Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder ($69.00 for 0.35 oz.) is a pale, pearlescent pink-tinged translucent powder. It brightens and adds a subtle luminosity to the skin all-over. It also extended the wear of my foundation by an hour and a half, though that’s more of a bonus, as the brand’s description says nothing about improving wear.  The pan uses a combination of pink, beige, lavender, and mint green, but the effect of the color swirled is a pale, cool-toned pink. I think the effect is comparable to Hourglass Mood Light, perhaps a bit more luminous.

Technically, Guerlain labels this as a “Radiance Powder” for the face, whereas past iterations of the pressed Meteorites formula are “Exceptional Pressed Powder.” This even contains significantly more product at 0.35 oz., as compared to 0.26 oz. for the Meteorites Voyage / Exceptional Pressed Powders. I really couldn’t detect any difference in texture or effect between the two formulas. Except the most obvious: more bang for your buck, because the permanent Mythic will cost you $55 just for the pan ($170 for the compact and pan). It brightens, softens the look of skin, and adds back a natural luminosity that gives skin a natural look. It works all-over, and on my medium complexion, it didn’t look chalky despite its cooler pink tone. Like other Guerlain powders, it is violet-scented.

I bought this when it popped up late last week on Nordstrom, because ever since falling in love with Wulong (last year’s Meteorites compact) and finding Mythic (part of the permanent range) equally impressive, I knew that there would be no way I’d skip this year’s. I’m glad I didn’t, because here’s why Meteorites are addictive: when I walked by my husband after applying this all over my face, he said, “Hey, you look really beautiful right now.” This after having passed him a dozen or more times, and all I had on was foundation and then used the Crazy Meteorites all-over to set and finish (no eyeshadow, blush, or lip color). I kid you not, as I was working through other swatches, he came over so he could look upon my beauty. So yes, Crazy Meteorites might make people go crazy around you.

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Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder (HEAVILY swatched; it is translucent when used normally)

Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder
Guerlain Crazy Meteorites Radiance Powder (Chanel Reflexion on lips)

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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You do look lovely in that photo, kind of luminous. It’s weird how the subtlest makeup can sometimes be the most eye catching. I finally got some of the standard Meteorites and I am totally in love with them, I would never have believed how ‘photoshop’ like they could be if I hadn’t tried them.

So glad you gave ’em a chance! I always feel like I’m drinking the Meteorites Kool-Aid when it comes to reviewing these, because I SEE and feel the difference, but I know it’s sooo subtle! I really feel like I’m trying to sell you a bridge to nowhere sometimes, lol! But it’s so great to hear from readers who have tried & experienced the same great results!

Thank you so much for reviewing this! Do you think this would make my face too pink if my skin is already in the pink/peach tone? Your hair looks so lush and gorgeous here πŸ™‚

You do look prettier indeed. I don’t know why I see no difference on my face:( though I have both the Wulong and mythic with compacts. And I have purchased this too, knowing it doesn’t do anything for me, just because u say its good.

Also, what brush do you use with these powder? And if I set with this and nothing else, my t-zone gets very very oily in an hour or two( I have very dry skin with oily t-zone). I have to use a setting/mattifying powder before I use this

I used MAC’s 134! I also have had good experience using OCC’s Powder Brush, Tom Ford Blush or Bronzer Brushes, Bobbi Brown’s Bronzer Brush (which is like a giant kabuki). Any powder brush that’s moderately dense should work!

This looks great! I’m just wondering what sort of brush you use to apply this? I generally use a kabuki brush but I think that might be too soft?

I used MAC’s 134! I also have had good experience using OCC’s Powder Brush, Tom Ford Blush or Bronzer Brushes, Bobbi Brown’s Bronzer Brush (which is like a giant kabuki). Any powder brush that’s moderately dense should work!

I think a kabuki would be fine!

Christine, would the meteorite balls and the pressed powder be like getting the same item or are the different enough to warrant getting both? The balls did seem like they had more color but I am curious if you think having both are worth it? I am more a pressed powder person but can’t resist the packaging and look of the pearls!

Hey Jenn!

I think they’re different, but you don’t need ALL the variations of each. They are also not massively different. Some of the pearls have more color, but in general, I find they have more shimmer and may sometimes have actually shimmers that you can see (not just a sheen).

I was just about to ask the very same question. I was just looking at Nordstrom’s site and the compact is .35oz for $69 and the powder pearls are 1.05oz for $58, which I found to be a bit baffling in price contrast. I was all set to buy the compact but the bargain shopper has put the breaks on me. It makes me wonder how beauty companies determine their pricing. Well, I will probably get the compact, I have never bought a Guerlain product that I didn’t love. Thank you for the review!

But why, oh why, do they have to put so much perfume in it? I really wanted to get it, but I’m allergic to certain fragrances (and where I live I wouldn’t be able to return it if I get a reaction).

