Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Here’s a look at Guerlain’s holiday launch!

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Perles de Legende Meteorites, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

Météorites Perles de Légende is an exclusive version with 3 shades inspired by Indian pigments: pink to refresh, gold to illuminate, and a touch of blue to softly correct the complexion. Thanks to the Stardust technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, which reflects light to create a pure and endless glow on the skin. Specifically for this limited edition, Natalia Vodianova has imagined a new precious case for the Météorites Perles de Légende: a blue and gold design reflecting the colors of Indian jewel cases.

Shalimar Duo Eyeshadow, $46.00 (Limited Edition)

Inspired by gold and sapphire Indian jewels, this limited-edition eyeshadow duo from Guerlain offers 2 precious shades, with multiple metallic reflections. Applied together or separately, these ultra-pigmented and metallic gold and sapphire blue-mauve shades will dress your lids like a jewel for your eyes.

Terracotta Terra Indian Bronzing Powder, $55.00 (Limited Edition)

Terracotta Terra India, universal delicately iridescent limited-edition powder of the mythical Terracotta bronzing powder for Holiday. In a few brush strokes, the complexion is enhanced and illuminated, combining the sensuality of a natural tan with the radiance of a golden complexion. Specifically for this limited edition, Terracotta Terra India has an exclusive compact pattern inspired by Indian drawings and nestled inside a lacquered blue case.

Sparkling Gold L'Or Felt Eyeliner, $34.00 (Limited Edition)

This ultra-precise eyeliner combines a silky formula, saturated with pigments and gold shimmer with a thin bristle brush for a perfect shimmery look. From the most subtle to the most graphic look, the eyes are instantly highlighted, vibrant and impactful, to shine during the end-of-year festivities. Adorn your eyes with gold like a real Indian princess.

Rouge G de Guerlain Exceptional Lip Colour, $56.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Rouge Saphir Intense ruby red

KissKiss Creamy Shaping Lip Colour, $37.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Rose Indien Warm fuchsia pink

Souffle d'Or de Shalimar Perfumed Iridescent Powder, $98.00 (Limited Edition)

This fine, shimmering gold powder for body and hair is subtly perfumed with the vanilla, bergamot and orange blossom notes found in Shalimar Souffle de Parfum. A graceful press of the bulb releases the airy, loose, iridescent gold powder, along with a rush of delightful scent. The powder is housed in a reinterpretation of the world-famous Shalimar fragrance bottle.

Precious Light Pink Pearly Illuminator, $52.00 (Limited Edition)

Precious Light illuminator for Holiday: your anti-dullness weapon, the best tool for perfect strobing! Matching every skintone, the Precious light pen illuminator from Guerlain, infused with subtle rosy micro-pearls, reflects light and instantly illuminates the complexion. Applied on top of makeup, the face is brightened with subtle pearly pink reflections with a few brush strokes.

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection
Guerlain Holiday 2016 Collection

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The perles are so pretty (aren’t they always?) but I think I have enough at this point that I just don’t need any more. They are always pretty similar once applied, and I don’t really buy into the “each of the colors provides this benefit to your complexion” thing… they are just pretty to look at! Actually the best looking item in this collection to me is that bronzer. So nice!

Julia, I said almost the exact same thing about the perles….do you think the Guerlain product developers just know that there are women who simply fall for those perles no matter how many they have already? Make ’em look a wee bit different and we’re ready to get more unless we can get the more practical side of our brain to kick in….

The Meteorites perles look so lovely – don’t they always? And if the quality is good, I may just spring for the Shalimar e/s duo….those 2 colours look amazing.

Guerlain’s always has some of my favourite packaging in general. But I do like this year blue and gold. The Météorites Perles de Légende I hope lives up to it’s claim because I love a blue corrector in general. 😉

You really go long and classic. Shalimar was Reintroduced in 1925, after it’s original 1921 formulation. It’s basically 95 y.o. How’s that for staying power? My associations are to my mgm, who wasn’t the best person, so I go for other guerlains. No doubt about their scents, though the color cosmetics can vary. And who ever meets a meteorites with no appeal? Arguably one of the most visually stunning products, also historically. These are beautifully presented. Hope they do well.

Just a heads up, it’s scented with Shalimar Souffle, which is the flanker in the blue bottle that smells like fluffy lemon musk, nothing at all like the original Shalimar. 🙂 I love and own both, but they are very different!

My 9 year old son loves the lemon scented Shalimar, in the end I stopped using it so he could have the rest of it. Glad they are bringing it back!

Lovely! They lipsticks and perles call to me. Shadows might, but I’d have to search then in person, given Guerlain’s usual eye shadow mess.

Can’t beat classic, punchy Guerlain lipsticks, though!

Since I collect limited edition Météorites, I’ll definitely be adding this beauty to my treasure trove 🙂 As for the other items, I’ll need to play a bit at the counter to see what else grabs my attention. Although it’s an unusual color story for a holiday collection, it is an opulent and festive one. It looks like a celebration 🙂

I ordered the Meteorites last night, as soon as I heard they were out for sale! I missed last year’s beautiful edition, I don’t think the packaging is quite as perfect this year but it looks beautiful nonetheless. I’m really excited to get them!

