Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection Launches April 10th

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

The Details

Guerlain has invented its first customize lipstick with a double mirror: Rouge G de Guerlain. Choose your shade and case to create your own lipstick. Choose your shade from a wide range of shades, from the most nude to the most extravagant, to meet your every wish. Choose your case from a multitude of styles, from the most timeless to the trendiest, along with limited editions, to collect endlessly!

For this exceptional lipstick, Guerlain has sealed intense colour and luscious lip care into a jewel formula. Enriched with plant-based polymers and silver microcrystals with a reflective power, this exceptional formula beautifully enhances lips, cloaking them in intense and luminous long-lasting colour. Jojoba and mango butter help to nourish lips, offering them instant and lasting comfort. Hyaluronic acid and gugul resin help to smooth and plump up lips.

4/10 on Sephora, 5/1 everywhere else

My Rouge G Lipstick Refill, $32.00 (Permanent)

  • No. 214 Ultimate red
  • No. 520 Pink revealed on contact
  • No. 777 Pure gold, top coat
  • No. 02 Rosewood
  • No. 41 Coral
  • No. 74 Deep violet
  • No. 72 Shocking pink
  • No. 70 Bright rose
  • No. 73 Truly vibrant pink
  • No. 555 Oxblood
  • No. 111 Green
  • No. 03 Light rosewood
  • No. 06 Warm rosewood
  • No. 21 Cherry red
  • No. 22 Bright red
  • No. 23 Dark cherry
  • No. 25 Flaming red
  • No. 28 Coral red
  • No. 42 Flaming orange
  • No. 43 Orange coral
  • No. 45 Orange red
  • No. 62 Antique pink
  • No. 65 Pearly rosewood
  • No. 67 Deep pink
  • No. 71 Intense pink
  • No. 77 Light pink
  • No. 78 Plum
  • No. 888 Rosy, top coat
  • No. 333 Blue, top coat
  • No. 999 White light, top coat

Rouge G Case, $15.00 (Permanent)

  • The Original Original case
  • Romantic Boheme Rose gold-tinted shell
  • Parure Gold Yellow gold tone
  • K-Doll Perfect powder pink
  • Neon-ista Fuchsia
  • Very Batik Kawaii but chic
  • G*psy Folk Floral
  • French Mademoiselle Dotted Swiss design
  • Minimal Chic White marbelized effect
  • Neo-Gothic Black marbelized effect
  • Preppy Chic Ivory “leather” effect
  • Miami Glam Pink “leather” effect
  • Perfect Black Black “leather” effect
  • Wild Jungle Red “crocodile” effect
  • Exotic Safari Black “python” effect

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection
Guerlain My Rouge G Lipstick Collection

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So many questions! So much happiness. I do hope the new cases will be a little lighter though because they always got heavy in my bag before. And hopefully the formula is the same! Looking forward to seeing how similar the new colors are to the ones they had. One of those Rosewoods looks like it might be close to Gracia that was. I wouldn’t mind a slightly paler version of that one. We’ll see!

Smart idea on their part! I love the permanent case that one can use for several shades, provided one always keeps those not in use covered.
However, is anyone else feeling a bit confused or dismayed over Guerlain going over to a numerical system instead of sticking with their familier names?

Actually, considering some of the off-coloured names that are being used lately, I have to say I’m more in favour of numbers.?

Well, to be fair, they always did use the numbers along with the names, so I guess they’re just going to stick with the numbers. I suspect they were running out of ‘G’ and “B” names LOL.

OMG, this packaging!!!!!! And so many gorgeous shades!!! Will these be available in-store so I can see them in person? Love, love, love!!!

(At first glance it looked like two rows of little switchblade knives…Lol!)

You’re not the only one. I had a Rouge G in my carry-on once, and airport security stopped me and did a thorough search of my bag because they thought it looked like a knife!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this!!
2nd thought, they’ve been listening all along.
3rd thought, will these new refills fit in the old cases we already have??
Can you tell I’m excited and can’t wait to read some reviews on the formula?!

On the French website Guerlain says that the refills don’t fit the old cases, they’re made for the new ones.

I’ve never tried a Rouge G but am interested in several of these, so maybe this will be the time . #520/the general lighter pink one, #62 antique pink (though it looks so much darker on the lips in this photo than the swatch), # 03 light rosewood have caught my eye. It’s pricey but perhaps quality is there and there are neat cases; it still is less expensive than Tom Ford lipsticks.

I was confused by #62, too. I love the shade in the swatch, but the way it looks in the photo of the lips is completely different.

These are already here in Canada in select stores and online. I have these and can say that they are the same formula, the scent is the same, and the swatches/lip photos make them appear much darker than they are in real life. There are many of the old colours that have been carried over into the new lineup – so, for example, N. 71 Girly from the old Rouge G line, is the same colour in the new Rouge G.

