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Guerlain Holiday 2012 Collection - Liu

Guerlain Liu Collection for Holiday 2012

This year’s beautiful holiday collection celebrates Guerlain’s 1929 classic fragrance: Liu. Inspired by the heroine of Puccini’s great opera, Turandot, Jacques Guerlain composed this captivating fragrance that embodies the power of devotion. In the story, Liu is a young slave who chooses to commit suicide rather than reveal the name of her master with whom she is in love. Guerlain Creative Director, Olivier Echaudemaison, captures Liu’s passion with a limited edition make-up collection, paying tribute to the Asian heroine’s enchanting femininity and sense of detail. Golden hues, deep red lips, and tapered eyes capture the opulence of the Orient, allowing every woman to become a heroine this holiday season.

Liu perfumed Shimmer Powder Face, Body, & Hair ($88.00) (Limited Edition)

The star of this collection reveals a light-as-air loose powder that enhances the face, body and hair with an iridescent golden veil. A mere press of the bulb releases the powder, leaving Liu’s mesmerizing aromas in its wake: a composition of aldehydes, sensual roses, vanilla, iris and woody notes. Many will recognize Liu’s original bottle with its elegant black glass case and golden letters reminiscent of a Chinese tea caddy. A black woven bulb has been added transforming this legendary fragrance into a desirable and feminine makeup accessory.

Liu Eye & Lip Calligraphy Palette ($79.00) (Limited Edition)

This collector’s palette draws inspiration from the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals. With two dramatic shades for the lips combined with three iridescent eyeshadows, the ingeniously designed palette provides all make-up essentials in one place. A matte black powder liner is also included and can be used wet or dry to create an unforgettable gaze. The extra-flat black Chinese lacquer style case features a large panoramic mirror and two brushes that deliver high-precision application just like calligraphy instruments. The first has a double foam tip for the eyes, one rounded for eyeshadow and the other pointed for liner. The second is a lip brush with silky bristles.

Meteorites Perles du Dragon ($58.00) (Limited Edition)

Météorites Perles du Dragon is named for this Year of the Dragon, and pays tribute to this mythical animal, a symbol of the emperor of China, whose primary source of power lay in a pearl, synonymous with happiness, wisdom and abundance. The harmony of six shades of pearls in an intense, iridescent monochrome palette is perfectly tailored to the holiday season. Like nighttime jewels, it cloaks the face in incredible radiance: pale pink and beige even out the complexion, white and gold illuminate, while plum and rosewood brighten areas of shadow and erase fatigue as the night goes on. Its famous metal case, also embossed in black, is stamped with a golden rosette on its lid and bears the Guerlain signature.

Meteorites Wulong ($170.00) (Limited Edition)

The name of this travel pressed powder means “Black Dragon” and it combines six shades to ensure a pure, flawless and luminous complexion regardless of skin tone. Matte shades are paired with two white and gold illuminating shades that add subtle radiance. The delicate black metal powder compact is sculpted with a gold mother-of-pearl rosette and tucked inside a black suedette pouch bordered with red stitching.

Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow ($59.00)

Les Ombres Turandot Two matte and two iridescent textures are combined to perfection. Refined down to the slightest detail, the elegant golden case travels in a black suedette pouch with red topstitching.

Shine Automatique Lipstick ($35.00)

  • Altoum (700) Gold adorned with tone-on-tone sparkle worn on bare lips to illuminate with a sophisticated nude veil or as a top coat, or dabbed on the center of the mouth
  • Lou-Ling (760) Enchanting plum set off with a golden sparkle for a dramatic effect

Nail Polish ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Altoum (03) Gleaming gold for precious glow
  • Lou-Ling (04) Stunning plum for a spellbinding look

Availability: October 2012 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.

See more photos!


