Guest Post: Springtime in England

By Polly of Beauty Mish Mash

Polly is a 22-year old recent graduate who hails from England. She studied East Asian studies, so she learned some Japanese and even spent six weeks in Japan last summer–she loved it and hopes to return one day.

She currently lives with her family and waitresses while trying to decide on her future career. Polly is fortunate to have a wonderful boyfriend who spends countless hours with her at Boots and makeup counters–even if it is done so begrudgingly! Check out her blog, Beauty Mish Mash!

Springtime in England

Now that it is well and truly spring in the world of beauty, I thought I would try and track down some pretty pastels suitable for the occasion. I always find it hard to ditch my red lips and glitter, as holiday make up is my favourite type! I tried some new products to create a really soft, pastel look, and have reviewed the English products that I used below.


Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadows (£1.79 each) are from one of Boots’ budget make up ranges. In my look below I used Candy Floss, Lilac Shimmer, Aqua Shimmer and Secret Lagoon. I chose these eyeshadows with the aim of creating a really pretty look with pastel colours, so whilst I wanted pigment, I didn’t want them to be overpowering. Unfortunately, I found it hard to get any color payoff from these, and I had to pack it on to get anything to show up! Even after this, I might as well not have bothered using Candy Floss, since it is such a poorly pigmented eyeshadow that I couldn’t see it no matter how much I applied! Aqua Shimmer and Secret Lagoon were better in terms of pigmentation, but I still had to work hard to get the color pay off I needed. My pastel look was still wearable, but due to these eyeshadows being so difficult my eyes didn’t turn out as I intended! I understand that I cant have the same expectations for budget and high end eyeshadows, but if I can’t even see the color I’m trying to apply then it’s a real issue for me.


Dainty Doll Blusher in Hippy Shakes (£13.50 for 46g) is a product that I was extremely excited to try! Dainty Doll, a brand created by Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts, is designed for those with pale skin that isn’t catered for by most brands. This is a problem that I am extremely familiar with, but I haven’t actually tried any products until now. This pastel lilac blusher is unsurprisingly very subtle, but in all honesty I found it a bit too subtle – it hardly shows up on me, and if I try to build it up it ends up looking too white and it just sits on my skin. I think this is the first product I have ever tried that I feel is too light for me! I wonder just how many people it would actually suit, since I’m on the very pale end of the spectrum. It was a bit of a miss for me, but I must say that when I was shopping for it I also swatched the bronzer, which looks like it could be absolutely gorgeous, so I’ll have to try that at a later date!


Barry M Lip Paint in Palest Lavender (£4.49) is a pale, lavender color lip stick with a hint of pink. It has plenty of slip so glides on easily, and wears well for about 4 hours. You can see from the pictures below that it looks very patchy on my lips. It didn’t look that terrible in real life so I was quite shocked when I saw the pictures! It did cling to dry patches, and my lips are exceptionally dry at the moment (thank you, English weather!), so I think that is what caused the problem. I really like the color, as it is different to anything else that I own, but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that suffers from particularly bad dry lips. I’ll definitely be trying this again once my lips recover!

Overall, it seems that all of the products I tried for this look were a bit of a miss! I’m so disappointed as I’d have loved to be able to recommend something to you! Are there any pastels that you love which I could have tried instead?

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Products clockwise from top left: Dainty Doll Blusher in Hippy Shakes, Barry M Lip Paint in Palest Lavender,
Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Secret Lagoon, Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Candy Floss,
Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Lilac Shimmer, Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Aqua Shimmer

Swatches L to R: Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Candy Floss,
Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Lilac Shimmer, Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Aqua Shimmer,
Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Secret Lagoon, Dainty Doll Blusher in Hippy Shake,
Barry M Lip Paint in Palest Lavender