Regarding the cases – they are the same weight/feel as the originals. (at least the solid metal ones that I tried. I can’t speak for the lacquered ones. If there is a difference, I can’t feel it. I have tested it, and the new lipsticks will fit in the old cases, however, the magnet is gone from the lipsticks, so if you picked it up from the top, it will fall out, but it still fits securely enough for me. Since they did away with the magnet in the lipstick, they created more of a friction fit in the new cases, so it won’t slip off. The old lipsticks also fit in the new cases too.

For anyone curious about purchasing only a refill, they come with a secure, half cap to keep the product from drying out. It doesn’t look the nicest, but you can easily leave it on in your drawer if you only wanted to purchase one case and several refills, and then just rotate your lipsticks.

It would be really good to know which of the new cases is the lightest. A lot of us don’t care for the weightiness and would prefer pretty but light(er).

I guess I have to create a new savings account just for Rouge G’s now… I collect their LE cases so I must have all of these. Luckily since it appears this is a permanent line, I can take my time and maybe grab one or two a month. ??

I just hope the formula hasn’t changed much, if at all. I’m crossing my fingers that there is a less bulky case. While I love that there are different options now that won’t attract fingerprints, the packaging still looks bulky. I wonder how usage is affected if I just buy the refill and not a case. And I love the idea of green and blue guerlain rouge G ‘s.

Oh wow they didn’t take too long to arrive here then! And they’ll be at Sephora in time for the Rouge spring sale, yay!

If anyone figures out there is a dupe for Gems in this new group, please let us know, a lot of fans here for that color, thanks to Christine.

These are actually available on the Canadian Sephora site already, but they haven’t shown up in stores. I see that the blue shade is being described as a top coat rather than a true lipstick… sad face.

It’s too bad that the new lipsticks don’t fit the old cases/ caps, but I like the idea that you can mix and match the new ones. I’m trying to figure out which shades are held over from the previous line and which are new.

Thanks! I understand that it lasts at least a half, workday wear. That’s not bad especially if it has the texture you’ve described for me. That would be worth it. So I may be acquiring my first Rouge G. 😉

Oops, sorry this was to reply to Nicole D’s reply to my question. Error with a slow web page charge and I clicked the wrong reply.

However I did have a comment for you, in case you didn’t see above, Maxima mentioned that the tested the old cases and they work with the new one.

Finally, a lipstick release that makes my heart flutter with joy and excitement. Release is before the Rouge Sale, so these just went to the top of the list. ?

Interesting I’ve wanted to try their lipsticks. Is it just me or do they look like little corn cobbs?

So, so, so glad to see refillable cases rather than “toss it away”. I hope they’ll do something similar with the Meteorites balls.

Oh I’m so excited!! I was in Paris last month and they had these at Sephora Champs Elysees and they are GORGEOUS!! I haven’t bought any Rouge G’s so I picked one up there (just the plain silver case) and had it engraved. I’m gonna have to check my lipstick box and see if it’s the new ones as well!

I bought the shade #62 (Antique Pink) last week, with the case in Romantic Boheme (rose gold). I ordered it on Sephora CA site. The colour applied on my lips is nothing like the picture above (it’s more like the swatch next to the picture). For me, it’s perfect for spring and summer. I don’t have the previous Rouge G lipstick, therefore I cannot compare the two in terms of formula. But this particular shade #62 it’s moisturizing on my lips and it is saturated after one application. I am fair to light, have dry skin and lips and my lips are not pigmented. Usually, I apply a balm on my lips prior to applying a lipstick. However, if my lips are exfoliated, I don’t need a balm with this particular shade. Personally, I gravitate towards this type of shade (pink with a hint of coral). The case is heavy and kind of bulky but this does not bother me too much.

Yes, it does on me. I put this morning around 7 am and it lasted through my four-hour class and until I got home (around 1 pm). I had water, a big cappuccino and talked a lot . What I love about the lipstick in this particular shade is that when I apply it, it’s moisturizing (you feel like having a balm mixed with lipstick). However, after an hour, the moisture gets absorbed into the lips and the lipstick dries down to a beautiful finish that lasts. I never felt my lips dry with it. I haven’t test it for eight hours as all my classes are in the morning and when I get home I take it off. It’s a beautiful colour and unfortunately the picture showing it applied on the lips is misleading (the swatch though is closer to reality). I think I’m not allowed to put a link to another blog (showing arm swatches), but if you google “new guerlain rouge g” you will see under “Images” the swatches I’m taking about.

So far with my testing, it doesn’t last too long if I eat or drink. With light eating/drinking activity it last about four hours. But then it’s quite a moist lipstick, so I wouldn’t expect longer. I’ll have to try it with lip base.

For now, I’m just enjoying the case and mirror! So disappointed though in the blue, that I would have really liked to look like the lip color in the lip picture above. I’ve found that most of the colors are pinker and lighter that both swatches above.

