Goodbye, Clarisonic | Brand Shuts Down September 30th

Goodbye, Clarisonic | Brand Shuts Down September 30th
Goodbye, Clarisonic | Brand Shuts Down September 30th

Clarisonic announced its shutting down officially September 30th, 2020, and they’ve put everything 50% off (while supplies last). Per the brand, they are shutting down so that their parent, L’Oreal, can “focus [their] attention on other core business offerings.” The brand will be cleared out through their website as well as authorized retailers, which include:

They will continue to honor warranties through October 31, 2022, and you can get a breakdown of how long the warranty term is per device here.  They highly recommend to stock up on brush heads if you expect to continue to use your Clarisonic device(s) into the future as they will not continue to produce them. If you purchase a product, make sure to register your device by September 30th, 2020 online or through their app by October 31st, 2020.


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Mariella Avatar

Wow, this is shocking. I was never a fan (tried one and wasn’t blown away and didn’t like the idea of having to replace brush heads all the time). I’ve been really happy with my Foreo – I think it’s amazing – but I think Clarisonic did themselves an “injury” by revamping their line and basically discontinuing all their previous devices and launching only 2 “replacements”, one of which seemed fraught with problems.

Anne Avatar

Ditto ! I am shocked , i switched to the foreo last summer. I found out they changed their brush heads when i needed to replace them and discontinued the model i used. that was well after it occurred since i already had back stock i was going through before i found out. I Love the mini 2 and find it to be drastically improved since previously trying the original years ago. I haven’t looked back since.

brendacr1 Avatar

Interesting, I had a Clarisonic quite a few years ago, just after the year warranty period passed it quit, I never bought another one, I wasn’t impressed. I have an old Oil of Olay brush that keeps on ticking and when that dies I will go with a Foreo, no heads to replace sounds good to me.

Nancy T Avatar

What a shocker! Since I know how much my daughter loves her Clarisonic, I immediately messaged her your article. Hopefully, she will be able to stock up on her brush heads before they’re all gone! And also all the other faithful users of this device, as well. As for me, I never got into them. Foreo is my favorite facial cleaning device. No bristles for me!

Emily Avatar

Yep, so have I! I was initially incredibly worried, and my kneejerk reaction was to click the links and buy, buy, buy backup brushes… BUT. Then I recalled that I was considering replacing my (now very old but still perfectly functioning) device about a month ago, and I read nothing but bad reviews for the newer devices. I decided to stick with what I’ve got (if it ain’t broke…). So, then I was going to go stock up on brushes…. BUT. Thanks to being a semi-hoarder of cosmetic items, I am already super-stocked-up. In fact, my main reason for looking into a new device was the ‘what if’ my original Clarisonic stopped working and I had all these great brush heads.

So I guess I will keep using my device and change my brush heads more often (it’s every 3 months? or something, but I switch between 4 brush heads regularly, then throw in 4 other types that they don’t make any longer… that means I only change brush heads about every year and a half). I would be sad to see them go, but when your newer products can’t hold a candle to the one that made you famous and popular, what do you expect?

Customer loyalty for the sake of loyalty is no more (and that’s a good thing, helped along by Temptalia and all the other bloggers). I think Clarisonic sank themselves by trying to make a great device for less and less money (to increase their margin). Happens to a lot of companies I used to love.

Agona Avatar

I had a Clarisonic and it was too abrasive to my skin. It made it red and sensitive, creating micro tears. I never even pressed down with it. I switched to Foreo Luna and never looked back on. On my second though because I dropped my first one too many times in the shower, ha.

Kayt Avatar

Really disappointing… I use one every single day, and while the actual device is working just fine after 5 years, time is running out for the availability of the replacement heads. Sephora Canada is almost completely sold out of every single brush head already. I guess I’m going to eventually have to jump on the Foreo bandwagon.

Tiffany Avatar

I’m so sad about this. I’ve been using my Clarisonic faithfully for six years. I don’t know what I’ll do when I eventually run out of brush heads. I was able to grab a couple replacements, but I had planned most of my beauty purchases for Sydney Grace’s Christmas in July sale, so I can’t afford to stock up too much. I’m keeping my fingers crossed someone buys them out.

Katherine T. Avatar

Wow, this is a big shock! I know there’s people who love their Clarisonics. I had one, I used for years, liked it, but then got tired of buying all those brush heads, and my skin was getting more sensitive with age, so I switched over to Foreo, which I liked too. But now I just use a cleansing oil and do a double cleanse

Patricia Avatar

The Clarisonic brushes were too abrasive for my sensitive skin, but I have friends who love them. When a company states that it is discontinuing a brand “to concentrate in another area”, it usually is code for “sales are not meeting our expectations”. It is sad, nevertheless.

