Has your makeup enthusiasm rubbed off on someone before?

Has your makeup enthusiasm rubbed off on someone before? Share!

Nobody in “real life” (which I feel should be more like “offline” life) has suddenly become a makeup addict at all. I can’t believe it — I really can’t.

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taite Avatar

yes, actually! i’m kind of known as the girl with all the lipsticks so i’ve had people reach out to me to ask me questions about lipstick including people who weren’t really into makeup before or didn’t know that much about it. and some people have gotten into wearing weird colored lipsticks (like blue and green) because of me which makes me really happy honestly.

Joan Avatar

Haha, no I don’t think I’ve influenced anyone. BUT my cousin is the one that got me into makeup. I didn’t even know Youtube makeup channels existed last year!

Katheine T. Avatar

Eeeek! My 22 month old toddler is already copying me! She gently massages her face, pretending to rub cream into it. Then she pouts her lips, points her fingers at it and pretends to apply lipstick. She probably can’t wait to get into mommy’s makeup stash (horrors). I’m going to have to lock everything away!

Sean C Avatar

If it’s any consolation, reading your blog is the reason I started to get into makeup as a hobby/art form and now wish to pursue as a career. So forget those “real life” nonbelievers. lol

Melanie Avatar

I quickly read this as “Has your makeup ever rubbed off on anybody before?” and was like YES! Finally, we’re breaking the silence! A guy hugged me wearing a white shirt and my foundation smudged all over once — I was mortified! In my defense, it was like 100 degrees out and I was having an oily day. I wanted to crawl under a rock.

But alas, not the question that was asked! haha

Natalia Avatar

Nope. It’s all about “I have no time for it, I’ve got other stuff to take care of” and so on and so forth. The furthest I got is I made my older sister buy more expensive makeup and ask me for an opinion when she needs smth.

Elizabeth Avatar

My enthusiasm has rubbed off on just a few of the people I know. I was a free lance as well as a working makeup artist for quite a few years before I retired. I got people interested when I did their makeup for an event, and taught them how to do basics for everyday looks. Some of the younger girls whose makeup I did for prom or for weddings wanted to replicate some of the things I did, were interested in the products I used, and the asked questions. I always had templates and wrote down the product, placement, and technique I used. It was a lot of fun. My husband was an art student who did photography, art and portraits, and I helped with makeup before photoshop became so popular. He did a lot of black and white, so it was fun because of how striking one can look with the right lighting, the right lens, proper makeup application, and a diffusion lens. My young cousins ask me all sorts of questions as well. I made the oldest nice gift sets of things that are easy to work with, decent first products to start to use, and decent brushes to get a good start. I still do a little, not as much, but it lets me be creative, and it’s fun to teach someone how to use makeup properly and watch them fall in love with it as I did.

Rachel Avatar

Yes! I’ve always loved/collected lip gloss and lipstick, but was pretty simple when it came to everything else when I was younger. Just gloss, eyeliner, mascara and a little powder. I only wore eye shadow, foundation, blush etc for going out or special occasions–until now in my 30s. But I would always do make up for my family members and my younger cousin in particular— I did her New Year’s Eve make a few years back and she loved it so much, she started wearing and experimenting with make up. Now she wants to be a MUA! We usually meet at ulta, sephora, and MAC for shopping:-)

Leslie Avatar

NO. I find it disappointing that none of my friends or family love makeup the way I do. I have two sisters and they rarely wear any makeup except on special occasions. My friends or family have never seen my stash in my train case lol. I once had a frugal friend with me when I was looking for a particular red shade of lipstick at the Chanel counter and she said, “why don’t you just go to WalMart and get some red lipstick and get it out of your system”. I thought I was gonna hyperventilate lol. So ever since then, I go makeup shopping alone. It would make Christmas so much easier if the women in my life loved makeup as much as I do. They would get such awesome gifts! 😀

Jade Avatar

I know what you mean about gift giving!! So many nice things people would get!! I still make an effort to buy products I’m pretty sure people will really love – I gave Revlon Adorned to like 4 people this Christmas just gone.

Lorena Melendez Avatar

Just about four years ago I started developing my love for make up. After my mother passed away I really became obssesd, it was kind of my coping mechanism, but it really ended up helping me. My self esteem increased and my confidence was soaring. I met my now husband around that time and I ended up moving in with his sister. She always wanted to learn about make up but never had anyone to kind of help her or at least enjoy the experience with her. We bonded very tightly over make up and I have now created a contour monster! haha! Just kinding shes not a monster but her make up collection is starting to grow!