Oh, this! You get way more for your money 0.35 oz. vs. 0.26 oz. AND you can get it IN a compact! I think it’s just as good or better – definitely both are lovely (really can’t tell the difference between the two myself, once applied).

This really is lovely on you, Christine.
I generally use the Guerlain pressed meteorite in beige and i’m wondering if this Crazy edition can be used the same way as my regular pressed? Do you find this pressed more shiny/luminous than the original? I love the finish of the pressed but can’t afford to be shiny.

Are you using the Mattifying & Illuminating ones?

I don’t think this is really shiny – maybe slightly more luminous than the Mattifying Metoerites.

Yes, mattifying and illuminating pressed Guerlain. I remember reading on your blog that the pressed version was far less shiny (is that the wrong term?) than the balls. I adore my compact (on my second or third…) but love the idea of a little colour in a pressed powder (along with a hint of more luminosity). Perhaps i’ll just have to hit my local Guerlain store and check out the difference.

I’d already told myself I had no qualms about passing on this because it swatches so pink but now your review has me wondering! I missed out on Wukong last year which makes me sad.

However, I’m still so lost when it comes to all the different powders, the pearles, the pressed, the illuminating and mattifying powder and now all the lovely hourglass powders…. I’ve tried the illuminating and mattifying as well as the pearles in person and I liked the more radiant look of the pearles personally but I’m also a bit oily. I usually just tend to blot but it probably would help to at least use more setting and finishing powder to keep my makeup in place. (I’ve only recently starting using my MUFE HD over my GA maestro — but I think that makes me look too dull and powdery without a finishing spray to take away the powderiness).

It might also be helpful to even out my foundation. I have trouble finding things because I’m pale neutral and yellow foundations are too yellow and pink toned foundations are too pink so perhaps I could go with something a little more yellow toned and top it with this.

Hey Sasha!

Hourglass is the cheapest of the bunch, I do believe, and they are all very, very lovely. And if you are very oily, I would tend to recommend Hourglass’ because they are more powdery in a way… not a bad way, but just in a way that I think would be better for oilier skin types.

I really like NARS’ Crystal Translucent Loose powder for setting – super blurring and smoothing.

It’s nice that you compared powders a bit here. I’m getting lost in the powders too — especially since I don’t regularly use powder or foundation. Hourglass versus Guerlain? But you look so radiant here… it’s making me tempted to start using powders!

Hi Christine, I love your blog and keep wanting to comment and so, finally, here goes…

Do you use both the Nars and then this? Or just one or the other? Also, how does this look in sunlight? I live in Ca and we have a lot of sun here….I find that I have to keep away from some products because I go outside and BOOM I’m way past glowy and right into blinding people with my sparkle.

I keep wanting to get one of these, but my skin tends towards pink and so that scares me off a bit. Then you say it doesn’t apply pink and so I am back to considering it.

Hey Justine!

It depends – if I really want to look presentable all day long, I would use both, but I don’t need to (for my skin type). It looks just fine in sunlight πŸ˜‰ (I am in California!)

It’s a very translucent product, so I don’t think it’s going to turn you pink!

This looks awesome, definitely need to save up for it. Just wondering, tho, how do the compacts compare to the pearls? Do you prefer one over the other? I have the pearls & am wondering if it would be redundant to get the compact.

I think the Pearls are more luminous and some of the pearls have actual shimmer particles, and the Pressed are pure sheen. I tend to reach for the pressed for convenience!

Do you have multiple versions of the Pearls and/or find them to be too alike to buy multiple shades? I do think all of the Meteorites are similar to each other; they are not drastically different.

I do find the pearls to be a bit on the shimmery side but I just love that glow-ey look I get when I wear them. I only have one, the teint rose one from Sephora. I love it but definitely need to use a light hand. Sounds like the compact would suit me better for everyday wear πŸ™‚ This was very helpful, thanks!!

This looks beautiful! Ok so here’s the million dollar question…if I wanted to choose between these or the pearls version from the holiday collection, which would you suggest? Or rather, how do they compare in your opinion??

I think I’d go with the pressed… but I am partial to the pressed as I love finishing powders with just sheen no sparkle. πŸ™‚

So if I have Dim Light – would I need this – because I get a nice effect from that powder – and I will never use it all – but you skin looks beautiful with this one, seems so nice.

Thanks – plus seeing your comments about oil control in regards to the Hourglass powders is also helpful. I do find that with mine. Now – I just need to resist the LE 3 pan palette they put out!

Does the pan pop out? Just wondering if it would fit in my wulong compact after I use it up because I love it so much. πŸ™‚

Hey Hana!

I tried to pop it out, because there is a hole on the back of the compact to do so, but it didn’t come right out at all (seemed maybe glued in?). My Wulong, for example, pops out no problem!

