s clothes before? Share!

Husband for sure. So embarrassing!

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Denise S. Avatar

Unfortunately the Sally Hansen leg makeup I used on my legs to camouflage my leg veins transferred on my friend’s bed linens! I’ve used the spray before and it never rubbed off on anything, I’ll stick to that formula from now on! So embarrassing , lol

Ghost Avatar

Omg its so annoying when this happens. Usually if its drug store products I’ll just take the lost but if its expensive I just have to wipe it back on my face. Nobodies gonna walk away with my designer brands on your shirt collar and get away.

Melanie Avatar

I also feel like anytime I’m wearing something really dangerous, like brightly-colored lip gloss, that’s exactly when someone decides it’s time to give me a sneak-attack bear hug! Stay away for the safety of your clothes! haha

Nancy T Avatar

43 years of wearing the stuff? You can bet I have! As a teenager, I didn’t have waterproof eyeliner or mascara, so a good cry left EVERYTHING behind on someone’s shirt, usually my boyfriend, LoL! But I have also given away foundation stains and lipstick stains as “presents”!

Fionn Avatar

I hadn’t tried out this particular foundation before (I can’t remember which one it was though), and previously as all my foundations had been pretty transfer proof, I didn’t give it much thought. Until I met a friend I hadn’t seen for ages and gave her a enthusiastic hug as well as a big beige imprint on the shoulder of her beautiful white shirt. Oops.

It didn’t help that it was a meltingly hot day I suppose.

Lulu Avatar

My husband’s (then fiancees) MIL sheets that are so fancy. at their summer home She politely bought me a black washcloth the next week. And that’s why I love her too! (And stopped wearing Tarte Amazonian Clay black eyeliner to her house)

Beary Avatar

Yes and boy ever was it bad timing. So the boyfriend and I have a concert we’re super excited for and I want to look my best (you might not think so, but people in the dark alternative scene can be really judgey). Maybe a week before I had finally got my hands on OCC’s Vain lip tar and it seemed perfect for the occasion. Problem is, I hadn’t really experimented with it yet; I’d never even owned any other lip tars at this point. Can you see what’s coming? So I put it on, head out and I’m feeling like a boss with my kickbutt green lips. Well, people keep looking at me strangely and I don’t realize why, but it’s an industrial concert and I’m all decked out so I figure that’s it. Fast forward to two hours in and I’m getting tired, leaning on my boyfriend. I go to kiss him and see a streak of green on his cheek, on his neck, on his collar and even somehow down the side of his shirt on closer inspection. I go to the bathroom, figuring if it was coming off on him, it was probably not on my lips anymore and would need to be fixed. Oh no, it was on my lips. And streaked across my chin, bleeding over my lip line, all over my hands and arms. Because it was marketed as a matte lipstick, I assumed it would set and stay put, so I hadn’t thought to use primer or liner; I didn’t realize lip tars are basically the oil paint of make-up products. But wait it gets better. Ever tried to remove an OCC lip tar? Yeah, that ish doesn’t just come off. So I couldn’t clean up the mess on my face and had to deal the rest of the night with crazy green streaks all over me and so did my boyfriend. And for something that managed to migrate off my lips to such a degree, it sure was difficult to get off once home. Three attempts at waterproof make-up remover and scrubbing and I still woke up with green-stained lips the next morning. And the shirt he wore still has a faint green stain on it. :/

Katherine T. Avatar

LMAO Sorry but that was a funny story. The next time I want to look like the Incredible Hulk, I’ll have to keep that OCC lip tar in mind

helen Avatar

YESSSS!! And it is truly embarrassing. I’m always very aware of my foundation not touching clothing (whether trying on clothes in a store – there is nothing worse than seeing a garment with a ring of someone’s foundation around the collar!!!).
Just recently, my cousin opened a restaurant and he was wearing all black, well, i saw my face on his shoulder after he hugged me. Terrible!

Cat Avatar

When I was younger and didn’t properly set my makeup, I remember getting foundation on my boyfriends. Now, other than mascara from tears, a lip product due to an unexpected hug sometimes ends up on my husband. =)

A Avatar

Nope, but I accidentally got some lipstick on my dog (who has pure white fur) when I tried to pick her up yesterday! She still has a pink stain on her ear (it looks kinda cute, tbh).

Barbara Avatar

Only Lisa Eldridge’s videos, but it’s more for the application tips she gives, not necessarily for the whole look. However, she did a video where I loved the whole look (the tutorial for the Malgosia Bela’s makeup in the S/S ’15 Gucci adverts) so I copied that almost exactly.

