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I know its washing day with my two Labbies decide to sneeze on my makeup brushes. Darn them for being tall enough to smell things on my desk lol!

Does chewing the heel of a brand new pair of shoes count? My kitten is very bite-y. I had to buy her a dog chew toy.

No, but I’ve had cats who’ve made things “disappear” for extended periods of time. I learned after a while to make sure things were put in their proper places ASAP.

My daughter, when she was about 2, got into my makeup, and gouged chunks out of a couple of items. Fortunately, they weren’t things I cared much about, LOL.

My husband’s cat, Yoda, enjoys sitting on my vanity and pushing cosmetics off of it, one at a time, to watch them fall. He shattered a NARS blush and several MAC eyeshadows, but worst was the Wicked Essie polish. Cleaning that burgundy off the travertine tile was a nightmare. :p

(fwiw, Yoda says, “spurious!” Yoda has a lot of opinions.)

My dog loves to chew/eat my Nivea lip balms. I have to keep them well away from her. She never chews any other things (lipsticks, shoes, etc), which is weird to me. My kids are always getting into/ruining my makeup though.

Not yet, although I’m sure my rabbit Archibald would love to chew some eyeliners and makeup brushes if I leave them within his reach. He’s a naughty little fella

My rat made off with an eyeshadow sample bag once and chewed a hole in it. She was an interesting shade of green for a while.

Great question! My cat knocked my Mary Lou Manizer over several times until it was a shattered mess – still going to fix it with rubbing alcohol though! I may have gotten upset, but I have to admit I love my kitten more than my makeup any day – and I love makeup! πŸ™‚

Nope (but I’m going to knock on wood)! Tango (my cat who is 2 weeks away from his 7th birthday) has tried to run away with a MAC 217 in his mouth, but that’s about the only time any of my cats has laid their paws on my makeup!

Not a pet, but my little brother once emptied bottles of fluid foundation and nail polish all over a friend’s doll when he was about 4 or 5 years old, oops…. But I replaced the girls doll so not much harm done.

YES! when my sister’s husky was a puppy he started to chew on my MAC playboy bunny pink lipstick. I loved that shade and of course it’s so hard to find.. luckily i also love dogs very much <3

No, ’cause I usually keep the bathroom door closed, but I have three cats – you can see one in my photo! – and they usually like:
1 – to rip up my clothes
2 – to rip up my shoes
3 – to store a lot of rubber bands under the sofa πŸ™
I cannot imagine what would happen to my cosmetcis and make up if the door would be opended!

My two cats have never been directly responsible for destroying any of my beauty products, however, they are fond of sniffing around my vanity and knocking over things pretty frequently. I did catch one of them kicking around a lip gloss though, undoubtedly after knocking it off my vanity!

My dogs are very attracted to makeup, but I don’t let them get close enough to my products because I am paranoid they will ruin something. Or eat it and get sick.

My cats regularly attack my makeup brushes, and pencils. Atleast one pencil has disappeared thanks to their unrelenting efforts.

Knock on wood, my kitties haven’t shown any interest in any of my makeup, even the brushes. I have a friend whose cats like to eat hers, though!

My cats have gotten a hold of some expensive/favourite lip balms a few times! My Dr Lipp currently has tape all over it because one of them filled it with puncture holes! Also a few years ago my old roommates’ dog had a bad habit of getting into the bathroom and always seemed to love chewing up my cleansers and body washes! Had to replace quite a few Lush things D:

My kitten groomed a couple of eye brushes, but didn’t do any lasting harm… when it comes to property damage, he prefers to eat headphones!

I pick cat hair off my high end lipsticks. Cat hair invades everything! But they know better that those are Mommys toys.. πŸ˜‰ but @phyrra.. Ate a lip tar?! O.o

My cat loves my brushes and small bottles of nail polish, they are perfect toys for him. Not so perfect for me.

Fred the cat knocked over&shattered a new btl of Essie Dive Bar,gorgeous
color, all over the tile floor,staining the grout.
Non beauty related: He also chewed holes through a new
pair of metallic Zara sandals, chewed through Ipod headphone
cords, cell phone charged cords, and laptop charged cords.
Never seen a cat chew that much…he wont chew his toys though.

My cat hasn’t actually destroyed anything but she was stealing anything small I left out on my vanity and hiding it. I finally found her stash under the bed in the guest room. Small pots of cream eyeshadow, lip gloss, makeup brushes, etc. To this day, I don’t know how she managed to carry round glass jars in her mouth. Needless to say, my vanity has nothing on it but a makeup mirror and bottles of perfume. Luckily, I have a huge vanity in my bathroom with drawers and cabinets and I have to put everything away every time I use it. I can’t even leave my makeup brushes out.

My cat Zak will steal and chew makeup brushes if I forget to put them away. I have learned my lesson, especially when my favorite Chanel foundation brush was destroyed!

My pup’s biggest problem isn’t messing with my products. It’s licking foundation and lip gloss off my face!

Our puppy (who is only six months) loves to chew on my lip products! He’s killed a couple lipsticks, jabbed holes in my lipgloss tubes, and loves to run around and leave chewing marks on quite a few of my makeup products! Oh, and he LOVES chewing on brushes!