Christine, I love the anecdote about your husband! I usually think of makeup as a thing I do for me, because it’s fun and creative, but when my boyfriend actually comments to say he likes what I’ve done that day, it’s a bonus.

P.S. Minor typo alert: “now way” in that same paragraph.

I’m always intrigued by these. Which one is your favorite and/or the one you would recommend to someone? One of the ball versions, compact? I’m NC42, if that helps. Thank you!

I tend to prefer the Pressed myself, because I find them more convenient, easier to use, and I like that they don’t have any sparkle, just sheen.

It does look very beautiful on you, Christine! Very glowing. I was very excited about this one, but seeing it swatched, I’m wondering if it’ll be blush-pink on my fair skintone. I’ll have to give it a swatch in stores. πŸ™‚

Though there’s a hole on the bottom of the compact, I couldn’t seem to force the pan out of it when I tried using a push-pin. The compact is bigger than the refill for Meteorites Voyage powder, too.

Hi Christine! I’m in serious need of a powder likethis since my skin looks dull and tired due to lack of sleep, I’m nc25 in Mac and have combination/normal skin, which one would you recomend of the entire guerlain line? Do you think the hourglass powders would work the same? And also what kind of brush do you use to apply it ? I know these kind of powders are expensive but I don’t mind spend as long it ll make my skin more radiant and well rested as yours πŸ™‚

Hey Karla!

Either Guerlain or Hourglass would work! I think you might get more bang for your buck with Hourglass, and with combination skin, you may find it has a good powderiness to it (I swear, I mean that in a good way!) that it helps control oiliness, too, without being cakey.

Any moderately dense powder brush should work – I used MAC’s 134 here!

This looks gorgeous! Is it possible to reuse this compact after the product runs out with a Voyage refill pan? πŸ™‚ That would just be awesome if possible.

Hey Emily!

There is a hole on the bottom of the compact so you could push the pan out, but when I tried, I couldn’t seem to get the pan out at all. The Voyage pan is also smaller than this palette!

Oh man… I’ve never had the urge to buy a cosmetic product this expensive (let alone a face powder!), but I think I’m going to need this. Bye, money!

P.S. Please review more Jouer products! πŸ™‚

Ooh, I’m intrigued. You do look radiant and beautiful! I just purchased the regular Guerlain Meteorites in the middle shade, Teint Beige. How different is this product from the regular Meteorites? Is it worth having both? I love the idea of having a pressed version to carry with me.

Less sparkly – some of the loose Pearls have actual sparkle/shimmer particles and the Pressed are all sheen, if that makes sense!

If you want to carry one with you, definitely worth having both. I think they all do similar things once on the skin, so they aren’t drastically different applied!

Hey Christine, how long are the pearl meteorites supposed to last? I bought mine last year, and really love it still but the colors have faded a bit…does that change anything? Or am I still good to use them?

I have no idea – I want to say there’s probably a month recommendation on the bottom for how long they’re technically going to last, but I haven’t had any issues with mine over time!

Hi Sara! Just to share: I’ve had my Perles du Dragon for a year now and it’s good as new; no fading and scent is intact. I have been using it regularly but it really last for. a. long. time.

Also, I specifically noted a comment on the same question you have now, that I posted sometime last year; one of the ladies here then has had hers for about 5 years – at least the earlier ones from her collection and perles were still ok. That was comforting for me. Hope this helps!

You do look absolutely radiant. Talk about an amazing product. I also absolutely love what you’re wearing on your lips – what a lovely shade!

It’s reallyyy transulcent – the swatch is heavy to show the color/effect since I’m medium and it would be a little too much like Emperor’s New Clothes otherwise, lol!

The more I read/hear about the meteorites, the more I want to invest in one. Christine, do you prefer the pressed or the pearls? If you had to recommend one, which one would you pick? What kind of brush do you like to use with them? Thanks so much!

I tend to reach for the pressed over the Pearls personally. I used MAC’s 134! I also have had good experience using OCC’s Powder Brush, Tom Ford Blush or Bronzer Brushes, Bobbi Brown’s Bronzer Brush (which is like a giant kabuki). Any powder brush that’s moderately dense should work!

Aww, that’s so sweet of him! And a really good selling point for everyone else, lol. I’ve had this in my cart for a while now but I was waiting for your review and I’m glad I did!

Awww, how cute and sweet of him to say that. And yes, you do look quite radiant in these pictures.

I guess I need to go out and get this now–there’s nothing more flattering than having your husband tell you how beautiful you are numerous times. LOL!

