Has makeup brought you more or less joy this year?

The same as I’m very fortunate that day-to-day life has remained the same in many ways, since I already worked from home and am, by choice, more of a homebody.

— Christine


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Michelle M Avatar

It’s been extremely difficult not being able to go to department stores or Sephora to actually try on products. I’ve never been one to shop for makeup sight unseen, so it’s definitely cut down my spending. But also my enjoyment of the shopping experience.

Eileen Avatar

When we originally went into lockdown, I didn’t wear any makeup at all. With my particular coloring, makeup—especially eye makeup—isn’t a necessity and so I can’t say that I’ve ever had any strong feelings about it one way or another. I did spend more time, though, on skin care. Pampering myself with beautifully scented, luxurious body balms, lotions, masks, etc. gave me joy 😃 and so, that’s were my money went.

For me, the negative aspect to all this has been the limited shopping experience. Like reader Michelle, I enjoy the experience of shopping for cosmetics and seeing all the beautiful new products in person. Pre-pandemic, I also had befriended a number of Sales Associates and I missed seeing them and wondered how they were doing. My casual and fun interaction with them always made shopping for something new a joyful experience. Yes, I miss that.

Makeup has always given me a certain amount of pleasure. Once we were able to go out, I began wearing makeup again only much lighter and more neutral. The ritual of making-up is a calming one and gets me ready physiologically for the day. I feel more pulled together and ready to face the world.

Kira Avatar

More! Since I’m not in a conservative work environment, I’ve gotten to experiment a lot more this year. I have been exploring the PMG Mothership palettes and how they work together. It’s been such a comfort for me during this time, and something I look forward to every day.

Ana Maria Avatar

While I do enjoy makeup and wearing makeup, I don’t associate it with actual “joy”.

For me this year, as I am working from home since March, makeup was a bit of normality. It adds each morning that moment “next I go in work mode”, much needed when you live in an apartment where you sleep in your bedroom, cook and eat in the kitchen, and do all everything else in the living room. 😅

But I do admit makeup added also frustrations these year. Frustration that I had to toss lipsticks because I don’t wear them anymore. Frustration that I miss getting all glam when I went to a concert, opera or musical. Frustration that I enjoy makeup, I do it for myself, but because of this whole year everything lost the appeal to me.

BrandiD Avatar

A little of both? Like other people say, I’ve found that makeup helps keep my routine in place. I also have allergies, so makeup protects my skin and reminds me not to touch my face. With that said, this year brought me a new allergy — cyclopentasiloxane, which is in almost everything! So, I had to experiment with a lot of new foundations during a time where I couldn’t get samples or try foundations in the store. Frustrating! Fortunately, I can tolerate small amounts of cyclopentasiloxane in eye makeup, so I’m working on adding non-allergenic eye liners to my arsenal right now but I don’t need to actually destash any of my eye stuff. I’ve found some foundations that I can use and also some new primers and moisturizers, so I’m working on getting a smoother canvas.

On the plus side, working from home then barely working at all has meant I’ve had plenty of time to practice new makeup skills. Still can’t do a cat eye, but other than that…..

Genevieve Avatar

My makeup bought me a lot of joy this year, as it always does. I did miss going to the shops to browse for makeup items, although I usually don’t buy a lot from Mecca or Sephora here (too expensive mostly), but I enjoy the whole browsing experience.
I liked exploring the wonderful gems I have already collected, and with Christine’s inspirations, was able to branch out and experiment with different combinations of eyeshadows and lipsticks.
It was an opportunity to spend a little more on skincare as well. With our major chemists and beauty/pharmacies like Priceline open, we were able to get our beauty essentials and skincare products.

Debbie Avatar

The past three years I have been on a no buy with exception, but once 2020 became the dumpster fire that it is the no buy went out the window. After all, who knew what the future will bring, so I decided to enjoy makeup again. And it has helped. Going into or Sephora for the first time since they closed was like visiting an old friend, and using any virtual make up try on app made choices so much easier, not to mention our reviews.

Mary Avatar

More definitely, I remember going to an exhibit at an Egyptian Museum a while ago called “Ladies of the Nile” there were archaeological artifacts of kohl pots and mirrors and tiny perfume decanters .
For the women of the Nile it was a ritual as a way to honor the Goddess within them .
For me it’s one way to express and honor my creativity.

On the down side I also miss swatching .I try to research as many reviews and see the product on as many skin tones as possible however still blind buying is tough.