As for other tutorials, so many of them are looks I could never wear, like contouring videos, so I just watch them because the befores and afters are fun to watch.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

When I wear mineral foundation some just transfer one my phone and others. lol

Otherwise lipstick is the only other product I wear that transfers.

I’ve personally seen other zombie blood transfer onto others clothing and cream body paint. When one says use cream but I’m like NOOOOOO! You’re going to ruin someones costume or clothes in a convention setting!!!

Lisa Avatar

Yep, that boyfriend and he’s ivory snow white and I’m nc42 so poor fellow sometimes gets a brown steak on him especially with my tinted moisturizers or bb creams. I’ve also had it transfer onto white tops which is embarrassing

Tova J Avatar

Yes, on my boyfriend multiple times… On white shirts as well haha but I don’t think we’ve been around others then! Also I borrowed his moms jacket once, and when I took it off I realized my foundation was all over the collar.. It’s worth mentioning that the jacket was white.

Brooke Avatar

No, only on my car seat, I had to reach in the back and only had a few seconds to get what I needed. I just kept going for it and my face was planted to the seat, grabbed it. Checked out my seat, there was a good quarter sized spot of my foundation..

Anne Avatar

I don’t think so. Perks of being asexual and aromantic is I never have a partner to accidentally get my makeup on. I think I might have got some on my cat at one point or another when he was is cuddle mode.

Vanessa Avatar

I think only once, but it happened with one of my bosses! I hadn’t seen him in a while, because we usually work different shifts, so when I hugged him, some of my foundation & concealer transferred onto his black shirt! He didn’t notice, but I did and I felt so embarrassed! I have hyperpigmentation on my chin, so that’s where I focus on covering. I think I might have put too much concealer or maybe I didn’t set it enough, but now I make sure my face doesn’t touch anyone’s clothing when I hug someone!

Stephanie Avatar

More on another’s face. When making out with my ex he’d always be covered in pale foundation around his mouth and chin haha

Kai Avatar

Lol…yes, sadly. Before I started wearing primer and I was using MAC foundation. Now it only happens if I’m sweaty, very embarrassing

Hannah Avatar

My usual daily lipsticks are the Wet n Wild megalasts, which are like $2 and fairly transfer-proof, so I’ve never gotten actual lipstick on anyone. However, because they’re so cheap I usually carry the one I’m wearing- or the one I was wearing three days ago- around with me and sometimes they fall out of my pocket. I mark my territory with dollar-store lipstick and Target ballpoint pens. So far I’ve found three under my bed, two under my desk, one under my roommate’s bed, one on a library windowsill, at least two at different friend’s place, one at an Arboretum…
The only one I ever noticed was missing was my one Revlon lipstick. The rest were gone for months. I have too much makeup.

Janeen Arias Avatar

Oh yea, family, the boyfriend. I feel like no foundation has ever been transfer proof for me, no matter what primer or powder, etc. Sometimes the boyfriend likes to wear his white tee and give me a huge hug and I’m like “Babe! make up! white shirt! no!” and he’s just like “don’t care *squish*” I kind of love it 🙂 Still feel bad though, haha.

Telesilla Avatar

It’s not a clothes thing, but now that my partner’s started wearing lipstick more often, we have to be careful when I’m dropping her off at work, because even if we give each other a quick kiss or peck on the cheek we can exchange lipsticks, as it were. We usually just do a quick hug/cheek press thing, because she doesn’t wear foundation and if I’ve just set mine, it won’t rub off on her skin.

Chrissy Avatar

Makeup companies usually write the postive things their foundation does or describes that it’s meant for oily or dry skin. Is there a certain brand of makeup that makes a foundation non transferable. I myself haven’t come across one so I am curious if there is one. I don’t know if it’s just me or if I’m doing something wrong but after I put on my makeup and I have to either answer my cell phone or make a phone call, my makeup will get onto my phone. Not a lot but, it does make my screen a little dirty.

Irene Avatar

Thankfully never, I always set my foundation with powder and it doesn’t really rub off unless you really try, and though I wear red lipstick all the time I’m super careful not to leave marks on anyone, except my husband’s lips 😉 However, I did get mascara and make up all over a hoodie that he gave me for the year we had to spend apart when we were dating, I can’t count the times I cried all over it, haha!

Candice Avatar

This question reminds me of a scene in The Nanny when Fran is in Mr. Scheffield’s closet or something and her full face is imprinted in one of his shirts I think. hehehehe Loved that show!

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