I think after the last year’s snowball, I’m going to stop purchasing any meteorites. It’s pretty but I don’t use them that much. The snowball is particularly original. This year’s meteorites are pretty but not surprisingly beautiful as the one from last year.

Same here! I bought the Snow Globe and it is just perfection, but I look at it much more than I pick it up and use it. I think Meteorites, for me, are much more aesthetically pleasing than they are useful!

That’s funny. I use mine a lot! But, it is the only set of meteorites that I have. I don’t even have the regular one. I just ordered this one. I can tell I’m going to collect them now. And sometime I’ll get around to ordering the regular set, lol!

Me, right now: Hm. Another red Rouge G lipstick. I certainly don’t need that.
Me, when this collection comes out: OMG!!! REEEDDDD!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!

Kate, you made me laugh out loud!!! So true!!

I love to look at your blog! You have completely different coloring than me so it is fun to see what you can wear and how you wear it. Always so lovely! As for reds, alas, I really can’t wear them but they are indeed beautiful to see. My coloring is a soft summer (think foggy colors: grays, misty blues and greens, soft purples and magentas. I was happy with last year’s Rouge G (yay! not a red!) so I shall try not to be upset about this year’s offering. Still…if I see it swatched and I can pull it off in any way, I, too, will be saying, “REEEDDDD!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!” 🙂

Because I have not yet bought any of the Meteorite Perle’s, this one may be it. I do regret not getting last year’s, but this one could change that.
Hopefully, Guerlain did this e/s duo really well. Such a pretty color combo in their strange little coffin-looking case!?

Every year,every rouge g in limited edition was mine but since i discovered that the shade from limited edition arent specific or limited im mad! Only the packaging are limited! You can buy a shade in limited edition for lot of more money (and we know that this rouge g are very expensive)and after see the same shade who supposed to be an limited edition on the regular rouge g! For example Madame Batifole from The Voilettes limited edition from fall 2013 guess what? The same its Gladys 78! (some other example exist,its not only the one,i just cant give you more because actually iam in bed ready to sleep lol)
For me its really not correct! even if i love Guerlain (and just yesterday i bought they new concealer) 2 lipsticks for more than 100$ for the same color,its really not a good deal even if they are really good lipsticks…
So for Limited edition be careful,if you love to buy for “packaging” ok do it,it will be ever more beautiful than regular rouge g,but dont forget that for the colour its a trap!
Sorry Christine for the long text but maybe people have to know,we love makeup and spend so much money on it,so we need to have information for help 😉

I just ordered the perfumed iridescent powder and the Rouge G lipstick. Best of all I had $150 in gift cards, I hadn’t used! That was nice!

Looks beautiful. I didn’t get any of the Guerlain holiday collection from last year, I did like the snowflake theme but for some reason I was able to resist. I love the deep blue of this collection though so it’ll be difficult to resist getting at least one thing! I’ll wait until there’s a 25% off event or something though.

Thanks for posting, Christine! I suspect some of these items will sell out fast! I clicked through your Nordstrom link and was happy to see they are offering a GWP with a $250 spend. It’s some Guerlian skincare minis and bag- I’ve never tried their skin care, so this is a nice treat.
I got the Shalimar spray (I love these, and have about 5 different ones now), the balls (yay), the lipstick (my first G), and the gold eyeliner -that was enough to barely qualify for the GWP. I owned one of their gold eyeliners years ago, and it was a HG product for me, so I hope this new one lives up. The old one was in that glass bottle with the long eyeliner brush- so much product, and it was a beautiful foil-effect.
I’m looking forward to your review of the eyeshadows. While they look so pretty in the promos, I’m not all that confident in Guerlain’s formula that it will be a nice color pay-off.

Thank you for the support, Megan <3 I am holding off on the Shalimar spray - we shall see - I usually cave, lol! I do not find I use them that often (certainly not enough to justify, but...).

I find this collection very pretty and classy compared to most of the other holiday connections. Waiting for the review on the meteorites and the precious light pink illuminator!

This is THE most gorgeous Holiday collection I have ever seen! The meteorites, that red lipstick – the case! It’s all so exotic and feminine and rich!

Everything in this collection is making me smile 🙂 Beautiful colours and packaging. But those perles *sigh*….they are so pretty to look at and I have purchased a couple of them, but I’ve never really used them much. I find them a bit TOO powdery; almost dusty. The bronzer and shadows, though…*swooning*….

I got the meteorites and they’re lovely. Not as lovely as last years, but still stunning. Definitely more gold sparkly-ness going on. However it didn’t have a puff… The other two meteorites I own are last year’s snow globe and the prior years gold boxed one. They both came with puffs, so I’m wondering if this one was supposed to as well? Have other editions of meteorites come without a puff before?

I got the Perles and the Eyeshadow today at Bloomingdales. It is my first Perles bc I neede a finishing powder and I wanted one that I can actually see on my skin “for the holidays”. And the eyeshadow is beautiful. Very evening at the beach. The blue color is indescribable but get it if you are a blue or violet collector. The Kiss Kiss lipstick is pretty for those who like pink. Very rich and creamy.

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