Yes. My dog is a chewer so she has destroyed some lipsticks and chapsticks. But they’re always my mom’s, not mine. Because all of my things are put away and my mother tends to leave them all over the place LOL. I can’t imagine if my dog got near my makeup. It’d probably be a blood bath…

When we got our cat I was afraid she would destroy my makeup brushes because she loves to maul anything furry or feathery. Luckily she has never touched them! One time I was photographing a Laura Mercier palette for my blog on a window sill and she jumped up on it, leaving a paw print in one of the shadows. Good thing you can just wipe off the surface!

I have a large box and a smaller one where I store my nail polishes. Everytime I remove the small box ( to pick up the np I need for my pedi ), she sits on the large box ! Because she loves boxes, but she never destroyed anything πŸ™‚

OMG. My dog somehow got hold of my occ lip tar once and ate it. When I got home, his poop is bright pink! Luckily there is no harm if not I’ll blame myself for life!

My cats have destroyed some stuff, yeah. Tonks knocked some eyeshadow palettes off the counter and Take Wing, Jest, Embark, and Romp eye shadows all bit the dust. The Bug mostly keeps getting hold of my brushes and putting them so far under the couch that I have to actually lift the darn thing to get them back.

Where do I start?
My pug Misha hunts makeup. He destroyed so many eye pencils, it hurts to think about it! His personal choice is Chanel Waterproof Stylo (limited editions, please)…
He didn’t miss a single one of my nail polishes caps – he is very sneaky and it takes him nano-second to break it.

My pup ate a brand new just got in the mail sigma brush, I think it was an F25… The larger tulip shaped one. I was so mad when I saw the package torn up on the floor but when I saw her and how happy she was I was still mad but at least she had a few minutes of the most fun she could have.

I found my uncle’s dog chewing on a MAC lipstick he snatched out of my purse once, lol. That bullet can take a lot of abuse! It’s now full of tiny teeth impressions, but thankfully the cap didn’t come off…phew! Every time I use it, I see the marks and think of him fondly (he’s passed now).

My dog, Tucker stole and chewed up several cheap lip balms when he was a puppy. I’ve since learned to always keep things out of his reach- which isn’t hard seeing as he’s a yorkie πŸ˜› haha

I have eight cats and a dog. One of the cats lives exclusively in our bedroom suite so the other animals aren’t allowed in. That cat, Poppy, isn’t allowed into the dressing room without us (she sometimes pees on things). When I’m sitting in there at my dressing table she sometimes gets up and watches me do my makeup so I do hers too (brush her with a clean face brush LOL). She likes to steal things like hair elastics, cotton buds and nail files and play with them but that’s cute because she’s eight years old so I like to see her all kittenish. In our house we have to always put stuff away because of cats peeing on it. Our youngest cats, brothers we call the Gangsters, are soooo naughty. You can’t leave anything smallish on a table or the kitchen bench top because they are insanely curious and have to throw everything on the floor so they can play with it then lose it under some furniture. I used to have a metal tray under my side table where I sit, with a nail file, lip balm, iPhone earphones etc but they discovered it, dragged it out from its shelf, scattered the contents and killed the earphones. Also I bought a pair of black fabric gloves with fake fur around the wrists. I left them on the shelf outside the bedroom rather than take them in. Big mistake – they were thoroughly mauled and left for dead.

Yes! my dog Zoi got my OCC lip tar. the darkest red, I can’t remember the name of it. it was.actually so funny to see her with her face and paws all covered! I got mad later on because I wanted to use it but it was all gone. Lol!

Bernice my just over one year old giant ‘puppy’ seems to like all my nail treatment products by Trind. She eats the cap off of them. It’s the weirdest thing. Other than that, I pretty much keep all my beauty products under wraps and stacked in bins so the dogs cannot get at them… with 4, they become a pack and, I swear, egg each other on.

My cat Zero knocked over my Urban Decay Naked foundation (on purpose!) and it smashed everywhere. I took it to Sephora and explained what happened and they replaced it =)

So many! We have Australia Shepherds and this breed is awful about tearing shit up if they get bored or anxious. I learned the hard way not to leave my purse close to the edge of the counter and to keep my stuff shut away! I’ve lost makeup brushes, lipglosses and once a Z-palette full of depotted shadows.

Those dogs are cute, but sometimes I fantasize about taking them out to the country and letting them go. I’d never do it, but boy do they try my patience.

Ever since a cat decided to vomit in my bed when I was, like, thirteen? I don’t allow pets in my room. And that’s where my makeup lives.

However, I do have a cat that is way obsessed with rings and strings and dropping them in water, so lost hair ties would wind their way into a water bowl…or the toilet.

The only real damage any of my furbabies made were to lipbalms! My min pin Coco loved to get her paws on them. She probably thought they were yummy smelling chew toys lol.

My dog likes to lick off my deoderant from my underarms. It’s the crystal kind. He thinks mommy has some substance on her that shouldn’t be there! (Yes, it should)

When Bonnie was a kitten, she knocked a large make up bag off the top of the wardrobe … and my favourite nail polish, which was inside, shattered πŸ™

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