LOL! I know, right? He doesn’t normally comment (which makes the times he does more meaningful) often, so when he does, it’s like pay attention!

you are looking adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee here πŸ™‚ i want mini christine with me now πŸ˜€ you know what i mean rightttt ? hahahahha
a mini version of you with me alwaysssss
Christine , I want ONEEE of these , either in powder or pressed form , permanent or limited ..
plssss suggest me dear and i will try to hunt it down
am seriously bugging you for this … pls suggest me which to pick for my NC 40 skin tone

Hey Rashmi!

I think I would go for this one, just because you can get it in a compact, and I didn’t notice a difference in effect from this to Mythic, so you’ll get more, get it in a compact (vs. just a pan or shelling out $170 for pan + compact).

cool dear πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ thank you sooooo much for suggesting
as soon as i pick one i will share with you , I have read all your reviews in past and keep reading them .
I was little confused about this showing up on my skin but now as you said , I will defffff try and buy one πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I used MAC’s 134! I also have had good experience using OCC’s Powder Brush, Tom Ford Blush or Bronzer Brushes, Bobbi Brown’s Bronzer Brush (which is like a giant kabuki). Any powder brush that’s moderately dense should work!

Christine, thanks for sharing this review, I’m really tempted to get this!

I was wondering, do you use this as your setting powder right after applying foundation, or do you set your foundation first with powder and then apply this on top to finish? I have mostly normal skin, and just my nose gets oily during the day. I’m wondering also if you think the pink tint will be too much if used as an all over setting powder.


Hey Sheila!

I have normal-to-dry skin and really don’t get very oily – like I get a lil’ oily on my forehead after 10-12 hours of wearing full makeup. I used this all over after applying my foundation, so for me, it was a setting/finishing, but if you have oilier skin, I would still use a setting powder and then this as a finishing powder.

Nope, the pink tint is really translucent πŸ™‚

Hello Christine! I am always so stoked to see a post from you! I have the Hour Glass Mood Light already, is it worth picking this one up as well? You look amazing in it. πŸ™‚

I think you could skip! Being the sucker that I am for both Guerlain Meteorites and finishing powders that make your skin go ohh la la, I would buy both (I mean, I bought this… and trust me, it was more for me than for all of you, lol!).

I’m warm, and I didn’t have any issues with this! πŸ™‚

I use them interchangeably, honestly! If you have oilier skin, I think the Hourglass’ texture is a better fit.

Christine, does this need to be used on top of foundation always? i know its a stupid question, but i don’t always were foundations and sometimes just wear concealer and maybe some bb cream, but would love the lumineous, healthy look its given you!

I am a HUGE fan of the meteorites, but I’m a bit confused as to how I would use this product. Would it be in place of a pressed powder? I mean for touch ups during the day? Or is it a one time application like the meteorites and I would still use my pressed powder compact for de-shine touch ups?

LOL! Christine, you and Shaun never fail to crack me up πŸ˜› I’ve been shying away from all Meteorites due to my silicone intolerance, but you make it so hard for me to stick by my guns — it’s only a *little* bit of dimethicone, after all… πŸ˜€

I know my sensitivity to dimethicone has seemed to calm down or else the RX’s are doing such a good job that they’re compensating, but it’s a hard ingredient to stay away from!

Hi Christine, I’m from Paris, and follow your reviews for about a year now but never left you a message before (thanks a lot for all of your wonderful photos, swatches and comments !).
I read your former reviews about mΓ©tΓ©orites and Wu lang and now crazy meteorite and I must admit this kind of products from Guerlain make me puzzled and since there is a new one of this kind and you find it great, I am curious to try it. These products seem very interesting, as you describe them (some kind of radiance making women look more beautiful while there is no colour at firts glance ) but I don’t see very well the result on your face :(( – Maybe it is hard to see it on a photo ?I’m sure it is very nice, since I trust your comments, which are always true and helpful. I am really near to buy one in order to experience this “miracle”. The fact is I have a very very very pale skin (look sick without blush), and the product is not heavily coloured. Do you think this can give a good healthy look for very pale skin too ? Excuse me for my English. And continue your blog that is wonderful ! AgnΓ¨s

Hey Agnes!

It really just gives skin an overall nice look – your skin looks better, that’s about it. No real color, not obvious highlighting or anything like that πŸ™‚

I think it would work well on pale skin as well! If you can try them in store, I highly recommend giving them a shot.

Thank you so much, Agnes!

I’ll try to test this at some store, it looks so gorgeous on you!
Also, maybe I’m slow, but I don’t get the 68 on the packaging? Does anyone know if it’s a reference to something?

I love that this has that perfect sheen without any shimmery particles like some of the other meteorites. It’s the pretties of the meteorites I’ve seen swatched so far, but I don’t think I can justify buying it when I already have Mythic and all of the Hourglass powders except the light yellow one.

No idea πŸ™ Sephora US doesn’t have it yet either – they only have two of the holiday products. But the collection should launch everywhere Guerlain is sold!