Donna Avatar

WOW!!!! My first Clarisonic lasted 10 years! In fact, still working when I decided to buy a newer model 3 years ago. I only use 3 times a week own but dislike the Foreo so very rarely use. I think the brand went downhill when L’Oreal bought them out and they started selling at Lancome counters. I admit I buy my replace heads from eBay.

Pearl Avatar

I used the Mia until December and switched to the PMD Clean Pro (bought a few on sale from Nordstrom and Sephora). Double sided with 1 side having ridges for serums and oils, the other side with “bristles” for cleansing, 1 battery = 650 uses, 4 speeds, no changing brush heads and it’s silicone so more hygienic. I almost bought Foreo but you have to have the app to use it and customize your routine (last I heard) and I don’t want to have to be bothered. Very happy with mine. I had a few lumps here and there that have since cleared up and I feel like this gives me a deeper and gentler clean than the Clarisonic.

Zelda Avatar

This is odd, I would think Clairsonic is a valuable brand that could have been sold rather than shut down. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Clairsonic had $100 million in retail sales in 2010, the year before L’Oreal purchased the company

The WWD story on the shutdown states “But its popularity faltered under L’Oréal, and sales failed to meet expectations as the brand attempted to branch out from $150 skin-cleansing tools to devices for men, feet and makeup application.”

So it sounds like L’Oreal bought a successful company and then ignored what made it successful while trying to turn it into something else. I’ve seen companies do this before and it never seems to work out, but they keep doing it.

Miska Avatar

A big “THANK YOU” for the heads up! Well this is disappointing. I’ve had a Mia for years now, at least 6 if not longer, with no issues. I feel really bad for the people who’ve recently made a Clarisonic purchase. Mine has had some years, so it doesn’t sting as much, but it’s still a disappointment. Now I’m in this limbo about purchasing extra brush heads. If I do and my unit quits then I’m out money and stuck with something that I can’t use. What to do, what to do?

Missy Avatar

Oh wow, I didn’t see that one coming. I had a Mia 2 years ago, but eventually replaced it with more effective chemical exfoliation (tretinoin, peels). It’s been sitting in a cupboard unused. It was good when I had oilier skin.
I don’t use a device to clean my skin anymore; I just use Bioderma Micellar water or a cleansing lotion from Yonka.

kjh Avatar

In a way it surprises me, and in a way, it doesn’t. Technology has surpassed Clarisonic, and that’s what happens when you get bought by a biggie and are (relatively speaking) underperforming. I used one quite a bit when my skin tolerated it. Nowadays, it’s a konjac sponge. My skin grew into high reactivity and irritability, so Clarisonic was out and barely feel was in.

Rebecca Avatar

I have an original from 11 years ago and it’s still going strong. When L’Oreal bought the brand, the quality went downhill. I just stocked up on brush heads but not sure what’s compatible. Such a bummer that L’Oreal ruins so many brands by cutting back on quality.

Emily Avatar

Which other ones are you thinking of that they bought and drove down in quality? I didn’t even know L’Oreal had bought it until just now, but I definitely noticed that customers were no longer happy with their devices, while mine is still going strong (knocking wood after I type that) after, I think, 8 years.

Just as a general rule, I vehemently dislike mega-corporations. The customer always loses in the end.

Deborah Avatar

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this–I just stocked up on brush heads for myself and my two daughters who all use the Clarisonic. Gather we will eventually need to look at the foreo. What a shame.

olivia trelles Avatar

i just bought a new one and now worry about brush head replacements. any news on other companies that will make replacements? i mean there are a lot of people with these devices that will buy them, right?

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I bought one in 2013 and it died after two years. Unbeknownst to me, I was entering peri menopause and for the first time was breaking out like I did in my early teens. I went from oil cleaning to try anything. It wasn’t even caused by surface issues which I didn’t understand at the time. I felt the Clarisonic in the long run was just okay.

I switched to chemical peels and a Dr Brandt exfoliating scrub that I use lightly once a week. I recently purchased a Dermaflash which is just okay on its own but coupled with the above two, helps with the peach fuzz and helped my cleaners work very well. The small dermaplane razors really irritated my skin and waxing was horrible. For everyday cleaning I adore Tatcha Rice Polish.

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