Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites

Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites ($56.00 for 1.2 oz.) is one of three new shades released with Guerlain Meteorite Perles Collection, due out in May.  The two other shades that will be available are Rose Tint and Gold Tint.  The new Meteorites are designed to enhance/correct certain issues with skin.

From the press release, “[A] rosy complexion tends to show redness, while a beige complexion turns grey with the onset of fatigue and a golden complexion becomes yellow and dull. As the uncontested expert in color and powder, Guerlain has created three different Météorites Perles color harmonies to address the ways that different skin tones reflect color and light, in line with the principles of the color wheel and interaction of secondary colors.

Which one is for you?

  • Harmony 01 / Teint Rose (Rose Tint) corrects by using mauve to reflect light and brightening the complexion along with green to reduce redness; pink to give skin a more even look; and white for illumination, gold for “radiance.”  I think this is suitable for those with cooler undertones, rosacea, or uneven or reddened skin.
  • Harmony 02 / Teint Beige (Beige Tint) corrects with mauve and pink to keep skin from looking dull; beige and apricot beige to add warmth; and white and white gold to reflect light.  I think this is suitable for most skin tones, though warmer skin tones may find this more beneficial than those with particularly cool undertones; also good for those with more neutral or beige undertones.
  • Harmony 03 / Teint Dore (Gold Tint) corrects with mauve and blue to eliminate yellowness amongst a golden tone; beige and chocolate beige enhance golden tones; and white gold reflects light while pearly apricot brightens.  I think this is suitable for those with yellow, golden, or olive undertones to bring out the natural warmth in the complexion.

Keep in mind that Meteorites are not an opaque powder in the least bit!  Just like traditional Meteorites, the ones from Meteorites Perles have the same feel and texture.  I’ve only tried Beige Tint in person thus far, which is a good thing, considering it’s the one that matches me best.  I think I could also work with the Gold Tint as well, but it may be more of a definite highlighter than all over powder.  We shall have to wait and see on that aspect!

Beige Tint contains several different colored spheres ranging from champagne-peach, peach-apricot, shimmering white, pinky-apricot, darkened apricot, and lilac.   On skin, it has a champagne-lilac illuminating base with sparkles of gold and champagne.  It’s a soft, fine-milled shimmer/illuminating powder that looks subtle against skin, even when used all-over.  If you do choose to use it as an all-over face powder, using a fluffier or stippling brush ensures you don’t overdo it.  Otherwise, it can be used as a light highlighter wherever you want to reflect light (usually cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, etc.).

The Meteorites Perles Meteorites are packaged in a “metal” container.  I think it’s more of a harder, metal-like plastic than pure metal (it just doesn’t have the weight of metal), but it’s certainly an upgrade from some of the cardboard-esque packaging they’ve used in the past.  Though I don’t mind myself, since it’s still pretty, more eco-friendly than plastic, and I don’t carry my makeup around very often, except when I travel (then I bring the whole bathroom… and the bathroom sink!).  It’s sleek, classy, and elegant–I love it.

The very idea of running out of one of the Meteorites is not something I can fathom, because it takes so little to get what you want out of it as a highlighter/illuminator.  I think one will last you quite awhile (aka years), but it does carry a steeper price tag than other high-end highlighters–though in line with Guerlain’s pricing point overall.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation:  I think this is suitable for most skin tones, though warmer skin tones may find this more beneficial than those with particularly cool undertones; also good for those with more neutral or beige undertones.  For those with cooler or pinker undertones, consider Rose Tint; and for those with more golden and yellow undertones, consider Gold Tint.

Availability:  May 2010

Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites

Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites

Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites

Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites

Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites
Guerlain Beige Tint Meteorites

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I think this is so gorgeous but I cannot fathom getting it!!! The price is very, very steep. I did get the Cherry Blossom blush though and that thing is just gorgeousss.

I have golden undertones but I have the reddened skin sometimes, should I go with Rose Tint or Gold Tint?

Thank you for posting the review and pictures 🙂

You could use it as a highlighter and use a brush like MAC’s 188 or with a blush brush like MAC’s 129 or 116. You could also do it as an all-over powder using a fluffier brush like the 150!

I always see these pearl products and I always wonder, are they solid pearls or hollow? In your opinion do they last longer than normal pan products?