You totally convince me on this one! I’ve been waiting to buy the Meteorites for a long time buy this is too hard to pass on!! my first Guerlain product! I cant wait to get it! Just ordered today πŸ™‚ Thank you sooo much Christine!

You know how you can tell it works (and it’s not just you drinking the kool-aid lol)? Because back in the Chanel gloss post everybody is commenting on your skin, nevermind the lips. That, my friends, is how you see that it DOES work. ;D

LOL, it is true. When readers start asking about skin, something went right along the way πŸ˜‰

And it’s almost never really the skin, it’s what’s ON the skin, haha!

So pretty. You really do look radiant. I’m bummed about the scent because it’s what I don’t like about the Voyage. I may make an exception, though. It’s gorgeous.

Thank you, Angie! πŸ™‚

I hear you – I’m not big on florals or Guerlain’s violet scent. I don’t notice on, and I know if you leave a powder compact open long enough, the scent can diminish.

This is by far, the most adorable post. β™₯

And Exactly my thoughts that I won’t miss this year’s too, because I did last year’s and I cringe each and every time I see it or hear about it -all out of regret. So… is it worth having this and the perles? ( I don’t even know what I wish your answer will be – it’s just so hard to decide! lol!) I do have both coming my way, just not sure if both is too much?

If you really like ’em, then I think it’s worth it, but I find myself usually reaching for the Pressed Meteorites over the Pearls, so for me I’d lean towards the pressed!

I’m on the fence on this one, mainly because I’m torn between getting this and the permanent Meteorites Pressed Powder in Teint Beige. Would you say the effect the two products give are similar?

Teint Beige is part of the Mattifying & Illuminating range, right? If so, I’d say this is a little more luminous, but you might not REALLY see a difference.

Yeah, it’s from the Mattifying & Illuminating range. If the difference is minute then I might stick to the permanent one. Thank you! πŸ˜€

Do you have any idea if the Mythic Voyage Meteorites refill would fit into the Mattifying & Illuminating compact, BTW?

I sat the Mythic pan on top of the Mattifying powder I have, and it seems like it would fit just fine assuming you can get the Mattifying & Illuminating pan out without hurting the compact! I didn’t see any hole on the back of the compact to try and push the pan out.

I have the mattifying & illuminating compact and bought the mythic refill pan to put in it. The m&i came out easily enough (it was glued so some force was needed). The mythic pan is slightly smaller though. It kind of shakes around a little bit and would definitely fall out if you opened it upside down. I do carry it around in my purse though and it hasn’t broken or anything. I guess I could glue it in, but I’m so clumsy with hot glue, I’d probably ruin it. For me, it works and I like it because I can decide if I want to carry mythic or the m&i with me. And it was way less than $170! But keep in mind, you will not be getting a perfect fit.

Well, if that doesn’t sell you on a product, I don’t know what will, lol!! How does this compare to the Meteorites Pearls? I’ve wanted to ask you how these compare. Is it the same thing, just in a pressed form & more portable? And then there’s the version that is Meteorites pressed powder but all one color…Agghh! They are all beautiful, anyway!

Sorry Christine, I usually read the comments first. I was so excited I went right to posting!
From others’ questions, I believe;

1. The pearls usually have a little more shimmer than the pressed and in this case, a little more pink.
2. The Meteorites pressed (all-one-color) is Mattifying.

Thank you!!

Great anecdote about the Hubby. That’s enough to justify buying makeup. Lol. I am so intrigued by the Guerlain powders, particularly after the Wulong reviews last year. Unfortunately, these powders don’t seem suitable for NC 50/55 skin. If I’m wrong, please suggest options. I recently bought the Hourglass Ambient powder in Radiant Light. It’s so pretty.

Hey Erica!

Have you tried any of Guerlain’s powders over your skin? They’re all really, really translucent, so they should, generally, be good on all skin tones. There may be a couple that may have a whiter base so they may not work on deeper skin tones, but if the Ambient Powders work for you, I think these would, too.

The lid looks more…curved? Like, it’s more domed on the top than other, more flat compacts? Or am I just imagining it?

These definitely look pretty though – they give you such a lovely, fresh glow! And anything that gains husband notice is certainly noteworthy. Though I’m wondering if I need these – I already have the pressed Mythic Voyage compact; would you say they’re different enough to warrant getting this as well?

It is more rounded than say Wulong’s!

I don’t think you desperately need it! They look about the same on (I couldn’t pinpoint anything really). It is, of course, a better value than Mythic (even if you are only buying the pan).

You look good in the photo, though I wish you have a before photo.
Do you prefer this over the Perles from this collection? What about compared to the permanent powders from Guerlain?

I prefer it slightly, but I prefer the pressed over pearls for convenience! I also like that they’re really luminizing but have no sparkles (as I tend to use a separate highlighter).

