Guerlain – KissKiss Lipstick, Stick Gloss, Extreme Lipstick – Swatches

Guerlain – KissKiss Lipstick, Stick Gloss, Extreme Lipstick – Swatches

Guerlain’s KissKiss Lipstick ($30.00 for 0.12 oz.) is an extremely creamy, opaque formula that goes on like a dream and lasts for hours. The lipsticks are never drying and make lips feel hydrated and soft. KissKiss Extreme Lipstick ($30.00 for 0.12 oz.) is similar, but touted to be able to prevent your lipstick from smudging or bleeding. Personally, I find the original lipstick formula to be better than the Extreme one; I don’t find the Extreme is really that bleed-free. However, Extreme has a less glossy finish and more of a semi-matte look to it.

KissKiss Stick Gloss ($30.00 for 0.11 oz.) is a sheer, gloss-in-solid-form lipstick. I’m not in love with these, as I find them fairly sheer and feel like I need to use more product for each application (therefore, I imagine I’d go through a tube much faster). These reminded me a bit of MAC’s Slimshines – fun and nice to use, but you just use them up way too fast. Stick Gloss is extremely moisturizing and has a very nice, ultra glossy look when applied to lips.

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See swatches

Cuivre Ardent 552, Rose Impudique 570, Fauve Seduisant 546

Fauve Seduisant 546, Rose Eternal 161, Envie de Beige 540

Beige Nude 550, Purple Strass 571, Sexy Tango 524

Sexy Tango 524, Beige Strass 545, Rose Strass 567

Peche Frivole 542, Pinky Boop 561, Sweet Beige 551

Sweet Beige 551, Rose Entetant 569, Reve d’Or 544

Exces de Rouge 523, Folie de Grenat 525, Pushy Pink 560

Pushy Pink 560, Bois d’Amour 554, Beige Sensuel 553

Fabulous Rouge 531, Insolence de Rouge 522, Terre d’Amour 543

Terre d’Amour 543, Cuivre Fusion 529, Red Rooster 520

Brulee d’Impatience 548, Brun de Plaisir 547, Very Gold 500

Orange Encore 121, Rose Ingenue 573, Peche Fougeuse 541

KissKiss Extreme: 141 A Jamais Brun, Rouge Infini 120, Beige Sans Fin 140

KissKiss Extreme: Beige Sans Fin 140, Orange Encore 121, Plus que Jamais Rose 160

KissKiss Stick Gloss: Berry Pink 963, Cherry Pink 961, Mango Fizz 942

KissKiss Stick Gloss: Mango Fizz 942, Brown Toffee 941, Grape Juice 962, Jelly Red 920

KissKiss Stick Gloss: Grape Juice 962, Jelly Red 920, Vanilla Beige 940, Candy Pink 960

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