Meghan Avatar

I can really relate to what you’ve posted here. My makeup obsession really took off when my dad was first diagnosed with cancer about 3.5 years ago. He passed away nearly 2 years ago, and while I’m not spending so much on makeup any more, I know it was part of coping. I don’t live near a lot of counters, so I’d order a lot of stuff online. I’d get a lot of satisfaction hitting the ‘submit order’ button & then getting a package in the mail. While I still love makeup (and skincare – and have a lot of both), I’m really trying to use what I have! I’m so glad it was able to help you 🙂

Sarah Avatar

Not so much my enthusiasm as my knowledge. Before last year, I would only wear gloss, foundation, powder, limited eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I decided to do a complete rehaul from MAC for my birthday last year, and I’ve learned so much in the past year! Now people like my sister and mom ask me for tips or to do their makeup. Other than that, no. I get a lot of compliments and comments, but lots of people say they ‘can’t’ wear the makeup I do.

Lotus Avatar

Yes!!! I’ve had so many ask me to do their makeup like mine and then teach them how! (The eyes, back in the day… I was a magnet for drag queens & I loved their company! San Francisco holds no barriers between people. You can run up and hug anyone and talk Barbara Streisand eyes all day..) So fun! 🙂

Alexa Avatar

yes!! My longtime best friend and I are super into makeup and one of our friends we met at college texted us one day to say that we’re rubbing off on her because she just talked about Urban Decay to her boyfriend for an hour, and that we’re getting her into mid-range and high-end make up 🙂

Nancy T Avatar

Yes! My very beautiful, creative, bright 26 y.o. daughter, Sabrina! But *shhhshhh* don’t tell her I said that, she may not like that…and she is far more talented at doing makeup than I am, too. We have both been mua’s. Her at Sephora, me for some now sadly defunct, but really excellent makeup corp that was around during the 80’s into early 90’s that just disappeared: Jean Pierre Cosmetique. I cannot even find any info on it online, just freaky, because their stuff was pretty much identical to MAC.

Nancy T Avatar

TY, sadly I did too, but this line being sold is exclusively skincare. I wonder what happened to the awesome corporation that I worked for because they literally had Solar White ( but theirs was a number system as I recall? Its been almost 30 years)! And quite a ton of shades that MAC used to make as well as some they still offer. Both companies are Canadian based in I believe Toronto.

Heather F. Avatar

Only a couple of little girls in the community center I like to visit! 🙂 But when family members have questions about beauty products, they’ll reach out to me for recommendations.

Irene Avatar

Definitely not to the point of being a make up addict (I’m not one myself, either), but ever since I got into cosmetics my mother has showed more interest in buying better formulas and learning about techniques and products. My Christmas and birthday gifts for my female family members are always cosmetics!

fancie Avatar

I’m sure it has rubbed off to some people online. There’s so many cool makeup junkies to connect with in so many different ways. I love that! In real life, I’ve mostly rubbed off on my best friends and my mom. One of my bffs is fully embracing the makeup junkie way while the other one and my mom are slowly easing into it. I can’t wait until they’re full on obsessed like me LOL

Deborah Avatar

Oh yes – over the years people have been on shopping trips with me and inevitably we end up in the makeup sections. My enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on other people. Their wallets may hate
me but the ladies don’t! It’s been fun sharing makeup information over the years! A friend from Japan has decided she wants her nails and makeup done – I have inspired her too! I love passing along tidbits of info to others. It’s fun to watch transformations : )

Rachel R. Avatar

Not to my level of enthusiasm, unfortunately. I got my manicurist wearing more makeup, and I gave her a Stila eye & cheek palette for Christmas one year. She always asks about my purple lipsticks, but I haven’t convinced her to try them yet. She puts all her creativity into nails. lol I’ve had a few friends of mine and my mom ask me to help them pick out colors or shop with them.

I live in Oregon, though, so most women don’t wear makeup. Those who do mostly go for minimal “no makeup makeup,” natural-looking makeup, or subdued professional looks. Sometimes I get to swap ideas/recommendations with MUAs, younger hairstylists, counter girls at the tattoo parlour, that type of thing. But they’re already enthusiastic, so I can’t take credit.

Nancy T Avatar

Oregon sounds a lot like here in Arizona! But back home in NJ, and most of the Northeast, it’s more color, more fun, more anything goes!

Rachel R. Avatar

My mom is from Pittsburgh, PA, and she fashion modeled when she was young, in the 1960’s, on the East Coast, so I think I inherited my love of dramatic makeup from her.

Oregon dress and makeup is way to casual for my tastes, but I love almost everything else about it so much, I’m happy for the trade-off. I’m near Portland, so there are enough artists, musicians, punks, tattoo artists and piercers that I’m not a complete freak if I have magenta hair and purple duochrome eyeshadow. 😉

Bonnie Avatar

Hi Rachel! I live in Portland too!! South-west, close to Tigard and Beaverton. I moved here last year from Las Vegas, with a huge stash of bright makeup and a closet (or several to be honest) full of fun and expressive clothing. I soon realized how out of place that is here in the PNW! I now feel like I’m just collecting the makeup I love and hardly ever wearing it. We should hit up the town in purple lipstick together! Haha 😉
Oh and btw – I have green tipped hair now, and while I feel like that should be totally cool and normal for “keep it weird” Portland, I definitely get a raised eyebrow or two (or ten) from my mom friends here in the ‘burbs!!