I have normal to dry skin, and it only gets shiny in humid weather. I don’t use foundation or face powders at all but do like face creams with give a bit of lumosity or radiance. I’m wondering if I could use this over my cream and this not dry out my face. Another reader has asked a similar question and you answered but I wanted a bit more clarification, hope it’s okay.
What is sweet about your husband is that he probably noticed you every time you passed him, that’s why he noticed the difference when you passed with the powder on, how sweet is that!

The finish of that powder is stunning! Unfortunately, I don’t wear Guerlain face products due to the heavy fragrance they have, which is an irritant to my sensitive skin. Otherwise, I would totally purchase. I actually think it’s kind of ugly in the pan but it all comes together nicely, haha

It’s very translucent overall, so it should work – to get the pink to show up, I heavily, heavily applied it in the swatch!

So if I were a very pale cool/neutral skin tone ( urban decay naked .5) with the Hourglass ethereal light, is there a Guelrain product I should invest in? I’m intrigued, but I have no idea where to start.

I like their Pressed Meteorites best myself, but I like the convenience of it as a powder – a lot of people like the Pearls, and those are always quite pretty to have (and at least, visually, they are different than other products on the market).

I feel like I’m gravitating towards the powder, it looks more convenient and less messy. I bet if I got really motivated I could make the pearls into a compact, but I’m not sure if it would be worth it. I think a trip to Sephora is in order!

So since Sephora doesn’t look like it’s getting this one in, I’m going to make the best of both worlds. I have a compact that’s pretty close to empty, and I think I’ll just order the crazy pearls, take enough to half fill the compact, press those bad boys, and have a pretty one for home use, and a more convenient pressed form. Plus it sounds like they last awhile, so this is less of an investment and closer to something I can afford. πŸ™‚

I think these may just HAVE to come home with me. I don’t want to think about how much more they’lll charge here in Australia though!!

I just looked at an online retailer here in Australia and I can’t BELIEVE it – Guerlain have dropped their Australian prices!!!! We now only pay about 12-20 more per product than the US πŸ™‚ hahaha the things that excite me lol πŸ˜›

Meteorites Perles are $70 AUD! And Meteorites Voyage $190 AUD!! If these Crazy Meteorites are similarly priced they are coming HOME with me! My first Meteorites!! <3

I am NC 30, yellow toned and rather dull Asian skin.

Do you think wulong kind of color combination works better as it is warmer toned, or Crazy still works as it has so many green/ purple to handle the dullness?

So is this cheaper than the standard Mythic? But it comes WITH the compact? I’ve got Mythic in the loose form and it is AMAZING. I wouldn’t have purchased it if it wasn’t for your reviews and before and after photos Christine! It’s expensive but I’ve had it for aaages and haven’t made a dent in it. It definitely is one of those products that until you use it and see it in action, people don’t believe you. I will definitely be getting this one too!

Technically, they’re different products, but the effect/result that I could see was the same as with the pressed Meteorites like Mythic, so to that end, this is cheaper (0.35 oz. vs. 0.26 oz. at $69 vs. $55 just for the pan of Mythic) + compact. The compact, of course, isn’t going to be as nice or as hefty as the $170 Mythic+Compact variation. I haven’t seen the Mythic compact myself, but the Wulong was $170 as well, and while nice, I think the $69 compact for this is just as functional – the major difference is just it is less weighty.

I love the luminous effect it has! But I get a crazy oily T-zone in the summer and somewhat dry skin in the winter…I don’t know if I’ll get much use out of it since summers here are 9 months long πŸ™ . Is there something else that I can use to achieve this glowing skin effect? I really don’t like matte finishes everybody recommends for oily skin, I feel like it ages me.

Hey Saniya!

You could try Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powders πŸ™‚ They have a more powdery feel so it might work better for oil-control + luminosity!

hi…i just got guerlain mythic and teint rose..but i’m soo hooked up by your review about this to mythic, which one is better?and what’s the difference?
i like mythic, but sometimes i can’t see that i’m wearing it, i can’t see the glowing or photoshop finish skin..but i feel like because this one has pink in it, it would give me more brightening effect..what do you think?
ps:i’m hoping my man will compliment my skin and makeup too..hahaha…thanks

sorry, turns out you had answer question that is similar to mine..(just finish reading comments) ..
if i’m not wrong, mythic vs crazy radiance, the difference is not noticeable at can’t tell when it’s on..probably mythic is more luminous?so do you think i should get this one?i can’t fill this compact with my mythic though..thanks again..

Christine, finally the compact is launched in my city, but the MA (all I have asked) claim that this product is exactly the same as the regular ones in 01(ranges from 01 to 03, name forgotten). D you think putting 01 into consideration, the compact can still be a better fit for yellow toned NC 30 skin?