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Kafka Avatar

I wish they had the photo for the Ecrin 4 palette. I was going to splurge last week on a Guerlain palette after seeing the Ecrin 6 ones at Saks, but then I saw an amazing Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow Palette at Neiman’s and got all torn as to which one would be better. The Eclat 4 has gorgeous colours (“royal colors, embossed with a honeycomb pattern and a royal bee”!! Look at those colours:!) but there are no reviews for it anywhere online. As for the Ecrin 6 — so incredibly elegant! — your past reviews, as well as those of other bloggers, made me think all the colours might be too muted, understated and sheer for me. (Way too muted for $85!) Plus, you didn’t seem gaga over any of Guerlain’s eyeshadows in general. I know I can always return things but that’s such a royal pain. *sigh* I wish I had a mini-Christine to take with me for advice when I went makeup shopping.

Christine Avatar

That’s probably because NM doesn’t have it named in any meaningful way. It’s from the 2010 holiday collection 🙂

I reviewed it here:

I tend to prefer creamier/buttery eyeshadows, and Guerlain’s original Ombre formula was more like that. The Ecrin is firmer, not really dry, just firmer.

Kafka Avatar

You’re a lifesaver, Christine! Stupid NM & its naming system. I tried Googling a ton of diff. variations of this (+royal, bee, etc.) and found nothing, so thank you for the link. I’m going to pass on the Royal Bees (easiest name of all. LOL), since your review was so-so and the swatches… disappointing. In fact, given the C+ review for the Ecrin 6 “Rue de Passy” and the just barely better B- for the one I’d really, really wanted (“Rue de Francs Bourgeois”), I think I’m better off eschewing the whole lot. $65 or $93 (w/ tax) is really way too much for that sort of quality/look/dupeability. Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for Temptalia and how much you save me?! xoxox

Ivana Avatar

The Ecrin 4 in this collection are indeed similar color scheme to the bee palette you linked but they are way softer. There were pics of it on the internet, just wait a bit and they will appear.
I love the Ecrin 4 texture and pigmentation, way better than the Eclats. They are my most fave eyeshadows, together with Burberry and LMdB.

Kafka Avatar

Ivana, thank you so much! I really appreciate the information, particularly the comparison to the Eclat eyeshadows. (Yet another strike against that Royal Bees palette. lol!) I did a quick Google and found the new Ecrin 4 palette you referenced and it’s gorgeous! A perfect balance between the shades in the two Ecrit 6 palettes I was looking at. YAY! I really hope it gets a great review. Again, thank you. 🙂

virginiaisforluvrs Avatar

These holiday collections are going to break the bank! Loving these and the Dior collection, although the Guerlain palette looks so similar to one of the Dior palettes. Can’t wait to see reviews!

Kate Avatar

I almost want the Liu shimmer powder bottle enough to buy the product for that alone, but I can’t imagine I’ll ever use it enough to justify the purchase.

So far I’m interested in Altoum lipstick (still haven’t purchased a Shine lipstick), the Perles de Dragon meteorites and the quad. I’d seen a couple of photos of it flitting around the internet and it seems very regal, from what I recall- gold, plum, chocolate brown sort of shades.

Jenn Avatar

Oh.My.God. I was going to buy the Rouge L’Extrait at a duty free store at SFO and save up to go to Australia… There goes my money in the bank. Calligraphy and the Perles du Dragon are big on my list. Disappointed there are no Rouge G formulas in this collection.I’d love to see the Ecrin palette is ehhh… but I like it better than the Ombre de Nuit because it seems more natural for me. (I have Ombre de Nuit- good for a smoky eye) Just a little more… AHHHH!
If they built on the L’Extrait that would be pretty nice, although the holidays are known for shimmer… not so great with a matte like that…
But love to see reviews when they are coming. God I can’t wait, I have been waiting for Guerlain to release their winter collection!

lilly04 Avatar

I love the packaging and sound of the perles. Don´t have perles till now, i try regular ones out each time i am in a store :D, can´t see them in my face. They do nothing on me just a hint of glitter. 🙁 What are so special on the perles that everybody whants them?

Eileen Avatar

Hi Kafka

There are several pictures of the quad up on various blogs (Chic Profile, Pink Sith, etc.). It contains shades of plum, gold, taupe, and brown. Quite pretty! If you like all the colors, it is a very generous amount of product for $59.

