Halloween Looks: Mad Hatter, Paula, Paula, Soo

Temptalia Halloween Looks

Halloween Looks:  Mad Hatter, Paula, Paula, Soo

Monika’s husband gets dressed up as the Mad Hatter, Paula as a FIERCE! rainbow, Paula goes goth, and Soo goes as a goddess of the night.

Check out their looks!

Temptalia Halloween Looks
Monika’s husband’s Halloween look

MONIKA is a beauty blogger with a bit of a “creative flair” as she likes to say. She has a passion for both neutral and dramatic makeup, as well as natural and organic skincare. You can check out her blog here.

INSPIRATION: This look was inspired by Mad Hatter character in the recent Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie with some slight changes to accommodate for my husband’s beard and dark hair (we thought of buying a red wig initially, but couldn’t find a good enough one). I wanted the eye make-up to look like splashes of colorful paint on the upper lid and still to blend in with the purple shadow underneath the eye. I’ve also contoured the cheeks and jaw with a plummy blusher mixed in with a bit of a taupe shade. I thought my husband’s bushy eyebrows and strong facial features went really well with the look.

  • BREAKDOWN: Coastal Scents 56 Blush & Eyeshadow Palette, Inglot #58 Gel Lipstick.

Temptalia Halloween Looks
Paula’s Halloween look

PAULA is 24 years old and lives in Florida. She loves color and creativity, and she finds makeup allows her to enjoy both freely. She’s self-taught and tries to pick up as many techniques as she can along the way!

INSPIRATION: I had no intentions of going out for Halloween. However, Saturday afternoon, my coworker invited me out for the evening, so I literally had two hours to figure something out and get it together! On the way to the beauty supply store, I said to myself that if I found lashes and a wig, I’d be set! There, I found a bunch of colorful Red Cherry Lashes and a lilac Afro wig. I also picked up some colorful, 99-cent jewelry. Remembering this awesome dashiki I had bought a couple of months before, I decided to put it all together and be a rainbow; well, not just any rainbow, but a FIERCE rainbow!

  • EYES: Sugarpill Tako, Buttercupcake, Dollipop, Afterparty Eyeshadows, MAC Shock-a-holic Eyeshadow, L’Oreal Carbon Black Felt Tip Eyeliner, Rimmel London Pure White Eye Pencil, Milani Everlast Infinite Liquid Liner, Red Cherry Lashes C201 and C202.
  • LIPS: MAC Purple Rite Lipstick, MAC Impassioned Lipstick.
  • FACE: Milani Golden Baked Bronzer, MAC Frankly Scarlet Blush, MAC Shock-a-holic Eyeshadow.

Temptalia Halloween Looks
Paula’s Halloween look

PAULA is a freshman at UBC Okanagan. She loves makeup and nail art. She usually wears a neutral look, so she thought this would be fun! You can find her YouTube.

INSPIRATION: A gothic look incorporating black clothing, pale skin, sunken cheeks, intense black-based eye look, and blackish red lip.

  • EYES: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Bobbi Brown Black Gel Eyeliner, Kat Von D Lucifer Eyeshadow, NYX Red Bean Pie Eyeshadow, Maybelline Natural Smokes Eyeshadow Quad, Maybelline Black Line Stiletto Eyeliner, Revlon Really Red Lipstick.

Temptalia Halloween Looks
Soo’s Halloween look

SOO is new to the world of makeup, so she wanted to try out a bold look. You can check out her blog!

INSPIRATION: I wanted a dramatic look for the club this past weekend, so I tried to do that. The NYX contest was about being a ‘goddess of the night’ and I thought of purple being a ‘royal’ sort of color and went with that.

  • EYES: Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil, Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister Eyeshadow, Urban Decay Rockstar Eyeshadow, Lime Crime Siren Eyeshadow, NYX Ocean Breeze Glitter Cream, NYX Oyster Jumbo Eye Pencil, NYX Burgundy Lip Pnecil, NYX Chandelier Lip Gloss, Urban Decay Wicked Cream Highlight, NYX #126 Lashes, Lioele Up & Down Mascara.