I love these, they’re so pretty to look at! I’ve never bought one, they’re FAR too expensive of a product, though. I always wonder, don’t you just want to pick up one of the balls, and try rubbing it on your hand? Like, swatching it? Or using it as an eyeshadow? Ever get the urge to smash one, just to see what it’s like? Or does the price keep people from doing that? LOL!

If you had to use three makeup products to make up your face, what would it be?

Mine would have to be Mascara, MAC Bare Slimshine, and Prism blush.

However I already have a couple of these, Beige Chic and Winter Radiance and the Beige is pretty similar so unless the pink one is to die for, I’ll have to pass.

You get a lot of product for your $ too, the containers hold over 30g (well, the old ones do, Christine can you confirm weight on these?), most other powders are around the 10g mark, I’ve found (if anyone needs any further justification to purchase!)


Sorry this has nothing to do with this post, but you can link me the post on what colors match certain skin tones well. I seriously cannot remember what it was called or how to find it on the webpage, sorry :S!!

It was divided into light, medium, dark and you went through everything from eyeshadow to lipgloss to blush..

Thank you in advance

Christine this looks very sheer… do you think this is somthing I could apply all over my face? Also do you know how many grams are in this? I just want an idea of the quanity. Thankyou!

I dunno…. I don’t see how this can work, but then I haven’t tried it ofcourse. 🙂 I was wondering… They did a colourthingthing on me and decided I was a warm summertype with yellow undertones (I have very blue eyes, and a cool hair colour but the warm skin, I’m weird :P)… So which of the three would you recommend for me then?

Lovely review, as always! Love reading them =)

Thank you! Going to the mall on Friday, so I’m definitely going to check this out, always wondered why everyone loves this so much… Seeing how so many people love this, there just has to be something good about it ^^ And now because of your review my interest is definitely piqued! ^^

Have a nice day!

Its pretty, but $56 dollars!!!! Does it have gold in it…LOL, I don’t think I could ever expend that much money on a highlighter, I would feel really bad…LOL, but that’s just me though. =-)

Just wanted to point out price wise, for those who think Meteorites are so expensive, that you get 1.2 oz (33 g) of powder, which is 3.3 times the size of a Mac MSF for just over twice the price. That’s $46.67 for 1 oz of Meteorites versus $74.28 of 1 oz of Mac MSF! So… in all fairness Guerlain is actually A LOT CHEAPER than Mac! 😉

This product has always intrigued me and for the life of me i don’t know how to use it! Do you take out a ball and crush it and then swirl your brush in it? Or do you put your brush in the container and swirl it around? Sorry if this sound dumb.

If I was a normal consumer, I’d say I would easily use it 2-3x a week, alternating with my Dior SkinShimmer 🙂

I don’t do sparkles on my face, looking like a disco ball, even if it is discreet, is not my cup of tea ! And at that price tag, ouch defo not !!
But I have to admit, the packaging is gorgeous and i wouldn’t mind just getting the container !

I always wondered about Guerlain Meteorites, but never wanted to pay the hefty price tag! I received a sample size of them in Beige Chic inside of one of the Sephora Xmas gift sets. I was floored…I could not believe how it transformed my complexion – it gave me such a beautiful subtle glow/luminosity. I just turned 40, and well…my skin has become a bit dull; Meteorites bring “life” back to my face without being glittery. I bought the full size as well as the official Guerlain Meteorites brush – it has become a staple in my daily routine!

christine, slight o/t: are you going to do swatches of the guerlain terracotta summer collex? specifically the mirage loose khol? thanks!

Hmmm thanks to your post on the Sephora sale I may actually want to get this. I’m definitely a cooler Asian skintone with olive/sallow undertones… do you have a recommendation on which one I should get?

and even if it is $115…I’m buying it when it comes out over here! Do you think this would work as a finishing powder, or is it just waaaay too sheer?

I think it might be a lil’ shimmery for all over face powder — if you’re on the drier side, it might work, but if you’re on the oilier side, definitely better as a highlighter.

Hi there Christine, i have one doubt.

I’m medium tone skin, get very easily tanned in summer. Wich one of this would you recomend? In the older ones, i used to use beige chic… But now i’m rally confused 🙁 Thanks!

I realize this post is old, but I was wondering why this one got an A-, while the other two Meteorites got As. I was at sephora today trying to decide which one I wanted, but I just couldnt :(. I have fair skin with neutral undertones (leaning more towards the yellow side) which would you recommend?

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