That Bee palette (Velours d’Or Éclat) was from two years ago! It is purple themed with a pop of gold and is nothing at all like the quad for this holiday collection. You can see swatches and a very nice review on Sabrina’s blog, Beauty Look Book. Just search for Guerlain Holiday 2010 and you’ll find it easily.

Kafka Avatar

Thank you so much, Eileen. What screwed me up with the Royal Bees palette was Neiman Marcus’ name for it which seems to be totally incorrect. (“Four-Color Ombre Eclat Palette.” They also failed to mention it was from 2010! Silly twits.)

Anyway, I did find photos of the new Ecrit 4 palette from this collection at Pleasure Flush & Pink Sith, and it looks lovely. I’ve actually been looking for some rich neutrals in exactly that colour group!! Seriously! Plus, as you said, it’s a lot of product for $59 — which is obviously a better price than the more muted $86 Guerlain palettes I was looking at last week! lol I can’t wait for Christine’s review and hope that it’s a good one. Is there something in this collection which is calling out your name? 🙂

Joanna Avatar

OMG… nerd-gasm right there….with added asian bonus….i think im gnna buy them all……die in happiness….wallet dies in desperation….

Victoria Avatar

I’m nit really a fan of this campaign’s theme either. I just wanted to repost my comment on pinksith’s blogpost with the same press release here:

Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed in this campaign’s theme. Why couldn’t guerlain have hired an Asian model? Yes they have contracts with certain models but I think they should have either an Asian model or not have the theme at all. But at the same time I find the whole idea of romanticizing outdated ideas of the “orient” demeaning. I understand that many classic perfumes are inspired by the “orient” but to release a new product line with this kind of copywriting and to not actually use an Asian model is borderline offensive. The whole thing just reminds me of mickey rourke playing the Asian landlord in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Sorry for the long ramble but I just wanted to throw in my two cents. Thanks for the great posts as usual 🙂

Megan Avatar

I don’t completely understand your point, but I’m trying. Makeup companies, and companies in general don’t always base the model for the release on the ethnic or race inspired theme. The girl from the promo picture is Guerlain’s signature model, no matter what collection they release, regardless of what background it is based upon, from what I’ve seen. Some background knowledge: Natalia is Russian, and while this topic is controversial, Russia is a combination of Europe and Asia in terms of the continent in which it resides. For that matter, I’m not sure if I should say Natalia is European or Asian, because different people think different ways. I do understand how you could feel almost offeneded because she doesn’t look “Asian” to match the theme, but at the same time, I don’t think Guerlain means any harm or disrespect by using the model that is the very face of the company with this release. I guess the best way I could describe this in terms that relate to me personally would be having an “Asian” model be the face of a release based on a very solid American inspired theme. I know that many people do not associate the majority of the American people with an “Asian” face, but that does not mean that same face cannot represent an American inspired concept for a release of whatever kind, whether it be cosmetics or clothing, etc. I simply don’t think it would be fair of me to find that inappropriate simply because an individual being “Asian” does not mean they cannot be “American” and vice versa. I didn’t have a chance to read your post on the other website you mentioned, but if you provide a link I will gladly do so. And by drawing inspiration from the “Orient”, again I don’t believe any harm is intended. I believe the theme draws from the “beauty” that some or many people associate with that topic. While that topic is controversial as well, and I’m not trying to disregard your concerns/opinion, I cannot 100% understand. And I do not use quotes to be sarcastic like many people today, they are simply there to be as respectful as possible.

Kath T Avatar

Also being Asian American, I have to agree with Victoria on this one. The “mysterious Oriental” stereotype is a hard one to overcome and to me, this is a step backwards rather than forward. The issue of not casting Asian in Asian roles or ads with Asian themes is also an old sore spot. i just feel that these cosmetics companies have to think about the entire audience before they launch a campaign. BTW, it was Mickey Rooney who played Mr. Yunioshi in “Breakfast at Tiffanys” which was definitely offensive.

