Guest Look — Sarah Shares a Bright, Bold Look (on a model)

Products: Corn shadestick, Bitter eyeshadow, Electric EEL eyeshadow, Chrome Yellow eyeshadow, crystal avalanche eyeshadow, samoas silk eyeshadow, engraved eye-liner, # 36 Lashes and duo glue, ZoomBlack mascara, and auto-de-blu technakohl liner.

Brushes: 242 brush, 217 brush, 224 brush, and 231 brush.

Sarah walks us through the steps she used on her model…

Step 1: taking Corn shadestick apply all over eyelid and a little above eyelid by using a windshield wiping motion with your hand.

Step 2: taking your 242 brush, pick up Bitter eyeshadow and apply to inner corners of eyelids stroking outward towards the middle of the eyelid.

Step 3: taking a clean 242 brush (or use other side of brush) pick up Chrome Yellow eyeshadow and apply to middle of the eyelids. Note: pack on the shadow until desired color is achieved.

Step 4: taking your 224 brush, gently blend the yellow and green slightly together so it doesn’t look like the colors have a line between them.

Step 5: taking your clean 242 brush, pick up Electric Eel eyeshadow and pat onto the outer corners of the eyelids. Again colors may need to be retouched for desired brightness.

Step 6: taking your 231 brush, dust Crystal Avalanche under your eyebrow for a brow highlight.

Step 7: taking your 217 brush, gently blend Samoas Silk into the crease, blending the 2 colors into the middle of the crease.

Step 8: mascara your lashes really good. apply duo glue to the # 36 lashes and apply them.

Step 9: apply Graphblack liner to the bottom waterline (inner membrane) of the eyelids.

Step 10: apply Auto-de-blu liner underneath bottom lash line and blend out with fingers.

See two more photos…