I have to say, having a limited edition product repeating the regular offer is shocking and disappointing to me (sigh)…

I have just bought the compact. The MA also claims that the pearl version in this xmas release should be viewed as more of the 02 shade of Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Compact.

Frankly speaking, I am quite disappointed by this arrangement, as I would have expected to have a new color combination for a limited release.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another A+ pressed meteorites! I only buy Guerlain meteorites based on your recommendations (you didn’t review the D’Azur one which is a total miss on me, makes me look sallow and sick.) Totally adore Wulong, I use it everyday (used to apply with a fluffy brush until I read that you use a fan brush and totally agree with that decision, husband also commented I look so pretty first few times I used it – I think he is too used to Wulong now hahaha) and have hit pan, so now’s the perfect time to get Crazy Radiance. Thanks sooo much Christine!!!

Hello Christine,
Your post makes me want to splurge on this, since i dont have the meteorit in compact version.
But i also want to buy the Tom Ford highlight and contour palet, but i’ve never saw it in real.
I’m using the guerlain matifying compact, and i love it. I’m wondering if this meteorit compact really useful, does it have too noticable sparkles, i dont like too much sparkles on my face.
Maybe there are not comparable, but in texture, which one is better ?
Which one whould you take if you have to choose only one of them ?
Love your reviews,

I don’t think the pressed Meteorites have noticeable sparkle, more like a sheen but not visible sparkles! πŸ™‚

I’m not familiar with Tom Ford’s Highlight/Contour palette, though!

Thanks for your reply <3.
I made a mistake with the name of the TF product.
It's called "Shade and illuminate palet".
I've seen a lot of good reviews about it.
Hope you will give this a try.

The guerlain holiday collection is so tempting !
They are such freaking good in making us feel to "need" new things !

How would you say this compares to the meteorites pressed powder compact in teint rose? I am considering taking the meteorites plunge during the VIB sale, but they aren’t carrying this powder.

Hi Christine!
(This post is never getting its last comment, lol!)

By the way, my pearls and pressed came in and wow – just both stunning. I do have to take it easy though because on my NC40 skin, the pink does show up quite easily (moreso with the pearls). I figured out a way to “customize” my shade by selecting just how many pearls of each color I use together, and so far so good.

Do you ever use (or ever have to use) this pressed powder for retouching during the day?

I don’t use anything to retouch! I think I’ve done it maybe a handful of times in my life – usually if I’m traveling and I’m out ALLLL day long, then I might powder when I get a chance to go back to my room.

I don’t own anything from Guerlain but after seeing this post and all the comments I just HAD to splurge and order it. I was sad that it doesn’t appear to be available at Nordstroms online. I ended up ordering from Dillard’s and had to pay (in my opinion) outrageous shipping charge, but I wanted it that bad and didn’t want to miss out. I’m almost afraid to open the door on Guerlain with this product, I’m afraid my bank account may suffer the consequences of this action in the future.

Christine, I just wanted to say thank you for reccommending this product. I tried it in store before I could commit and from the moment it was applied it just gave my face a beautiful soft radiance that other products just haven’t ever managed to achieve. Thank you so much!! Worth every penny.

YAYYYYYYYYYY! It makes me super happy when someone falls in love with Meteorites! I think they’re great, but you know, sometimes it feels like I’m drunk on Meteorites Kool-Aid πŸ˜‰

Hi Christine!
This is so gorgeous on you- I have a question unrelated to this product though. Do you know anything/have you heard anything about Guerlain’s “Les Voilettes Evanescent Pressed Powder”? I cannot find ANY reviews, anywhere; though it is on (not in stores that I’ve checked). I have dry skin, am a die hard convert to Parure De Lumiere and am searching for a powder for that little bit of “extra”. I rely on you for so many reviews but if you have heard anything on it I’m so hoping you’ll see this!

I just came from the store where I swatched this (and Crazy Terracota) and it was crazy sparkly. I was NOT impressed. If Christine says it’s not sparkly, it SHOULD NOT be sparkly. I was about to pull out my phone to check your review when a lady tried the La Petite Robe Noire shimmer and all the sparkles fell on top of the open Meteorites and Terracota testers. I admit, I laughed. XD

I have to agree that these are fabulous. I bought the pressed version because I wanted a cute compact and someone had recommended it. Complete splurge and I felt a bit guilty when I didn’t really notice anything different when I looked in the mirror…..but that day absolutely everyone told me my skin looked amazing, did I do something different? Ever since then every time I wear it I get compliments. Even a makeup counter lady at Macy’s asked me about my great skin…I had to silently point in the direction of her competition, lol!!

I ended up buying the pearls to use at home so I could keep the compact in my purse (sometimes I would forget to take it with me) but didn’t love them quiiite as much. This might have to do with the version I bought though – the limited edition pucci pearls, which came with cooler colors. Like you I found them slightly more shimmery than the compact. Not so much that I stopped using them, but I’m going to use up the tub then get another compact.