Eileen Avatar

Hi Lucy,

They’ll look gorgeous on you. I’m also NC15 and purchase all the limited edition Météorites. They do impart a very subtle hint of color, but their primary purpose is to act as an untra fine, softly luminous, finishing powder. They create a lovely soft focus glow. One box of pearls will last forever and are well worth the price tag.

Carrie Avatar

That eye/lip palette looks amazing and it’s so tempting…but it also looks like it skews too warm for me. I am sad, but my wallet is probably happy. LOL

Kafka Avatar

I feel the same way, Carrie. The palette is incredibly striking, bold and rich-looking! But the colours aren’t really right for me, as gold can be a tricky shade (on me). Plus, I’m a bit weird about lip products in palette form and having to use a lip brush. (Just not as easy or practical for me as a lipstick.) Still, I can’t stop staring at the palette. Aesthetically and visually, it’s utterly gorgeous!

blueraccoon Avatar

Agreed on this – I’m also wary of combining cream lip products and powder eye products in one palette, it just seems like it’ll get messy. But it’s *so* gorgeous.

Veronica Avatar

Same here. I was like, “Whoa, that’s gorgeous!” Then my wallet was like, “Yay, it’s too warm for me!” And that was that.

Still love that plum lipstick, though.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

I understand these are miniature works of art, and I think the inspiration is divine, but those prices are as fantastical as Ryan Gosling as The Driver pulling up outside my place and inviting me to hit the road with him. Something about seeing really impoverished folks just stalls my fingers every time. I don’t judge others for partaking, I have just found I am stricken by my own guilt.

Kiesha Avatar

The lip/eye pallette is something that I would definitely try at a store. I don’t want to spend tons of money on something that might not work well with my skin tone. Pretty packaging as always. 🙂

Kimberly Avatar

Oh, that palette! I’ve never even considered spending that amount of money on one makeup item but that one is just so gorgeous I might have to splurge on it!

MariannElizabeth Avatar

Love the Meteorites! Guerlain LE sells out quickly- I’m saving my pennies now. Also thanks to those below who explained the Eclats vs Ecrin formula.

Megan Avatar

Christine, I know you probably haven’t, or maybe you have, seen the UD Vice Palette as well as the meteorites and combo. palette above, but if you could only pick one of the three, which do you think you’d go for? At this point I have a infinite amount of eyeshadows, but I love getting new shades, and I pretty much religiously collect UD palettes. But I really love Guerlain and the two items I mentioned previously really grabbed my attention. The shadows look gorgeous and I am pretty much a highlighter whore (this version looks like it would suit my skin well) so I can’t decide. Any suggestions??

Megan Avatar

I don’t have any meteorites at all so far, I always want them but end up missing the ones I want because I forget they’re LE. These look like they would work for fair skin, but I’m not sure yet because of the plum and rosewood shades included if it would be too dark. I think I’m probably going with the meteorites this time, I’m just waiting to see swatches so I can tell if it will be light enough. I’m more neutral in tone, sometimes a bit warm and sometimes a bit cool, but I’d say more warm as orange and peach tones generally work better for me than pinks.

Eileen Avatar

Hi Victoria, I agree totally with Megan’s comments. In addition, I don’t think the Mickey Rourke situation is analogous to Natalia being used to promote the holiday collection. What was offensive about using MR in the film was that he was made up to look like an Asian stereotype for comedic purposes. Guerlain; however, made no attempt to transform Natalia’s ethnicity. She is simply a beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous collection inspired by one of Guerlain’s classic fragrances. The point is, you don’t have to be Asian to wear Liu or the makeup collection which it inspired. As for your contention that the image evoked is based on “outdated ideas of the ‘Orient'”, please remember that Liu was created in 1929. In paying homage to one of their great fragrances, of course Guerlain is going to use a promo that hits some retro notes.

aa3 Avatar

I’ve never seen a collection that has floored me like this one. Have to ask because so allergic to glitter on eyes & face. Does any of this collection, except lipstick, have glitter or sparkles with/without fallout? I hope not, but am going to save my money just in case. I never owned any of their powders & at 60, would like to. Rarely get honest snswers from sales reps. Thank you so much, Christine

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