Latika Avatar

Make up has been a joy for me this year. I am home mostly trying to stay in an work from home and my 16 year old is doing zoom school . Getting up everyday showering perfume make up has been a saving grace. I don’t get fully dressed unless I need to go out that day but my make up makes me have some normalcy in my life. I also started doing my own nails – bought some great kits from Kiara Sky and I’m tickled pink! My hairstylist left her shop and does her loyal clients in her shop at her house so I’ve been able to get my hair done about every 6-8 weeks that certainly helps as well. I keep myself up for me. It makes me feel happy and like I’m at least doing something normal. I’m not buying as much make up though and honestly I really haven’t needed a whole lot. With that being said I’ve really taken advantage of the sales this season. I bought a lot on the MAC sale, some amazing deals from PMG and I was able to get a full set of Charlotte Tilbury –

Ginny Avatar

Actually the fact that I don’t have to wear concealer has made it more fun in a way, I can just focus on slapping on the fun stuff like highlighter and mascara. But I don’t have any occasions to wear sparkly glam eyes so that’s kind of a bummer. Also I used to wear red lipstick to work all the time and I miss that. I will wear it some days if I’m working from home just for fun. But I’m not going to panic about them going bad, I’m sure they’ll be ready and waiting in a year or whenever.

brendacr1 Avatar

I think less, I hardly go out, I’m high risk so I can only go out to drs appointments etc. Putting eye makeup on for that is waisted, and my eyelids are drooping lower over my mobile lid so it’s getting to be harder to wear eyeshadow everyday lol! My expensive beautiful mascaras are drying up. I can’t go to the store to sample anything. I don’t hate staying home because I’m basically an optimist and I refuse to be beaten down and I can always find ways to keep busy and I like to spread joy to people. But seriously when this thing is over I’m going to have one helva party!

Lori Avatar

I think makeup brought me more joy since I took some time to refine my application skills again. I was also able to get my rosacea under control with great skincare which made my foundation search easier. We came out of lockdown earlier in the summer in NW Fla so hiding behind a mask is only an issue in city limits. I missed my lip products and felt naked without.

Bren Avatar

Hi Christine and Everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying a Wonderful Christmas season! This year has been a joy – as I discovered Sydney Grace with their Enduring Love palette then again with multiple purchases @ the SG Christmas in July Sale. Christine has provided amazing information on SG and I decided to take on a challenge to make it the only brand I purchase in 2021 (focusing less on myself and more on charity). Wow! That’s quite the challenge and I feel so good about it! I made that decision BEFORE seeing that Christine has a SG collab coming in Spring! So her announcement made 2020 even better! I love anticipation! Have a great month!! 🙂

Mariella Avatar

My answer would be both more and less. I’ve purchased less because of the limitations imposed by the Pandemic on swatching, sampling, receiving samples to try at home so trying to buy a concealer was a real challenge, for example. But of those things I have purchased, I’m enjoying them more largely because I am buying less. I’m focusing on and using my new purchases and loving them more intensely (if that doesn’t sound silly) than in pre-Covid times because I’m not being distracted in 2 days or a week by something new and gorgeous that I feel I “must” have. I guess an analogy would be that it’s like being served one delicious dish rather than being at a smorgasbord of 50 delicious things to eat and wanting to try them all.

Nicole Avatar

I had a baby in fall of 2019, and since then makeup has become something I only sometimes have time for. I still enjoy getting ready and creating a look that compliments my outfit, and can feel disheveled if I haven’t had any time for myself, especially on the few occasions where I am going out, like a small family gathering. I’d say this year makeup has probably brought less joy, but I keep thinking it will! I still use it as an escape and make purchases despite my lowered makeup use. Using and having makeup has really become an indulgence for me.

Kitty Avatar

I’d say overall, less joy. Really dislike wearing masks, although this has made me be more bold who-cares with my eye makeup. I didn’t buy any new colors. Like others who’ve already replied, I’m also worried that my makeup (especially lipsticks) are going bad.

Sephora and Ulta are a real slog to walk through; they’ve gone overboard in not allowing for people to even touch, let alone swatch, any makeup colors. As ludicrous as clothing stores not allowing people to try on clothes. Sorry to those who disagree and distrust every single surface, but I can’t buy much (if anything at all) without more access. The Sephora in my local JCP won’t even let you touch sealed boxes to see if whatever you’re interested is in stock or what the ingredient lists say. This overkill is too much for me.

Amalia Avatar

I tried to boost happiness include makeup, self-care and more … but global covid-19 pandemic, left me with anxiety related to illness, economy. I was worried about getting sick or scared of my dear friends and relatives who got sick with coronavirus if there were serious complications from it. So makeup was the last thought on my mind. I hope everyone is safe, happy holidays!

Suerte Avatar

I binged on makeup and skin care purchases when we all thought the world was ending in March 2020. The sales were incredible and slightly alarming. Neiman Marcus went into Chapter 11, my local Nordstrom closed permanently. No matter what the authorities forced mask edicts say, I’m going to wear under eye concealer and mascara, dammit! The stores are making up rules about testers and they won’t allow you to spritz a perfume because it can spread COVID. WTF? The main component is alcohol! Last I checked this was the best disinfectant and in short supply. The non scientific and panicked regulations make me depressed. So a shimmery eyeshadow and La Mer cleansers and toners put me in a good mood. We have to carry on, we have to reclaim beauty, socializing, and celebrating life. It’s a short trip. Make it a good one. Don’t die a prisoner of fear and panic!

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