Hamadi Beauty – Introduction and Review of Healing Serum, Hair Mask, and Hair Cream

Hamadi Beauty is a haircare line that promotes a healthy and modern view on the approach to hair products by never compromising quality by using artificial ingredients. Jamal Hammadi is the founder and creator of Hamadi Beauty, and he was born and raised in California. He says that his creative vision and passion is the result of, “growing up in a creative household and was greatly influenced by his mother’s Parisian style, and also by his father, a gifted chef who worked with the Hollywood elite.” He has a solid reputation for creating amazingly glamorous hairstyles, and he has had his work featured on covers like Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Jane, and InStyle. He’s worked with stars such as Drew Barrymore, Linda Evangelista, Sharon Stone, Naomi Watts, just to name a few. Hamadi Beauty is Jamal’s answer to the absence of organic hair products. All products are “tested on actresses, never animals.”

Now, onto some product reviews!

Healing Serum: Every so often, your hair might be fried, overblown, or just plain tired from day to day wear and tear or from the various torture we put our tresses through in the name of style. This is a product that is meant to repair all the damage you’ve caused your mane, and it really does return it to its natural balance of rich, luxurious locks with a good amount of moisture locked into each strand. This is a product that I personally only need to use on occasion, but it is a great way to healthy-up hair and it doesn’t take long at all. I designed the Healing Serum as a ready-to-wear treatment, one that women can spray in their hair at any time and just go,  says Jamal.  Now damage can be treated any time, all day long, and women don’t have to wait to find the time to do a deep treatment mask.

Shea Hair Mask: This is another product meant to help and repair tortured, unhealthy hair, and for those who need it more often, use it daily, and others can use it as little as once a week.  It even helps those with colored hair by enhancing it. I love that it includes sunscreen to help protect your hair from the sun (we so often overlook sun damage to our hair!). It’s ultra moisturizing, and a little goes a long way, which is always good to know in advance!

Shea Hair Cream: This is a great styling product for adding texture while keeping hair smooth and healthy looking. It can be used on dry or wet hair, and it can be left to dry naturally or blown dry, depending on the style you’re after. Shea butter has naturally occurring sunscreen in it, and as I mentioned earlier–great added bonus.

The unique Hamadi Beauty line contains:

  • Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash Daily Shampoo For All Hair Types – Contains essential oils of ginger, sweet orange, and rosewood. This gentle shampoo can be used everyday to invigorate and purify the hair. Soymilk seals in moisture and proteins. 4oz. $18, 8oz $27
  • Honey Soymilk Hair Wash Daily Shampoo For Fine Hair – Contains essential oils of ylang ylang and guaiac tree. This gentle shampoo can be used everyday. Honey adds volume, texture and body, while Soymilk hydrates the hair without weighing it down. 4oz. $18, 8oz $27
  • Lemon Mint Hair Wash Shampoo/Color Protector For Blonde Hair – Contains essential oils of peppermint, green mint, white cedar and lemongrass. It removes product and environmental build-up, protects against chlorine discoloration, and seals in existing color. The fresh-smelling wash leaves hair and scalp feeling buoyant, refreshed and pampered. 4oz. $18, 8oz $27
  • Shea Leave In Daily Conditioner/Styling Cream – Contains essential oils of lemongrass, verbena, ylang ylang, and lavender. When used as a light conditioner, it moisturizes and adds shine to the hair without being too heavy, leaving the hair pliable and textured. When used as a versatile styling cream, it creates soft, natural looks, and enhances curl. This light cream can also be used to straighten and add shine, leaving no traces of starchiness or stickiness. A naturally occurring sunscreen in the shea butter protects hair and scalp from harmful rays. 4oz. $22, 8oz $37
  • Shea Hair Cream All Around Styling Solution – Contains essential oils of lemongrass, exotic verbena, lemon, and palmarosa. This styling cream texturizes, separates and smoothes. It can be used as a straightener or to enhance naturally curly or wavy hair. It contains rice protein to enrich and strengthen. A naturally occurring sunscreen in shea butter protects hair and scalp from harmful rays
  • 4oz. $23, 8oz $38
  • Shea Hair Mask Moisturizing Treatment – Contains essential oils of vanilla and ylang ylang. This is the perfect weekly indulgence or daily essential for hair in need of repair, replenishment and color maintenance. Avocado oil silkens and aloe vera hydrates from roots to ends. It leaves the hair feeling sensuous and touchable. A naturally occurring sunscreen in shea butter protects hair and scalp from harmful rays 4oz. $24, 8oz $39
  • Shea Pomade Classic Grooming Aid For Short Hair – Contains essential oils of bergamot and ylang ylang. For a no-nonsense style, use this pomade to create slick, spikey, and tousled looks. A naturally occurring moisturizing sunscreen in shea butter protects hair and scalp from harmful rays.  4oz. $24, 8oz $39

Available at Fred Segal stores and www.hamadibeauty.com.