Rachel R. Avatar

I was in Beaverton, but moved to Hillsboro 2 years ago (bought a house). I grew up in Eugene, and have lived in the Portland area since 1992. We’re not that far from each other. The Portland suburbs must be a culture shock after Vegas. Quite the opposite of glitter, glitz and glam.

My advice is to wear what you like and own it. The other moms may raise their eyebrows, but they’re just not used to seeing different aesthetics within their social circle. They’ll get used to it. A few may even surprise you and admire it.

Genevieve Avatar

Probably my daughter in law – I have helped her find her correct foundation shade and encouraged to learn, from a makeup professional, what products to use and how to apply them.
I am also known as the perfume girl – lots of my friends come to me to try different scents too.
My sister thinks I am the “Lipstick Queen”.

Diana Avatar

Yes! My sisters! They’re all younger than me so I # them from oldest to youngest. Sister #2 who is only a year and 3 months younger than me was the first person I interested. Now we basically share everything. Sister #3, my youngest sister, is also starting to get into make up. She’s been sneaking into my room to swatch all my highlighters and lipsticks…she thinks I don’t know haha

Diana Avatar

Yes! My sisters! They’re all younger than me so I # them from oldest to youngest. Sister #1 who is only a year and 3 months younger than me was the first person I interested. Now we basically share everything. Sister #3, my youngest sister, is also starting to get into make up. She’s been sneaking into my room to swatch all my highlighters and lipsticks…she thinks I haven’t noticed. It seems like its not big deal but its brought my Sister #1 and I closer. I also had a friend in college who had a minor interest in make up that exploded after we met. We’d spent hours at Sephora and at her house trying stuff on her face. She’s a completely different skin tone, type, structure etc so it was fun to see how well I could recommend products she’d like.

Kat Avatar

I had two roommates this past year, and one of them and I are both really into makeup, and the third had never even used concealer! Or mascara! Or anything beyond like Chapstick! But she saw us doing makeup all the time, and another friend of ours is also really into makeup, and she was intrigued, so she picked up some starter stuff, BB cream and concealer, and by the end of the year she was getting really good at eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. and she really likes wearing eyeshadow and experimenting with new looks! She’s not a makeup junkie like me and my other roommate though. 🙂

Tyronda Avatar

I actually convinced my mom of all people to try wearing makeup. I took her to Ulta and she did a tested out a few foundations ( I was shocked) . She chose the bareminerals complexion rescue because it felt the lightest on her skin. She also started wearing high end mascara. She’s taking it slow but its a good thing because she refused to wear makeup.

Cat Avatar

I wish! Sadly, even with two daughters, I have only my husband with whom I share my excitement. When I first started talking to him about makeup, I related it to things he was familiar with: paint primer, good brushes, different finishes, sealer. Now, he understands all of my products and what they help me to achieve. More than that, he understands that, when his Leukemia became life-threatening, makeup helped with the anxiety I was dealing with by giving me something to focus on.

CeeBee Avatar

Yeah, I’ve enabled a couple of people in particular and several more friends when I clean out my stash and then basically throw a girls night where they bring the wine and I let them go through my “overflow” and take whatever they want…

Janie Avatar

To a degree… My former brother-in-law was a great makeup artist for fashion shoots, and he intro’d me to Bobbi Brown brushes (!!). Mom wouldn’t want to spend that much on a brush set, so I got her a Sonia Kashuk set. Last Xmas was a big makeup goodie bag for her: the brush set; several lipsticks in Urban Decay, Lipstick Queen, and Shu Uemura (another brand Bill the Makeup Master intro’d me to – such creamy lipsticks!); a Clinique holiday eyeshadow palette I knew she’d like and a limited edition Shu Uemura duo-eyeshadow by Karl Lagerfeld. And a few nail polishes. Holiday sets rock! She’d been saying she needed an “upgrade” for a while, just never had time to mess with looking around. She liked it all! Now we just need to do some tutorials….

Aleisha Avatar

It has somewhat. Not to my degree, but I was able to convince a couple of friends who had no interest in makeup whatsoever to invest in a few products that can take them from day to night when they need it 🙂

Kate Avatar

My boyfriend! lmao….well, he doesn’t wear it or use it, but he can definitely point out what’s what, what brands are good and what I like/have, what a product does and who talks about them! He’s totally fine with me doing his makeup too (he always says, “as long as this will come off” as if makeup was that permanent lol) of course, he’ll get antsy on a trip to sephora, but he’ll happily take me there as long as we stop for food!

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