It seems consistent with the four-hour mark of #62 I have, although in my case I tested it only while drinking a grande cappuccino or espresso . As you said, it is a moist lipstick and because of that, the longevity and the transfer are an issue (personally, I don’t like having my lipstick on the cups and mugs). But I love this shade very much, therefore I make a compromise 🙂 . On me, because I have dry lips, the moisture from the lipstick gets absorbed into the lips after an hour or so. Also, blotting after applying the lipstick the first time, then apply it again, helps with longevity.

Good reminder on the blotting. Old technique that I often forget to do (since we’ve been spoiled with semi-matte and matte lipsticks). Thanks!

Oh I am so excited! Christine, you put me on to the brand and I went from 1 to five I believe. Garcia (favorite.)garconne, gaetanne, And two more names I can’t remember. I wonder will the refills they offer now fit in the old cases? The color swatches are great!

These have been out in the UK for over a week now. The lipstick is £24+ but you really need to buy the fancy case as the lipstick is just like a refill without it, not good for carrying in your handbag. The fancy case which is lighter than the original is £14+. Far too expensive in my opinion.

Okay, well I think we can agree their late to the dark, odd colors party (like L’Oreal Balmain & Fenty Mattemoiselle collections to name a few more recent and popular collections with these colors). However kudos for the lipstick cases, which bring glamour and class to carrying your makeup (and I think that’s where you’d have to go in order for me to be interested in lipstick, blushes or powders).

As for buying a lipstick, perhaps n° 777 gold & 999 “white light”, and only if it really gives that sort of topcoat of shimmer without mixing into the colors look.

In order for me to spend lots on a lipstick it have to be extra comfortable, be a nude (or color I’ll wear daily as to be able to finish the tube in a year or so) and not move. If that is possible with this formula, then I’ll try a colored one. Please let me know how they work. 😉

Refills for my all time favorite lipstick formula? It’s about time! I’m really looking forward to checking out the new shade selection. Except for the few non-traditional colors, it looks like a classic Guerlain color spectrum. Love Rouge G!

Those cases are seriously pretty! It’s really nice to see the blue, purple, and green in Guerlain. I hope for those that buy that they are really as good as they look in the pictures.

Well, it’s about time. It was just wasteful for them not to have it up to this point. I already have two shades, but I’ll probably pick up one of the cases since they look like they fit the originals.

Crap, I’m being suckered in by packaging! This is brilliant. I love those cases, and those are some lovely colors! The idea of being able to get exactly the color and packaging I want is almost too much for me to handle…

You are not alone on the packaging. I read a very negative review about the packaging on the French Sephora site, basically that Guerlain has betrayed the Rouge G tradition, etc. I can understand wanting to remain true to the old traditions of the brand; however there are so many young or new customers that I can understand it hard not to resist pulling them in with these pretty case. I hope they are solid.

I agree with you – Guerlain needs to keep attracting people, and with that price tag, they need to keep innovating. They kept the original colour of case as well, which is looks and feels exactly the same as the old cases. So, if people want the same, they can have it, or if they want to have options, well, they have that too. 🙂 The only difference is the lack of magnet in the lipstick, which made a satisfying ‘click’ when connected to the case. One woman told me it was created to match the sound of a Bentley car door closing (not sure how much truth in that, but it sounds nice LOL) but the new case is a friction fit, so no more ‘click’ 🙂

Hi Maxima,
I don’t know about the old click into place, but I felt it a bit odd that the mirror only stays closed when the lipstick piece blocks it. I assume that’s their way of assuring you purchase a lipstick for every case you own. I would have preferred that the lid closed on it’s own, even if by magnet. But, oh well, I’ll live. 😉

Haha, yes, that is very true! I would love that as well 🙂 Both the old and new cases are built the same – the only thing the magnet did was just pull the case and lipstick together and hold them there, with the same little emblem jutting out and holding the mirrored lid closed. Just like the new case, the lid would fly open unless there was a lipstick in place.

Oh well, room for improvement then (or not if everyone is happy with the lid flapping open). I may just write them (like I’m certain others have) mentioning about the lid.

Hi Christine, thanks for confirming that the Guerlain has indicated that formula is the same. (I hope it is, for your love of Rouge G lipsticks.)

How are the lipsticks sold? If I choose a lipstick and don’t want a special case, what do I receive?

You buy each piece separately, so you could buy 30 refills and no cases or 15 cases and no refills or any combination of that. Obviously, refills sold have to be sold in a way that they are protected while waiting to be sold, so they aren’t just left open to air!

Ah, I see, Christine. I’ve not heard them described as refills. I assumed there was a basic case the lipsticks came in that could be then upgraded. I see now (and further clarified in your next Guerlain post) that this is not the case.

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