And speaking of the meteorites, have you heard anything about a new version with sun protection? It’s on their website, but not in any of the big department stores. This would be a dream – I get a lot of sun in my car and it would be great for touchups throughout the day.

Hey Andrea,

I haven’t heard anything about a version with sun protection, though I know that powders really don’t yield much protection as you need to use so much to actually get the protection!

Oh I always use my clarins day screen before I head out the door, but I think you’re supposed to reapply every 6 hours right? That’s not really doable with a liquid πŸ˜›
When I leave the office the sun is usually still burning bright down here in TX, so I suppose I’ll have to train myself to drive while wearing a hat! haha

I’ve heard of this new UV powder (I may have seen it in a shop today, while the MUAs were searching through endless boxes of products looking for a Crazy Meteorites) and the Guerlain website claims UVA and UVB protection of 35+. I’m a bit surprised (doubtful), though. I’ll wait to see what Christine has to say about it. πŸ™‚

Hey christine. I love your reviews and I have been eyeing for guerlain alot. I am looking for a face powder. I currently own Chanel poudre libre universelle and Givenchy mattisime powder foundation. I have a very dry skin so i sometimes use Nars tinted moisturizer, nars sheer glow or missha bb cream and I wanted a loose powder to make me look amazing :). Are the meteorites worth the hype? Its like everyone loves it. I webt to try it in the store but couldnt see much difference like my chanel ones but I absolutely love the chanel ones. Hence i wanted to know an experts opinion since you know about so many products including guerlain and what are the other products worth buying. Thank you. I hope you reply soon and sorry for the comment being bery long

Hey Chesung!

I really like the pressed ones myself, but if you really like Chanel’s sparkling powders… I don’t think any of the Guerlain ones aren’t going to be sparkly enough for you. I find Chanel’s super sparkly – more comparable to Guerlain’s spray powders.

Ahhhh I searched this out at a random nordstrom and shelled out the $75,but even lightly dusted over my face it looks powdery?! I feel like I must be doing something wrong!

I love the Nars Crystal Translucent Loose powder but need something easier to travel with. Would you suggest this Guerlain Crazy Pressed Powder? Or the Mattyfying and Illuminating Pressed Powder? Or something else? I have combination skin but lean more towards dry.
Thanks so much for your blog. I read and trust it tremendously!

are there any difference between the pressed and the pearls? besides the obvious, i mean in terms of finish. because i feel like the pearls would be more economical since it got more products for less money. thaanks

Thanks for the great review, Christine! If you had to recommend between this CRAZY Meteorites Radiance Powder and Mythic Meteorites VOYAGE Powder for an NC15-20 (and money isn’t an issue), which one would you pick??

This review really intrigued me on the potential of meteorites, as I used to chalk them up to being an expensively subtle powder that was somewhat overrated. Now I see what the fuss has been about, and am interested myself. But I don’t want to buy the wrong one, as there are many different types, finishes, and releases. I am having trouble telling them apart. Most of them seem to be limited edition and/or discontinued (not to mention expensive).

You are probably sick of Meteorite questions…
So, may I ask crudely: Which meteorites product would you recommend being the most cost-effective, and presently available? (I think you mention buying the pans instead of the compacts for the pressed, but then you get less product than the pearl tins…) I love how you described the crazy meteorite powder, but they appear to be gone? Is it similar to Voyage? What about the crazy pearls? I would them on saks’ site, are they the last available crazy product?

Hi Zoe!

For most cost-effective, then I would say the Pearls. Guerlain just redid their permanent Meteorites Pearls, and they have 0.88 oz., which is still almost 3 times as much as their pressed ones, so you’ll get more that way. There are three permanent versions of the loose pearls – I have only tried one (Clair) of the three new ones, so I can’t speak on exactly what the others look like.

The Crazy Meteorite Powder is a bit pinker and more sparkly than the Mythic Voyage Powder. I think that may be all that’s left of the collection, but if you shop at all in stores, you may still find them lurking about.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the detailed response! I will shoot for the pearls then, I guess. I can try looking for them in stores too, though I will have to travel far to the nearest Nordstrom or Saks.
I hope they send you the other ones, you seem to be the deciding factor for many people who buy their products. The reviews on Sephora’s site said that medium 3 was very similar to dore 4.
One last question: I have olive/neutral undertones (light-medium skin, sorry I don’t know my MAC shade) and struggle with certain colors like pink and peach. Which do you think is the most universally flattering meteorite pearl product (or what should I look for)?

Wow! Very radiant. Love the look. Thanks for testing..looks very pretty on you.
Do you think there’s any difference in the ‘look’ between theh perle version as opposed to the compact?

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